Baby P's Parents/Killers

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  • Khurram0

    It's interesting though, that like the part of the person's brain affected suffering from sociopathy (or anti-social behaviour disorder or woteva else it's called) is pretty mundane. In that they have difficulty perceiving living things as living and not just objects. They perceive only bones and flesh and hair and skin, and not "life". So they dismember gerbils just like you or i would dismember our mobile phones to see how it worked on the inside.

    It's more complicated than that, but its similar to how autists find it hard to discern other people's emotions.

    FUcking autists...

  • Khurram0

    • such an amazing movie. one of the most intense roles i have ever witnessed (by Dustin mostly!)janne76
  • Khurram0

    I think it was a programme on a Japanese serial killer where I saw that on. They had his psychologists profiling him and talking about how when he was a child, when a normal child is holding/stroking a cat, they feel its heart beat and the warmth of its blood and its breathing and feel its "essence" and closeness when they stroke it. But this dude would hold it feeling all the bones trying to figure out how it was all "connected" and where its insides where and how its body was arranged... oblivious to it as a living thing.

    A lot of animals are like that, specific parts of our brains have come together to perceive "life" as distinct from inanimate objects. If you think about it, purely from a biological point of view, that's a lot of brain power.

    When you smoke Salvia, you perceive yourself becoming an object, true story.

    • I smoked opium once and couldn't perceive fuck all.chossy
    • opium?????? you are comparing opium to salvia????? opium is a pain killer, salvia is psychoactiveKhurram
    • No I am not camparing anything, I am simply saying I smoked opium.chossy
    • lol choss!!janne76
  • roundabout0

    Sorry state of affairs really, hard to understand how someone could to that a defenceless child. Useless Government Counsels, and doctor who do not give a shit.

  • moth0

    Why the fuck is the kid called P?

    • fuck off back to the lemurs!!! wiat, are you back???? where's my postcard???Khurram
    • yeah I'm back.moth
    • sweet, i'll call you soon and we're gonna meet up and molest some nuns. Standby.Khurram
    • they showed documents tipexed out on the prog last night ... the kids name was short ...23kon
    • ... so im guessing P stands for Paul23kon
    • I liked the Nun's speech in White Noise.moth
  • Khurram0

    ^ re: chossy an opium,

    further to my psycological studies via narcotic abuse. I'm coming to a theory that weed induces paranoia and ego introspection because it kills short-term memory and you work on long-term memory. The ego resides in long-term memory because it is about identity, and thats all you have high on weed.

    However, hallucinogens such as Salvia and DMT kill long-term memory and all you have is short term. As such identity/ego dissipates.

    Interesting experience smoking DMT mixed with weeds as the long/short term memories seem to cancel each other out, so you are both present and self-identified whilst tripping. It's fun!!

    • i mean, "it's serious spiritual work!"Khurram
    • why do we want to know all this when this thread is about Baby P???
  • jaytuom0

    Yes, let's form an angry mob of marker-waving, tartan shirt-wearing, mild mannered and well behaved graphic designers. That'll send those cold blooded baby killers runnin' for the hills.

    Also I'm pretty sure one of those addresses is the baby's biological father, who had nothing whatsoever to do with the abuse. Fuck it, let's kill him as well.

  • kelpie0…

    interesting article about the social work sector and the dangers of the tabloid fury, also good statistics on the massive drop in child murders in the UK over the last 30 years, as we've done far more than most countries to find a preventative, workable system.

    That interests me; the perception that everything is worse these days than in the past. How many old child abuse cases have we seen in the last 10 years arise as ex victims have finally had a support network to appeal to that was never there "when there things didn't happen" in the past? its almost like it seems worse now only because we've taken such great steps toward fixing it.

    • ditto drunk violent fathers/husbands etckelpie
    • ditto gangs of uneducated, violent youth, which my mother assures me there were plenty of round her way when she was youngkelpie
    • ...young in Kilmarnock outside glasgowkelpie
    • moral panics. We sure do love them.Khurram
  • modern0

    By posting their addresses around your no better than a Daily Mail reader.

    • it's a form of mild trolling. Best not to pay too much attention to THAT facet of this thread.Khurram
  • Xanadau0

    The Police are saying they are powerless to the council and social services when requesting info and trying to action protection, Its the biggest sick excuse Ive heard, The Police DO REALISE that the council and social services are NOT gov't and are certainly not above or below any UK law themselves.

    This case needs a high profile and needs it for Peter Connolly who obviously had no human rights in his abusers eyes, perhabs the media tries to instigate a revenge using the reading public, and rightfully so!
    It's true about what is happening here, Poor Peter Connolly had no chance and justice will not serve upon the abusers and those reasponsible, while we wait for their fate, the biggies of this country are already planning new ID's, Jobs, Homes and Faces for the abusers, The law system is failing and has failed except for those who earn from it.
    I pray to GOD that the DEVIL takes the and all abusers souls in the most horrific way!
    There is a candle vigil this Sun 24th - 8.00pm-8.05pm GMT
    Everyone can take part in the 5min silence at their own quiet location.

