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    Nasa warned the Earth is trapping twice as much heat as in 2005 — a pace that's 'unprecedented'

    NASA researchers warned the Earth is trapping heat at a rate so much higher it's "unprecedented."

    The amount of heat being trapped by Earth has roughly doubled since 2005, the study found.

    The NASA and NOAA study pointed to human activity and changes in the oceans.

    Researchers from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found in a new study released earlier this week that Earth's "energy imbalance approximately doubled during the 14-year period from 2005 to 2019."…

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    North America if all the glaciers and icecaps melted.…

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    Collapseologists are warning humanity that business-as-usual will make the Earth uninhabitable.

    Hundreds of scientists, writers and academics from 30 countries sounded a warning to humanity in an open letter published in the Guardian in December: Policymakers and the rest of us must “engage openly with the risk of disruption and even collapse of our societies.” “Damage to the climate and environment” will be the overarching cause, and “researchers in many areas” have projected widespread social collapse as “a credible scenario this century.”…

    • yeah but my Murdoch news tells me it's just the planets cycle.inteliboy
    • The narcoleptic plantation owner told us all the coastal cities would be underwater by now.MondoMorphic
  • grafician1

    Read today that we just passed the "point of no return" on global warming...

    China and the US just need to stop doing anything. Like full stop.

    The rest we need to curb cars. Not in like 30 years. Like next year, tops!

    Sure, most of us just got 'till 2050-2060 to live anyway, but by 2100 Earth could be inhabitable around the Ecuator durring Summer and with full ice caps melted at the extreme North/South poles.

    • Also this is not an alarmist message, this is happening, we can do nothing to undo it, we can just mitigate some of the effects, but that's about it.grafician
    • Just wait, science will come up with something, defo going to happen.
      Just kidding, we doooomed.
    • you'll get a lot more migration, no more happy times and peace, just stress and tensions from now on babygrafician
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    The world's largest wetlands are on fire.
    That's a disaster for all of us.


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    "'Sleeping giant' Arctic methane deposits starting to release, scientists find

    Exclusive: expedition discovers new source of greenhouse gas off East Siberian coast has been triggered"…

    • global warming TRIGGERED!grafician
    • This has the effect of half the China leaving their freezers open for a week...grafician
    • Clathrate gun's going to fuck us all.Nairn
    • working in Alaska the last 2 Salmon seasons, I haven't met 1 Alaskan that denies climate change & their mostly republicanmoldero
    • Inhabitable planet in 20 years, can't waitgrafician
    • And Musk wants to populate to Mars lolutopian
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    • 1/2 the people debating this probably work in the oil industry (i personally know a lot of these guys their all Canadian) the other 1/2 are just retardedmoldero
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    • strawman.inteliboy
    • Nice I had no idea about Boyan, thanks for the post.eryx
    • although climate change is real, it's often used as a tool to create social control and political power.hotroddy
    • case in point Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezhotroddy
    • Well it’s easier to cheer and “like” a little girl than actually doing anything yourself so yeah._niko
    • Plus it’s hilarious how she gets under trumps skin_niko
    • What's he doing to stop it from getting into the oceans in the first place? And what economic devastation? Surely you mean 'economic opportunities'.i_monk
    • I find it odd how many people are triggered by this girl.Gnash
    • They both have an important role to play. “Wrong thesis, Right thesis” they are making an impact. Meme posters like yourself and dB are oh so much smarter, huh?ben_
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    Antarctica temperatures reach 69 degrees for the first time ever…

  • utopian2

    Drill Baby Drill!

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    You clearly think climate change important. Yet you seem never able to share a personal opinion. Just lot of copy and paste. So i'm curious exactly what you think man is doing and its causes regarding climate change? Is it helping towards cooling or warming and is it more powerful than historical regular climate change? And do you think humans can control climate and if such a belief at what cost? What power should those be granted to save the earth from such travesties and what liberties will be denied for such aims?

    You passionately copy paste. But do you have any thoughts of your own?

