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  • utopian-2

    • Holy shit, the cloud patterns are exactly the same - what are the chances?!
      What does it mean?
    • heheheOBBTKN
    • hahahadeathboy
    • or wait lol @ utopian.. stuff like this makes it hard to take you seriously you understand rightdeathboy
    • one here takes you seriouslyutopian
    • well utopian again hard to take you serious on that statement... where is your data? best to speak for oneself before making statements you can't backdeathboy
    • @Nairn: it's cyclic. like the earth around the sun or the moon around the earth...just a bit longer (39 years)uan
    • or uan its lazy photoshop copy pasta and means nothing...deathboy
  • omahadesigns-7

    • Judith Curry retired 2.5 years ago. That's one of many reasons she's had no media coverage.e-wo
    • I hope you will find a way to cultivate a more open mind and not entrench into this position.e-wo
    • "repeatedly uses angry distorted face of girl with Asperger's syndrome in every depiction of her" - Media Manipulationutopian
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    I dont think anything gonna change soon. we're all too deep into the capitalist system. just look around you.

    each time an american buy an electric car, 10 Indians and Chinese buy a SUV, this is just one example.

    and the cause has been associated to the Left ... all the Right despise anything regarding climate change... so that's a lot of people who dont give a shit and just think its all fake news.

    Things will start to really change when the new generation will get the political power... in like 20-35 years ...

    so yeah, good luck to all of us.

    • and people will act when it personally touch them in their daily routine. because its not obvious enough yet for the masses.Bennn
    • nothings going to change soon because the process of climate change is well under way, pretty much unstoppable at this rate.hans_glib
    • We don't all not care about the environment on the right ok. You should stop being so judgemental of people who don't think like you, you might learn something.zarkonite
    • Well, the majority of the Right doesnt believe/care in Climate change. Not all Righties. Sorry zarkonite.Bennn
    • Once there's huge population shifts folk will maybe believe, but by then they'll be setting up concentration camps to get rid of the refugees.PhanLo
    • The opinion you just wrote is almost exactly what the right is saying, Canada is small and other than being nice there's not much we can do to help with thezarkonite
    • problem. In the meantime the carbon tax is useless and just makes people suffer.zarkonite
    • Lol Zarkon, there's plenty people can do, but no one's planning fuck all. Just deal with it when it comes.PhanLo
    • LOL Phanlo. All of Canada produces under 1.6% of global emissions, you could nuke this entire country and the impact wouldn't register.zarkonite
    • Just start dumping your rubbish in rivers and feeding bears plastic. Canada is too clean.PhanLo
    • i wonder where you would be without capitalism benn. or how it really provides in your daily lifedeathboy
    • look at boris yeltsin jsut walking in a us supermarket.deathboy
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    How the Extinction Rebellion got its powerful, unsettling logo…

    • I like the hourglass symbol, but the color applications really blow ass.utopian
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    Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement…

    There is a very well-funded, well-orchestrated climate change-denial movement, one funded by powerful people with very deep pockets. In a new and incredibly thorough study, Drexel University sociologist Robert Brulle took a deep dive into the financial structure of the climate deniers, to see who is holding the purse strings.

    According to Brulle's research, the 91 think tanks and advocacy organizations and trade associations that make up the American climate denial industry pull down just shy of a billion dollars each year, money used to lobby or sway public opinion on climate change and other issues.

    “The anti-climate effort has been largely underwritten by conservative billionaires,” says the Guardian, “often working through secretive funding networks. They have displaced corporations as the prime supporters of 91 think tanks, advocacy groups and industry associations which have worked to block action on climate change.”

