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  • mugwart10

    Governments throughout known western civilization have never been exactly been 'for the people'.

    I get the need to cry out to them but the simple fact is they are corrupt or I in PC terms, financially influenced. Shock horror this isn't a new thing with Trump.

    The only way out of this is if we, the people, take matters in our own hands. Stop eating mass farmed food. Defiantly stop eating cheap, poorly farmed food. Try and get everything direct, or as close as possible, direct from a responsible source.

    Fact of the matter is majority of 'global warming' (if exist, yes I read both sides), is from the cheap meat industry. This isn't a vegan rant forcing you to "become vegan" (heaven forbid!) - I'm just saying buy your slaughtered corpse from some local farmer, one whom actually gives a shit and you can directly talk to ;-)

    You also help the community by boycotting the supermarket cunts.
    You also help to disable these greedy soulless pricks.
    It's not easy but its also a lot of fun.

    • this was response to the posts above.
      Don't wait for the cure to happen to you - become it now. Fucking hate hippy quotes!
    • +1OBBTKN
    • Reality tv shows, social media, junk food, money, legal drugs...they don't want you to be awake.ApeRobot
    • +1set
    • No they dont. We are meant to be a sleep and follow peer pressure. Disconnect, focus on your health and it will improve everyone around you.mugwart
    • also I forgot to add the next part is to work out your truth. Follow that and you start to heal your mental states.mugwart
    • said not in a nippy context!mugwart
    • They've even masterfully manipulated it so that even talking about it is met with ridicule and people feel the need to make excuses like 'not in hippy context'set
    • Love, self development, saving the planet... all the most important things... met with ridicule.set
    • ... but hey if you want to talk about the football match or fucking America's got talent, game on...set
    • The people that want to ridicule discussions about conspiracies, extraterrestrials, ancient technology, love of self, alternative healing, saving mother earth..set
    • They'll die out like the dinosaurs eventuallyset
    • :)set
    • "wind me up and let me go"set
    • Nar nar I'm the same, but your preaching to the choir! I'm very esoteric with life but due to this public herding of people into categories I don't want to bemugwart
    • lumped into the new age movement! Drives me up the wall!mugwart
    • dont question authority or your a alt-right -conspiracist-mental... 'individual'mugwart
    • wind me up and let me go as well ;-)mugwart
    • The majority of emissions are not from the meat industry but livestock is a significant contributor. Cheapness isn't the issue but subsidised over productionlowimpakt
    • Unfortunately people are sheep in a lot of ways. I think history shows that you need an enlightened minority leading the way.yuekit
    • Waiting for everyone to wake up and take care for the environment, when all the incentives point in the other will be waiting a long time :/yuekit
    • yeah I know ... but we are hear we are talking then the weight is on us to try the best we can.mugwart
    • Lol as if 99% of downtrodden ordinary people can afford to feed themselves from source. Totally agree with the sentiments but in reality a fantasy. A fewfadein11
    • enlightened individuals are not going to change anything. Change has to come from the top.fadein11
    • The amount of nonsense the 'new age' movement has propagated puts the alt-right to shame. Their appropriation of quantum mechanics being a classic examplefadein11
    • 1. People are sheeple and want to be lead. 2. No one cares what happens after they die. 3. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.rabattski
    • Conclusion: the earth would be way better off without humans.rabattski
    • yep and that's likely the natural conclusion.fadein11
    • Planet Earth definitely seems to be caught in a timeloop currently. It's like people have forgotten the 60's and to a lesser degree the 80'sfadein11
    • I see the time the same as just before Hitler was become fully into power...mugwart
    • soon.ApeRobot
    • "have never been exactly been" ???i_was
    • You can also stop using computers, planes etc... they harm the ecosystem and the planet.i_was
    • You can also stop buying to the Chinesei_was
    • I think we should keep buying to the chinese. BUY TO THE CHINESE..... and keep stealing to the rich and giving from the poor.set
    • choose your fight and fight it! I avoid Amazon, which made hard to me as I can only buy from two supermarkets in london and whole foods one of them!mugwart
    • and sorry i_was I'm dylexic and flu bound!
      I meant:
      have never been exactly *for* the people
    • its not so much boycott china in a trump sense but boycott slave driven products.mugwart
    • http://www.independe…set
    • yeah because they are paid so much as it is ...
      been meaning to make the time to start to learn to make my own clothes. Fucking highstreets
    • I almost exclusively shop in charity shops these days. We're really lucky in Brighton though, you find some amazing stuffset
    • ^ you said it well, you're lucky. Not everyone can do that and they are left with the same poor choices they make every day.Maaku
    • You can try to convince your friends and neighbors to do these things but it is more effective if change comes from the top.Maaku
    • We've been hearing about this and other global issues, health related problems, etc, etc...since the 70's and look where we are.Maaku
    • Change will never come from the top if we allow the same people to remain at the top... Of course change comes from grass rootsset
    • ^ thats because we are all waiting for change from above. It will only come when their finances look good to changemugwart
    • or what set said!mugwart
    • I can't see a revolution personally, people are too apathetic these days, if netflix gets cut off people may march. I think the current system will change whenfadein11
    • it collapses not through grassroots movements. It's just too powerful.fadein11
    • i think thats why we are being divided and pointed to argue at each other so much. if not i think everyone would be talking to each other moremugwart
    • we are not being anything other than what we are. no need for superlative conspiracy, we, and that which we perceive, is a function of us. we are all idiots.detritus
    • some luckier than others.detritus
    • So when is the revolution? Can we do it on Saturday? Also I need to leave around 7pm. I have a date that night.pango
    • I swipe right for my revolutions.detritus
    • ^^ photos or it didnt happen!mugwart
    • It's going to!!pango
    • 7pm is good Pango, should all be done by 8pmfadein11
    • Yep Amazon is horrible.i_was
  • i_monk11

    • deathboy at the bottom there LOLHayzilla
    • It's great to see how young Greta has advanced the conversation to action. Great success!IRNlun6
    • ^ Yeah because indigenous people from the Amazon and similar places have failed to do so since the 70'sMaaku
    • I'm dead, and sending this to every member of my family.garbage
    • uh huh hayzilla. if you can show evidence she isn't a pawn and has real understanding of the issue ill accept the clown roledeathboy
    • but if not you guys can where the clown pants. what specific dataset is she being emo about? Lets see if she is overreacting even in context of her choicedeathboy
    • dataset. if there even is one... haha as is such a joke car wreck.deathboy
    • Are you really that much a dick? If she can encourage governments to be more sustainable and be considerate of our futures then she's already a successIanbolton
    • deathboy is the latest utter trollHayzilla
    • "If she can encourage governments..."
      I pissed myself.
    • dont be a complete twat hazilla. provide something like u even have a base. ill entertain any attempt.deathboy
    • ian you are fool in thinking a kids emotional rant has any effect on our futures. poltically maybe (douches will be douches) but no way environmentally.deathboy
    • ring me when you find the politician that has omnipotent and physical controls of environments (and as such benefitting the masses)deathboy
    • haha clowns. again ill wear the pants if any real argument is made and dataset is shown as real truth.deathboy
    • I don't even think it's an argument or a differing of opinion. You just don't get it. Or maybe you're just trolling us all, therefore hahahahahahahahahaha...Ianbolton
    • It's on you to show she's some sort of con artist, not anyone else to prove she isn't.i_monk
    • I picture deathboy's screeds being typed out on a iPhone with a cracked screen, sent from the parking lot of whatever grocery store he's stealing wifi from.garbage
    • the only things that will have real affects on our futures will likely begin with emotional rants, as the power of human motivation is nearly limitlessmonospaced
    • to act like things just happen without anyone caring is beyond moronicmonospaced
    • its on me for proof of fake arguments. one can say whatever and need no proof... only an accuser calling BS.deathboy
    • very interesting perception of reality. my evidence is in history. of ppl predicting futures with models that never came true.deathboy
    • if you are looking for a profit(sp?) go for it. I see no logical reason to predict an apocalypse in 12 or 30 years.deathboy
    • or at any time. HOWEVER i do expect coastal water to rise with natural climate change effecting humansdeathboy
    • climate change will effect all we know as it has pre industrial. And i am highly skeptical of methods used to measure human climate change.deathboy
    • hell you guys are so sure of the methods used please state your go to method as the most accurate?deathboy
    • :)deathboy
    • Who's paying you to say this? You on the Koch payroll?i_monk
    • ^implying that anybody would pay for this. Also the summary of this latest rant is:

