Baby P's Parents/Killers

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    Whats more sickining is that some of the social workers involved are seen going to courts with smirks on their faces (The Sun Newspaper) and the paper also reports that some are on a suicide threat "Didums lets NAME and SHAME like everyone else likes to do in this country, and perhabs the hard men, the hitmen, the nutters will COME OUT OF THEIR HIDDING PLACES and do us all a favour and serve justice on the BITCHES that could of stopped this whole torture to a innocent, precious, lovely, LONELY child, ((PETER THIS IS JUSTICE FOR YOU)) The Bitches: SHARON SHOESMITH 55, head of children services has REFUSED twice to apologise for Peter's death, GILLIE CHRISTOU 50, head of child protection register oversaw the decision to send Peter home, MARIA WARD 39, Social worker who visited Peter wass fooled by the mothers lies hiding Peter's injuries, SYLVIA HENRY --, Social worker accused of lying in the Victoria Climbie affair, Dr AL ZAYYAT (Female) Failed to spot Peter's injuries including a broken back 2 days before he died - There are more which will follow, The head of Haringley Council has said SORRY, So does that make it OK now then?? does it f**k, Sorry just to clear their minds is it, arh NO they along with everyone else deserve and hopefully will be driven to their own deaths.

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