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  • mg330

    This is such a stupid question and point of confusion but I'll ask anyways.

    My office just moved a few weeks ago into temporary WeWork space while a new office is built out. They have free iced green tea here all day, which I'm now drinking all day long and probably never filling up my water bottle.

    So... since it's primarily water, and the recommendations per day are X liters of water... does drinking tea all day still suffice for getting that amount of water?

    • Water requirements =
      any liquid - any diuretic effect
    • Water requirements are just about acknowledging thirst and always having something on hand to quench it.
      Let your bladder be your guide.
    • webmd says "The diuretic effect does not offset hydration"…imbecile
    • Here's the thing with green tea: if — assuming you're also exercising — you're looking to burn fat, green tea is excellent for that.Continuity
    • yep, definitely drinking it for that reason, healthier skin, etc.mg33
    • i more meant booze or espresso or filthy-strong tea where it comes to diuretics. Point being, enjoy drinking.
    • no warning for caffeinated beverages but they do say avoid alcoholimbecile
    • i drink 2-3 liters of green tea almost every day in 500ml batches. BUT i make that tea using filters proper lemonand stuff, i can't drink these fake things :Dsted
    • I'm afraid that they put shit into these composite drinks like sugar substitute... which leads straight to diabetes, also what Continuity saidsted
    • I've read it's nearly impossible to overconsume green tea and that as far as we know health benefits continue to go up the more you consume.nb
    • But if it has any other ingredients than pure green tea, you would want to regulate your consumption.nb
    • That's great nb because I'm averaging a couple gallons of it each day. :Dmg33
    • You know, bourbon is about 50% water...monNom
    • Taiwan High mountain Organic expensive Oolong tea - once you try, there's no going back...shapesalad
    • there are different types of caffeine molecules, those in green tea and 'more calm' than the artificial crap they put in coke a cole lah.shapesalad
    • One thing to note about green tea - it really stains your teeth in the long run compared to black tea / coffee.shapesalad
    • I'm in a WeWork too, there's free beer. I'm including that for sure.MrT
    • @nairn if you wait until you're thirsty you waited too long. You have STAY hydrated, not wait until your body is below par and asking for water.zarkonite
    • and green tea has no effect on weight loss: https://nccih.nih.go…zarkonite
    • "Green tea extracts haven’t been shown to produce a meaningful weight loss in overweight or obese adults. They also haven’t been shown to help people maintainzarkonite
    • a weight loss."zarkonite
  • cbass994

    My dad (76 years old) and I were at a PGA golf tournament a few weeks ago. I asked him to take a picture of me, he was having trouble because his screen was so dim and he couldn't see it very well, he tries to save battery on his phone because its an older version iPhone, and it was super sunny out.

    So, he thinks he's taking a picture...the next day, he emails me telling me that when he though he was taking the picture, he actually bought $23k of bitcoin off the Coinbase app!!!

    He had no idea how he did it. I couldn't stop laughing when he told me this. He ended up transfering half back into his savings and letting the other coin roll..I would of put it all risky.

    • a camera app that buys bitcoins......pango
    • casually drops 23k.. lolautoflavour
    • your dad must have some spare cash haha, nicepedromendez
    • it was his whole savings account.cbass99
    • wtflvl_13
    • There's about 10 steps for buying that and that includes entering a 2FA code I don't think its possible. Maybe someone hacked his account?Beeswax
    • Pango is using google translate ahgaha
      why did the had Coinbase installed?
    • What's most impressive about this is that your 76 yo dad is bitcoining!microkorg
    • At what price?drgs
    • Beeswax, actually, it's like 2 buttons and you can trade on Coinbase. Drgs, I think at 11k.cbass99
    • As life goes online, and we all get older - imagine when you're 80 and you endup closing all your bank accounts, uploading all your porn to your family sharedshapesalad
    • photo album, and using all your savings to invest in moon mining - when all you wanted to dow as check the weather app for that day....shapesalad
    • i dont think this is/should be possible :)api
  • HijoDMaite2

    Just went from iPhone 7plus to the iPhone Xr

    It’s too fucking skinny
    Every app is making renter passwords
    I miss my home button
    The notch is dumb af
    I don’t know what I’m doing
    I purposely bought yellow one lol
    I miss the home screen

    That’s is all.

