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  • lowimpakt2

    sorry, this article

    • difference is today we have alternatives.
      'millenials' calling for action is just how nature works, they see the necessity and possibility to act.
    • it's not any more 'shut down the industries', it's about let's change the way we produce energy. let us use a safe and clean method.uan
    • I think i saw this picture regarding climate change viral stuff. But what does it mean? If you take the numbers and graph them based on time would it correlatedeathboy
    • our weather? Or average temp? Was this localized and what type of measurements for such "pre-sci" era. is this just a aged 9 year old students paper about strawdeathboy
    • s that every news station copied without fact checking because journalistic integrity still matters.deathboy
    • I stand by the issue as being largely used for financial gain by a few people who have 0 regard for those it damages which are mostly the poordeathboy
    • im not denying our effect on climate change, i deny our ability to control such a thing even with full compliance to any party who says they know howdeathboy
    • but we are a system in this planet. our growth has happened do to our choices. to rescind those choices by law or decree might effectively eliminate many ppldeathboy
    • or in france create social unrest which might create other issues. the idea we can change our methods against current systems and feel no pain is stupid.deathboy
    • the route proposed as if you havent noticed is shit ton of tax incentives for rich while fucking the poor. that will never end well. so many more poor than richdeathboy
    • one reason you get populist shit like trump. forget the feel goodies. only look at it logically. also consider people who wrote articles earth was flat back thadeathboy
    • n probably use those in the same way they might justify a stupid ideadeathboy
    • #thermodynamicsmonospaced
    • ah mono. the lonely annoying turd on a sidewalk. you try an avoid it because its shit, but cant help thinking who leaves this shit here. guess shit happensdeathboy
    • #entrophymonospaced
  • lowimpakt2

    it's not a "millenial" issue.

    We've know many fundamental problem for a very long time, people are just more informed and have less bling faith in systems like capitalism and the church.

    This article is over 100 years old…

    • We know so little. And if you know of methods of "experts" you'd laugh too. However we do like to believe we know a lot. Its safe feeling that way.deathboy
  • deathboy-4

    Humans are of nature. What says our by products are not of nature too? Why do we look of nature in retrospect and not a equally changing and evolving system as much as us. We may choose economical solutions that harm our future, but we grow for now. Something about that is soooo millenial but is correct. We are a bit smarter in knowing we don't live as fodder for others. And can wave off traditional collective thinking. Our species is but a speck in time. The progress of all climate change rhetoric is purely out of special interests. And idea of controlling climate is absolutely absurd. However somehow those millenials got the catholic style guilt for living and hate themselves. I think people should ignore special interests and live in their best interests. And most importantly honestly with full understanding. Who's to say our trash or biomass wont be the oil for life hundreds of thousands of years after we kick it. Just do us and live as economically feasible as possible for all without arbitrary special interests. Just a thought from a guy who knows nature can handle her own shit.

    • Watch the planet descend into inferno with the possibility of a reboot in 100,000 AD. What an empowering message, db.PeterPancake
    • https://www.instagra…PeterPancake
    • you're so high on your own erudition that you don't notice you're talking total nonsenseFax_Benson
    • Hmm. I was hoping for a rebuttal about how we see what is natural. Might be a little world is flat view to only see what was before as naturaldeathboy
    • to ignore our our role as larger process even if its our corpses. We study seasons and fruit fly, but hard to swallow we might just be a process as welldeathboy
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  • utopian1

    Climate change will shrink US economy and kill thousands, government report warns

    The expense:
    A new US government report delivers a dire warning about climate change and its devastating impacts, saying the economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars -- or, in the worst-case scenario, more than 10% of its GDP -- by the end of the century.

    Impacts on our health:
    Higher temperatures will also kill more people, the report says. The Midwest alone, which is predicted to have the largest increase in extreme temperature, will see an additional 2,000 premature deaths per year by 2090.

    Heat and flooding:
    Wildfire seasons -- already longer and more destructive than before -- could burn up to six times more forest area annually by 2050 in parts of the United States. Burned areas in Southwestern California alone could double by 2050.…


    • key words - 'by the end of the century'
      for all our intelligence and creativity, the ability to future plan/proof we can not.
  • utopian3

  • PeterPancake0

    24-carat aspiration, but what's the price of sincere smile?

  • Nairn1

    If there's one motivator for curbing climate change, it's money.

    "YCombinator Request for Carbon Removal Technologies Startups"

    ...quite a pretty site too.

