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  • bliznutty1

    feeling kinda cute, might stir up the pot a little :P

    i got a couple songs i'd like to dedicate out to Greta Thunberg

    the future is bright, the hour is now

    learn to swim, kiddo

    • there's nothing about dinosaurs in either of theseGnash
  • deadsperm1

    1. The Permian–Triassic extinction is the most severe extinction event in earth history. This same extinction event that gave rise to Dinosaurs.
    2. Dinosaur extinction is a lie.

    If you aren't aware of either of these facts you're talking out your ass.


    • Absolute extinction of most things 'is a lie' but undoubtedly there aren't any 50 foot tall birds runnng around, causing chaos, so you're just being a pedant.Nairn
    • Pedant as I may seem, I disapprove of your characterization of a clade as chaotic.deadsperm
    • A speciest perspective is myopic and won't bring a clear long term solution to our problems.deadsperm
    • Carry on out of your cloaca.Nairn
    • 99.9% of all things that have existed on this planet are now extinct. Should that be on the list you found in your ass?Ianbolton
    • How do you expect a population that thinks the K–Pg extinction was the worst extinction the earth has ever had AND that it wiped out the dinosaurs...deadsperm
    • ... to have a clear idea of what's going on?deadsperm
    • LOL, you should do standup.zarkonite
    • That went from 0 to 100 quickHayoth
    • I like how no-one was there but everyone talks about it like they were. Fucking hipsters.robthelad
    • That’s what creationists always say when arguing for creationism, rob. Are you a creationist, ffs, or jus denying every client science expert who ever lived?monospaced
  • lowimpakt10

    • LOLHayzilla
    • haha still trying to push a sex narrative vs factual info debate. you do know that shows your bias leaningsdeathboy
    • and pathetic attempts to shift the message away from anything resembling academiadeathboy
    • keep it academic says the grown man that believes economics is a science, capitalism is a natural system and 'some humans are worthless'.kingsteven
    • LOLpango
    • It's not a sex narrative, you dunce, it's a fucking metaphor. Are you even capable of comprehending how those work? Do you know what a metaphor is?monospaced
    • The only people trying to shift the narrative are the ignorant conservative apologists who feel threatened, and their moronic supporters.monospaced
    • Maybe if their masculinity wasn't so fragile ;)monospaced
    • ^^^ Well said. Literally there is NOTHING but science here... Hence why pretty much whole scientific community is saying it's real, but they are 'plants' right?necromation
    • king u display how little you know. explain what a science entails and how economics is not one. than explain how capitalism is not a kin to basic darwinism anddeathboy
    • is a organic natural system. and explain how some humans are not worthless. would one consider trump worthless? would bernie consider a billionaire worthless.deathboy
    • remember my worthless comments always derived of objective value. ignoring that is like cheap stands slanderdeathboy
    • what is real necro? can you explain the real science here? doubt you can. thin you are reacting to emo triggersdeathboy
    • "i hope for more but you need to accept that some people are worthless and will never improve" - deathboykingsteven
    • i mean, i'm not setting out to change you deathboy, i feel your bias needs highlighted when your grasping at arguments to discredit a teenage activist.kingsteven
    • king don't take my word explain with your own.All life is worth, including rapist, and neo nazis, because ... go from there for startersdeathboy
    • and the statement has nothing to do with a "teenage activist" i dont care if its an elderly pacifist. i call BS when i see it. Which is what you are missingdeathboy
    • but heh its the flavor of the day. it will die same as it it did in 1992. Its funny you hope to explain the ignorance of it all but push it's agenda, since itdeathboy
    • isn't about being rational or sane, it just needs to be talked about, to be felt.probably last ill say on such non substance.deathboy
  • kingsteven2

    @Deathboy, Robotranny WE GOT 'EM!!

    Greta most likely an animatronic doll called Cindy, Arnie most likely a shareholder in the aeronautics industry trying to clear his name and protect his family conspirators who seek to keep the illegal cloning of humans a secret.