    • you get used to it... everytime I goto use someone's non-X iphone I feel all clumsy / confused cuz all the new stuff is missingPonyBoy
    • No worries, Apple will have a new model out later this year that you can upgrade to that will not work any better.utopian
    • I've been holding off... still on a 6s. maybe next year will eventually upgrade.inteliboy
    • Ok I love it now. I can reach across with my thumb easily. Easier to grip too.HijoDMaite
  • Nairn6

    Was about to send off a revised client file, then realised it was only 9 minutes since they emailed their feedback. I'll wait for an hour before re-sending.

    I'm too fucking brilliant and quick at this shit for my own good.

    • I do that but then forget to send itFax_Benson
    • Not all heroes wear capes @Nairn.

      Make 'em wait.

    • ;DNairn
    • Sandbagging is a good designer's secret weapon.DRIFTMONKEY
    • An hour? Thats a client. Wait a fn day.cannonball1978
    • Ha. I usually let it sit for a bit too.dbloc
    • Don't want to impress them.freedom
    • Schedule the email so you don't forget.zarkonite
    • ya schedule that stuff.pango
    • I compromised and sent it out after 45 minutes. @Freedom - I don't need to try and impress, I've worked with them for over a decade.Nairn
    • This is why agencies are endangered and clients are bringing the work inhouse.i_monk
    • we do this in-house toomonospaced
    • There's another side to this to - said client has high artistic aspirations for his business. If I'd sent it back quick, even if perfect, he'd felt...Nairn
    • ...nngh - "he'd've felt" even - that I'd not given it due consideration and thought and found things wanting.and sent it back with amends.Nairn
    • Little did he realise I'd already done something similar for another client, and have more extensive guidelines drawn out for his brand than he knows about :)Nairn
  • Maaku3

    "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

    Been expecting them since Kony 2012, what happened to these so-called powerful nerds?

  • mg333

    I’ve misplaced or lost a silver ring I wear on my right hand, that is incredibly special to me. My sister had it on when she died in 1995; since I got it in the week following her funeral there hasn’t been a single day I’ve not worn it. I have enough anxiety as it is but this is freaking me out. Thought I was going to have a panic stack last night. If is incredibly special to me, possibly more than my wedding ring.

    And the oddity of it is, if either that ring or my wedding ring are off, they’re both off. It’s unlikely that I wold just take one off, and I’m worried it slipped off somewhere and that it’s lost. Can’t even retrace my steps because when I noticed it missing it was 8:30pm and I can’t figure out if and where I ever took both rings of in the 3-5 hours before that.

    And I keep fidgeting for it on my hand and I’m so distracted by it not being there.

    • It's not lost, it's there.robotron3k
    • The most frustrating part is that I don’t make mistakes like this. I’m meticulous in where I keep them and when I take them off.mg33
    • buy a metal detector and retrace your last 24 hours since you saw it lost.shapesalad
    • ^
      my partner lost a valuable watch that was given to her by a family member - she 'secreted it somewhere secureyl at home'. I suggested we buy a detector
    • think about what you did, washed dishes so took it off, put in cupboard so wouldn't fall into sink? did something you don't usually do that equal'd dirty hands?prophetone
    • let it go. the memory of your sister is what you value. buy a new ring in her name and throw it in the middle of a lake, so you never forget where it is.uan
    • Found it! It was in between my daughter’s top sheet and bottom sheet at the foot of her bed. Must have slipped off when I was changing her sheets.mg33
    • Do Uans lake thing anyway, i liked that - its a good idea. Go uan! Nice job finding it too :)pedromendez
    • I had anxiety reading this.shellie
    • misplaced, it should be localcanoe
    • Cheers on the happy ending!garbage
  • Nairn1

    Just walked back from The Shop, which is along one of North London's busiest roads - especially at this time in the evening.

    I hear a bird squawking and to my right, in the middle of the dual carriageway plops this small bird followed very quickly after by a hawk of some kind. My first thought was that the first bird was a hawkling and the second was its mother, but no, it very quickly becomes evident that one is dinner for the other.

    The smaller bird spirals around on the road as the hawk quickly dives down and then flys straight up as a car drives over its prey. I cringe and think fuck! The Hawk swoops down again for another shot, but again has to evade another car that drives over the smaller bird. At this point I'm wondering how completely unlucky this little fucker is.