      "it's :)"

      He's trying to tell you he's having a good day.
    • common sense with basic intelligence I_monk. did you notice you didn't display any evidence i was wrong? Please tell me if if and what reasons you thinkdeathboy
    • today's coastlines can exist as today for the long run? by the way koch funded a ton of public broadcast television which is miles aheads of networks and doesntdeathboy
    • pander to ad revenue or shareholder value. I personally like nova. better than the fox network rip off with that black bill nye dude for enterntainment.deathboy
    • however i do commend him for tryin to speak about gun violence on relative terms.probably fucked his career updeathboy
  • mugwart1

    We are all pretty pissed off but I'm wondering what anyone here has actually done to help reduce the impact?

    Most people here take the piss out of vegans etc.

    I'm expecting down-votes and "whats one person going to do" or the "its governments responsibilities"

    • I don't drive and I recycle everything I can obsessively. I do my best to avoid contributing, but you're right, not much any one person can "do."monospaced
    • Don't drive, stop eating meat. If everyone did this it would go a huge way towards solving the problem.yuekit
    • I drive one of my 3 vehicles to my job where we produce vinyl and other plastic products for the disposable smartphone industry.imbecile
    • I don't drive, organised my life as locally as possible. try to keep hardware as long as possible. recycle waste. keep my consumption habits in check.uan
    • that said, i recycle so much that there is half a bag of trash or less every week for the garbage manimbecile
    • Sad fact that the "whole recycling thing" is a fraud. Barely nothing is getting recycling, 90% of recyclables are being thrown into landfills.utopian
    • 90% may be high... https://www.nytimes.…imbecile
    • we burn it here, generates (and pollutes) about 76kg C02 / MWh Heat ...population don't know about it, think recycling is clean.uan
    • most of us are so fucking poor that we inadvertently contribute by our simple lifestyles alone... ... if you want any 'real' change it has to happen w/big bizPonyBoy
    • I don't eat meat. Don't use plastic bags. Drink my own piss.set
    • I pontificate on internet forums.Nairn
    • Wait wait wait... hold up... Hold up. Someone just said "drink my own piss"...
    • All us Brits do. Have done for years.
      Why do you think you Yankeedoodles mock our teeth so?
    • https://media.giphy.…pango
    • I mean... What for????!?!? Water shortage?!?!?pango
    • That pic of set... Well, it's not beer he's drinkingsarahfailin
    • Piss is the best tasting thing in this stinking country!mugwart
    • surprised no one mentioned sourcing good food from farmers, avoiding supermarkets, boycotting certain shops/cooperation, never touching anything with palm oil.mugwart
    • https://www.wearefin…pango
    • What's wrong with Palm oil?pango
    • Palm oil production is a rape on the environment.monospaced
    • Nothing's wrong with Palm Oil per se, other than the catastrophic clearing of old forests to sustain increased demand.Nairn
    • Also, Orangutans..…
    • meanwhile druglords going solar:
    • I'm happy with my carbon footprintdocpoz
    • I stomp out the homeless on the reg. Keeps the population down.cannonball1978
    • Like utopian said - recycling is a fraud in most places. Most areas are not equipped to properly separate waste for recycling properly....microkorg
    • ... companies claiming recycling packaging can be a lie too. Coffee cups from outlets for example, it might say recyclable on the (paper) cup, but the inside...microkorg
    • ... is lined with a plastic which in fact means it cannot be recycled with paper.microkorg
    • Only drive my 18 year old year european stupidly small car when the bus drivers are on strike, like now... Eat food from local producers, included meat...OBBTKN
    • Recycle everything, compost organic waste, try not to use plastics and follow a frugal way of life...OBBTKN
    • But it's not a new fashion thing, me, my family and friends lived this way all the time, going vegan now on your 20, 30, 40's is just stupid...OBBTKN
    • What kind of life have they lived until now? Meh!!OBBTKN
    • Pango meet sarcasm. Sarcasm; Pango.set
    • LolHayoth
    • Ya I'm terrible with sarcasm.pango
    • I do my part. I don't drive a car since most of my life (only briefly for 1 year). Live minimalist lifestyle, organic foods, little waste as possible.NBQ00
    • I had a vegan pizza last nght.

      Never again.
    • Fuck sake I'm dating a vegan and needed pizza while drunk at 1am last night. Vegan pizza at 1am is not a thing. Suffice to say, we went hungry.set
    • Yeah, it led to me being way drunker than anticipated. I'd argue it almost made me less full than if I'd just drank more booze.Nairn
    • ugh... I tried the vegan cheese option on our pizza the other night w/the wife... never fucking again indeedPonyBoy
    • I've not flown for 10+ yearsRanger
    • Oh and not had kidsRanger
    • vegan cheese is amazing if you get the good stuff... dire if not. Taste of fucking oil.mugwart
    • Sorry, no. I know someone who handcrafts very well respected stuff and it's still piss-poor compared to real cheese - even crappy American-style 'mozzarella'Nairn
    • Whoever cracks the solution to synthetic/ man-made/ brewed/ vat-grown/ whatever cheese and eggs will make gajillions. We're nowhere near there yet.Nairn
    • (I'm responding to your use of 'amazing' in this context, btw. I really wish there were simply even 'adequate' options).Nairn
    • Also, I'm really not sure that oil imports from massive palm and coconut plantations are any better than grass-fed local UK dairy, in environmental terms.Nairn
    • The value of animal shit on fields is vastly under-appreciated. One of the reasons Africa's in dire straits is because Whitey killed off so many elephants...Nairn
    • Yep. Dairy free milk and ice cream alternatives are genuinely better than cow stuff now imo, but cheese isn't anywhere near there yetset
    • seriously check this brand out: https://www.planetor…
      They follow the conventional method just with cashew milk.
    • your right about animals needed to shit on fields and about the oils. Vegans need to check the contents as much as everyone elsemugwart
  • PeterPancake9

    ^Whomst numpty wouldn't embed an insta post in 2k19 on the modern-web? Let me assist:

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font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px;" > Wilfrid Wood</a> (@wilfridwoodsculptor) on <time style=" font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; line-height:17px;" datetime="2019-09-22T16:56:58+00:00">Sep 22, 2019 at 9:56am PDT</time></p></div></blockquote> <script async src="//"></script>