  • uan1

    Climate Change Will Cause Beer Shortages and Price Hikes…

    this study might change some skeptic minds

  • Nairn1

    re: Dairy livestock and methane — Adding a small amount of certain types of seaweed to feed reduces methane emissions substantially:… (f'ing iIndependent)…

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  • soundofreason-4

    The one thing you can do that is sure to have a positive impact in all domains and last for generations is not having any children.

    • Or smother your elderly relatives.PhanLo
    • In what?Fax_Benson
    • i choose pantyhosePeterPancake
    • You think shaving 10 years of pollution by offing an elder is equal to the infinitely exponential benefit of shaving off a branch of the population?soundofreason
    • Or, you know, just have one kid.Nairn
    • And neuter it at birth?soundofreason
    • And that's still an average of 80 years of consumption and waste.
      I'm just basing my logic on Miguex's claim that being vegan is a not good example.
    • I suppose your interpretation of "a positive impact in all domains and last for generation" is fairly unidimensional.Nairn
    • Could please elaborate? I have no idea what you're talking about.soundofreason
    • No one will change a thing, people are just going to keep rolling til it's too late.PhanLo
    • That's the spirit!
      Look at what humans are able to build in Dubai. Humans will be fine (if they can afford it).
    • Your generational fix is to annul the concept of generations, thereby nullifying the capacity for humans to develop or indeed, exist.Nairn
    • I'd say that's fairly singular in its scope.Nairn
    • Thanks, I get it now.
      Again, my solution is based on Miguex's post. I don't expect people to follow it.
      It's not a gen. fix, simply a fix.
    • The most sure way to ensure to not have a negative impact is not having any impact at all. There is a chance that your offspring might solve the issue
    • but that would be rolling the dice. By not having any children you also ensure that their hypothetical won't have any impact, (that's the generational part)
    • In my hypothetical solution I'm not proposing everybody do it. But even if only 50% would do it it would have a enormous lasting impact.
    • Even if everybody stopped having children and brought Homo Sapiens to extinction it would be still a logical solution to Global Warming.
    • Of course, bringing humans to extinction is out of the question as is giving up several modern comforts that we now consider our birth right.
    • *3 > their hypothetical children won't have any impact.

      I cede the floor.
    • You mean you've just ejaculated on the carpet?Nairn
    • I've posted this before, but I reckon this method is the only way to save the planet.…
    • Drink beers, make a headband with your tie and just solve problems by being a legend.PhanLo
    • I'm convinced that we humans are the true parasites.utopian
  • Miguex-2

    What was that about trying to put vegans as the example for environmentally conscious?

    Do vegans don't own cars?
    Do vegans don't use plastic of any kind?
    Do vegans don't use mobile phones?
    Do vegans don't do online shopping?
    Do vegans don't use AC?
    Showers, computers, glass recycling, reusable diapers, laundry. napkins, straws, paper, shower efficiently, buy second hand only, turn off lights, manual gardening, rechargeable batteries, paperless bank statements, etc

    The list can go FOREVER, how did being vegan become the ideal for environmentally conscious?

    • being vegan is a good start. if the whole world was veggie it would greatly reduce environmental damage, although maybe there would be more of a veggie shortagedocpoz
    • why are people so threatened by vegans?BusterBoy
    • research into it!mugwart
    • Because raising animals for a food source is one of the biggest drains on energy with the least returns. I'm not Vegan but it makes sense.ben_
    • @Miguex
      Are you implying that the environmental benefit of being vegan is a hoax? Or that the impact of being vegan is lesser than those on your list?
    • It's also totally feasible to be vegan and not use at least three items on your list.soundofreason
    • Also, it should read:
      Do vegans not own cars?
    • so vegans must do ALL the things? I don't get this post.inteliboy
    • Given we've killed off most of our megafauna, we need livestock to generate shit, so there's that at least, in favour of some meat or dairy consumption.Nairn
    • ..unless, of course, environmentalism's ambition is the creation of vast swathes of soya monoculture.Nairn
    • So many Americans get triggered by word Vegan. What a dull bunch.utopian
  • mugwart0

    Talking about this with my finance today about "deniers" and "believers" - my take is in the irony of the moment is that the world is in such a way that even if there is no such thing about global warming making the correct stance will improve things no end.

    I do get this sort of conspiracy to usher in something terrible, were we are in this point ant time and the lies exposed this has to be taken in as a possible.

