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  • utopian0

    Elon Musk is a total fraud

    One disastrous tweet has finally revealed Elon Musk for what he is: a fraud.

    Enraged that a British cave diver called his idea to rescue the Thai soccer team for what it was — “a p.r. stunt [with] absolutely no chance of working” — Musk took to Twitter and called him a “pedo.”

    Just like that, Tesla’s market value plummeted by $2 billion.

    Musk has been in business since 2002. His stated goal is nothing short of transforming humanity through his products: his electric cars, space travel, and an underground high-speed Hyperloop system.

    He has yet to succeed at anything but somehow spins every failure into proof of imminent success. His only accomplishment has been this decades-long Jedi mind trick.…

    • lol Maureen Callahan go back to mtv and your other low-level gossip columns.
      The journalist no6513612321 who wants moustks or teslas death.
    • I don't get why you and chukka can even begin to think hes a fraud or a con-man. He's a bit of a prick, sure - but his track record is ..well not terrible.detritus
    • hysterical - in the same way that the rush to call him a genius polymath / saviour of the planet was hysterical.Fax_Benson
    • he just revealed himself to be a dickheadFax_Benson
    • He's a cunt, so what.Chimp
    • This Maureen chick has been super successful! She's already all over Facebook's investment groups. Sad it's so easy to do the click-bait, over-sensationalizedformed
    • bullshit and get recognition. Facebook needs to die, it's killing everything.formed
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  • detritus0

    Meanwhile, as third rate journalists no one cares about get paid by the word for getting kicks in to their betters, an empathically-neutered social idiot's enterprise lands its 'final' version F9 rocket for the second time. In the dark.

    Such con, much fraud!

  • detritus3

    At this point he's pretty much lost me. I respect his vision, hard work and what he does productively, but as far as I'm concerned he's an immature pillock, stuck in an inwardly-reflecting bubble, who doesn't appreciate the scope of his bullshit.

    Calling someone out as being a paedo to a worldwide audience (especially given his relationship with someone a lot younger than him) is, frankly, unforgiveable.

    When I first heard my partner mention this to me over dinner last night (she'd had a quick peek at the news before we went in to the restaurant) I had it in mind that this might be the beginning of his unravelling. It probably won't end up amounting to much, but then the public's fickle and a lot more on the side of a 'child saving hero' than a rocket man billionnaire.

    My partner hates him, and thinks I adulate him because I'm so rapt to the tech. Most people aren't like me, or people who post on internet forums.

    What a dick.

    • Give the man some slack. He has flaws like everybody else.inv
    • Check out early interviews with him one youtube. Awkward as hell, but so what.inv
    • Nah, if you have a gobal media presence, you shut your mouth and you DON'T accuse someone of paedophilia. You just don't.detritus
    • In ten years time, Musk's net footprint will be littered with a myriad of all he's done. Diver guy's will be this dive and... an accusation of fucking children.detritus
    • Why did the diver tell Elon to shove his submarine up his ass? The diver was being a dick too, he started a fight for no reason.zarkonite
    • because he probably had a point; nevertheless, there's a gulf of difference between his outburst and Musk's OTT, abusive, slanderous reactiondetritus
    • @detritus +1Krassy
    • I agree he's a dick, but neither of them gets any sympathy from me.zarkonite
    • I've loved Musk, but I agree this is inexcusable. All the other guy did was call "PR Stunt", which is certainly was.formed
    • The diver saved the kids, he can criticize a billionaires useless help if he wants. Musk has no right to say a word besides 'hey, I can prove it'll work.'formed
    • The only good I see out of this is hopefully that diver (assuming he's not really a pedo) will get a HUGE check and laugh about this.formed
    • the dive may have been pissed, as behind the scenes, of a tense rescue, Elon is bothering them with his useless submarine idea.shapesalad
    • Imagine diving with no visibility, in a tight cave that twists and got up and down, having to push/pull a long tube with a child in it.shapesalad
    • you can't see what you're doing, your trying to push it over a rocky incline, while managing all the oxygen supply etc, it's getting stuck... great one Elon.shapesalad
    • It worked fine in that swimming pool. Perhaps Elon can takes his kids caving in it?shapesalad
    • All QBNers are perfect :) Fuck everyone else.robthelad
    • I don't think any QBNer has ever, as a media personality, publicly-accused someone of paedophilia. That's why we have libel laws.detritus
    • or, rather ‘Libel laws exist for a reason’, even if they are often abused.detritus
    • formed: First, the guy didn't dive, he advised the divers. Second, he told musk to stick his submarine up his ass, not just that it was a PR stunt.zarkonite
  • detritus1

    Pathetic, isn't it? Even in apology he still has to get his edge in

    "my words were spoken in anger after Mr. Unsworth said several untruths & suggested I engage in a sexual act with the mini-sub, which had been built as an act of kindness & according to specifications from the dive team leader."