    • You know you could always provide real info instead of making up shit. The rise of a child with an opinion. Howd that happen? only happens with media+ moneydeathboy
    • if im not incorrect. instead of conspiracy fiction images maybe you cna anwer the basics or even look at them?deathboy
    • explore the rise and look at what incentive and support is given from who and such. personally i have no idea how this nonsense happeneddeathboy
    • but i make no mistake in its nonsense and strings beong pulleddeathboy
    • you have no idea how it happened yet i look in to it? i knew who she was before folks started scoring points off her popularity. look in to yourself toolboykingsteven
    • Pff she’s obviously in her 30’s and a former sandy hook actor!_niko
    • what a dumbass ... these days kids can rise to stardom just through youtubemonospaced
    • king i find no need. but i find your lack of concern for financing and PR for all this shit surprising. You in advertising? PR? any idea how this shit works?deathboy
    • someone pays the plane tickets, deals with the schooling, with parents and travel costs. PR, calls, handling. Who's picking up the costs?deathboy
    • And for what reason? And should kids be sold as pawns? Where are the parents in all this? I always find you can read so much more in what is not saiddeathboy
    • or king fill free to post your blind love of some young girl and ill try not to question wether you just find her attractive... hehe see i did that lowimapktdeathboy
    • style of conversation. OMG he must be a pedophile since he cant state any reason for fawning over her!! sigh...deathboy
    • Haha, I think shes annoying as hell tbh. I'm just having a laugh at you trying to form an anti capitalist conspiracy with no information...kingsteven
    • ie who pays for her flights hahaha you seriously have not read one thing... all the info is out there.kingsteven
    • Also that's twice now you have sexualised the conversation it really is not on...kingsteven
    • deathboy, don't worry, you aren't paying for any of itmonospaced
    • because that seems to be your big concern, and your biggest misunderstanding most of the timemonospaced
    • actually king i didn't see any obvious money streams. please share a link to the financials of this. is it SP or under an llc or under a non us entity company?deathboy
    • i haven't seen anything on financials. please provide them if you have themdeathboy
    • mono as much as u bore me you u seem to highlight my cost approach as stupid and as reason to ignore it is it doesn't effect me.spoken as a typical fooldeathboy
    • politician or just a blind fool. One who has such small vision of how things are. An example is can u display a policy based on such thought that does not effdeathboy
    • ect me? Oh man I'll pay for it and so many others. You can look at CA for so many real world outcomes. The idea is someone else pays but u reap benefit is a jokdeathboy
    • really hate to cast such judgement but fuck man you are such a simp.u clearly have no independent thought and follow ebs and flows of your prescribed mediadeathboy
    • like a pathetic alter boy chasing the acceptance of a rapist priest. probably be cool wit it and accept it make your ideas more divine. so much pity and yet sodeathboy
    • so lil because of your pride in it it. you are a bible thumper nutter job. just happened to find a different scripture.deathboy
    • ^ from the pulpit of the church of egoismkingsteven
  • robotron3k-6

    The Swede story is from Jan 2019, pre predicting Greta Thurberg's path into the limelight via a series of acts and working with an "eco-profiteer" Ingmar Rentzhog, We Don't Have Time©, "a newly launched social media platform like facebook, instagram but for climate change". Pfft! Greta is (more than likely) a shareholder as she was an initial "employee" of the company and is on the companies prospectus(!). They write more how Greta just the the "tool" Western global elite will leverage as the face of climate change.

    The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent series has been written in two volumes.…

    • So she briefly advised a small, climate change related tech startup at one point? That's the whole story?yuekit
    • if you're good with that, then buy some units @ SEK10.50 a share... https://map.wedontha…robotron3k
    • Where do the "global elites" fit into all this? Sounds very ominous...yuekit
    • You should look into the woman who writes that blog -…ben_
    • A kid that actually cares about her future, crucify the lil cunt!utopian
    • ...lots of reading to do but looks like we are here in the story yuekit…robotron3k
    • eeek... i feel dirty just scrolling through that link and noticing a general corporate patternrobotron3k
    • the girl has Asperger's...cut her head off.utopian
    • the girl appreciates science. BURN HERlowimpakt
    • If the globe is getting so hot, why is she wrapped up in hat and a scarf?Fax_Benson
    • imagine spending your time digging up random blogs to discredit a child.inteliboy
    • Climate is hoax run by Big Wool, just watch the documentary Zoolander to get an insight into what those people are up to.deadsperm
    • Good god. One wack job writes a blog and people start the conspiracy chat. Shameful.Hayzilla
    • Greta Thurberg is obviously a cunt. Look at her standing there. Although altruistic, caring robo is the one we should listen to and love. Kisses xxxIanbolton
    • "Look at her standing there."
  • Bennn-1

    Things will start to really change when the childrens of our childrens will get to power positions.

    The Humanity is a huge ass boat to turn around, it takes generations to do so.

    • Bennnsplained®

    • > it takes generations to do so.

