Baby P's Parents/Killers

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    I think it was a programme on a Japanese serial killer where I saw that on. They had his psychologists profiling him and talking about how when he was a child, when a normal child is holding/stroking a cat, they feel its heart beat and the warmth of its blood and its breathing and feel its "essence" and closeness when they stroke it. But this dude would hold it feeling all the bones trying to figure out how it was all "connected" and where its insides where and how its body was arranged... oblivious to it as a living thing.

    A lot of animals are like that, specific parts of our brains have come together to perceive "life" as distinct from inanimate objects. If you think about it, purely from a biological point of view, that's a lot of brain power.

    When you smoke Salvia, you perceive yourself becoming an object, true story.

    • I smoked opium once and couldn't perceive fuck all.chossy
    • opium?????? you are comparing opium to salvia????? opium is a pain killer, salvia is psychoactiveKhurram
    • No I am not camparing anything, I am simply saying I smoked opium.chossy
    • lol choss!!janne76

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