  • Bindegal1

    • https://media.giphy.…Gnash
    • I love how everyone is ripping into this young girl, who actual has the gall to stand up for something that we adult have taken from her generation.utopian
    • I only saw the back of her head during her speech at the Montreal rally and I felt like this little girl has a really strong charisma. She is making history.nbq
    • First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.i_monk
    • You too can stop global warming, if you download her app,https://www.wedo...robotron3k
    • Oops! https://www.wedontha…robotron3k
    • Her generation won't have a lawn.Cosmodrome
    • ^ boom!Gnash
    • Conservative fucktards want to make sure of that.monospaced
    • Young woman is stupid and sheltered, it's great she's getting out of that baby-size country of hers and see the worlds is massive and green everywhere!robotron3k
    • ^ yeah that's right, I said it. Also, all you mofos forget about Antarctica, it's massive & the fuking mountains ooze oil 24/7 because of the ice pressure.robotron3k
    • you say a lot of things, robo.ben_
    • Sort of funny. Maybe they need another mass slaughter of millions to sort them out?PhanLo
    • ‘I said it’ always sounds like a desperate cry for attention. Everybody read what you said, and that you said that you said it, and still zero fucks given.sr_rosa
    • Lawns are useless and takes too much uneceraary resources to maintain. Exactly what are lawns for?pango
    • Or is it just a social norm?
      Maybe start thinking for you self? Don't be a sheep?
    • 'Exactly what are lawns for?' Property value, insect reduction and golf. Fun sidenote: 'sheep' are great natural lawnmowers.PonyBoy
    • Goats are betterGnash
    • fuck lawns.inteliboy
    • If "this generation" is incapable of something, the blame lands squarely on the parents and gr.parents for failing to raise them to do it.i_monk
    • It's a stupid meme for shallow thinkers.i_monk
    • all my lawns are dead thanks to drought, thanks to global warming. so touché grandpaautoflavour
    • pro and cons of lawns dont add up.
      it uses a tone of fucking water. doesn't produce much oxygen.
    • no agricultural value. purely states symbol.
      it only increase property value because other people believes the same make believe value.
    • ... and golf.PonyBoy
    • lawns are the most aggregated plant in america. so much resource for so little.

      *status symbol
    • also *irrigation =__=pango
    • robo, have you ever thought of, y'know, just fucking off and never coming back?face_melter
    • @pango Apparently lawns have always been a show of wealth or status. We still see them in the Middle East in which rich Arabs try and sustain a lawn...Ianbolton
    • ... in dry, scorching heat only to say ‘look at my lawn, look how I’ve succeeded in life’ hahaIanbolton
    • And Robo. Why do you become a keyboard warrior the way you do on here? You seem to assume that we all need educating or that we’re all idiots, which is annoyingIanbolton
    • This one is for pony. You don't need lawn for golf.pango
    • omg omg... owww!!PonyBoy
  • lowimpakt10

    • LOLHayzilla
    • haha still trying to push a sex narrative vs factual info debate. you do know that shows your bias leaningsdeathboy
    • and pathetic attempts to shift the message away from anything resembling academiadeathboy
    • keep it academic says the grown man that believes economics is a science, capitalism is a natural system and 'some humans are worthless'.kingsteven
    • LOLpango
    • It's not a sex narrative, you dunce, it's a fucking metaphor. Are you even capable of comprehending how those work? Do you know what a metaphor is?monospaced
    • The only people trying to shift the narrative are the ignorant conservative apologists who feel threatened, and their moronic supporters.monospaced
    • Maybe if their masculinity wasn't so fragile ;)monospaced
    • ^^^ Well said. Literally there is NOTHING but science here... Hence why pretty much whole scientific community is saying it's real, but they are 'plants' right?necromation
    • king u display how little you know. explain what a science entails and how economics is not one. than explain how capitalism is not a kin to basic darwinism anddeathboy
    • is a organic natural system. and explain how some humans are not worthless. would one consider trump worthless? would bernie consider a billionaire worthless.deathboy
    • remember my worthless comments always derived of objective value. ignoring that is like cheap stands slanderdeathboy
    • what is real necro? can you explain the real science here? doubt you can. thin you are reacting to emo triggersdeathboy
    • "i hope for more but you need to accept that some people are worthless and will never improve" - deathboykingsteven
    • i mean, i'm not setting out to change you deathboy, i feel your bias needs highlighted when your grasping at arguments to discredit a teenage activist.kingsteven
    • king don't take my word explain with your own.All life is worth, including rapist, and neo nazis, because ... go from there for startersdeathboy
    • and the statement has nothing to do with a "teenage activist" i dont care if its an elderly pacifist. i call BS when i see it. Which is what you are missingdeathboy
    • but heh its the flavor of the day. it will die same as it it did in 1992. Its funny you hope to explain the ignorance of it all but push it's agenda, since itdeathboy
    • isn't about being rational or sane, it just needs to be talked about, to be felt.probably last ill say on such non substance.deathboy
  • yuekit10

    Massive Forest Restoration Could Greatly Slow Global Warming

    We have heard for years that planting trees can help save the world from global warming. That mantra was mostly a statement of faith, however. Now the data finally exist to show that if the right species of trees are planted in the right soil types across the planet, the emerging forests could capture 205 gigatons of carbon dioxide in the next 40 to 100 years. That's two thirds of all the CO2 humans have generated since the industrial revolution. "Forest restoration is by far our most powerful planetary solution today," says Tom Crowther, a professor of global ecosystem ecology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and an author of a study published Thursday in Science that generated the eye-opening number.

    The study team analyzed almost 80,000 satellite photo measurements of tree cover worldwide and combined them with enormous global databases about soil and climate conditions, evaluating one hectare at a time. The exercise generated a detailed map of how many trees the earth could naturally support—where forests grow now and where they could grow, outside of areas such as deserts and savannahs that support very few or no trees. The team then subtracted existing forests and also urban areas and land used for agriculture. That left 0.9 billion hectares that could be forested but have not been. If those spaces were filled with trees that already flourish nearby, the new growth could store 205 gigatons of carbon by the time the forests mature.