    The hawk swoops one more time, grabs its prey and then flies pretty much straight into the side of a van that's flying past in the inner lane.

    Prey flits around in circles for portions of a second as the hawk tries one more go - and then from God only knows where gains the strength to fly off the road and into foliage, chased closely by the hawk that's now quite lost its dinner to a bush.

    This probably all took like 8 seconds as a ginger fuckwit gesticulated wildly and over-dramatically from the pavement as he watched on and mentally flitted from "What can I do?" to "it's nature, let it take it's course" to "that hawk's going to get smashed.. what can I do?".

    Itw as all quite impressive.

    As I walked past the bush, a magpie's going fucking spastic, even more dramatic than I. The pussy.

    • No way. What was it? Sparrowhawk? Kestrel?Fax_Benson
    • Not sure what it was - it was plainly coloured. Looking at Google now, perhaps a Kestrel. I coudla sworn Kestrels had more blue on them? Female?Nairn
    • I remember seeing a hawk eating a pigeon alive once. It had eaten loads of it's back away and I could see the pigeons insides. the pigeon looked up at me, butPhanLo
    • there wasn't anything I could do. What a way to go.PhanLo
    • I didn't stress in my poorly-related tale here how amazed I was when both the hawk and its prey were completely unfazed by having twatted into the side of a vanNairn
    • I have been thinking for years that road networks are probably one of the biggest fuckers-over of natural environment. The entire country's fractured.Nairn
    • I once broke a much-loved Le Creuset skillet putting a pigeon out of its misery after I'd watched a cat gnaw its face.
      Iron shatters dramatically.
    • Fucking useless cat.Nairn
    • beautiful in it's own wayFax_Benson
    • itsFax_Benson
    • Saw a seagull feasting on a pigeon, right in the middle of financial area near Chancery Lane. Metaphoric.shapesalad
    • There's a book in that..Nairn
    • You can't puss up your life in 8 seconds... unless you're on acidcanoe
  • grafician0

    ok, so randomly while watching a show and having a beer, with enough light in the room, and 2-3 mosquitoes doing circles on me (I stay near a park), while I was checking my phone, one of them suddenly landed on my left pointer finger - for a second I wanted to squash it, then I realised I might be a witness to a mosquito attack and let it carry on...out of curiosity

    so at first, the mosquito used its main legs to set itself up better on my finger...then he set its pump/tongue on my skin, gently pushing and pushing it to go through the epiderma...

    all this while it waved it’s two antennas - at first both of them, then just the right one buzzing, kinda like in a signal to other mosquitos in my area that maybe she’s set and ready to continue the attack - then with its tongue, she pressed and pressed until I felt an acute pointy acke feeling like I was being stung...just like a bee sting, but waaay more gentle - but still felt it and got an “aaahcke!” sensation - all this while observing the creature and not moving a bit...then it just kept pushing and pushing thru’ my skin until she must of got under the skin layer to the blood vessels and while there, she again signaled with it’s right antenna to whoever was around that she got a byte...

    From that moment on she used all its legs to push firmly into my skin and dug deeper with its tongue to reach a blood vessel and slowly started pumping...I watched all this from a range of 5-10cm, trying to be as still as possible to just watch and observe its behaviour...

    She got to a blood vessel in the end and slowly started sucking...I could see its body pushing and sucking to draw blood from my body - its belly slowly starting to fill with blood...up until she got maybe a half-full belly with my blood...

    then I put an end to this madness, squashed the creature and left some blood on my finger with its dead body...I went to wash out and kept thinking - mosquitoes are actually communicating while attacking a victim - maybe to signal “ok fuckers, this one is mine, stay away while I feed” or something, but def they are signalling to the other mosquitoes “something”...

    As I’ve read, only the females mosquitoes attack as they need blood from mammals for its protein and iron needed to produce eggs and perpetuate the species

    These fuckers are here since the Jurassic era and yeah in Jurassic Park they’ve used some of the blood to get DNA and clone dinosaurs so maybe in the distant future some kind of new intelligent and more evolved species will use that to clone us after we let capitalism destroy us in the next century...