    Even the most hardened cynic must now admit that said cooperation are making beyond a healthy credit and they have not the best interests in humanity. Good summary here:…

    Whilst we argue about left and right both changing can help fix so much. So many of these issues can be improved/vapurated by avoiding giving money to these psychopathic cunts.
    Stop buying anything that cuts down a rain forest, yes that means the the dairy/meat industry as its fucking barbaric, avoid plastics when necessary cause we don't need more shit, try going zero waste, make sure you stop buying clothes/items that were slave made. Go get second hand items, build communities, make sure Gardener has his vinyls, fucking smile and be kind to your fellow man/women etc. Stop putting faith in politics its a fucking joke left and right.
    Something big is about to happen, 1000 meter waves or alien over lords or a Orwellian society but by being a fucking human being, we can get through this.

    Not ranting I promise, just my thinking - we all are arguing for one right belief/answer but the joke is everyone has a belief system and its the most incredible thing (yes some people think the world is flat and yes that is silly) but it makes us whom we are as a whole and the interactions with people that make it interesting. Shit we have Terry Pratchett cause of this. Look at his influences. Tolkien the same. Winnie the fucking pooh, one man watching his kid play with teddies and is include in Buddhist texts and look at the positive effects for mental health exposure. All these people were being honest with their emotions.

    The irony being we all are educated to think we should achieve only one 'correct one view' instead of accepting a million interesting slightly wonky ones.
    Example I love the Corbett report, do I think he is a messiah, no. Right about everything no, right about some areas, spot on.

    Yes this whole global warming thing might be fake, no it probably isn't - maybe its going to be okay - but until we all start fucking growing up and taking serious actions right or wrong we are fucked regardless.

    If we are in a sinking ship how are you going to look into our kids eyes and tell them what you did in this moment.

    Then again I'm a just a goth anarchist from Watford!

    And I promise this block of black test isn't a rant.

  • Bluejam3

    “He is exactly the wrong person to be in this job of enforcing regulations to protect our environment.”…

  • Fax_Benson1

    It does seem that there's a distinction in most peoples' minds between the fossil fuel emissions / temperature rise issue and the wider issue of pollution in general.

    The hardcore climate deniers can't and won't be won over with data. But the same people get properly narked if their local river is full of chemicals. As a demographic they're naturally inclined to be pro-animal (in a hunting kind of way), outdoor types. Big business fucking up the environment ought to be right up their political funnel.

    These big UN-sponsored dossiers of doom may be designed to shock people into action but they seem to have the opposite effect on lots of people. It all fits too easily in to the liberal / green / conspiracy narrative. Maybe blurring the lines and localising the debate on to dying habitats and plastic chaos (in the news currently in the UK currently) is the way to get people on side.

    • stating the obvious, really.
      Public opinion is the only thing that will drive policy. Make it a vote-winner.
    • CO2 turns critters queer. Oil is Islamic.....Fax_Benson
    • uk has always been docile though - its been our education to sleep.mugwart
  • uan0

    from the report headline statements:…

    D5. Limiting the risks from global warming of 1.5°C in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication
    implies system transitions that can be enabled
    by an increase of adaptation and mitigation investments,
    policy instruments, the acceleration of technological innovation and behaviour changes.'s not that they don't know what to do or how to do it.
    it's about implementing the plan.
    now how do you convince elected and non elected leaders of modern societies worldwide to root for it...

  • mugwart1

    We are all pretty pissed off but I'm wondering what anyone here has actually done to help reduce the impact?

    Most people here take the piss out of vegans etc.

    I'm expecting down-votes and "whats one person going to do" or the "its governments responsibilities"

