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    Why tf is Trump taking credit and talking like a little bitch on a pulpit. fml he's such a gawdam embarrassment.

    • iam so tired of him and iam not living the USBennn
    • i loved the fist pump for elon musk :)
      C Y B E R B R O S
    • His mic had that dictator on a pedestal reverb.sea_sea
    • His tone tho wtfff LMAOsea_sea
    • oh yes, the reverb was epic!renderedred
    • rocket launch requires the presidents signature, so thats why lolsted
    • A signature that looks like a bunch of Klansmen masturbating in a corn field.garbage
    • ^ lolyuekit
    • spot on @garbagerenderedred
    • lolneverscared
    • haha, love it!formed
  • dbloc3

    • still don't see why they're hell-bent on landing it vertically, so much can and does go wrong. Land it horizontally FFS._niko
    • I mean it does look cool and its a great feat, but there are way to many variables to go wrong and it does._niko
    • and i don't really get the "it needs to be reusable" argument, they can land horizontally safely, then prop it back up for launch and re-use it._niko
    • 'cause the way they're going now it definitely isn't reusable either lol_niko
    • It's the height of a 15 story building.shapesalad
    • Next time you walk in the city, and you see a 15 story building, imagine it taking off and landing vertically.shapesalad
    • I work with a few Data Scientists who used to work on rockets (and now work on real time credit fraud prediction) - The reason for the vertical landing is...orrinward2
    • ...largely due to how the rockets are built for strength. Their are most resistant to pressure/force vertically (the bullet shape), and landing horizontally...orrinward2
    • ...largely due to how the rockets are built for strength. Their are most resistant to pressure/force vertically (the bullet shape), and landing horizontally...orrinward2
    • apparently significantly harder with reverse thrust, because it puts extreme force on an axis that isn't built for it.orrinward2
    • @_niko it's crazy that they don't consult with you on this first! ;-)Krassy
    • I still say a giant baseball mitt is the way forward with these usable rockets...shapesalad
    • they need the vertical landing to be able to land on mars and the moon and stuff.uan
    • a giant parachute ought to do itKrassy
    • or a giant trampolineKrassy
    • Lol@krassy yeah for sure I’m also available for vaccine advice, covid advice, global warming and a bunch of other things I know nothing about :)_niko
    • It all comes down to mass & usable payload. Could probably land horizontally, but vertical is for sure more efficient.inv
    • As mention, load on the structure. But also center of mass. To do it propulsively, you would need engines in both ends. Not very efficient.inv
    • That said, the shuttle landed horizontally. Starship is built to land where lift generating wings will not work (mars etc).inv
    • They can’t land horizontally until we build runways on Mars and moonhotroddy
    • yea this rocksStoicLevels
    • the shuttle landed horizontally. but had to be launched attached to a rocketESKEMA
    • how about retractable legs that are roughly 1/2 the length of rocket... they fold down and give more stability to the landingMHDC
  • detritus7

    Live view of StarMan

    • QBN Jinx! Buy me a beer!GM278
    • It'd be amusing/terrifying if in a couple of weeks the feed cut off for a second, then came back on and he wasn't there any more.detritus
    • ^Or NASA puts a passenger in the car.GM278
    • Yeah, Elon turns around and starts waving at the camera :)detritus
    • ever notice all footage of space is using a fisheye lens? is the world flat? (jkjk)pockets
    • Crazy cunts. Awesome!BusterBoy
    • That’s like asking why does every landscape photographer use a wide angle lense?err
    • hell yeah!GuyFawkes
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    The picture on the left, showing four rather geeky young men in snazzy sweaters at the 1997 Polish National Maths Olympiad, became one of the biggest memes on the Polish internet a decade or so ago.

    Now it turns out that one of the guys is an engineer at SpaceX who created the software for the Falcon Heavy launch.

    Tomek Czajka:…

  • inv0

    (in a few hours)

