Baby P's Parents/Killers

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  • SkyPoo0

    Morning_star, I would doubt very much there are any children at those addresses by now considering what has taken place.

  • 23kon0

    This kind of story is the reason there should be some kind of corporal punishment or eye-for-an-eye punishments brought back because jail isnt enough for this kind of attrocity.

    Normally stuff like this doesnt bother me this much, but this story has really enraged me.

    They should kneecap folk that do shit like this, so even when/if they ever get out of prison they have to live the rest of their life in misery crawling around and not receiving any benefits and everyone that walks past them on the steet as they crawl along will know that they have done something attrocious in their past.

  • jaytuom0

    Yes, let's form an angry mob of marker-waving, tartan shirt-wearing, mild mannered and well behaved graphic designers. That'll send those cold blooded baby killers runnin' for the hills.

    Also I'm pretty sure one of those addresses is the baby's biological father, who had nothing whatsoever to do with the abuse. Fuck it, let's kill him as well.

  • 23kon0

    another thing that annoys me about this is that it was the head of whatever who was forced to resign. WHat the FOOK does he have to do with this.
    It's the people who missed things, the doctors and the social workers involved who should get the boot from their job. knobsters!

  • kelpie0…

    interesting article about the social work sector and the dangers of the tabloid fury, also good statistics on the massive drop in child murders in the UK over the last 30 years, as we've done far more than most countries to find a preventative, workable system.

    That interests me; the perception that everything is worse these days than in the past. How many old child abuse cases have we seen in the last 10 years arise as ex victims have finally had a support network to appeal to that was never there "when there things didn't happen" in the past? its almost like it seems worse now only because we've taken such great steps toward fixing it.

    • ditto drunk violent fathers/husbands etckelpie
    • ditto gangs of uneducated, violent youth, which my mother assures me there were plenty of round her way when she was youngkelpie
    • ...young in Kilmarnock outside glasgowkelpie
    • moral panics. We sure do love them.Khurram
  • modern0

    By posting their addresses around your no better than a Daily Mail reader.

    • it's a form of mild trolling. Best not to pay too much attention to THAT facet of this thread.Khurram
  • Morning_star0

    SkyPoo, whether they are there or not right now and regardless of how disfunctional and violent the abusers were IMO it isn't the role of QBN, or any other website, to make the judgement to publish those addresses - It's dangerous.
    The criminals are in jail, what is the point of doing that?

    • What are you banging on at me for? Its not my name next to the post.SkyPoo
  • drgss0

    Its not enough to kill these people. Torture them to death and drown their bodies in raw shit

  • BaskerviIle0

    I never knew so many QBNers read the Sun/Newsoftheworld/Daily Mail

    • Got my version of events from The Sunday Times.SkyPoo
    • Huh, and what is your viewpoint then? This kind of thing isn’t acceptable IMO65Neue
    • because those are the only media covering it!?! what a stupid commentBeach8oy
    • I meant people's " Its not enough to kill these people." reactionsBaskerviIle
    • It's an awful story, but why not let the legal system get on with it. Instead of vigilante aspirationsBaskerviIle
    • also if you want to gete inscensed, read about the things happening in Congo right nowBaskerviIle
    • Lets kill BaskerviIle, hang the nazidrgss
  • 7point340

    people like this should be made to suffer what they have done to others.

  • Eighty0

    23kon, yes it's a really horrific case; certainly considering it happened so close to where Victoria Climbie suffered a similar fate. And of course the inital reaction from most balanced human beings (parents or otherwise) is to punish those responsible very heavily. But I think that the whole eye-for-an-eye thing is a bit antiquated. The whole catalogue of events is tragic and everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed, what the situation doesn't require is mobs of people all fired up on Daily Mail headlines wanting blood. If you want the people involved in the violence of the case to suffer, then rest well because either in prison or not; they won't.

    • This is the point I was trying to make above, only much more eloquently putBaskerviIle
    • Kill, kill, killldrgss
  • Xanadau0

    Whats more sickining is that some of the social workers involved are seen going to courts with smirks on their faces (The Sun Newspaper) and the paper also reports that some are on a suicide threat "Didums lets NAME and SHAME like everyone else likes to do in this country, and perhabs the hard men, the hitmen, the nutters will COME OUT OF THEIR HIDDING PLACES and do us all a favour and serve justice on the BITCHES that could of stopped this whole torture to a innocent, precious, lovely, LONELY child, ((PETER THIS IS JUSTICE FOR YOU)) The Bitches: SHARON SHOESMITH 55, head of children services has REFUSED twice to apologise for Peter's death, GILLIE CHRISTOU 50, head of child protection register oversaw the decision to send Peter home, MARIA WARD 39, Social worker who visited Peter wass fooled by the mothers lies hiding Peter's injuries, SYLVIA HENRY --, Social worker accused of lying in the Victoria Climbie affair, Dr AL ZAYYAT (Female) Failed to spot Peter's injuries including a broken back 2 days before he died - There are more which will follow, The head of Haringley Council has said SORRY, So does that make it OK now then?? does it f**k, Sorry just to clear their minds is it, arh NO they along with everyone else deserve and hopefully will be driven to their own deaths.

