Baby P's Parents/Killers

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    The Police are saying they are powerless to the council and social services when requesting info and trying to action protection, Its the biggest sick excuse Ive heard, The Police DO REALISE that the council and social services are NOT gov't and are certainly not above or below any UK law themselves.

    This case needs a high profile and needs it for Peter Connolly who obviously had no human rights in his abusers eyes, perhabs the media tries to instigate a revenge using the reading public, and rightfully so!
    It's true about what is happening here, Poor Peter Connolly had no chance and justice will not serve upon the abusers and those reasponsible, while we wait for their fate, the biggies of this country are already planning new ID's, Jobs, Homes and Faces for the abusers, The law system is failing and has failed except for those who earn from it.
    I pray to GOD that the DEVIL takes the and all abusers souls in the most horrific way!
    There is a candle vigil this Sun 24th - 8.00pm-8.05pm GMT
    Everyone can take part in the 5min silence at their own quiet location.

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