    Anyway...thought of sharing this with you ‘cuz I really can’t publish this little “story” in Nature and call it a day...

    the main conclusion being these creatures are really at an intelligent level and have a complex communication/signalling strategy to talk with each other - the females - while feeding to perpetuate their species

    p.s. ref from wikipedia…
    p.p.s Also I’ve read today randomly that Avon’s Skin So Soft lotion repels mosquitoes and if you have blood type 0 you're basically a magnet to these creatures
    p.p.p.s. I might regret posting this on a public forum, but until we can delete QBN posts the show must go on, in the interest of Science!

    • *shegrafician
    • it turns out that no, mosquitos aren’t intelligent and their communication, if any exists, isn’t complex. nothing to worry aboutmonospaced
    • you now have malariaimbecile
    • lol It was just an observationgrafician
    • *might email discovery to turn this into a show*grafician
    • crazy u saw it turn from a he to a she. true gender fluidity.deathboy
    • who says she's communicating - maybe she's using antenna to detect movement in environmentshapesalad
      *zips fly back up*
      That was just getting good.
    • No regertscannonball1978
    • Cool story bro :)pedromendez
    • I’ve heard, if you hold them down when they’re feeding, they can’t stop sucking blood and they burst.spunji
    • Great story! Was compelled. Why kill her? Do the Right Thingsarahfailin
    • Dengue.maquito
  • freedom-5

    Best way to get $100?

  • freedom-5

    Got an email from an old coworker who I was friendly with but haven't talked to in at least a year.

    I Googled her quick and was surprised she got a new job.

    In my response email, I told her, I saw that she got a new job, and her response was "that's creepy".

    So it's creepy now that I Googled and looked at the Linkedin page of an old coworker.

    • Ya creep! jkbezoar
    • She has a boyfriend, creep. You can’t give just any woman $100 to date you.imbecile
    • Woman, put casually put down men tend to be "#LosersLadies". Unemployed, lots of roomates, money/emo probs, fat, etc. There are lots of loser ladies out thererobotron3k
    • You should have responded in a short sentence, "Don't flatter yourself, I was just surprised someone would even hire you."robotron3k
    • "Sorry I was curious to know if you were still at x, so I checked your LinkedIn and was happy to see you had moved on. Apologie, now realise it was creepy"shapesalad
    • Don’t explain shit. Just start sending her floral arrangements to her job along with objects she used to touch while working together. Costs about $100futurefood
    • get a bear. leave it next to her. start leaving notes in the bear's voice.imbecile
    • hahah robo.

      @imbecile - damnit - I came here to suggest sending a bear!
    • Actually, I'm loling at Robo's second comment, not the first. Definitely not the first.Nairn
    • Haha send a bear!!!!robotron3k
    • Tell her the lord jesus told you about her new job and you've prayed for her and if she wishes to find jesus you are here for her.shapesalad
    • Why did she email u to begin with?autoflavour
    • Send her a teddybear with a note saying it misses her.Maaku
  • pango1

    So I walked right pass Jack White today. Gosh, he is pale....

  • imbecile0

    This thing. I’ve thrown every part and cleaning / maintenance option I can at it. Why tf does my #3 cylinder die and resurrect while riding? :(

  • freedom0

    Just sent a gmail email in "plain text mode" by accident and it did all the stupid line breaks for no reason.

    Now when it's read in the recipient's phone, it's gonna look messed up.


  • PonyBoy2

    Just found out my young buddy (barely 25) has testicular cancer. :( Doctors have already removed one testical and he's just completed his first round of chemo. He's only 25 ffs... this really sucks.

    I had just texted him to see what he's been up to as he's been fairly distant lately... the silence now makes sense. :(

    His attitude is OUTSTANDING though... this is how he responded to me when I went hunting for him earlier today:

    "Hey dude! I'm actually in the hospital! 4th day of my first round of chemotherapy! Got testicular cancer! But I'm winning this shit dude. Walk in the park really. It was bad at first but they got me on all the drugs and shit. This is nothing for a young man like me. I'll be done with this in a couple months. They took one of my nuts but I got one left and a gnarly scar to tell the ladies haha"

    I'd be scared out of my mind (and I'm sure he's sugar-coating his reality a bit so folks like me don't get all sappy and annoy the fuck out of him w/our 'worry').