    • Nearly a billion dollars a year is flowing into the organized climate change counter-movement. Thanks Republitards!utopian
    • yeah but those greedy scientists.inteliboy
    • And the money behind the climate religion movement? You idiot.Hayoth
    • there is a case to fund lobbyists to battle nonsense. curiosu about the cliamte "denial" label though. Is the money truely provided by climate change deniers...deathboy
    • the same outcome of peopel who believe they can control climate through regulation and keep a status quo...deathboy
    • you don't fund lobbyists to battle nonsense. you hire lobbyists to push your own business' interests.uan
    • politics is business uan. it deosnt need to make sense if its an issue to be sold and campaigned upondeathboy
    • also there is quite a business in carbon credits. hell fuzzy fincials helped float tesla to an illusion of profitdeathboy
    • but it was just millions sold to casino to reduce tax incomes while providing money to losing businessdeathboy
    • and as a company take subaru and arbitrary mpg levels fucking up cars and making people take shortcuts as the only way ( also VW). is it in best interests fordeathboy
    • hakf engineered solutions to arbitrary probels that create faulty transmission or unstable motors? it is in business interestes to fight arbitrary legislationdeathboy
    • because it changes the market. no longer is developing the best product ppl want to buy the goal. its making profit on a product behind arbitray goals and ruledeathboy
    • in some cases developing a product no one wants and taking tax credits for it as ony profit.deathboy
    • doesn't change the fact that polluting the planet is bad for you and the rest of us. but hey, go on singing your 'free markets' anthem.uan
    • it doesn't matter, because green technology is superior and will succeed.uan
    • lol@deathboyutopian
    • Relax, Brulle's also studying the money behind the climate change and environmentalist movements.i_monk
    • I know you rightwingers are all about 'balance' and 'both sides'.i_monk
    • @hayoth "Climate religion movement"? Wow you're dumb.garbage
    • And yay, we get to play the deathboy game. First word, last word, don't read anything in between.garbage
    • "There profit."garbage
    • haha uan way to move the goal post. yes uan polluting is "bad" for all we know to our current existence. But to ignore free markets and go all dictatorshipdeathboy
    • and medievel in the name of all that is green is retarded. even half steppin with subsidies has been a waste that only helped the upper social class while imposdeathboy
    • ing greater costs on the lower class. have u ever wondered if the balance between rich and poor in the eco realm of free amrket is those with the most to losedeathboy
    • might try to have cake and eat it too financing regualtion that benefits them and hurts the majority all for a "greater" causedeathboy
    • "haha cause"garbage
    • these flippin looser redumblicas are already as horrific as the climate will become..neverscared
    • haha whos a redumblicas never? sound like a old bat saying the mexican help are stealing but she has no help.deathboy
    • "these help"garbage
    • Supplemental links:…
    • haha garbage act like you cant understand what i said becuase of punctuation. oh shit i didnt capitalize my i either u madd brodeathboy
    • if you want to discredit what im saying craft an arguement or provide something of substance or you keep doing u. just seems juvenile and uncouthdeathboy
    • You haven't said anything of substance yet.i_monk
    • wait all my comments about nature of lobbyists and sides had no substance? what do i need to provide numbers of pro climate change proceeds. i believe its moredeathboy
    • than the "anti" by a large sumdeathboy
    • That would be a start. You make a lot of unsubstantiated claims in these threads and ask everyone to disprove you, begging the question.i_monk
    • hmm well it is tough. not much research into domestic and global lobbying towards green initiatives.deathboy
    • har dto calculate such things liek diesal taxe sin the 80s to todays subsidies for solar and wind. Or even electric vehicles.deathboy
    • and even if there was research it would be paid and highly biased. but i'd say with what we are seeing globally is a hot untapped market for corpsdeathboy
    • to extract wealth from the public out of fearmongering. really interested to see what the kook at the ecb does.deathboy
    • but... if the anti is a billion industry... ev credits alone is in tune to more of 15-20 billion besides all the other cardon and subsidy trades. I think thedeathboy
    • pro climate change industry globally is in the trillions.deathboy
    • especially if you look at m2 expansion and for political goals.deathboy
    • but guess have to wait and see if your writer ever publishes the other side that gives some sor tof relevevance to his research. liek saying 30 degrees iscold..deathboy
    • and than never telling anyone in what relation that is cold too.deathboy
  • utopian3

    Gawd Bless Merica

    An Iowa teacher who said he wouldn't attend a climate rally featuring Greta Thunberg because he didn't have his 'sniper rifle' has been put on leave.…

    • Poor #MAGA fella got triggeredutopian
    • Triggered by a teenage girlutopian
    • welcome to #MAGA Countryutopian
    • Whiny little bitch.ideaist
    • There is no problem, great or small that cannot be solved with a man and a gun. That's how we'll deal with the rising sea levels. Guy's a geniusPhanLo
    • Well Caligula did once try to go to war with Poseidon by having his army attack the water with their swords, so not much has changed it seems._niko
    • jeeze, and he was the science teacher too.sarahfailin
    • ^^^ That's the worst part.section_014
    • a science teacher who can make a joke. this is getting a bit winnie the poo right. maybe journalism could ask the question with you science background how dodeathboy
    • you disagree? i clearly don't believe you are going to be violent referencing something you dont own... get itdeathboy
    • but than again its iowa...deathboy
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  • utopian1