    • <<< Our village idiot has spokenutopian
    • FFS...just pick up a book or a scientific journal for a change. The Fox News, Alex Jones and Breitbart articles have caused your cranium to leak brain cells.utopian
    • lol ill take that as a NOdeathboy
  • utopian1

    Welp, Scientists Found 28 New Virus Groups in a Melting Glacier

    This is how the world ends.

    From Tibet to the Arctic to Antarctica, glaciers and ice caps around the world are melting at alarming rates. Scientists are racing the clock and climate change to collect, identify, and catalogue the microbes found in ancient ice. Having a record of these bacteria, viruses, and fungi paints a sharper picture of our prehistoric past and could be valuable for use in studying future pathogens.…

  • utopian2

    • hahahaha this should be in Conspiracy of the Day!MondoMorphic
  • Gnash0

    So twitter’s new ban on political ads has had the unfortunate side-effect of also banning ads from groups that are fighting climate change.

    So exhausting. It’s science not politics. As long as this issue is conflated this way nothing will change (aside from the climate)

    • Completely agreed. It's just one big UGH at this point.garbage
    • "It’s science not politics" - you my friend have no clue.pr2
    • The fact that it is seen as a political issue is a triumph of modern marketing sadly. Oil companies spent a huge amount of money to make it seem that way.yuekit
    • Lol, pr2, you certainly have the lock on cluesGnash
    • Can we just get rid of twitter?i_monk
    • @i_monk +1

      ..and FB while we're at it
    • climate forecasting is modelling; not science, which is hypothesis-theory-me... (replicate)-test-val...BustySaintClaire
    • @BustySaintClaire is speed science when predicting the outcome of a vehicle going fast? and modeling an outcome unless breaks are installed?Krassy
    • It's really more like predicting how fast that vehicle will be going next Tuesday.monNom
    • You realize science is 100%, entirely, all about predicting outcomes of phenomena, yes?i_monk
    • ^ thisGnash
    • forecasting models represent the actual scientific method at workmonospaced
    • The only reason to deny this science is if you've been brainwashed to do so by anti-science religious conservatives. That seems to be the group behind it all.monospaced
    • I wouldn’t go as far as including a religious element, profits are enough of an incentive to deny the scienceGnash
    • True. But those people not profiting who still deny it ...monospaced
    • and all the models put forth in the last 50 years have been without a doubt accurate? models are not hard science. more along lines of social sciencedeathboy
    • mostly opinion and bias based on donors criteria. There is more data in stock markets and yet that seems impossbile to predictdeathboy
    • Oh boy, you got so close to understanding something. So close.garbage
    • The hypocrisy of "mostly opinion and bias based on donors[sic] criteria" from someone denying near-unanimity among scientists in favour ofi_monk
    • a position that's *entirely* opinion and bias based on industrialists' criteria.i_monk
    • imonk do you follow the large opinions in the markets as truth? if not why
      ? they do possess far more amounts of data.
    • scientists (more stats, less science) like economists are bought. and for a reason. they present usually false predictions like any weather reportdeathboy
    • just think about the view of it and mechanisms controlling itdeathboy
    • should also question that "near unanimity" line. from who? was every scientist asked and what questions? ...deathboy
  • i_monk7

    Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement…

    There is a very well-funded, well-orchestrated climate change-denial movement, one funded by powerful people with very deep pockets. In a new and incredibly thorough study, Drexel University sociologist Robert Brulle took a deep dive into the financial structure of the climate deniers, to see who is holding the purse strings.

    According to Brulle's research, the 91 think tanks and advocacy organizations and trade associations that make up the American climate denial industry pull down just shy of a billion dollars each year, money used to lobby or sway public opinion on climate change and other issues.

    “The anti-climate effort has been largely underwritten by conservative billionaires,” says the Guardian, “often working through secretive funding networks. They have displaced corporations as the prime supporters of 91 think tanks, advocacy groups and industry associations which have worked to block action on climate change.”

