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  • PonyBoy-3

    omg... my poor pup got stung this afternoon... she's a Shar Pei / Shepherd mix so her face is already a bit scrunched up which made it so I didn't realize something was wrong until the lil fuzzball's eyes were nearly shut...

    ... holy fucking panic mode!!!

    Poor thing... rushed her to the animal hospital and got her a shot of benadryl and cortisone... 2 hours later we're nearly back to normal.

  • freedom1

    Set up an insta for work and we are getting the most random followers.

    • botsHayoth
    • For some reason my insta is popular with Russian eyebrow designers and Russian women who make stuffed creatures...robotron3k
    • #magamonospaced
  • Continuity0

    Well, I'm surprised. According to my new scale, I'm at 18.1% body fat.

    Gotta get that shit down to 10-12%.

    • is it a fancy body composition scale?dorf
    • Aye. Not really super-duper accurate, but if it's consistent in its inaccuracy, then you can at least tell if you're progressing, anyway.Continuity
  • shellie0

    Been having trouble eating more than one meal a day for over 8 months sometimes nothing for days.. my mother has the same habit and I always thought it was super weird as a kid while I ate anything in front of me. But now I'm doing the same thing. Hereditary?

    • Wow, you created your own life-extension practice, one meal a day to keep insulin spikes low and intermediate fasting in between. You'll live a very long life..robotron3k
    • Can be a sign of depression.Continuity
    • That seems odd. What is that meal, and when do you have it?monospaced
    • Smoke more weed?pango
    • ^eryx
    • robo MDfadein11
    • Mono usually greens, fruits and nuts agree with me best. Protein has made me feel sick so I've been mostly vegetarian. I need protein shakes.shellie
    • You sound kind of like my wife, she can go weeks without going to the bathroom as well . I think she’s a replicant._niko
    • Weed kills my appetite. No munchies.ShenanigansTV
    • In general only eat one meal a day, usually in the evening...and sometimes get busy and just forget...till a littel tipsy and go "Oh Yea...Oops" Dad the same...DarkCover
    • Would think I would be a twig but sitting a computer all day and wasted calories on junk and vodka i am not...Not FAT but NOT skinny either.DarkCover
    • Hereditary in the same way emotions may be passed on from parent to child (and we may cope in similar ways)notype
    • I'd dig in to the emotions stuff to find out what's going on.notype
  • utopian4

    Shiver me timbers

  • utopian2

    This just start happening with increased frequency over the past month or so. Anyone else experiencing playback issues with youtube lately?

    • was getting that but clearing my cache fixed it.dorf
    • Recently the vids haven't been loading, so have to refresh. But they also go black randomly and stop playing.PhanLo
    • you need new wifizshapesalad
    • 250mb up & down...not my wifizutopian
    • perfectly fine in Chrome but not in Safari.utopian
    • FUCK YOU GOOGLE!utopian
    • getting them a lot too, refreshing always loads the video, but havent tried full on cache busting yetmantrakid
    • Whenever I get this I suspect it’s my isp. I don’t trust Verizon fioserr
    • Once Stadia kicks in, this surely can't happen too oftenIanbolton
  • HijoDMaite17

    I just booked two tickets for my wife and I from LAX to ROME for August! Friend is having me shoot her wedding in Tuscany. Unreal. That’s is all.

    • Try the pig intestines pasta, amazing...shapesalad
    • ^+1pango
    • I’ll probably pass I’m not in to tripe holmesHijoDMaite
    • Go to FICO Eataly world outside Bologna, incredible!Frosty_spl
    • Keep the youngins away from the pedo Catholic priest!!!utopian
    • It's called religion...look it up.utopian
    • taking train from Rome to Florence then air bnb in Lucca.HijoDMaite
    • hopefully you find some time to enjoy Rome, Florence, Pisa,...there's so much things to see around there...and Tuscany is magical in the summer months!uan
    • have fun! sounds great. I almost bought a place in lucca 15 years ago (regrets). I lived in florence for a year and couldn't see all the things i wanted to.Gnash
    • It's the gallery is open, go see Vasari's Corridor in florence.Gnash
    • and even though it's so close to lucca, don't waste a day in Pisa.Gnash
    • Rome in August? no! too hot and all locals have left.fadein11
    • No tripe? But menudo, wey!futurefood
    • Thanks for all the tips! And I don’t get down with menudo either.HijoDMaite
  • imbecile0

    if you're not waking your girl with a bowl of lucky charms and a jameson and coffee, is it really st patrick's day?

  • Continuity0

    Just had a phone argument with my ex-girlfriend of three years — who I haven't seen in a couple of months, and who I'm was supposedly 'friends' with — after randomly running into her on opposing escalators are an underground station, and apparently giving her 'the death look' (which, if I did, wasn't intentional).

    I could scream, cry, punch something.