    Kiss and hug your friends, friends... love you guys (even if you hate me). <3

    • damn... that's young. Did his lifestyle indicate an increased risk?shapesalad
    • Like Lance Armstrong... Sending positive vibes his way. Indeed appreciate your friends.robotron3k
    • Three of my close friends all have different types of cancer, all in different stages. It seems like everyone in my life is either sick or dying.utopian
    • And I lost my best friend last year, my mom. This is fucking a depressing. Just be there for your friend PonyBoy, that's all you can do!utopian
    • sorry to hear utop. hope they pull through.
      pony - all the best to your friend, cliche I know but if caught early the odds are good.
    • Not sure, shape... only just found out. :(

      Yeah, 'topes... that's good advice... and sorry for all your loss, dude <3
    • is he an avid bicyclist?hotroddy
    • Testicular cancer is most common in young men. https://blog.dana-fa…voiceof
    • i am not sure but i was told that this kind of cancer can be cured in many cases today. anyway hope he will get better soon.api
  • shapesalad0

    I went to the supermarket today (a Waitrose but it's same story with all of them) and noticed...

    • The entire cheese aisle = everything is covered in plastic, except the brie.

    • Meat section = all plastic packaging.

    • Fish section = all plastic packaged.

    • Ham/Salami section = all plastic packets, plastic wrap.

    • Yoghurt and deserts = all plastic containers.

    • Bread/Pastry = all plastic packaged except 20% in house bakery stuff.

    • Breakfast Cereals all in plastic bags(inside cardboard boxes) except Organic Irish oats in paper sack.

    • Frozen section = all in plastic except a few items such as pre roll pastry.

    • fruit / veg section, a good 80% in various types of plastic packaging, mostly a plastic tray with plastic bag around it.

    There's something very wrong about all this plastic, this single use plastic.

    Especially when you consider how much plastic is in the ocean, and how much gets dumped in each day - how it's ending up inside the stomachs of seabirds, fish and marine life.

    Then add to it the knowledge that plastic containers are contaminated with micro particles of plastic:…

    All this plastic wrapped food can't be good for humans and the environment in the long run.

    But it's so hard to buy foods not in plastic. I managed to get the Oats and Brie, some loose fruits/veg...All the biscuits were plastic wrapped. KitKats aren't within a multipack, but the overall pack is plastic wrapped. Will have to bake my own biscuits - was able to buy flour, butter, sugar, honey, oats and chocolate in non plastic packaging.

    Really hard to go 1 week without consuming something that's been inside plastic. Really hard to reduce you plastic waste output.

    • I remember in Beijing, yoghurt coming in ceramic pots, with a paper cover and rubber band holding paper on. Pots were washed and reused again.shapesalad
    • Would be great to see that in UK. And other alternatives.shapesalad
    • With the story below, surely all this increase in plastic wrapped food has some correlation to cancer rates increasing...shapesalad
    • Incredibly hard, I’ve been trying for a few months now.futurefood
    • There are no alternative materials reallydrgs
  • pango6

    I have not been drinking for 3 weeks now! WTF!

    • https://media.giphy.…utopian
    • Everyone's like"congrats for no booze for 3 weeks!"
      No! I just forgot about it!
    • see you don't need it. I was like that for me a while until last weekend visiting Hamburg made me remember how shitty it is the feeling next day.Beeswax
    • I had the exact same experience in Hamburg about a month ago. Fun little city.noRGB
    • of course i don't need it. i'm not alcoholic! i just really like alcohol!pango
    • ^lolmaquito
  • pango1

    Also my phone is magic.
    Left my house with 50% battery.
    Now it has 75%... Wtf

    • Or maybe I've been trying to make up for 3 weeks of not drunkingpango
    • Yes. Drunking is a word now.pango
    • Maybe it backwards.. 75% emptyautoflavour
  • autoflavour0

    my new Dolch DSS keycaps arrived today.. super happy..
    only problem now is my aesthetic radar is going batshit with the white switches below..

    but given the cost so far, I will just deal with it..

    but yep, new keys are so nice to touch.. they are slightly textured and just feel so much nicer to type on than the smooth keys of my MacBook Pro or the old Mac keyboard.

    its a totally different experience.

  • autoflavour3

    oh, I forgot..

  • eighteen0

    Overwhelmed by professional jealousy today.