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  • mg333

    My daughter is 9 1/2 and hadn't really learned much about the 4th of July yet in school.

    So we decided to watch a docudrama about it, and told her this was the movie:

    She was blown away. We'd stop and talk about things that were happening, I had to come up with so many hilarious lies on the spot.

    Told her it happened in 1992 when I was in 9th grade and my wife was in 8th grade.

    Told her we call it the Alien War.

    She said, with a little fear "how do we know this won't happen again if it already happened once?"

    Told her it took 20 years to rebuild all the cites and that they used the metal of the destroyed alien ships to rebuild everything.

    She asked "wait, they rebuilt the statue of liberty?" Me: "Well yeah, it's a national icon."

    She said "How have I never heard about this? Why don't people talk about it?" Me: "I think you'll learn about it in 4th grade. And people don't like talking about it, it's such a terrible time in the world's history even if it only lasted three days."

    She surmised that they don't talk about it in school, but probably do in summer school because that's the only time kids are in school around the 4th of July.

    She said "so all the people that always believed aliens aren't real were proven wrong by this movie."

    She was also amazed to find that that part of history is when we learned that aliens weren't all green.

    I am so proud of myself! :D When I confessed it was just a movie, she thought it was pretty hilarious that she believed all of it.

  • YakuZoku16

    My daughter turned 16 today YAY!

    & fuck I'm old.

  • Danish1

  • exador15

    I'm at the Figma con right now, but had a chat with my son who's just found out he's getting 3 awards at Grad... the English award, the Arts award and the Theatre award, plus graduating with honours...

    that, on top of winning the provincial award for best play, best writing and directing....

    I could not POSSIBLY be prouder :)

    can't wait to see what he does next in college in September...

    to say he went out on a high-note is an understatement lol....

  • ideaist16

  • ideaist1

    Last day of Grade 4 & SK!! ❤️

  • skwiotsmith4

    Kiddo is now riding on two wheels! She and I did a six mile ride yesterday in fact!

  • DaveO0

    @stoplying – my 9 year old has gotten into footy and i came late to a match the other week. Saw him running down the wing, shouting "CROSS IT!" to his mate. Cross comes in, and he belted it right past the keeper so fast it pulled the clip off the net and went right through. Super proud moment and even better that i was just observing him being natural and himself...

    I grew up hating football so much but having him get pleasure out of it is alright with me!

  • stoplying20

    My 11 year old son, who I coach in soccer, scored the game winning goal yesterday against a previously unbeaten team. He plays left back and took the ball off a midfielder, dribbled up to just outside the 18 yard box, and hammered low right footed shot into the bottom corner of the net to get the win. 30 seconds later the ref blew his whistle to end the game. To see the look of elation on his face as his teammates rushed him, hugging and celebrating with him, made me so happy for him. it was the last game of the season and his team finished fourth in the table, but the whole team was on cloud nine yesterday!

    • 'Atta boy!ideaist
    • coaching must eat into your work time but it pays off in the endhotroddy
    • Best feeling in the world! Congrats!_niko
    • Well that put a smile on my face, you must have been grinning from ear to ear! Congrats :)BuddhaHat
    • I hope you went: "GOOOLLLAAZZOOOOOO...pseud
    • Fuck yes, that's some wholesome imagery.garbage
  • imbecile1

    (not so) proud dad

  • oey_oey37

    My second child was born early in the morning on the 2nd of March.

    After three days of short contractions with 10 minutes interval suddenly it went up the hill and after one hour and a half it was over.

    My partner took a paracetamol around 11pm...fucking respect no matter how it would come out, women are beasts in the best positive way possible.

    We are very happy and our 4 year old daughter is just really up there to have a little sister.

    • "really up there full of happiness joy"oey_oey
    • Congrats! Mine are also 4 years apart :)
    • congrats Oeyutopian
    • I'm sooo fucking tired...hahaha!oey_oey
    • but can't complain you know, my partner only slept the evening after cause she was full of hormones, joy and adrenaline...oey_oey
    • ...fucking hell!oey_oey
    • Congrats!PhanLo
    • Congrats! I don't have to tell you because I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times but the second kid isn't twice the work, it's 10x the work. godspeed! :)_niko
    • Congratulations! My kids are only two years apart but the second one did NOT feel like 2x the work at all. And you’ll be surprised how much you forgot aboutnb
    • Congrats oey, enjoy the best years in your life! <3OBBTKN
    • congrats!ok_not_ok
    • Welcome to child ownership AGAIN!!! 2 and through bud. Godspeed to you and yours. : )ideaist
    • Congrats! I have two myself, the later was born in June. Two kids is greatrobotinc
    • second?! they're multiplying!pango
    • ^ LOL!oey_oey
    • Thanks everybody, I really appreciate it.oey_oey
    • congratsss!milfhunter
    • Parabéns, felicidades!dmay
    • Congratulations!stoplying
    • thanks! muito agradecido!oey_oey
  • stoplying15

    Tonight my boys will play in the elementary school talent show where my 9 year old will play Viva La Vida from Coldplay on his violin with his pal playing piano. And my 11 year old will play Hey Jude on the piano. I'm so proud of how hard they've practiced to get to this point and hope they do well!

  • HijoDMaite35

    Super stoked about my youngest learning to mix. She played a proper 90 minute house set on Christmas night for the whole family lol!