    • Time to start using https://www.ecosia.o… ?Nairn
    • stop deforestation, for onedrgs
    • I think in the future, every adult human should be obligated, by law, to plant at least one tree in their lives. Like some grand social conditioning.Nairn
    • Agreed. Or one for the death of each family member. Like part of a funeral service to plant a tree over the grave.monospaced
    • "A man must build a house, plant a tree and father a son" Talmuddrgs
    • make every day arbor dayimbecile
    • that's what became the 'save the rainforests' initiative.uan
    • but if we plant too many trees and we see a decrease in carbon co2 we could get cold. But our perceptions of co2 data which is on a decent scaledeathboy
    • of what like 650,000 years... is a reasonable entry point, but considering we also calculate the age of the earth at 4.5 billion yrs. we have to always questiondeathboy
    • wether are data is broad enough, 650K (pretty broad but at what scale?) and even at that scale we see natural co2 level outside humans rise and fall.deathboy
    • Which makes absolute sense. What causes our seasonal changes from plants growing and dying and winter coming?deathboy
    • Tilt. Something we cant change. Now how about orbit + tilt? Plus source of energy and output? Can we even calculate it?deathboy
    • basically i wouldn't try to go on a china beat back the desert by planting trees kick. but net gain as trying to equal it out inst a bad ideadeathboy
    • but all at what cost?deathboy
    • There’s no conceivable environmental or any other problem with planting more trees. At all.monospaced
    • there is if you look at cost and effect mono. like suggesting no amount of money washed down the drain is wasted...deathboy
    • but please if you want to fake you know what im talking about explain the benefits of such labordeathboy
    • what has chinas cost been, the social effects of such programs, waste, or even increased carbon footprint?deathboy
    • those are real effects outside a larger seasonal unchangeable reality that effects life as we know it.deathboy
    • If there's a problem, what is it (looking at the cost and effect)? Planting trees decreases carbon footprints. social effects are only positive.monospaced
    • Planting a tree is almost free, and weather does most of the work from there. The only cost would be watering it, at most.monospaced
    • At the rate of deforestation, planting trees is a way to curb the negative effects that has on the planet.monospaced
    • So I conclude — AGAIN — there is no conceivable negative impact of planting more trees. Unless you're a dick and don't like clean air or shade.monospaced
    • There is literally NO SUCH THING as planting too many trees, as you have implied. No waste of money, no waste of labor.monospaced
    • haha planting a tree has more cost than watering... jeezus lol... guessing someone hasn't even landscaped a backyarddeathboy
    • as far as the "too many" trees that is a natural cycle outside our lifetime. Has nothing to do with us planting trees. a joke that you misseddeathboy
    • china has spent well over 100 billion in forestation efforts that are not practical and have resulted in a huge waste of funds. im not about central planningdeathboy
    • but imagine if you were a planner how you could use those funds in better way. really just a prime example of poor central planning though since that moneydeathboy
    • would have a much better chance of helping society in free hands.deathboy
    • as far as planting trees outside the china example. i think lumber trade should do it for future investment. but how about ppl in vegas? running non nativedeathboy
    • water heavy plants in drought type climates? is that good? Whats the larger costs to agriculture and food. The central planned argument is always funny in howdeathboy
    • such small thoughts never worked out. They check out after the dopamine rush of a "good deed" and never look backdeathboy
    • "china has spent well over 100 billion in forestation efforts that are not practical and have resulted in a huge waste of funds."
      Citation, please?
    • imho one of China's next big exports will be 'environmental rejuvenation tech'. Thye've made huge strides reclaiming deserts and aforestation.Nairn
    • They've had to, because historical national policies destroyed huge tracts of their environment. Fixing this, no matter how costly, will always be profitable.Nairn
    • As for your assertions about water waste, that's bullshit too. Rain over land interiors mostly comes from natural particulate emissions from trees.Nairn
    • Global warming means more water in the atmosphere. More trees means more water over land. It's an entirely virtuous cycle.Nairn
    • nairn https://royalsociety…deathboy
    • think i read it in the economist though. more about the waste and effects of money spent down the soclal pipeline has largely been a waste with no good resultsdeathboy
    • "Global warming means more water in the atmosphere. More trees means more water over land. It's an entirely virtuous cycle." huh?deathboy
    • by this you are asserting global warming is good and the more we have the better? as far as water usage mention it is focused on man usage not natural particuladeathboy
    • the trees china are planting don;t get natural water. nor vegas landscapes (why a lot art artificial turf) but the focus was more directed at mans controldeathboy
    • and waste in thinking it can control or know better. especially politcians with little no background chasing votesdeathboy
    • "because historical national policies destroyed huge tracts of their environment. Fixing this, no matter how costly, will always be profitable"deathboy
    • how so? example? profitable on politician public dime or by peer free trade?deathboy
    • planting a tree isn't a big cost beyond water, not at all ... and yes, not only have I landscaped a yard, I do so in the one I fucking OWN and plant trees inmonospaced
    • once again, there is NO CONCIEVABLE negative impact to [planting more trees, not economically, environmentally ,socially, or any other way imaginable.monospaced
    • Private citizens planting trees puts NO COST AT ALL on a society, the government or regulatory bodies. And your argument about a dry desert is irrelevantmonospaced
    • because nobody said or even implied it would work in all climatesmonospaced
    • If people planted more trees, those would add to the planet's ecosystem in a positive way, offsetting rapid deforestation ... so it's only a good thingmonospaced
    • so yeah, man CAN and SHOULD plant more trees, FOR the benefit of the environment itself, because it is real and measurablemonospaced
    • well mono I'm totally fine with private enterprise planting trees and absorbing costs associated with them. However private vs public is quite a differencedeathboy
    • i never said that was a bad thing. Just stating how public policy following such thinking creates waste. and pointing out cycles.…deathboy
    • Outside man popular theory is warming periods produce more vegetation but peak in pulling out too much co2 causing coolingdeathboy
    • jsut sciencedeathboy
  • i_monk7

    Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement…

    There is a very well-funded, well-orchestrated climate change-denial movement, one funded by powerful people with very deep pockets. In a new and incredibly thorough study, Drexel University sociologist Robert Brulle took a deep dive into the financial structure of the climate deniers, to see who is holding the purse strings.

    According to Brulle's research, the 91 think tanks and advocacy organizations and trade associations that make up the American climate denial industry pull down just shy of a billion dollars each year, money used to lobby or sway public opinion on climate change and other issues.

    “The anti-climate effort has been largely underwritten by conservative billionaires,” says the Guardian, “often working through secretive funding networks. They have displaced corporations as the prime supporters of 91 think tanks, advocacy groups and industry associations which have worked to block action on climate change.”