  • JazX0

    That's quite disgusting.

  • kammy0

    People talk about forgiveness and rehabilitation. Screw that, scum like Baby Peters killers don't deserve any sympathy and i hope someone gets them. Without arguing about the moral aspects of what i've just written or adopting a lynch mob type of mentality, i'm afraid that these bastards have given up the right to be treated as human beings and i wish them only pain and death in this world and the next.
    Baby Peter, i am so sorry that i could not protect you, your short life was full of pain and misery and what i would give to pick you up, cuddle you and give you the love that you never experienced. Your sad story has reduced this grown man to tears and continues to every time i see your beautiful face so full of pure innocence and trust. Fear no more, at least you are safe now. I will pray for you.
    RIP and Love Forever

  • Xanadau0

    Whats more sickining is that some of the social workers involved are seen going to courts with smirks on their faces (The Sun Newspaper) and the paper also reports that some are on a suicide threat "Didums lets NAME and SHAME like everyone else likes to do in this country, and perhabs the hard men, the hitmen, the nutters will COME OUT OF THEIR HIDDING PLACES and do us all a favour and serve justice on the BITCHES that could of stopped this whole torture to a innocent, precious, lovely, LONELY child, ((PETER THIS IS JUSTICE FOR YOU)) The Bitches: SHARON SHOESMITH 55, head of children services has REFUSED twice to apologise for Peter's death, GILLIE CHRISTOU 50, head of child protection register oversaw the decision to send Peter home, MARIA WARD 39, Social worker who visited Peter wass fooled by the mothers lies hiding Peter's injuries, SYLVIA HENRY --, Social worker accused of lying in the Victoria Climbie affair, Dr AL ZAYYAT (Female) Failed to spot Peter's injuries including a broken back 2 days before he died - There are more which will follow, The head of Haringley Council has said SORRY, So does that make it OK now then?? does it f**k, Sorry just to clear their minds is it, arh NO they along with everyone else deserve and hopefully will be driven to their own deaths.

  • skt0

    fucking hell, Xanadau is a physco.

    • also, why would you sign up to a design board only to froth at the mouth about social services in north london?skt
    • haha yeah.. fuck knows.. who else is lurking here? MP's? PM? secret service? hello? echalon?janne76
  • dskz0

    disgusting. These people are the worst.

  • Xanadau0

    Not really!! Justice in this country will give them PS3's to play with in prison, A facelift, A new I.D., A new home, A new job All payed for by the tax payer like they did with Maxine Carr, Robert Thompson and John boy wolly, (Bulger case) I could be worse but it would make me sound as bad as them! Ive seen all the horror movies and can't think of any that are good enough to repeat on those evil sadistic shithouses that should not be classed as animals and not even humans, The gov't here like to state that we have a freedom of information act and the blah blah that goes with it like we have a human rights act too that really does not exist anymore! -
    take their souls to the darkest depths of insanity FOREVER,
    Justice for Peter!
    RIP Peter, God takes the best first, your in the safest and best place where God and his angels will give you what you really deserve, love, happiness, pleasure and enjoyment, with your precious, innocent, happy personality and looks, heaven will welcome you.

  • janne760

    this thread is so vague. first i thought it was tour dates for a vague rapper called Baby P and a band called Parents/Killers and then i thought did a baby kill parents.. i notice this a lot on here, i jsut see vagueness all around in threads here.

    Brits thinking only Britons visit this place, Americans doing the same and sometimes worse.. as a mere simple Dutch countryman I am in constant confusion here, whart the hell are all these sophisticated brethren from far away megalopolitic entities bragging on about?

    well , eh?

    bands i never heard of?

    no it's about baby killers?

    which sounds so incredibly stomach-turning i don't dare to click any newslinks..

    anyway, carry on with your tragic thread.. :((

  • Xanadau0

    When you read more into the case i.e. & any news feeds that mention "baby p" and you read into the horrific torture they done to an 18month old child then you may understand what this thread is about and the hatred towards the culprits. here in the UK it is hushed up and quickly removed from many UK based web-sites where we are supposed to have freedom of speach and human rights, it is good to be able to broadcast this outside so that the culprits don't get away with it.

  • janne760

    yeah, but soemtimes i do understand censorship. if the masses can't contain themselves over one incident (how horrible it may be) it can sometimes simply be wiser to have the media tone down a little.

    sorry i am not defending free speech to it's utter limits.. as i feel doing that is like defending sexual freedom to it's utter limits, and say that fucking with little underage marmots is just part of sexual freedom.


    • and marmots are weee and nice.. and sometimes they can bite.. but still..janne76