    • Nearly a billion dollars a year is flowing into the organized climate change counter-movement. Thanks Republitards!utopian
    • yeah but those greedy scientists.inteliboy
    • And the money behind the climate religion movement? You idiot.Hayoth
    • there is a case to fund lobbyists to battle nonsense. curiosu about the cliamte "denial" label though. Is the money truely provided by climate change deniers...deathboy
    • the same outcome of peopel who believe they can control climate through regulation and keep a status quo...deathboy
    • you don't fund lobbyists to battle nonsense. you hire lobbyists to push your own business' interests.uan
    • politics is business uan. it deosnt need to make sense if its an issue to be sold and campaigned upondeathboy
    • also there is quite a business in carbon credits. hell fuzzy fincials helped float tesla to an illusion of profitdeathboy
    • but it was just millions sold to casino to reduce tax incomes while providing money to losing businessdeathboy
    • and as a company take subaru and arbitrary mpg levels fucking up cars and making people take shortcuts as the only way ( also VW). is it in best interests fordeathboy
    • hakf engineered solutions to arbitrary probels that create faulty transmission or unstable motors? it is in business interestes to fight arbitrary legislationdeathboy
    • because it changes the market. no longer is developing the best product ppl want to buy the goal. its making profit on a product behind arbitray goals and ruledeathboy
    • in some cases developing a product no one wants and taking tax credits for it as ony profit.deathboy
    • doesn't change the fact that polluting the planet is bad for you and the rest of us. but hey, go on singing your 'free markets' anthem.uan
    • it doesn't matter, because green technology is superior and will succeed.uan
    • lol@deathboyutopian
    • Relax, Brulle's also studying the money behind the climate change and environmentalist movements.i_monk
    • I know you rightwingers are all about 'balance' and 'both sides'.i_monk
    • @hayoth "Climate religion movement"? Wow you're dumb.garbage
    • And yay, we get to play the deathboy game. First word, last word, don't read anything in between.garbage
    • "There profit."garbage
    • haha uan way to move the goal post. yes uan polluting is "bad" for all we know to our current existence. But to ignore free markets and go all dictatorshipdeathboy
    • and medievel in the name of all that is green is retarded. even half steppin with subsidies has been a waste that only helped the upper social class while imposdeathboy
    • ing greater costs on the lower class. have u ever wondered if the balance between rich and poor in the eco realm of free amrket is those with the most to losedeathboy
    • might try to have cake and eat it too financing regualtion that benefits them and hurts the majority all for a "greater" causedeathboy
    • "haha cause"garbage
    • these flippin looser redumblicas are already as horrific as the climate will become..neverscared
    • haha whos a redumblicas never? sound like a old bat saying the mexican help are stealing but she has no help.deathboy
    • "these help"garbage
    • Supplemental links:…
    • haha garbage act like you cant understand what i said becuase of punctuation. oh shit i didnt capitalize my i either u madd brodeathboy
    • if you want to discredit what im saying craft an arguement or provide something of substance or you keep doing u. just seems juvenile and uncouthdeathboy
    • You haven't said anything of substance yet.i_monk
    • wait all my comments about nature of lobbyists and sides had no substance? what do i need to provide numbers of pro climate change proceeds. i believe its moredeathboy
    • than the "anti" by a large sumdeathboy
    • That would be a start. You make a lot of unsubstantiated claims in these threads and ask everyone to disprove you, begging the question.i_monk
    • hmm well it is tough. not much research into domestic and global lobbying towards green initiatives.deathboy
    • har dto calculate such things liek diesal taxe sin the 80s to todays subsidies for solar and wind. Or even electric vehicles.deathboy
    • and even if there was research it would be paid and highly biased. but i'd say with what we are seeing globally is a hot untapped market for corpsdeathboy
    • to extract wealth from the public out of fearmongering. really interested to see what the kook at the ecb does.deathboy
    • but... if the anti is a billion industry... ev credits alone is in tune to more of 15-20 billion besides all the other cardon and subsidy trades. I think thedeathboy
    • pro climate change industry globally is in the trillions.deathboy
    • especially if you look at m2 expansion and for political goals.deathboy
    • but guess have to wait and see if your writer ever publishes the other side that gives some sor tof relevevance to his research. liek saying 30 degrees iscold..deathboy
    • and than never telling anyone in what relation that is cold too.deathboy