    • Nearly a billion dollars a year is flowing into the organized climate change counter-movement. Thanks Republitards!utopian
    • yeah but those greedy scientists.inteliboy
    • And the money behind the climate religion movement? You idiot.Hayoth
    • there is a case to fund lobbyists to battle nonsense. curiosu about the cliamte "denial" label though. Is the money truely provided by climate change deniers...deathboy
    • the same outcome of peopel who believe they can control climate through regulation and keep a status quo...deathboy
    • you don't fund lobbyists to battle nonsense. you hire lobbyists to push your own business' interests.uan
    • politics is business uan. it deosnt need to make sense if its an issue to be sold and campaigned upondeathboy
    • also there is quite a business in carbon credits. hell fuzzy fincials helped float tesla to an illusion of profitdeathboy
    • but it was just millions sold to casino to reduce tax incomes while providing money to losing businessdeathboy
    • and as a company take subaru and arbitrary mpg levels fucking up cars and making people take shortcuts as the only way ( also VW). is it in best interests fordeathboy
    • hakf engineered solutions to arbitrary probels that create faulty transmission or unstable motors? it is in business interestes to fight arbitrary legislationdeathboy
    • because it changes the market. no longer is developing the best product ppl want to buy the goal. its making profit on a product behind arbitray goals and ruledeathboy
    • in some cases developing a product no one wants and taking tax credits for it as ony profit.deathboy
    • doesn't change the fact that polluting the planet is bad for you and the rest of us. but hey, go on singing your 'free markets' anthem.uan
    • it doesn't matter, because green technology is superior and will succeed.uan
    • lol@deathboyutopian
    • Relax, Brulle's also studying the money behind the climate change and environmentalist movements.i_monk
    • I know you rightwingers are all about 'balance' and 'both sides'.i_monk
    • @hayoth "Climate religion movement"? Wow you're dumb.garbage
    • And yay, we get to play the deathboy game. First word, last word, don't read anything in between.garbage
    • "There profit."garbage
    • haha uan way to move the goal post. yes uan polluting is "bad" for all we know to our current existence. But to ignore free markets and go all dictatorshipdeathboy
    • and medievel in the name of all that is green is retarded. even half steppin with subsidies has been a waste that only helped the upper social class while imposdeathboy
    • ing greater costs on the lower class. have u ever wondered if the balance between rich and poor in the eco realm of free amrket is those with the most to losedeathboy
    • might try to have cake and eat it too financing regualtion that benefits them and hurts the majority all for a "greater" causedeathboy
    • "haha cause"garbage
    • these flippin looser redumblicas are already as horrific as the climate will become..neverscared
    • haha whos a redumblicas never? sound like a old bat saying the mexican help are stealing but she has no help.deathboy
    • "these help"garbage
    • Supplemental links:…
    • haha garbage act like you cant understand what i said becuase of punctuation. oh shit i didnt capitalize my i either u madd brodeathboy
    • if you want to discredit what im saying craft an arguement or provide something of substance or you keep doing u. just seems juvenile and uncouthdeathboy
    • You haven't said anything of substance yet.i_monk
    • wait all my comments about nature of lobbyists and sides had no substance? what do i need to provide numbers of pro climate change proceeds. i believe its moredeathboy
    • than the "anti" by a large sumdeathboy
    • That would be a start. You make a lot of unsubstantiated claims in these threads and ask everyone to disprove you, begging the question.i_monk
    • hmm well it is tough. not much research into domestic and global lobbying towards green initiatives.deathboy
    • har dto calculate such things liek diesal taxe sin the 80s to todays subsidies for solar and wind. Or even electric vehicles.deathboy
    • and even if there was research it would be paid and highly biased. but i'd say with what we are seeing globally is a hot untapped market for corpsdeathboy
    • to extract wealth from the public out of fearmongering. really interested to see what the kook at the ecb does.deathboy
    • but... if the anti is a billion industry... ev credits alone is in tune to more of 15-20 billion besides all the other cardon and subsidy trades. I think thedeathboy
    • pro climate change industry globally is in the trillions.deathboy
    • especially if you look at m2 expansion and for political goals.deathboy
    • but guess have to wait and see if your writer ever publishes the other side that gives some sor tof relevevance to his research. liek saying 30 degrees iscold..deathboy
    • and than never telling anyone in what relation that is cold too.deathboy
  • utopian2

    Five visuals to sum up Greenland's heatwave

    The sweltering heatwave that hit Europe last month has moved north to Greenland and the planet's second-largest ice sheet.

    It's triggered an extreme melt event that could rival the record 2012 season and fuelled a rare wildfire close to Qeqqata, burning since early July.

    Satellite imagery expert Pierre Markuse has today published a photo that encapsulates what is happening in Greenland.…

    • "this is fine"jaylarson
    • lol. wildfires in greenland.teh
    • we're just witnessing, and recoding. Our response to internal and locally escalated problems are suppressing a rapid and effective response to a global change.sted
    • this sucks. the next 100 years are going to be frightening.inteliboy
    • lots of people dont believe in climate change and think its an invention of the LeftBennn
    • ^ now it's more that people believe this is a natural cycle and the "left" is trying to scam us.omahadesigns
    • shoppedpablo28
    • nowhere to run to no where to hide..we all gonna burn in the firestorms..thanks obama.neverscared
    • You guys act like weather never changes then use some secret code word to justify your religion.Hayoth
    • Greenland's 52 degrees right now you heatwave noobsHayoth
    • never understood people who don't understand the difference between natural climate change and man made climate change, or liberalism and neoliberalism, orfadein11
    • socialism and social democracies. Funny it's always the same kind of people as well.fadein11
    • how does one accurately measure man-made vs natural climate change fadein? there is no lab to reproduce anythingdeathboy
    • we just have a ton of data which is quite limited on timescale. And much could be noise. fact is their is no real science to measurementdeathboy
    • with any degree of accuracy. because its based on extrapolation of existing limited data point sets that have all been pretty wrong.deathboy
    • If you can tell me the global measurement formula that separates man-made vs natural and it make sense i'll jump on boarddeathboy
    • oh and neolibarlism and liberalism all the same roses under different names. Just word invention. Same with socialism and social democraciesdeathboy
    • these things there is no real difference except who brought the word to the the table and thinks they represent. a way to try and have you cake and eat it toodeathboy
    • by calling it something different. i hate how our advertising has us always tryign to come up with new words to "redine" existing things as new as brandingdeathboy
    • and advertising. Think why I always have british way of speak. never understood how easy it is to obfuscate ideas by constantly changing wordsdeathboy
    • lol, ok.fadein11
    • don't worry guys. I'm sure a guy on a design forum knows more about the climate than climate scientists.inteliboy
    • "Think why I always have british way of speak". I think you just hate speaking properly. And notes.Nairn
    • i like british talk. simple. no new word creation for a layer cake of fuckery. im not a good typer and many times my thoughts and hands don't quite sync. i dodeathboy
    • hate speaking but like notes. probably why people like twitter. fulfillment in small easy dose of info which is mostly worthless. i like the ease and that itdeathboy
    • i like the ease and it doesn't grandstand, but sometimes the subjects i find interesting are hard to fit into notes. on the other hand do i want to post toodeathboy
    • or write elegant pieces with references and better shape and form in a medium with a lifespan of a day or two. something to think about as motivator as well fordeathboy
    • junk "science." or observation forecasting data. plenty of that happens in money markets with far less variables and with hardly reliable results.deathboy
    • inteliboy your statement questioning wether i know more than some "expert." it also means you are devoid of knowing anything. only the "expert"deathboy
    • you should think about how that fake reasoning has worked for the types of people looking for money and power. establish an inquistiondeathboy
    • being on equal ground based on experts you believe you to be correct and smart for following along and getting the masters treat. conditioning is a funny thingdeathboy
    • here's the number one red flag. the hubris that humans have the ability to stop climate change (death) or even control it. we know that is a fallacydeathboy
    • and than all argument and fear is based on that. i might not know everything about climate or every model but that base i do know.deathboy
    • and all the "scientist" ignoring that are pushing data models for own selfish interests like any analyst trying to get paiddeathboy
    • lolmonospaced
  • utopian4

    Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts.

    It was designed as an impregnable deep-freeze to protect the world’s most precious seeds from any global disaster and ensure humanity’s food supply forever. But the Global Seed Vault, buried in a mountain deep inside the Arctic circle, has been breached after global warming produced extraordinary temperatures over the winter, sending meltwater gushing into the entrance tunnel.…

    • Fail of the day?Maaku
    • who in the fuck would put it there?teh
    • The scientists' who never would of thought that the North Pole would melt...but global warming is proving everyone wrong, except Trump and the GOP.utopian
    • lol fucking shit. fail of the century.sarahfailin
    • what's the problem? plant these seeds near the vaultdrgs
    • lol at not making it water proofset
    • Haha, stoopid HumAnzrobthelad
    • One job!!!futurefood
    • And this thing was only built what, 8 years ago?ETM
    • Because melting ice caps is funny.face_melter
    • It's okay, warm ice is make water, we iz water mostly. Winz.robthelad
    • The seeds are safe. Sensationalist headline. Just look it up.ESKEMA
  • i_monk5

    Waiting for deathboy to make his case instead of expecting everyone else to prove a negative.