      The Nazis didn't think so.
      TotalChange 2021™
    • Power positions, Ummm... So, the same of the same, but more "green"?OBBTKN
    • "Churrens of our churrens"
      Don't never change Bennn.
    • Power attracts sociopaths of all generations.i_monk
    • wait who are u if not _ben? i assumed you both tiger i have a belt i feel some authority shitdeathboy
  • i_monk11

    • deathboy at the bottom there LOLHayzilla
    • It's great to see how young Greta has advanced the conversation to action. Great success!IRNlun6
    • ^ Yeah because indigenous people from the Amazon and similar places have failed to do so since the 70'sMaaku
    • I'm dead, and sending this to every member of my family.garbage
    • uh huh hayzilla. if you can show evidence she isn't a pawn and has real understanding of the issue ill accept the clown roledeathboy
    • but if not you guys can where the clown pants. what specific dataset is she being emo about? Lets see if she is overreacting even in context of her choicedeathboy
    • dataset. if there even is one... haha as is such a joke car wreck.deathboy
    • Are you really that much a dick? If she can encourage governments to be more sustainable and be considerate of our futures then she's already a successIanbolton
    • deathboy is the latest utter trollHayzilla
    • "If she can encourage governments..."
      I pissed myself.
    • dont be a complete twat hazilla. provide something like u even have a base. ill entertain any attempt.deathboy
    • ian you are fool in thinking a kids emotional rant has any effect on our futures. poltically maybe (douches will be douches) but no way environmentally.deathboy
    • ring me when you find the politician that has omnipotent and physical controls of environments (and as such benefitting the masses)deathboy
    • haha clowns. again ill wear the pants if any real argument is made and dataset is shown as real truth.deathboy
    • I don't even think it's an argument or a differing of opinion. You just don't get it. Or maybe you're just trolling us all, therefore hahahahahahahahahaha...Ianbolton
    • It's on you to show she's some sort of con artist, not anyone else to prove she isn't.i_monk
    • I picture deathboy's screeds being typed out on a iPhone with a cracked screen, sent from the parking lot of whatever grocery store he's stealing wifi from.garbage
    • the only things that will have real affects on our futures will likely begin with emotional rants, as the power of human motivation is nearly limitlessmonospaced
    • to act like things just happen without anyone caring is beyond moronicmonospaced
    • its on me for proof of fake arguments. one can say whatever and need no proof... only an accuser calling BS.deathboy
    • very interesting perception of reality. my evidence is in history. of ppl predicting futures with models that never came true.deathboy
    • if you are looking for a profit(sp?) go for it. I see no logical reason to predict an apocalypse in 12 or 30 years.deathboy
    • or at any time. HOWEVER i do expect coastal water to rise with natural climate change effecting humansdeathboy
    • climate change will effect all we know as it has pre industrial. And i am highly skeptical of methods used to measure human climate change.deathboy
    • hell you guys are so sure of the methods used please state your go to method as the most accurate?deathboy
    • :)deathboy
    • Who's paying you to say this? You on the Koch payroll?i_monk
    • ^implying that anybody would pay for this. Also the summary of this latest rant is:

      "it's :)"

      He's trying to tell you he's having a good day.
    • common sense with basic intelligence I_monk. did you notice you didn't display any evidence i was wrong? Please tell me if if and what reasons you thinkdeathboy
    • today's coastlines can exist as today for the long run? by the way koch funded a ton of public broadcast television which is miles aheads of networks and doesntdeathboy
    • pander to ad revenue or shareholder value. I personally like nova. better than the fox network rip off with that black bill nye dude for enterntainment.deathboy
    • however i do commend him for tryin to speak about gun violence on relative terms.probably fucked his career updeathboy
  • i_monk2

    “This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you come to us young people for hope. How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words, and yet, I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing, we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you! For more than 30 years the science has been crystal clear. how dare you continue to look away and come here and say that you’re doing enough when the politics and solutions need are still nowhere in sight. You say you hear us and understand the urgency. But no matter how sad and angry I am I do not want to believe that because if you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil, and that I refuse to believe.

    “There will not be any solutions or plans presented in line with these figures here today, because these numbers are too uncomfortable and you are still not mature enough to tell it like it is. You are failing us. Young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. If you choose to fail us, I say we will never forgive you. We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. Change is coming whether you like it or not.”