    • At an underderground station, not are an underground station.Continuity
    • Don’t be friends with EXdasohr
    • Which is exactly what I told her on the phone. It's inappropriate (since she's got another cock in her life), makes me feel shit, and I won't stand for it.Continuity
    • Post her a jobbie with a wee flag in it saying sorry.PhanLo
    • “If I’m not fucking you, we can’t be friends” girls love guys like thatimbecile
    • Sounds like your not over her yet.HijoDMaite
    • 1. exs are great for rebound.
      2. don't listen to me.
    • Next thing you know Neo is fighting multiple agent Smiths as the express train crosses by the middle lane at full speed.Maaku
    • Next thing you know this is a daydream and he comes to in spaghetti. Again.robthelad
  • Bennn0

    The sound is terrible on my PC ... Is there any external soundcard or gadget that I could plug in my PC to listen to music with some kind of quality?

    • External? Wouldn't the quality be throttled by the internal sound?
      Get an internal sound card?
    • i dont know, any experts in the room?Bennn
    • Something like this? https://www.bhphotov…pango
    • i guess, but I wonder if there's any external USB soundcard that can take over the internal and produce better sound qualityBennn
    • What sound card are you running? Hard to believe any 'standard' sound card doesn't output respectable sound these days... I'm wondering if something is...PonyBoy
    • ... wrong with the card? Or perhaps your drivers are out of date? (download and update them just to be safe?)PonyBoy
    • Are you playing sound through speakers plugged into your computer or straight out of the computer's ass? lol if the latter... c'mon, bennn.PonyBoy
    • once the sound wave signal is created, it can only go worse not better. unless some artificial effected are done to it.pango
    • out some care in where the source is at?pango
    • *putpango
    • yup, get a dachans_glib
    • DAC ... most soundcards these days output absolute shit sound, especially via the analog ports. USB to DAC is the only way around it for pure sound. Period.monospaced
    • Yep, DAC for BENnfuturefood
    • i was looking at these before I went another direction.…futurefood
    • I'm using headphones. Sound is terrible since the last Windows10 update, i'm using a Dell pcBennn
    • all my drivers are up to dateBennn
    • what's a DAC? Any links?Bennn
    • Digital Analog Convertermonospaced
    • Does your headphone jack plug direct into your motherboard? If so, get a dedicated soundcard. I think I have an Asus Xonar - cost like £20 or something.Nairn
    • https://audioengineu…monospaced
    • *lovingly strokes his MacBook Pro with natively just fine sound*Continuity
    • Strangely, that's exactly the same as most PCs, and even more strangely, people buy soundcards for Macs too. How much was your mac vs. a Dell though?Nairn
    • Even dedicated soundcards, and those in Macs, have crap DACs in them, made worse by the crap ports.monospaced
    • @Continuity: The sound on your MBP is still noticeably worse than even entry level USB soundcards from Focusrite, Presonus, etc.section_014
    • get a macinteliboy
  • mg330

    Don't let anyone lie to you: inbox zero is still real, and it's still spectacular.

    • Fake NewsKrassy
    • 1 st Jan, make a new email folder named 201* (previous year), select all, move into folder. Start each year on 0. Delete as much as you can...shapesalad
    • I managed to clean my inbox last year after 2 years giving up. took some time to read, delete, unsubscribe to all that spam, subscriptions, unsolicited crap.uan
    • totally worth it.uan
  • Nairn1

    We had some friends over for the afternoon on Sunday, one of whom is vegan, so we made a load of purely vegetable-based food, including a cake.

    She was touched - apparently no one much makes that attempt - she even brought herself along a bag of cut carrots, in case of emergency. Bless.

    Anyway, point being - for the cake we had to buy almond milk as one of the ingedients, so I got my first taste of the stuff.

    It's not fucking milk, in any way shape or form. They shouldn't be allowed to call it that. It's nut water.

    There's nothing wrong with nut water, but it's not fucking milk.

    It's white nut water.

    Which is fine.

    Just don't call it 'milk'.

    Milk has a creamy texture, however that may come about.

    • there are so many chemicals in these milk alternatives. The Oatly one tastes best. Nothing beats freshly made soy milk - tastes amazing, but.. soy... boy...shapesalad
    • but since almond milk is already off white in color, calling it nut water may be too much.futurefood
    • all these "milks" are actually juices... soy juice, almond juice, etc.dorf
    • oat milk is bomb. haven't had regular milk in months now. almond milk tastes like dirt.scruffics
    • Lol @futurefood. Hazelnut Milk is a lot nicer than the Almond stuff. It's a good bit thicker and is quality in nutty cereals.microkorg
    • a lot of 'em are heavily processed as well. Like so many things, if everyone switched to nut water tomorrow, cow farts might not seem so bad.MrT
    • nut water.. I guess they can't call it nut juice.. LOLautoflavour
    • i've been hearing whispers of oat-milk, might try it for the hell of it. almond and soy taste like shit, or at least not milk-like enough to be called that_niko
    • They're not allowed to call it milk, that's the whole point. It won't say milk on it if you bought it in the UK.set
    • Oatly is by far the best. I'd take that over skanky cow puss any day...set
    • almond / pea protein silk is creamy / milkyimbecile
    • rice milk or cows milk ftw.inteliboy
    • rice "milk" and soy "milk" can taste okay if you don't consider them milk in the first place.monospaced
    • Almond milk is great when making oatmeal, pancakes, etc.stoplying
    • Everyone shut up and get oat milk. And shut up about calling it milk and call it milk and shut up and get oat milkset
  • sarahfailin7

    Happy equinox qbners!