    I think I remember reading he had a hard time at school. I can imagine the sort he might've been, and I can begin to imagine why. He'dv'e been the type who, on occasion, people would've stepped back, saw how he was treated and given him another chance... ojly to have been quickly reminded why they hated him in the first place. So Musky went back to his room to prod prod prod his computer, wondering why oh why the world hated him so, quietly ruminating upon his revenge

    What's that 'movement' that was in the news recently? Incels? He's like one of those cunts, but with people generally.

    • Lol +1fadein11
    • I hate that shit - I'm about to apologise unreservedly, but first here's why I shouldn't really have to.Fax_Benson
    • Yeah, it utterly devalues the apology. That's the sort of shit one learns in school ffs.detritus
    • "He'dv'e" tho! is cool! :-)Krassy
    • But yeah, narcissists and megalomaniacs have a hard time "apologizing." Cause, you know, they can do no wrong in the first place. He's lost my respect.Krassy
    • Well, if i'd got it right - "He'd've" - maybe :)detritus
    • "He'd've" is a jewel as well. Will use. ;-)Krassy
    • I don't see the "edge" in this apology at all. He was mad and spoke in anger, and was only trying to do good.monospaced
    • And I'm married, so I know all about the intricacies of a meaningful and proper apology. :)monospaced
    • Okay, I went back and read the whole story. Musk was a total ass and this apology is pretty despicable.monospaced
    • Addicted to outrage.Hayoth
    • His hair transplant has gone to his head.utopian
    • ^ LOL!Krassy
  • Hayzilla-3

    The diver was a dick it has to be said. I agree with the sentiment about Musk using the disaster as a PR stunt. his solution is blatantly gash. I like what Musk is doing for our species. Musk went too far with the pedo went too far. Having said that, with his background in tech and all that $$. I wouldn't be surprised if he hacked his laptop and discovered the guy actually is a pedo.

    • It think there really aren't as many people who are pedo's as it thought. Musk's idea while ok, doesn't consider the narrow bending cave. Berk.shapesalad
    • I'm the Berk. "I think..."shapesalad
    • The diver is getting lawyered up nowPhanLo
    • If you agree with the PR stunt comment, how exactly was the diver being a dick ?d_gitale
    • The diver was being a dick because obviously Musk was trying to help, there's no way it was JUST a PR stunt. The diver was unnecessarily cunt in my opinionset
    • cunty*set
    • @d_git There was no need for him to be so rude on TV. "Shove it up his arse" I believe were his words. Musk is a business man. Can't blame him for seeking PR.Hayzilla
    • I did not say it was purely a PR stunt and that the diver chose the right words.
      But if you agree it was a PR stunt as Hayzilla did in his post, then the
    • harsh response was not surprising. because searching the limelite of a tragic global news event for your own benefit is disgusting.d_gitale
    • but again, I did not perceive his sub as purely a PR stunt and I do not agree with comments from both sidesd_gitale
  • utopian1

    The British diver from the Thai cave rescue whom Elon Musk called a 'pedo' is considering suing the billionaire.…

    • why the fuck did he call him a pedo?pango
    • Everyone is still waiting for that explanation. It's a pretty big f'up. No 'sorry, I was off my meds and up for a week' can excuse you from that.formed
    • I wonder if Musk was hinting at Pattaya, the hardcore sex city, where there are shit tons of British/Australian men all around??robotron3k
    • I guess he’s hinting that all old white men hanging around Thailand for an extended period of time aren’t there for the pad Thai._niko
    • We all think the same thing I’m sure but calling someone out like that is fucked up. Given musks wealth and power he can make that accusation true in an instant_niko
    • And robo, I’ve never heard of pattaya that’s some pretty specific info there lol_niko
    • Elon's butt must me really sore, because his submarine was an epic failure so many levels and he got called out on it.utopian
    • Sounds like that guy was living in northern Thailand as a cave diving expert and that's why they recruited him to help. Musk has basically turned into Trump atyuekit
    • this point, pretty sad!yuekit
    • keep defending the underdog as if he didnt cast the first stoneimbecile
    • I think he just accidentally posted in the wrong window, he probably posted the measured response on 4chan.slappy
  • chukkaphob-2

    Elon Musk is the greatest con man since P.T. Barnum

    • he needs to chil, apologize to the diver heroo, and take a vacatioN!chukkaphob
    • He's may personally be an ass, but this is patently a cretinous comment.detritus
    • which comment?chukkaphob
    • Yours; the one you just posted here.detritus
    • about him being a con man? or that he needs to chill?chukkaphob
    • That he's a conman. At worst he's a gambler who makes use of the system, as does every corporation.detritus
    • He def knows how to sell BS though. He ain't an innovator or a visionary, but instead a con man opportunist/business... with a massive ego.chukkaphob
    • Go on then, how is he a 'con man'?
      Con artists don't deliver, nor ever intend to.
    • Current case in pint -- PR stunt with BS submarine idea. Con job!chukkaphob
    • I'm not sure that you understand the meaning of the word 'con'.detritus
    • not sure you do!chukkaphob
    • con job: an act or instance of duping or swindling. an act or instance of lying or talking glibly to convince others or get one's way.chukkaphob
    • exactly what he was doing. LOLchukkaphob
    • So Tesla, SpaceX, etc., don't do anything, then? I am confused.formed
    • Must be a porn thing.detritus
    • Tesla is nothing new; he just turned it into a business. SpaceX - he just conned the Gov into funding it on a promise we'll be on Mars next year. Anything else?chukkaphob
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  • utopian3