    • < THIS is what I came in here for

      Thanks, inv :)
    • Was having tough start to week until I saw this.hotroddy
    • blimey, a car crash of a presentationhans_glib
    • You build it, they'll come. Nice to see first customer. Proof that sometimes you just got to build it to get people wanting it.shapesalad
    • Starts 28:35Hayzilla
    • He’s so awkward yet endearing._niko
    • What a waste of money and resources. Disgraceful. Egomaniacs, both of them.chukkaphob
    • ^ I like that. Means he's human!mugwart
    • what does that mean? "he's human?" Everyone is human. But these 2 are selfcentered wasteful egomaniac CLINTs.chukkaphob
    • exploration is the reason you exist chukka. He is the modern day Magellanhotroddy
    • ^ LMAO!chukkaphob
    • Wasting everyone's resources to achieve something that has already been achieved half a century ago. For one billionaire.mekk
    • It's a creative subsidy for a test flight. Either you get it, or you're against the very idea of developing space travel.
      'SMH' as someone here often says
    • Well, we know how he dies.ShenanigansTV
    • I am absolutely against space tourism. WTF people, we already destroy our own planet by intense traveling, are we exporting pollution to space now as well? smhmekk
    • fuck's sake, space is exactly the best place for pollution - it's Bezos' ambition to promote off-world industrialism, all this is grist to the millNairn
    • I sure hope you live your own life as parsimoniously and sanctinomiously as you imply here... no flights abroad, etc? No wee drives or use of plastic?Nairn
    • Besides which, if the BFR works, it'll burn methane, which can potentially be created carbon-neutrally (indeed, is the point at the Mars end)Nairn
    • btw, when I said 'space travel' I didn't specifically mean 'space tourism', rather the general evolution of that capability.Nairn
    • ^ no flights, <5k ml /year driving, avoiding plastic when possible, yes. no big deal trying to have a low footprint.mekk
    • Aye, likewise, although having a foreign partner who needs to go home twice a year has slightly fucked my intents. yet I think space tech's worth it.Nairn
    • You can visit your partner in space then, wohomekk
    • They will have an orgy in space, and for the first time it won't be pixellatedpinkfloyd
    • so far we haven't found any life - so the pollution argument doesn't hold up.hotroddy
  • face_melter6

    Well, that was genuinely awesome - in the proper sense of the word. Those two boosters landing in unison? Fuck me.

  • detritus3

    At this point he's pretty much lost me. I respect his vision, hard work and what he does productively, but as far as I'm concerned he's an immature pillock, stuck in an inwardly-reflecting bubble, who doesn't appreciate the scope of his bullshit.

    Calling someone out as being a paedo to a worldwide audience (especially given his relationship with someone a lot younger than him) is, frankly, unforgiveable.

    When I first heard my partner mention this to me over dinner last night (she'd had a quick peek at the news before we went in to the restaurant) I had it in mind that this might be the beginning of his unravelling. It probably won't end up amounting to much, but then the public's fickle and a lot more on the side of a 'child saving hero' than a rocket man billionnaire.

    My partner hates him, and thinks I adulate him because I'm so rapt to the tech. Most people aren't like me, or people who post on internet forums.

    What a dick.

    • Give the man some slack. He has flaws like everybody else.inv
    • Check out early interviews with him one youtube. Awkward as hell, but so what.inv
    • Nah, if you have a gobal media presence, you shut your mouth and you DON'T accuse someone of paedophilia. You just don't.detritus
    • In ten years time, Musk's net footprint will be littered with a myriad of all he's done. Diver guy's will be this dive and... an accusation of fucking children.detritus
    • Why did the diver tell Elon to shove his submarine up his ass? The diver was being a dick too, he started a fight for no reason.zarkonite
    • because he probably had a point; nevertheless, there's a gulf of difference between his outburst and Musk's OTT, abusive, slanderous reactiondetritus
    • @detritus +1Krassy
    • I agree he's a dick, but neither of them gets any sympathy from me.zarkonite
    • I've loved Musk, but I agree this is inexcusable. All the other guy did was call "PR Stunt", which is certainly was.formed
    • The diver saved the kids, he can criticize a billionaires useless help if he wants. Musk has no right to say a word besides 'hey, I can prove it'll work.'formed
    • The only good I see out of this is hopefully that diver (assuming he's not really a pedo) will get a HUGE check and laugh about this.formed
    • the dive may have been pissed, as behind the scenes, of a tense rescue, Elon is bothering them with his useless submarine idea.shapesalad
    • Imagine diving with no visibility, in a tight cave that twists and got up and down, having to push/pull a long tube with a child in it.shapesalad
    • you can't see what you're doing, your trying to push it over a rocky incline, while managing all the oxygen supply etc, it's getting stuck... great one Elon.shapesalad
    • It worked fine in that swimming pool. Perhaps Elon can takes his kids caving in it?shapesalad
    • All QBNers are perfect :) Fuck everyone else.robthelad
    • I don't think any QBNer has ever, as a media personality, publicly-accused someone of paedophilia. That's why we have libel laws.detritus
    • or, rather ‘Libel laws exist for a reason’, even if they are often abused.detritus
    • formed: First, the guy didn't dive, he advised the divers. Second, he told musk to stick his submarine up his ass, not just that it was a PR stunt.zarkonite
  • Ramanisky24

    Has anyone noticed this? ....