    How Penn State Is Cutting Greenhouse Emissions In Half — And Saving Money…

  • Bindegal1

    • https://media.giphy.…Gnash
    • I love how everyone is ripping into this young girl, who actual has the gall to stand up for something that we adult have taken from her generation.utopian
    • I only saw the back of her head during her speech at the Montreal rally and I felt like this little girl has a really strong charisma. She is making history.nbq
    • First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.i_monk
    • You too can stop global warming, if you download her app,https://www.wedo...robotron3k
    • Oops! https://www.wedontha…robotron3k
    • Her generation won't have a lawn.Cosmodrome
    • ^ boom!Gnash
    • Conservative fucktards want to make sure of that.monospaced
    • Young woman is stupid and sheltered, it's great she's getting out of that baby-size country of hers and see the worlds is massive and green everywhere!robotron3k
    • ^ yeah that's right, I said it. Also, all you mofos forget about Antarctica, it's massive & the fuking mountains ooze oil 24/7 because of the ice pressure.robotron3k
    • you say a lot of things, robo.ben_
    • Sort of funny. Maybe they need another mass slaughter of millions to sort them out?PhanLo
    • ‘I said it’ always sounds like a desperate cry for attention. Everybody read what you said, and that you said that you said it, and still zero fucks given.sr_rosa
    • Lawns are useless and takes too much uneceraary resources to maintain. Exactly what are lawns for?pango
    • Or is it just a social norm?
      Maybe start thinking for you self? Don't be a sheep?
    • 'Exactly what are lawns for?' Property value, insect reduction and golf. Fun sidenote: 'sheep' are great natural lawnmowers.PonyBoy
    • Goats are betterGnash
    • fuck lawns.inteliboy
    • If "this generation" is incapable of something, the blame lands squarely on the parents and gr.parents for failing to raise them to do it.i_monk
    • It's a stupid meme for shallow thinkers.i_monk
    • all my lawns are dead thanks to drought, thanks to global warming. so touché grandpaautoflavour
    • pro and cons of lawns dont add up.
      it uses a tone of fucking water. doesn't produce much oxygen.
    • no agricultural value. purely states symbol.
      it only increase property value because other people believes the same make believe value.
    • ... and golf.PonyBoy
    • lawns are the most aggregated plant in america. so much resource for so little.

      *status symbol
    • also *irrigation =__=pango
    • robo, have you ever thought of, y'know, just fucking off and never coming back?face_melter
    • @pango Apparently lawns have always been a show of wealth or status. We still see them in the Middle East in which rich Arabs try and sustain a lawn...Ianbolton
    • ... in dry, scorching heat only to say ‘look at my lawn, look how I’ve succeeded in life’ hahaIanbolton
    • And Robo. Why do you become a keyboard warrior the way you do on here? You seem to assume that we all need educating or that we’re all idiots, which is annoyingIanbolton
    • This one is for pony. You don't need lawn for golf.pango
    • omg omg... owww!!PonyBoy
  • drgs0…

    Thunberg says she first heard about climate change in 2011, when she was 8 years old, and could not understand why so little was being done about it.[14] Three years later she became depressed and lethargic, stopped talking and eating, and was eventually diagnosed with Asperger syndrome,[15] obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD),[15] and selective mutism.[15][16] While acknowledging that her diagnosis "has limited me before", she does not view her Asperger's as an illness and has instead called it her "superpower".[16]

    • < also: OPEC secretary-general Barkindo called her: 'perhaps the greatest threat to our industry going forward'.uan
    • ^
      if that's the case, which I doubt, expect her to meet some unfortunate accident.
    • https://web.archive.…uan
    • ^to long for comments, short url:…uan
    • Someone explain this girl how money rule the world. Then it will make more sense for her.ApeRobot
    • @uan - I wasn't much doubting it was said, more that it wasn't meant in an earnest, conciliatory manner. As ApeRobot says - money's the power.Nairn
    • @ape that’s why she’s talking to the right people ... I’m sure she has a solid grasp on how shit worksmonospaced
  • sted2