    • Too busy googling 'Greta Thunberg Malthusian Keynesian Taliban'kingsteven
    • 'Greta Thunberg lizard people Soros conspiracy'i_monk
    • The wait is long. Very Long.
    • ^How many of those newspaper articles were based on peer-reviewed studies vs. poorly researched predictions by cranks out of their depths?i_monk
    • ^Also: https://www.dailykos…i_monk
    • haha i dont have any case or prediction. im not some dumbing fuckin kid or scientist selling "science" for a paydaydeathboy
    • and more curiously case on what note exactly? Timelines, datasets, manmade vs natural, historical, types of measurements, bias, statistics?deathboy
    • your negative i think is akin to disproving god. you think of this climate change like a demon that can only be excorized by a self chosen few.deathboy
    • you do realize before humans existed climate changed. and datasets based on 100,000 years of ice core, geology, history depicts global changes humans need todeathboy
    • adapt too. yet now you get fearful "scientific" prophets predict end of days in 12 years unless you REPENT or just make arbitrary changes no one can measure ordeathboy
    • evaluate. really come on who is the sucker here?... or cant reason with a religious person why their scripture is illogical. might be the same heredeathboy
    • "peer-reviewed" aka "filtered". Let all research be held with the same regard and evaluated on its own merit.robthelad
    • hahaha fuck me deathboy, you are the one coming on here with the unquestionable capitalist doctrine. there's been some admiration of greta for her activismkingsteven
    • and you and robo, busty posting the same old denier arguments we've all read a thousand times. forming conspiracies about a teenager then sexualising thekingsteven
    • conversation when you've been laughed out of the conversation for it. do not assume we're all as thick as you and incapable of making up our own minds.kingsteven
    • lol all he does is shit in science because he’s a dropoutmonospaced
    • deathboy: Go home, the adults are talking.i_monk
    • @robthelad, "peer-reviewed" is the highest level of professional scrutiny imaginable or in existence. It is carried out by experts. Your criticism is unfounded.monospaced
    • Climate forecasting is ~modelling~ not science, which is hypothesis-theory-me... It is selective input data for desired results.BustySaintClaire
    • king you talk a lot but say little. perhaps focus on the data and what is real. jeez busty gets it.deathboy
    • seriously lads, you are pulling this out of your arse right now. i'm not even defending greta let alone ALL climate science.kingsteven
    • i'm more or less just having fun calling you guys out for an incredibly bad take on something incompatible with your beliefskingsteven
    • i sort of get your criticism of mono, but at the same time i'd say scientific consensus is far more valid a belief than the basis of your critiquekingsteven
    • which is based on the incompatibility of climate activism with capitalism/ normative egoist beliefs.kingsteven
    • how convenient king. no need of proof. jsut fuckin around and trying to say our point is a belief while stating yoursdeathboy
    • "based on the incompatibility of climate activism with capitalism/ normative egoist beliefs" is fact. Quite soem assumptions to it..deathboy
    • cliamte activism is largely out of poor education and fear. that fear is easily misplaced politically for selfish gains and egotistical beliefsdeathboy
    • such as a kid thinking they can egotisically fix the world.deathboy
    • which makes me wonder where your principles lie. you seem to support what you dont like. i think u have no cluedeathboy
    • i seem to support something i don't like? where? another typical egoist belief is the inability to change things due to a sense of lack of control.kingsteven
    • so you're never going to understand the motivations of an altruistically minded young, socialist (i assume) climate change activist.kingsteven
    • she is the anti-you (well, except the autism)kingsteven
    • you seem to not like egotists but adept at following them without ability to acknowledge their merits.deathboy
    • a belief in knowing what you can and cannot control is a belief until reason comes into play. You seem to have some blind church style faith in your belief.deathboy
    • im thinking you are similar to a dogmatic church indoctrinated type person. You have found faith in your beliefs and its prophets.deathboy
    • and no i will never understadn the motivations of true altruistic people. However I also dont believe in altruism.deathboy
    • there was a house episode where a guy show altruistic traits but was a disease. true altruism is a death sentence. its a sacrifice giving oneself. geneticallydeathboy
    • not a good trait and wont be long lived. faking altruism and getting others to sacrifice for you a whole different storydeathboy
    • something you might look at becuase all church rule and history relies heavily upon. which is odd why the right has the religious and left has the state...deathboy
    • until you see it BOTH THE SAME SHIT. both beleive in omnipotent beings, but differ on the savior. one wan other keep ts to appoint a persondeathboy
    • other keep it metaphysical and old school scripture luddite style. not into rengineering millenniums of social control. historically on both accounts withdeathboy
    • progressive spins or jsut plain religion we see its been a complete failure leading to massive sufferingdeathboy
    • just take it in and think about it. mull it over, test it. its not about being right. its about truth and reason.deathboy
    • db egoist != egotist... but to a degree i used to have similar egoist beliefs to you until i read enough about it to realise it's not true and ultimately selfkingsteven
    • defeating. egoism relies on altruism to exist there are several well known thought experiments that disprove psychological egoism. and a ton of well knownkingsteven
    • examples of selfless altruism. even in a business sense egoism relies on altruism much as lying relies on truth telling. this is accepted by most economistskingsteven
    • and most successful business leaders. your doctrine of homo-economicus is a fallacy circulated as anti-communist propaganda.kingsteven
    • and while i'm a sceptic, you are an ideologically motivated denier... while an exact prediction can not be made on man's impact on the climatekingsteven
    • any rational person wouldn't claim that there's a chance that it is.kingsteven
    • also, to get back to gretta... all 16 year olds are annoying as fuck and of course her youth is promoted as political neutrality but to approach her askingsteven
    • weaponised socialism is just defensive and essentially political xenophobia. capitalism needs social and ecological reform or it will destroy itself.kingsteven
    • haha did you get sucked into some of those leadership cults or something king? you state stuff but not back it. ex how goes egosim relies on altruism to exist?deathboy
    • those leadership cults who take your phone away and and make you cry over 24-48 hours to rebuild you in there network shit is a joke. GET OUT. STAY OUTdeathboy
    • i dont give a fuck about a dumb kid. but who and what dollars behind motivation to promote the kid. not people who happy to give money away and be poor.deathboy
    • if being broke made them happy they'd be broke. if giving money somehow staying even or making more money i get even under a guise of altruismdeathboy
    • let the suckers fund their non work social causes and parties in their namesdeathboy
    • and im a skeptic. and ideological. but always on logic and reason. if i deny i state exactly why. if evidence to the contrary is shown i am happy to adjustdeathboy
    • my ideology exists in philosophical/scient... axioms. not opinion. nor any whim i might be happy to accept.deathboy
    • ... look at your statement capitalism needs social and ecological reform... explain that. because by the sound of it who are cluelessdeathboy
    • deathboy hitting the bottle once again lolutopian
    • Anyone who thinks capitalism is functioning smoothly is a sociopath.i_monk
    • anyone who can't see what is capitalism is a fool..deathboy
  • Bindegal4

    • strawman.inteliboy
    • Nice I had no idea about Boyan, thanks for the post.eryx
    • although climate change is real, it's often used as a tool to create social control and political power.hotroddy
    • case in point Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezhotroddy
    • Well it’s easier to cheer and “like” a little girl than actually doing anything yourself so yeah._niko
    • Plus it’s hilarious how she gets under trumps skin_niko
    • What's he doing to stop it from getting into the oceans in the first place? And what economic devastation? Surely you mean 'economic opportunities'.i_monk
    • I find it odd how many people are triggered by this girl.Gnash
    • They both have an important role to play. “Wrong thesis, Right thesis” they are making an impact. Meme posters like yourself and dB are oh so much smarter, huh?ben_
  • yuekit4…

    This UN report is terrifying. I hope everyone reads this.