  • SkyPoo0

    Morally Eighty, of course you are absolutely correct in what you say, except you are assuming the general populace has the same high moral values and standards which it does not. From the outsider's point of view these crimes 'appear' to be on the increase... whether or not they are or are just getting media coverage now more than before is a different discussion... but the point is that the punishment is invisible. We can all be assured that these people will be imprisoned and it wont be pleasant, but we can also expect to learn from sources reputable or otherwise, that Lord so-and-so, the great philanthropist is sympathetic, and lending his support to an inquiry, and a retrial, and in the meantime the poor convict is bravely undergoing gentle rehabilitation, and has quite a comfortable cell away from the kind of inmates who would tear them apart. And part of the rehabilitation involves being taken shopping. And anyway its a great shame really because the accused had such a tough childhood and was never given the opportunity to develop empathy, and though they don't ever shed any tears about what they did, we will be assured that they are capable of feeling some remorse for their crimes.

    Its getting very close to the point where that just isn't enough. The punishment for this kind of crime is not proving to be an effective deterrent across the very broad moral and ethical landscape we occupy. The baying crowd will start to demand more visible punishment.

    • public hangings... and if that's not enough: pubic hangings7point34
    • fuck the baying crowd!janne76
  • skt0

    fucking hell, Xanadau is a physco.

    • also, why would you sign up to a design board only to froth at the mouth about social services in north london?skt
    • haha yeah.. fuck knows.. who else is lurking here? MP's? PM? secret service? hello? echalon?janne76
  • dskz0

    disgusting. These people are the worst.

  • Fariska0

    That's the very reason because a Judgement system exists.
    Especially in Britain there is a very well developed guarantee system. And the basic of every moder punishment system is the rehabilitation of the criminal individual to be a "good memeber" of society.
    For sure is a tricky thing and there are a lot of imperfections. And i can see the wrath of you all who are parents. But a Judicial system is over the parts for this very reason.
    And about the Daily Mail fueled mob, maybe is worth of consideration that the girl who treated this way her son is very likely in the audience that the Daily Mail targets. So are we sure that the problem originates is just criminal parenting or maybe there is something more problematic in the society which originated it?

    • which these kind of things happens?Fariska
  • Xanadau0

    Not really!! Justice in this country will give them PS3's to play with in prison, A facelift, A new I.D., A new home, A new job All payed for by the tax payer like they did with Maxine Carr, Robert Thompson and John boy wolly, (Bulger case) I could be worse but it would make me sound as bad as them! Ive seen all the horror movies and can't think of any that are good enough to repeat on those evil sadistic shithouses that should not be classed as animals and not even humans, The gov't here like to state that we have a freedom of information act and the blah blah that goes with it like we have a human rights act too that really does not exist anymore! -
    take their souls to the darkest depths of insanity FOREVER,
    Justice for Peter!
    RIP Peter, God takes the best first, your in the safest and best place where God and his angels will give you what you really deserve, love, happiness, pleasure and enjoyment, with your precious, innocent, happy personality and looks, heaven will welcome you.

  • janne760

    this thread is so vague. first i thought it was tour dates for a vague rapper called Baby P and a band called Parents/Killers and then i thought did a baby kill parents.. i notice this a lot on here, i jsut see vagueness all around in threads here.

    Brits thinking only Britons visit this place, Americans doing the same and sometimes worse.. as a mere simple Dutch countryman I am in constant confusion here, whart the hell are all these sophisticated brethren from far away megalopolitic entities bragging on about?

    well , eh?

    bands i never heard of?

    no it's about baby killers?

    which sounds so incredibly stomach-turning i don't dare to click any newslinks..

    anyway, carry on with your tragic thread.. :((

  • 23kon0

    My "eye for an eye" comment was for voilent crimes in general and not just this case. I agree with SkyPoo, the punishments that are getting dished out for violent crime are not enough as it stands at the moment.

  • chossy0

    In my opinion we have a duty to rehabilitate but we also have a duty to punish people. Is this the same case where the support workers refused to appologise. Unfortunatly we live in a society which cannot take any responsibility for any mistakes.

    Last year there were around 4000 performance reviews carried out by the scottish government, out of which 2 people were told they had to improve.