    • if a kid got front stage along all media to discuss how flossing builds societal bridges and we need to do it more i hope adult o child challenges itdeathboy
    • fuckin like 30 kids flossin is my nightmare and feels no different than thisdeathboy
    • it makes perfect sense that basic hygiene would be among your nightmares.ben_
    • He's devolved into a chatbot.i_monk
    • You’re comparing the health of the planet to a dance move. You’re not only an idiot, you’re an asshole too. Congrats, notes boy. Commence with your incoherence.monospaced
    • lol, I should have googled flossing. officially old.ben_
    • haha dont use a simile or you become an asshole! the health of a planet? how was its physcials results? you probably dont understand how stupid of a statementdeathboy
    • that is... and ben i found humor in your ignorant response. ill informed.. ignorant seems mean. i dont follow trends either. but still funnydeathboy
    • im just more curious to know what mono thinks is a healthy planet. 120 over 80? haha the divide is so largedeathboy
    • Trying to take refuge in semantics is a sure sign even you know you've lost the debate.i_monk
    • trying to take refuge in semantics how imonk?deathboy
  • PeterPancake9

    ^Whomst numpty wouldn't embed an insta post in 2k19 on the modern-web? Let me assist:

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font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px;" > Wilfrid Wood</a> (@wilfridwoodsculptor) on <time style=" font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; line-height:17px;" datetime="2019-09-22T16:56:58+00:00">Sep 22, 2019 at 9:56am PDT</time></p></div></blockquote> <script async src="//"></script>

  • Nairn3
  • robotron3k-1

  • robotron3k-2

    • Andrew Bolt is a renowned racist, stolen generation denialist & paedophile apologist. But if you value his insights good for you.thumb_screws
    • You know who's laughing the hardest at the stupid rich girl? Old people. Because the little girl has everything and knows no sadness, death or war.robotron3k
    • the old people laughing hard are they? :-/kingsteven
    • ^ God robo, shut up. She has years to live. Dinosaurs die.garbage
  • i_monk5

    Waiting for deathboy to make his case instead of expecting everyone else to prove a negative.