    The amazing thing is with this unprecedented emergency we are facing, Americans chose this moment to elect a reality TV star who not only is not taking action, he treats the whole thing as a joke and says it's a hoax created by China.

    Meanwhile Brazil is set to elect another right-wing asshole who wants to dramatically accelerate deforestation of the of the few things holding back climate change.

    Sometimes I think humanity deserves to die in a giant, shitty Michael Bay-directed disaster movie action sequence.

    • For Americans, that’s the same as a $240 per gallon tax on gasoline in the year 2100, should such a recommendation be adopted. In 2030, which is only 12 years adeathboy
    • years away, the report says that the carbon tax would need to be as high as $5,500, and the equivalent to a $49 per gallon gas tax, reported The Daily Caller.deathboy
    • I have no idea of how they got the numbers but it wouldn't strike me as true. The same with a UN report thinking they can stop climate change and make itdeathboy
    • behave like a child strangled by economic control. Im neither for UN or future Brazil dictators as saviors. Let what work works. No kingsdeathboy
    • Remove the EV credit so price is reality and tax EV that use roads but pay no road tax through the pump. Eco people like to pay fair share right?deathboy
    • yuekit you can not deny the carbon eco tax system will hurt the poor and middle class the most. why wouldnt the richest want rules to protect themdeathboy
    • that effect them with less effect. this is where free market value and virtue balances and should force the rich to look out for their futuredeathboy
    • but they spend a few bucks on lobbyists and they turn the porn and ignorant into there pawns supporting causes they know nothing about for themdeathboy
    • thats my 2 centsdeathboy
    • wow howd poor turn to poor.... maybe subconcious accident thinking how many unemployed turning to cam modelsdeathboy
    • Hey Deathboy - you know you can respond with a new post?Nairn
    • Deathboy was that a response or a spoken word poetry slam?yuekit
    • And the oceans are full of micro plastic particles beside all the chunks of plastic.shapesalad
    • read about this in the times. really heavy and super important.sarahfailin
    • These global catastrophes are gonna happen continuously and more frequently. Nothing to do with climate, it has been written.robthelad
    • As ritteth in the odd destestement of the Horry Bibble?Nairn
    • lol @ citing the Daily Caller for credibility. Fuck Tucker Carlson, the ghost of his bow tie, and anything he touches.garbage
    • naim i really dont like to bump threads too much with posts. a little too look at me and really i dont care for any flag to look at what i type.deathboy
    • @garbage lol on the source. I also laugh at CBO reports and most reports on the "future". They largely reflect their bias. But without a doubt the UN measuredeathboy
    • will drastically increase the cost of energy. Directly effecting the poor and middle class most which will empower more socialist methods of control. if it wasdeathboy
    • cheaper and a better solution for all, why would we need to force it if not true. just being played like pawnsdeathboy
  • utopian4

    Map projects where climate change will kill the most people.

    Climate change is projected to cause higher mortality in many parts of the United States, according to a new report published in the journal Science.

    The country as a whole could see about 5.4 more deaths per 100,000 people for every degree Celsius the temperature rises. But the South is expected to be hardest hit, with many counties in Texas and Florida seeing 20 to 40 more deaths for every 100,000 residents by the end of the century.…

    • Ironic how Texas and Florida will be the first to go.formed
    • ironic? no. more like telling.
    • etc. etc.…
    • yes ironic, considering they've outlawed teaching actual science about the issue theremonospaced
    • You mean global warming?Hayoth
    • i feel globally warmer.ApeRobot
    • so the north drives industry, the south suffers yet the south are the loudest climate change deniers. perfect lol._niko
    • Isn't that map fairly close to where guns kiil most people, if you bump up the red in the northeast (Chicago, etc.)?BustySaintClaire
    • also the areas most in need of universal healthcare, but it's loudest opponents. Retarded._niko
  • nb5

    "Come with me if you want to live."

    I see your questions.

    Each and every time I post on my Facebook page or tweet about my crusade for a clean energy future, I see them.

    There are always a few of you, asking why we should care about the temperature rising, or questioning the science of climate change.

    I want you to know that I hear you. Even those of you who say renewable energy is a conspiracy. Even those who say climate change is a hoax. Even those of you who use four letter words.
    I've heard all of your questions, and now I have three questions for you.

    Let's put climate change aside for a minute. In fact, let's assume you're right.

    First - do you believe it is acceptable that 7 million people die every year from pollution? That's more than murders, suicides, and car accidents - combined.

    Every day, 19,000 people die from pollution from fossil fuels. Do you accept those deaths? Do you accept that children all over the world have to grow up breathing with inhalers?

    Now, my second question: do you believe coal and oil will be the fuels of the future?

    Besides the fact that fossil fuels destroy our lungs, everyone agrees that eventually they will run out. What's your plan then?

    I, personally, want a plan. I don't want to be like the last horse and buggy salesman who was holding out as cars took over the roads. I don't want to be the last investor in Blockbuster as Netflix emerged. That's exactly what is going to happen to fossil fuels.
    A clean energy future is a wise investment, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either wrong, or lying. Either way, I wouldn't take their investment advice.

    Renewable energy is great for the economy, and you don't have to take my word for it. California has some of the most revolutionary environmental laws in the United States, we get 40% of our power from renewables, and we are 40% more energy efficient than the rest of the country. We were an early-adopter of a clean energy future.

    Our economy has not suffered. In fact, our economy in California is growing faster than the U.S. economy. We lead the nation in manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, entertainment, high tech, biotech, and, of course, green tech.

    I have a final question, and it will take some imagination.

    There are two doors. Behind Door Number One is a completely sealed room, with a regular, gasoline-fueled car. Behind Door Number Two is an identical, completely sealed room, with an electric car. Both engines are running full blast.

    I want you to pick a door to open, and enter the room and shut the door behind you. You have to stay in the room you choose for one hour. You cannot turn off the engine. You do not get a gas mask.
    I'm guessing you chose the Door Number Two, with the electric car, right? Door number one is a fatal choice - who would ever want to breathe those fumes?

    This is the choice the world is making right now.

    To use one of the four-letter words all of you commenters love, I don't give a damn if you believe in climate change. I couldn’t care less if you're concerned about temperatures rising or melting glaciers. It doesn't matter to me which of us is right about the science.

    I just hope that you'll join me in opening Door Number Two, to a smarter, cleaner, healthier, more profitable energy future.

    - Arnie

    • Well put Arnie!inteliboy
    • +1OBBTKN
    • Come with me if you want to live. Hahah. He should have written that.monospaced
    • everytime you try to save the world via interwebs the climate suffers due to large carbon footprint of internetsDillinger
    • Great stuff. The sooner we stop burning shit, the better. Don't you think Arnie?Ianbolton
    • why electric and not fuel cells? plus anyone who cares about the manmade cc change should be happy people die because it helps solve the climate problem. IRONYdeathboy
  • Gnash0

    So twitter’s new ban on political ads has had the unfortunate side-effect of also banning ads from groups that are fighting climate change.