    Now We Know For Sure: Elon Musk Sucks Like All These Jackasses Suck

    "I mean the stuff where Elon Musk called a child-rescuing hero a pedophile because he was upset that a half-ass submarine idea he had was useless."…

    • He's desperate. A couple weeks ago all the sani huts were locked due to non payment at the giga factory. lifts have been repo'd. He needs to get a china influxdeathboy
    • of pre-order money to burn through or he's done.Hell asking contractors to do bidded projects for 50% of cost with promise of more in next round. Reminds medeathboy
    • dotcom days and seeing first hand the hustlers of that era... No way as good as this guy, but same techniquesdeathboy
    • I expect the guy to end up in jail for fraud. Still not even sue why the SEC will block a kodak bitcoin miner but not go after this guydeathboy
  • mekk1

    Stock -$8 since "pedo", that's -2 billion$ for Tesla

    • Once again, the stock market shows how relevant it is. Pedo comments = can't make cars anymore!zarkonite
  • Maaku0

    As soon as he reaches Mars, creates another groundbreaking rocket or the ironman suit, people will forget and move on.

    Pretty much the same way MANY celebrities who fucked up really bad have had it in the past.

    • can't be true, people stopped using oil after the massive spills in the ocean, remember? remember!?imbecile
    • lolMaaku
  • _niko2

    he felt butthurt because his submarine idea wouldn't work so he lashed out at one of the rescuers? lol

    So highly trained rescue divers and seals had no idea what they were doing but Elon Musk did?

    He also suggested an inflatable tunnel would work.

    Then why not a time machine to go back to before the kids entered the cave?

    • Arrogance at its finest.utopian
    • He's pioneering space and revolutionizing car industry. Arrogance is an understatement.hotroddy
  • imbecile-2

    lol at the public's expectation of private citizens that the media uses to make money off of

    • Fancy having an expectation of civility from one of the richest people on the planet.BusterBoy
    • he's very civil, he just doesn't live up to your standards, so you demonize him. I'm fairly certain if we saw all your faults, you're a piece of shit. :)imbecile
  • PhanLo1

    Elon called one of the divers who rescued the kids in Thailand a pedo after he said Elon could stick his rescue sub up his farter.…

    • "if anyone's an expert in sexual attraction to children it's the guy who's dating someone 17 years younger than him" Lolshapesalad
  • robotron3k-1

    Wonder if this is true..?


    Pravda: Elon Musk’s solution for punishing journalists

    For months now, Elon Musk, the billionaire inventor trying to colonize Mars, tunnel under Los Angeles and make electric vehicles mainstream, has been seemingly preoccupied with another obsession: the media.

    What began as frustrated swipes at the press during earnings calls last year blossomed into full-blown fury on Wednesday when Musk attacked the “holier-than-thou” media on Twitter for a litany of perceived abuses. Among them:

    Disproportionately covering automobile deaths involving Tesla.

    Improperly highlighting injuries at his factory.

    And helping to elect Donald Trump.

    The biased coverage has conspiratorial roots, Musk claimed, the result of an advertising alliance between fossil fuel companies and the media.

    Problem is journos are under constant pressure to get max clicks & earn advertising dollars or get fired. Tricky situation, as Tesla doesn’t advertise, but fossil fuel companies & gas/diesel car companies are among world’s biggest advertisers.

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 23, 2018
    [Consumer Reports: Tesla’s Model 3 has ‘big flaws’]

    Musk even offered a solution for fighting back against the negative press coverage, a website called Pravda, “where the public can rate the core truth of any article & track the credibility score of each journalist, editor & publication.”…

  • detritus4

    *phwoar, you dirty, dirty girl.

    Falcon 9 Block 5. This is the one from now on.

    • I was at the Kennedy Space Center in Monday. Missed that shot by a few days.lemmy_k
  • detritus-6

    wtf? Elon's 'giving away' 10K Ethereum, assuming you pay some...…

    "As thanks for your support during the launch, I would like to give away 10,000 Etherеum in return for your commitment. Simply sеnd 0,4-2,0 Еther to the address belоw, and get 4,0-20,0 Ether on yours. Ethereum address and transactions in the real time:"

  • plash2

    Triple-core thrust: 27 Merlin 1D engines power the Falcon Heavy

    Costs about $1Mil each; which is pretty amazing for a heavy lifter.

    full stack

    a conversation (transcript) with Tom Mueller (Chief Technology Officer of Propulsion for SpaceX)…

  • imbecile1