    Greta Fucking Thunberg

    • haha sounds like trump warning of rapists hopefully parents know how to monetize it or hired someone.deathboy
    • bigger issue is why a dumb kid is allowed to speak on big issues. has discourse chased the trend and devolved that all issues are discussed on level of childrendeathboy
    • ooh i like that ill post in politicsdeathboy
    • If it takes a 'poster girl' to get us all talking so be it.

      ps. You seem like a piece of shit.
    • hay. zilla. you seem like a roided out loser who snaps at anything he doesn't agree with. lets break it downdeathboy
    • you want a poster girl talking of climate change? Cool yea shit changes. All large form data says we are in a warming stage followed by cooling stage.deathboy
    • regardless of human interaction. now here is the question what can humans do and at what costs? This is the real question even youngins neglectdeathboy
  • inteliboy1

    Five-year period ending 2019 set to be hottest on record.…

    Makes me feel sick.

  • BaskerviIle-1

    • is that compatible with a vegan diet?Fax_Benson
    • but, but paper grows on trees.capn_ron
    • Does that include toilet paper?Chimp
    • the use of paper is far from being the worst problem atmBennn
    • so buy gold bitch!deathboy
  • utopian2

    Former USDA Scientist Says He'll Make A Bigger Impact On Climate Change Research Outside Of The Government

    A scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently resigned after more than two decades, citing attempts by the Trump administration to suppress his climate change related research on how rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are altering the nutritional content in rice.…

  • PhanLo1

    Nice and melloooooow

  • utopian1

    The Trump Administration Has a Multi-Pronged Strategy to Make the Planet Uninhabitable

    If you ever wondered what it would look like for someone to go Jim Jones on the human race, look no further than the United States of America in the Year of Our Lord 2019. People who study this kind of thing believe we have to cut our heat-trapping emissions in half by 2030 to stand a chance of staving off the worst effects of the climate crisis, and avoid the feedback loops that will send the issue beyond our control. Believe it or not, however, the administration of Donald Trump, American president, is not proving particularly helpful in this regard.

    While the Fox News Grandpa has periodic spasms of insanity on Twitter and the White House lawn, the termites of the state his regime has ushered into power are hard at work dismantling regulations aimed at curbing our climate emissions. The latest example arrived Thursday courtesy of the New York Times.…

    • People who study this kind of thing believe we have to cut our heat-trapping emissions in half by 2030 to stand a chance of staving off the worst effects of thedeathboy
    • worst effects of the climate crisis, and avoid the feedback loops that will send the issue beyond our control.deathboy
    • i have to really question those people studying that kind of thing. Almost sounds like they believe we can control climate...deathboy
    • also wonder why 2030 and not 2031... they smell like whiteys in fancy clothes preaching a new age salvation. especially considering past performance ofdeathboy
    • predictions and statements, let alone any proof of concept of control.deathboy
    • we get it, you don't believe the scientists are right and that you, in fact, have figured it all out. mr smart climate guy from a design forum.inteliboy
    • It's all propaganda. All of the corruption in the climate agenda with fake stats and lying and people still believe in enslaving countries to climate nonsenseHayoth
    • Our village idiot has spoken.utopian
    • Another Trump hater I see. Fuck you and deal with it. Oh and if you drive a car double fuck you for also contributing to it you hypocrite.irrelevant
    • I love the laziness..."it's all fake...all a conspiracy...all corruption....". That must help you sleep at night. Why bother with anything any scientist says?formed
    • Hell, why bother with anything logical at all, for anything. The clear disdain for the future, let alone a fellow human, is insane. I guess it's easy, though.formed
    • Easy and lazy to just shake fingers at everyone else, at the world, shouting "fake, FAKE! I hate you!! ".formed
    • An easier fix would be to convince China to cut their emission by a quarter, as they are 25% of global co2. USA only 12%monNom
    • And incidentally, this whole trade war Trump is stirring up might actually achieve that if manufacturing decreases.monNom
    • How ironic would it be if Trump turned out to be the best thing for the Climate?monNom
    • haha inteliboy im only pointing out what is obvious.if you want i'll wear the smarty pants but they're a bit snug in the crotchdeathboy
    • That's hliarious. If you wore the "smarty pants" you'd go around with your fly down all day, or possibly leave the house with them around your ankles.garbage
    • why would i do that garbage? smart enough to wear the elusive smarty pants, what makes you think id wear them in such fashion. sounds like youre sayingdeathboy
    • if i had such a thing i wouldn't know how to wear them... as the insult... but thats like calling a skinny person fat. insults work better if have a lil truthdeathboy
    • hey man, I never said anything about a pair of pants. you ok?inteliboy
    • its an expression inteliboy... assuming you are from here with relative intelligence yo should get it. if playing like u don't ... well its saddeathboy
  • pablo282

