Baby P's Parents/Killers

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    ^ re: chossy an opium,

    further to my psycological studies via narcotic abuse. I'm coming to a theory that weed induces paranoia and ego introspection because it kills short-term memory and you work on long-term memory. The ego resides in long-term memory because it is about identity, and thats all you have high on weed.

    However, hallucinogens such as Salvia and DMT kill long-term memory and all you have is short term. As such identity/ego dissipates.

    Interesting experience smoking DMT mixed with weeds as the long/short term memories seem to cancel each other out, so you are both present and self-identified whilst tripping. It's fun!!

    • i mean, "it's serious spiritual work!"Khurram
    • why do we want to know all this when this thread is about Baby P???

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