    So exhausting. It’s science not politics. As long as this issue is conflated this way nothing will change (aside from the climate)

    • Completely agreed. It's just one big UGH at this point.garbage
    • "It’s science not politics" - you my friend have no clue.pr2
    • The fact that it is seen as a political issue is a triumph of modern marketing sadly. Oil companies spent a huge amount of money to make it seem that way.yuekit
    • Lol, pr2, you certainly have the lock on cluesGnash
    • Can we just get rid of twitter?i_monk
    • @i_monk +1

      ..and FB while we're at it
    • climate forecasting is modelling; not science, which is hypothesis-theory-me... (replicate)-test-val...BustySaintClaire
    • @BustySaintClaire is speed science when predicting the outcome of a vehicle going fast? and modeling an outcome unless breaks are installed?Krassy
    • It's really more like predicting how fast that vehicle will be going next Tuesday.monNom
    • You realize science is 100%, entirely, all about predicting outcomes of phenomena, yes?i_monk
    • ^ thisGnash
    • forecasting models represent the actual scientific method at workmonospaced
    • The only reason to deny this science is if you've been brainwashed to do so by anti-science religious conservatives. That seems to be the group behind it all.monospaced
    • I wouldn’t go as far as including a religious element, profits are enough of an incentive to deny the scienceGnash
    • True. But those people not profiting who still deny it ...monospaced
    • and all the models put forth in the last 50 years have been without a doubt accurate? models are not hard science. more along lines of social sciencedeathboy
    • mostly opinion and bias based on donors criteria. There is more data in stock markets and yet that seems impossbile to predictdeathboy
    • Oh boy, you got so close to understanding something. So close.garbage
    • The hypocrisy of "mostly opinion and bias based on donors[sic] criteria" from someone denying near-unanimity among scientists in favour ofi_monk
    • a position that's *entirely* opinion and bias based on industrialists' criteria.i_monk
    • imonk do you follow the large opinions in the markets as truth? if not why
      ? they do possess far more amounts of data.
    • scientists (more stats, less science) like economists are bought. and for a reason. they present usually false predictions like any weather reportdeathboy
    • just think about the view of it and mechanisms controlling itdeathboy
    • should also question that "near unanimity" line. from who? was every scientist asked and what questions? ...deathboy
  • utopian3

    Gawd Bless Merica

    An Iowa teacher who said he wouldn't attend a climate rally featuring Greta Thunberg because he didn't have his 'sniper rifle' has been put on leave.…

    • Poor #MAGA fella got triggeredutopian
    • Triggered by a teenage girlutopian
    • welcome to #MAGA Countryutopian
    • Whiny little bitch.ideaist
    • There is no problem, great or small that cannot be solved with a man and a gun. That's how we'll deal with the rising sea levels. Guy's a geniusPhanLo
    • Well Caligula did once try to go to war with Poseidon by having his army attack the water with their swords, so not much has changed it seems._niko
    • jeeze, and he was the science teacher too.sarahfailin
    • ^^^ That's the worst part.section_014
    • a science teacher who can make a joke. this is getting a bit winnie the poo right. maybe journalism could ask the question with you science background how dodeathboy
    • you disagree? i clearly don't believe you are going to be violent referencing something you dont own... get itdeathboy
    • but than again its iowa...deathboy
  • utopian6

    Fires in the Amazon could be part of a doomsday scenario that sees the rainforest spewing carbon into the atmosphere and speeding up climate change even more…

    • Fucking humans. And the politicians are too corrupt to care.NBQ00
    • Boycott all Brazilian beef? Arm the indigenous tribes? This calls for an environmental jihad._niko
    • don't worry, we can just buy carbon offset creditsspot13
    • If someone suggested military intervention to stop this, I would actually support that, for once.Continuity
  • PonyBoy8

    Second garbage patch the size of Texas discovered in Pacific Ocean

    "Scientists on a recent six-month expedition have discovered the presence of a second garbage patch in the South Pacific, and are saying that the plastic vortex could be bigger than the state of Texas."…

  • utopian1

    The Trump Administration Has a Multi-Pronged Strategy to Make the Planet Uninhabitable

    If you ever wondered what it would look like for someone to go Jim Jones on the human race, look no further than the United States of America in the Year of Our Lord 2019. People who study this kind of thing believe we have to cut our heat-trapping emissions in half by 2030 to stand a chance of staving off the worst effects of the climate crisis, and avoid the feedback loops that will send the issue beyond our control. Believe it or not, however, the administration of Donald Trump, American president, is not proving particularly helpful in this regard.

    While the Fox News Grandpa has periodic spasms of insanity on Twitter and the White House lawn, the termites of the state his regime has ushered into power are hard at work dismantling regulations aimed at curbing our climate emissions. The latest example arrived Thursday courtesy of the New York Times.…

    • People who study this kind of thing believe we have to cut our heat-trapping emissions in half by 2030 to stand a chance of staving off the worst effects of thedeathboy
    • worst effects of the climate crisis, and avoid the feedback loops that will send the issue beyond our control.deathboy
    • i have to really question those people studying that kind of thing. Almost sounds like they believe we can control climate...deathboy
    • also wonder why 2030 and not 2031... they smell like whiteys in fancy clothes preaching a new age salvation. especially considering past performance ofdeathboy
    • predictions and statements, let alone any proof of concept of control.deathboy
    • we get it, you don't believe the scientists are right and that you, in fact, have figured it all out. mr smart climate guy from a design forum.inteliboy
    • It's all propaganda. All of the corruption in the climate agenda with fake stats and lying and people still believe in enslaving countries to climate nonsenseHayoth
    • Our village idiot has spoken.utopian
    • Another Trump hater I see. Fuck you and deal with it. Oh and if you drive a car double fuck you for also contributing to it you hypocrite.irrelevant
    • I love the laziness..."it's all fake...all a conspiracy...all corruption....". That must help you sleep at night. Why bother with anything any scientist says?formed
    • Hell, why bother with anything logical at all, for anything. The clear disdain for the future, let alone a fellow human, is insane. I guess it's easy, though.formed
    • Easy and lazy to just shake fingers at everyone else, at the world, shouting "fake, FAKE! I hate you!! ".formed
    • An easier fix would be to convince China to cut their emission by a quarter, as they are 25% of global co2. USA only 12%monNom
    • And incidentally, this whole trade war Trump is stirring up might actually achieve that if manufacturing decreases.monNom
    • How ironic would it be if Trump turned out to be the best thing for the Climate?monNom
    • haha inteliboy im only pointing out what is obvious.if you want i'll wear the smarty pants but they're a bit snug in the crotchdeathboy
    • That's hliarious. If you wore the "smarty pants" you'd go around with your fly down all day, or possibly leave the house with them around your ankles.garbage
    • why would i do that garbage? smart enough to wear the elusive smarty pants, what makes you think id wear them in such fashion. sounds like youre sayingdeathboy
    • if i had such a thing i wouldn't know how to wear them... as the insult... but thats like calling a skinny person fat. insults work better if have a lil truthdeathboy
    • hey man, I never said anything about a pair of pants. you ok?inteliboy
    • its an expression inteliboy... assuming you are from here with relative intelligence yo should get it. if playing like u don't ... well its saddeathboy