  • uan7


  • hotroddy4

    • here is the full length. pretty amazinghotroddy
    • pretty fast for 220,500 lbspockets
    • Ready to take you from NY to Tokyo in 30 minutes. Just be prepared for a warm landing.NBQ00
    • how eco friendly are these launches and 'landings?'Krassy
    • ^ ecotrollingcannonball1978
  • PonyBoy7

    “rapid unscheduled disassembly”

    • lolGuyFawkes
    • also, “F the environment! we're important rocket scientists!”Krassy
  • inv2
    • There is even a flat earth optioninv
    • my computer not liking thismilfhunter
    • haha, i wasted a couple of tens of minutes on this earlier today before realising Yes, I actually Do have to go to Work :)Nairn
    • reminded me how difficult the docking maneuver was in Elite.uan
    • Crashed the ISS a few times...grafician
    • This "game" is highly addictive!grafician
    • success! I did it. not bad for 2nd go.shapesalad
    • 3 attempts and I died each time.. guess I'm never going to dock at the ISS everautoflavour
  • utopian1

    The British diver from the Thai cave rescue whom Elon Musk called a 'pedo' is considering suing the billionaire.…

    • why the fuck did he call him a pedo?pango
    • Everyone is still waiting for that explanation. It's a pretty big f'up. No 'sorry, I was off my meds and up for a week' can excuse you from that.formed
    • I wonder if Musk was hinting at Pattaya, the hardcore sex city, where there are shit tons of British/Australian men all around??robotron3k
    • I guess he’s hinting that all old white men hanging around Thailand for an extended period of time aren’t there for the pad Thai._niko
    • We all think the same thing I’m sure but calling someone out like that is fucked up. Given musks wealth and power he can make that accusation true in an instant_niko
    • And robo, I’ve never heard of pattaya that’s some pretty specific info there lol_niko
    • Elon's butt must me really sore, because his submarine was an epic failure so many levels and he got called out on it.utopian
    • Sounds like that guy was living in northern Thailand as a cave diving expert and that's why they recruited him to help. Musk has basically turned into Trump atyuekit
    • this point, pretty sad!yuekit
    • keep defending the underdog as if he didnt cast the first stoneimbecile
    • I think he just accidentally posted in the wrong window, he probably posted the measured response on 4chan.slappy
  • detritus6

    Wow. Seeing those two boosters land at the same time was awe-inspiring.

  • detritus5

    I'm sure a lot of you are already bored by this shit, but I found today's launch particularly impressive for gaining an appreciation for just how much maneuverability there can be in the descent stage.

    • I mean, that thing was still wibbly wobbling at over 500+ km per hour at a kilometre up, yet it hits a fucking bullseye. Amazing.detritus
    • Omg, ufo at 25:15!detritus
    • Awesome stuff. Thanks for postingGM278
    • I'll never get tired of seeing the 1st stage coming back and landing like a pencil standingernexbcn
    • software - one helluva drugfadein11
  • detritus3

    • Easy to forget the scale of this fucking thing.detritus
    • sted
    • wow, it's huge...looked so tiny in the live landing footage.uan
    • fuck thats big!utopian
    • or... equal working rights, they hired midgets?fruitsalad
    • what an absolutely gorgeous landing strut system, beautiful.fadein11
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  • shapesalad4

    • This guy's great. I really want to see what he could do with some *proper* rocket engines, scaled up.Nairn
    • that's so cool_niko
    • Just watched this vid now - he's totally, right about democratisation of his industry, but the iterative software/3d printing/etc applies to so much more too.Nairn
    • Inspiring.

      His YT channel:…
    • Fucking errant comma.Nairn
    • nice hobby.utopian
    • If you could buy a 'toy' rocket that took off and landed exactly like spacex, how much would you be willing to pay? He's gonna make $$$$$$$$'s once he nails it.shapesalad
  • utopian1

    Welp, SpaceX's Starship Prototype Just Blew Up…

    • fuckin' grimes left cooker on the stove again!sted
    • Fail. Fail again. Fail better...grafician
    • Well, we’re still trying to get to space with 1940’s nazi technology..._niko
    • That's also where all our successful rocket technology comes from, dummy.cannonball1978
    • we need rockets to escape earth's gravity, no other means of propulsion can do that - for nowgrafician
    • until we get a space elevatorhotroddy
    • @hot watch Ad Astra for a nice example of thatgrafician
    • yeah, that was a cool scenehotroddy
    • Poor Goddard, Nazis get all the creditNairn
    • Lol my point exactly, there are tons of other theoretical possibilities, a lot cheaper and less dangerous.https://en..._niko
    • https://en.m.wikiped…_niko
    • Where’s our quantum drives dammit! Lol_niko
    • kabooomneverscared
    • I believe we'll need/have some sort of EM mass driver fairly 'soon', if only to shoot water into orbit. Water = fuel, hydration, food crops, radiation shieldingNairn
    • The prob with non-rocket space systems now is the scale and cost of thusfar unproven tech. They'll make more economic sense if a more developedNairn
    • based economy arises - the sort of thing Bezos, to his credit, is envisaging (over Musk's Mars obsession)Nairn
    • This happened a couple of years back..
    • And whilst we're 'still using 40s tech to send rockets into space', the current game-changer is Musk's using 21st C tech to get rockets BACK from space :)Nairn
    • The problem with mass drivers after proving their viability is that they're essentially weapons platforms with inter-continental reach..Nairn
    • also, lol@stedNairn