    • Northern Lights for everybody!sted
    • Not so fast! It’s autumn down heremaquito
    • Isn’t that just another equinox though?monospaced
    • yeah, just the unhappy one for the southern hemisphere.uan
  • pockets3

    Sales staff member thought New Mexico was a part of the country of Mexico, another staff member had to clarify that's a state next to Texas...


    • lolpango
    • wow, just wow. Ask them about New England now.capn_ron
    • I grew up there. This is not uncommon, sadly.BonSeff
    • *googles New Mexico
      Yeah pffft
    • A sales guy and from US? Oh my...OBBTKN
    • Had a Lyft driver while in Seattle last week that didn't know what/where New England was...duckseason
  • Bennn0

    Sound problems has been adressed! I now have a DAC on my computer with a nice equalizer software. OMG! the difference! The sound quality is 1,000x better! I hear stuff i couldnt hear before. I'm rediscovering music!


    I Truly Dislike Bagels

    • Bru I'm right there with you, bagels are gross and it's motherfuckin' 2019 and I can't find a fuckin breakfast taco in NY to save my life..!robotron3k
    • robo, sounds like a business opportunity to me! breakfast taco stand right next to Halal Guys.capn_ron
    • You know what I'm talking about capn!!robotron3k
    • Take a stand.DRIFTMONKEY
    • you would need mexicans for that, robomonospaced
    • What’s a breakfast taco?HijoDMaite
    • come to montrealGnash
    • what did bagels ever do to you..pfft, ill take mine toasted with massive amounts of cream cheese plzpockets
    • What gnash said. Those dense inedible pucks are not bagels._niko
  • eryx15

    Student loan paid off in full today.

    • congrats!capn_ron
    • “First world” problemsBenDover
    • Level -1 completedsted
    • how much? how long?pedromendez
    • too much, like 15 yearseryx
    • I feel your pain, well done,
      a new chapter in life!
    • FU Sallie Mae! Nicely done, hope to join you in the ranks soon.notype
    • I think I can pay mine off in 3 mos, not sure why I'm dragging it on.notype
    • The year before my daughter is able to go to college I will have paid mine off. Insanity.misterhow
    • God bless you misterhownotype
  • PonyBoy-5

    anyone live in Austin?

    • my friend Terrell. He's a good dude. Thanks for asking.capn_ron
    • Thanks for answering!PonyBoy
    • I have tickets to a 'fun' event next Saturday if anyone there is interested (Free VIP... comes w/booze / food etc-$140 value per tick...I have 2 to give away).PonyBoy
  • sted1

    I don't want to funk the notes on Bluejam's post with this stupid of mine

    Few weeks ago windowlicker director's version was shared here and somehow it got stuck, and always comes back under the shower. Noticed many times that I start humming it in deep tones, and can't stop because of the acoustics. Until this Wednesday, when it dropped from the brain turntable and went back to the shelf.

    Bluejam fuck you :) if i'm getting a stroke today and (this song gets stuck for good) it will be your fault.

  • maquito7

    I’m in this whatsapp group with many old acquaintances. Musicians, showbiz peeple mainly. Some days ago, this WA group came alive after months of silence. One of them was inviting to his house to watch The Dirt, Motley Crew’s film premiere. Me, as a parent of an 8 mo. old, thought: it’s ridiculous. The wife, also a mom of the 8 mo. old, tells me “Go. You’ll have fun. You havn’t seen those guys for ages!”. I think: “It would be awesome to knock on their door without even responding one single line of their long conversation/ planning, where they might have assumed I was out of order. So I show up, with a six pack, and some snacks. After a big hug and some laughs with the host, I enter a room with 5 guys speaking at the same time in an incredibly high volume, around a round table with like 5 lines of coke next to a credit card, close to a HUGE rock of coke. I now get why they are “talking”, (it was in fact 5 monologues at a time), at the same time. It was sssooo weird. I listened to 50 stories in around 6 minutes, while I anxiously chugged a pint of lager. I ended up snorting 2 lines, never watched the Motley Crue movie, and came home (it’s 3am) and got to bed to start typing this. It was a very decent chunk of coke. I even ate some guacamole and I’m starting to evaluate ab expedition to the kitchen to steal some chips or something. Bye!

    • This should have been in the confessions post.maquito
    • Just in case, dont even bother to bring out the “child services” speech. I’m a functional working fsther, I work my ass off, and I’ve never been late to work.maquito
    • Sounds like a shit night.PhanLo
    • Good job buddy, good to let off steam one in a while.eryx
    • thank you for sharing your night on earth. enjoyed it.api
    • It was a “meh” night, flashback. “I’m getting old but still can do silly stuff once in a while, I guess”.maquito
    • human after all…api
    • This is like proper Newstoday™ content. More of this. Less cunts bitching. Good job Maquito, enjoy the coke.pedromendez
    • Coke heads are hard work, but I suppose by doing coke you got on their level.PhanLo
    • https://media1.tenor…pockets