    "While the number of fires in 2019 is indeed 80% higher than in 2018, it’s just 7% higher than the average over the last 10 years ago, Nepstad said."…

    • Too many fake photos being reposted and then these facts. So what's the fuss all about?Maaku
  • utopian3

    • Too many Royale with Cheeses?fadein11
    • Probably got taken out by a rogue windmill.PhanLo
    • Might've been blowing Boris under the table.BH26
    • or the hurricane nuke meeting went long.BH26
  • pablo28-1

    Stop Sharing Those Viral Photos of the Amazon Burning…

    • deep fakeutopian
    • generic photos of forest fires are used all the time for news reports on forest fires.inteliboy
  • Ramanisky22

    • We need to nuke the forests. It's the only way.PhanLo
  • utopian1

    It's looking worst day by day.

    Experts warn that the massive fires have the ability to severely inhibit the planet’s overall health given that the Amazon spans eight countries — or about 40% of South America — and produces more than 20% of the planet’s oxygen.

  • Nairn0

    I wonder if governments pushing unilateral environmental destruction with global impact might become the focus of sanctions or even UN mandated military action in future?

    • the darker me wonders whether 12 Monkeys like activities might start becoming plausible - biological or chemical attacks on large population centres.Nairn
    • I can definitely envisage some nutter thinking it a better trade to kill a few Bn poor foreigners rather than risk consumer economies back home.Nairn
    • what gov are pushing for gov unilateral env destruction? Your hypothesis is better wether fearful rich and powerful see climate change as destructiondeathboy
    • and as such set force plans that ruins life for all not fully realizing there power relies on economic activity that keeps people peacefuldeathboy
    • that their fear and policies that make people more poor will give rise to more tin pot dictators. That will take and give and set in motion populist rules wheredeathboy
    • nothing survives and its a slow death as history has shown. and sometimes i wonder if its just man's winter. stuff dies in brutal conditions but grows again.deathboy
    • however looking at history I still think the US had the best shot and it was simply because it was new land (indians not really developed) So much harderdeathboy
    • to redevelop, but maybe a great extinction event would make it easier.deathboy
    • I'll skip Deathboy's comments. But Nairn, I reckon governments will slowly see the benefits of being more sustainable, but then there are those countries..Ianbolton
    • who can't keep up financially. Maybe they still burn coal? Do the richer countries help them out or do they get aggressive? Worrying possibilitiesIanbolton
    • The dystopian 12 Monkey's scenario is pretty scary but apparently biological and chemical attacks are supposed to be illegal!! haha (novichock, cough!)Ianbolton
    • lol at skipping deathboy's comments - I did too!
      20 hours later:…
    • Solar's already competitive against coal in most countires, even discounting subsidies (including externalities) so it's just a matter of time.Nairn
    • Ah, I see your point. I dont see why we don’t speed up the destruction of the rainforests anyway. Get it over with and build a car parkIanbolton
    • ha skip it. you are fool enough to think its about climate change (a thing that can never be stopped) and fail to see its about political and economic powerdeathboy
    • in order to shape an ideal world largely based outside reality. You can subsidize one thing only as long as you have money, but that money will run drydeathboy
    • and all that money will be a cost on everyone and the benefit of no one, except the cronies and political elite who supported it.deathboy
    • If i want to pay less for coal than solar why cant I? Or vice versa? Why can't i choose what best works for me outside subsidies and taxes that try to shape mydeathboy
    • behavior based on politician whims that are based more solely on camping financing and not on my individual interests?deathboy
    • Thanks mate. Appreciate your inputIanbolton
    • data:image/jpeg;base...deathboy
    • ... well it was a sheldon cooper with "sarcasm?" type. and typin it the casm... made curious of latindeathboy
    • more of to tear flesh like a dog, thought maybe it would have more of a divide like chasm.. learn something new everydaydeathboy
    • but than again that russian viral lab explosion...deathboy
  • utopian6

    Fires in the Amazon could be part of a doomsday scenario that sees the rainforest spewing carbon into the atmosphere and speeding up climate change even more…

    • Fucking humans. And the politicians are too corrupt to care.NBQ00
    • Boycott all Brazilian beef? Arm the indigenous tribes? This calls for an environmental jihad._niko
    • don't worry, we can just buy carbon offset creditsspot13
    • If someone suggested military intervention to stop this, I would actually support that, for once.Continuity