    • Too busy googling 'Greta Thunberg Malthusian Keynesian Taliban'kingsteven
    • 'Greta Thunberg lizard people Soros conspiracy'i_monk
    • The wait is long. Very Long.
    • ^How many of those newspaper articles were based on peer-reviewed studies vs. poorly researched predictions by cranks out of their depths?i_monk
    • ^Also: https://www.dailykos…i_monk
    • haha i dont have any case or prediction. im not some dumbing fuckin kid or scientist selling "science" for a paydaydeathboy
    • and more curiously case on what note exactly? Timelines, datasets, manmade vs natural, historical, types of measurements, bias, statistics?deathboy
    • your negative i think is akin to disproving god. you think of this climate change like a demon that can only be excorized by a self chosen few.deathboy
    • you do realize before humans existed climate changed. and datasets based on 100,000 years of ice core, geology, history depicts global changes humans need todeathboy
    • adapt too. yet now you get fearful "scientific" prophets predict end of days in 12 years unless you REPENT or just make arbitrary changes no one can measure ordeathboy
    • evaluate. really come on who is the sucker here?... or cant reason with a religious person why their scripture is illogical. might be the same heredeathboy
    • "peer-reviewed" aka "filtered". Let all research be held with the same regard and evaluated on its own merit.robthelad
    • hahaha fuck me deathboy, you are the one coming on here with the unquestionable capitalist doctrine. there's been some admiration of greta for her activismkingsteven
    • and you and robo, busty posting the same old denier arguments we've all read a thousand times. forming conspiracies about a teenager then sexualising thekingsteven
    • conversation when you've been laughed out of the conversation for it. do not assume we're all as thick as you and incapable of making up our own minds.kingsteven
    • lol all he does is shit in science because he’s a dropoutmonospaced
    • deathboy: Go home, the adults are talking.i_monk
    • @robthelad, "peer-reviewed" is the highest level of professional scrutiny imaginable or in existence. It is carried out by experts. Your criticism is unfounded.monospaced
    • Climate forecasting is ~modelling~ not science, which is hypothesis-theory-me... It is selective input data for desired results.BustySaintClaire
    • king you talk a lot but say little. perhaps focus on the data and what is real. jeez busty gets it.deathboy
    • seriously lads, you are pulling this out of your arse right now. i'm not even defending greta let alone ALL climate science.kingsteven
    • i'm more or less just having fun calling you guys out for an incredibly bad take on something incompatible with your beliefskingsteven
    • i sort of get your criticism of mono, but at the same time i'd say scientific consensus is far more valid a belief than the basis of your critiquekingsteven
    • which is based on the incompatibility of climate activism with capitalism/ normative egoist beliefs.kingsteven
    • how convenient king. no need of proof. jsut fuckin around and trying to say our point is a belief while stating yoursdeathboy
    • "based on the incompatibility of climate activism with capitalism/ normative egoist beliefs" is fact. Quite soem assumptions to it..deathboy
    • cliamte activism is largely out of poor education and fear. that fear is easily misplaced politically for selfish gains and egotistical beliefsdeathboy
    • such as a kid thinking they can egotisically fix the world.deathboy
    • which makes me wonder where your principles lie. you seem to support what you dont like. i think u have no cluedeathboy
    • i seem to support something i don't like? where? another typical egoist belief is the inability to change things due to a sense of lack of control.kingsteven
    • so you're never going to understand the motivations of an altruistically minded young, socialist (i assume) climate change activist.kingsteven
    • she is the anti-you (well, except the autism)kingsteven
    • you seem to not like egotists but adept at following them without ability to acknowledge their merits.deathboy
    • a belief in knowing what you can and cannot control is a belief until reason comes into play. You seem to have some blind church style faith in your belief.deathboy
    • im thinking you are similar to a dogmatic church indoctrinated type person. You have found faith in your beliefs and its prophets.deathboy
    • and no i will never understadn the motivations of true altruistic people. However I also dont believe in altruism.deathboy
    • there was a house episode where a guy show altruistic traits but was a disease. true altruism is a death sentence. its a sacrifice giving oneself. geneticallydeathboy
    • not a good trait and wont be long lived. faking altruism and getting others to sacrifice for you a whole different storydeathboy
    • something you might look at becuase all church rule and history relies heavily upon. which is odd why the right has the religious and left has the state...deathboy
    • until you see it BOTH THE SAME SHIT. both beleive in omnipotent beings, but differ on the savior. one wan other keep ts to appoint a persondeathboy
    • other keep it metaphysical and old school scripture luddite style. not into rengineering millenniums of social control. historically on both accounts withdeathboy
    • progressive spins or jsut plain religion we see its been a complete failure leading to massive sufferingdeathboy
    • just take it in and think about it. mull it over, test it. its not about being right. its about truth and reason.deathboy
    • db egoist != egotist... but to a degree i used to have similar egoist beliefs to you until i read enough about it to realise it's not true and ultimately selfkingsteven
    • defeating. egoism relies on altruism to exist there are several well known thought experiments that disprove psychological egoism. and a ton of well knownkingsteven
    • examples of selfless altruism. even in a business sense egoism relies on altruism much as lying relies on truth telling. this is accepted by most economistskingsteven
    • and most successful business leaders. your doctrine of homo-economicus is a fallacy circulated as anti-communist propaganda.kingsteven
    • and while i'm a sceptic, you are an ideologically motivated denier... while an exact prediction can not be made on man's impact on the climatekingsteven
    • any rational person wouldn't claim that there's a chance that it is.kingsteven
    • also, to get back to gretta... all 16 year olds are annoying as fuck and of course her youth is promoted as political neutrality but to approach her askingsteven
    • weaponised socialism is just defensive and essentially political xenophobia. capitalism needs social and ecological reform or it will destroy itself.kingsteven
    • haha did you get sucked into some of those leadership cults or something king? you state stuff but not back it. ex how goes egosim relies on altruism to exist?deathboy
    • those leadership cults who take your phone away and and make you cry over 24-48 hours to rebuild you in there network shit is a joke. GET OUT. STAY OUTdeathboy
    • i dont give a fuck about a dumb kid. but who and what dollars behind motivation to promote the kid. not people who happy to give money away and be poor.deathboy
    • if being broke made them happy they'd be broke. if giving money somehow staying even or making more money i get even under a guise of altruismdeathboy
    • let the suckers fund their non work social causes and parties in their namesdeathboy
    • and im a skeptic. and ideological. but always on logic and reason. if i deny i state exactly why. if evidence to the contrary is shown i am happy to adjustdeathboy
    • my ideology exists in philosophical/scient... axioms. not opinion. nor any whim i might be happy to accept.deathboy
    • ... look at your statement capitalism needs social and ecological reform... explain that. because by the sound of it who are cluelessdeathboy
    • deathboy hitting the bottle once again lolutopian
    • Anyone who thinks capitalism is functioning smoothly is a sociopath.i_monk
    • anyone who can't see what is capitalism is a fool..deathboy
  • d_gitale0