Baby P's Parents/Killers

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    People talk about forgiveness and rehabilitation. Screw that, scum like Baby Peters killers don't deserve any sympathy and i hope someone gets them. Without arguing about the moral aspects of what i've just written or adopting a lynch mob type of mentality, i'm afraid that these bastards have given up the right to be treated as human beings and i wish them only pain and death in this world and the next.
    Baby Peter, i am so sorry that i could not protect you, your short life was full of pain and misery and what i would give to pick you up, cuddle you and give you the love that you never experienced. Your sad story has reduced this grown man to tears and continues to every time i see your beautiful face so full of pure innocence and trust. Fear no more, at least you are safe now. I will pray for you.
    RIP and Love Forever

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