    • I don't drive and I recycle everything I can obsessively. I do my best to avoid contributing, but you're right, not much any one person can "do."monospaced
    • Don't drive, stop eating meat. If everyone did this it would go a huge way towards solving the problem.yuekit
    • I drive one of my 3 vehicles to my job where we produce vinyl and other plastic products for the disposable smartphone industry.imbecile
    • I don't drive, organised my life as locally as possible. try to keep hardware as long as possible. recycle waste. keep my consumption habits in check.uan
    • that said, i recycle so much that there is half a bag of trash or less every week for the garbage manimbecile
    • Sad fact that the "whole recycling thing" is a fraud. Barely nothing is getting recycling, 90% of recyclables are being thrown into landfills.utopian
    • 90% may be high... https://www.nytimes.…imbecile
    • we burn it here, generates (and pollutes) about 76kg C02 / MWh Heat ...population don't know about it, think recycling is clean.uan
    • most of us are so fucking poor that we inadvertently contribute by our simple lifestyles alone... ... if you want any 'real' change it has to happen w/big bizPonyBoy
    • I don't eat meat. Don't use plastic bags. Drink my own piss.set
    • I pontificate on internet forums.Nairn
    • Wait wait wait... hold up... Hold up. Someone just said "drink my own piss"...
    • All us Brits do. Have done for years.
      Why do you think you Yankeedoodles mock our teeth so?
    • https://media.giphy.…pango
    • I mean... What for????!?!? Water shortage?!?!?pango
    • That pic of set... Well, it's not beer he's drinkingsarahfailin
    • Piss is the best tasting thing in this stinking country!mugwart
    • surprised no one mentioned sourcing good food from farmers, avoiding supermarkets, boycotting certain shops/cooperation, never touching anything with palm oil.mugwart
    • https://www.wearefin…pango
    • What's wrong with Palm oil?pango
    • Palm oil production is a rape on the environment.monospaced
    • Nothing's wrong with Palm Oil per se, other than the catastrophic clearing of old forests to sustain increased demand.Nairn
    • Also, Orangutans..…
    • meanwhile druglords going solar:
    • I'm happy with my carbon footprintdocpoz
    • I stomp out the homeless on the reg. Keeps the population down.cannonball1978
    • Like utopian said - recycling is a fraud in most places. Most areas are not equipped to properly separate waste for recycling properly....microkorg
    • ... companies claiming recycling packaging can be a lie too. Coffee cups from outlets for example, it might say recyclable on the (paper) cup, but the inside...microkorg
    • ... is lined with a plastic which in fact means it cannot be recycled with paper.microkorg
    • Only drive my 18 year old year european stupidly small car when the bus drivers are on strike, like now... Eat food from local producers, included meat...OBBTKN
    • Recycle everything, compost organic waste, try not to use plastics and follow a frugal way of life...OBBTKN
    • But it's not a new fashion thing, me, my family and friends lived this way all the time, going vegan now on your 20, 30, 40's is just stupid...OBBTKN
    • What kind of life have they lived until now? Meh!!OBBTKN
    • Pango meet sarcasm. Sarcasm; Pango.set
    • LolHayoth
    • Ya I'm terrible with sarcasm.pango
    • I do my part. I don't drive a car since most of my life (only briefly for 1 year). Live minimalist lifestyle, organic foods, little waste as possible.NBQ00
    • I had a vegan pizza last nght.

      Never again.
    • Fuck sake I'm dating a vegan and needed pizza while drunk at 1am last night. Vegan pizza at 1am is not a thing. Suffice to say, we went hungry.set
    • Yeah, it led to me being way drunker than anticipated. I'd argue it almost made me less full than if I'd just drank more booze.Nairn
    • ugh... I tried the vegan cheese option on our pizza the other night w/the wife... never fucking again indeedPonyBoy
    • I've not flown for 10+ yearsRanger
    • Oh and not had kidsRanger
    • vegan cheese is amazing if you get the good stuff... dire if not. Taste of fucking oil.mugwart
    • Sorry, no. I know someone who handcrafts very well respected stuff and it's still piss-poor compared to real cheese - even crappy American-style 'mozzarella'Nairn
    • Whoever cracks the solution to synthetic/ man-made/ brewed/ vat-grown/ whatever cheese and eggs will make gajillions. We're nowhere near there yet.Nairn
    • (I'm responding to your use of 'amazing' in this context, btw. I really wish there were simply even 'adequate' options).Nairn
    • Also, I'm really not sure that oil imports from massive palm and coconut plantations are any better than grass-fed local UK dairy, in environmental terms.Nairn
    • The value of animal shit on fields is vastly under-appreciated. One of the reasons Africa's in dire straits is because Whitey killed off so many elephants...Nairn
    • Yep. Dairy free milk and ice cream alternatives are genuinely better than cow stuff now imo, but cheese isn't anywhere near there yetset
    • seriously check this brand out: https://www.planetor…
      They follow the conventional method just with cashew milk.
    • your right about animals needed to shit on fields and about the oils. Vegans need to check the contents as much as everyone elsemugwart
  • sted2
    • tnx for the sauceuan
    • good read as a little common sensedeathboy
    • id even go farther in looking at our data methods and very small amount of time and compare them to methods of measuring stock markets on small time framesdeathboy
    • lets say u measure the dow jones for th last 100 years. and u establish a median over the time you probably be around 12000, or half of its current value.deathboy
    • but reality and many man different variables adjust things and medians are safe assumptions but not reality.deathboy
    • i think ppl are replacing god, hope and faith they use to find in church and scripture with data models and stats. its simply a new religiondeathboy
    • why do people choose religion? hope in a better future. why do people choose to beleive data models or scripture they know nothing about. hope in a better futurdeathboy
    • security vs freedom. world is very very simpledeathboy