    I haven't had the chance to mess around with the controller much since work keeps me super busy. But my daughter's taken a liking to it and is killing it. :-)

    • Noice!YakuZoku
    • Awesome!Krassy
    • Good stuff :)spot13
    • Bien por ella!!OBBTKN
    • Sounds like a cool christmas at your place!SimonFFM
    • Post her mixes sometime, if she puts them up.jagara
    • lol @utopianmilfhunter
    • Fuckin YES!DaveO
    • Hey, I know I can google this but what’s the go to for recording mixes? And posting on Band Camp maybe?HijoDMaite
    • sound cloud still a thing?pango
    • The only real place for DJ mixes is Mixcloud and YouTube and Souncloud will remove most mixes with copyrighted material.jagara
    • There are probably other services.jagara
    • And Bandcamp is for selling your own music, not DJ mixes.jagara
    • Jagara thanks!!HijoDMaite
    • @HijoDMaite Mixcloud has a 10 mix maximum on the free tier. has none. Just a bonus tip ;)jagara
  • zaq31

    I'm super proud of my 15-year-old son and his passion for music. His grandma taught him piano. When I bought him a synth, he mastered it in no time, starting to produce his own tunes.

    Today, a music label released his track. What's impressive is that he wrote the Spanish lyrics himself, despite us speaking English and Russian at home. Moreover, he hired a girl from Columbia as a singer and a guy from Puerto Rico using his birthday savings.

    I would appreciate it if you give him a like. It will encourage him to continue.…


    Here is a video of him practicing piano

    • Wow .. outstanding young man and a big HIGH5 from me.Ramanisky2
    • Wow, impressive he's a pro at 15. Colombian pop artists are dominating lately. I'm sure he's heard this tune…
    • smart to focus on the Spanish speaking market as it's HUGEhotroddy
    • Nice...good for him!utopian
    • Thumbs up!SimonFFM
    • 15 years old and explicit lyrics :-D
      Congrats man!
    • stud.dibec
    • Something to proud of. Well done. And you too for buying him the synthCalderone2000
    • Thank you, guys.
      @hotroddy, yes, I hear him listening to Bad Bunny a lot.
    • Liked :)Gnash
    • gtfo, this is your kid? this is great.Nairn
    • That’s awesome! Congrats!instrmntl
    • Awesome!YakuZoku
    • Amazing, love the track. Will play it on my weekly radio show on and share itriteshpatel
    • @riteshpatel thank you, please let me know when is your showzaq
    • Bien trabaja Dadcanoe
    • i hate that horrible autotune (any autotune for that matter) but good for him, top production job, effing well done.hans_glib
  • BonSeff26

    Hell yes I framed it

    • That's awesome!
      There's a fishing guy I watch on YouTube who has a bunch of ink on his arms & legs with his kids' art like this, I love it.
    • can dump it into image to animate AI and have it dance or something :)microkorg
    • what is it?milfhunter
    • The kids drew monsters in Kindergarten classBonSeff
    • Kids drawings are the best. Good stuff manPhanLo
    • Yup!YakuZoku
    • Sloth from The Goonies meets Snoo, the Reddit mascot
  • DaveO13

    My boys are now 6 and 8.

    I really struggled with the early years; the babies, all the 'apparatus', the lack of sleep and freedom to do basic things with my time with any degree of ease. EXACTLY two years between them meant that we basically had 5/6 years of very small kids, which does grind you down when you're living in new york with no family around.

    Now they're really coming into their own. They get up and make their own breakfast. They get obsessed with building lego stuff one day, playing football the next and then making fresh pasta with me.

    They're great hangs, and i sometimes find myself wanting to text them funny stuff that I see, or jokes that come into my head, or generally just to see what they're up to. They don't have phones yet but its really funny to see what sort of relationship we might have as their sense of humor develops.

    I guess the best part is that there's so much more LIFE to have with them, both the ups and down, the routines and the adventures.

    It took me a while, but i think i finally love being a dad.

    • congrats, you're riding the wave early. From strictly a son's perspectve- I imagine it gets betterhotroddy
    • Thats great to hear. I known it cant be easy on men. Its not for women either, but we spent more time preparing for it.shellie
    • :.)Nairn
    • Keep at it and enjoy it, it only gets better. My boys are 2 years apart as well now 15 and 17 and every day it’s something new and wonderful with them._niko
    • It’s also bittersweet because my eldest might be heading off to university next year so we’re trying to squeeze the most out of our time together as a family._niko
    • So yeah enjoy these golden years with your sons._niko
    • Boy 4 and girl 6 here. That's pretty funny what you said about wanting to text them funny shit from through the day when you're apart.microkorg
    • I've thought exactly the same too. haha.
      It is a LOT easier when they start getting self-sufficient making breakfast etc and keeping themselves amused.
    • My boys are almost 6 and almost 2 now. It’s amazing seeing my older son developed into an amazing person and how different my younger one truly is.
    • You're suggesting your 2 year old's a cunt? A bit harsh.Nairn
    • I know your'e joking, but no man, not at all. Have another child and you'll see, it's amazing the differences, and equally as amazing of a person
  • HijoDMaite29

    It's not all doom and gloom for the next generation. My oldest is a year out of college and has been almost a year into a killer job. She graduated a year early from college (tons of AP classes) and was doing some bookkeeping on the side during college for extra money. Just basically helping a family friend with her accounts using Quickbooks. She also took a part-time job at her college, working in the Registrar's Office, basically a work-study program. This would give her some office politicking experience early on. Her degree was in Business Admin, so as soon as she graduated, she took the Real Estate exam and passed it. She had been watching that silly show 'Selling Sunset,' lol. Anyway, her dream of being a high-end RE Agent was crushed by the current state of affairs in Real Estate here in California.

    So she decided to take a little vacation with her sister to Barcelona for a week before getting back to searching for a job. She got back around Thanksgiving last year. She got into working on her LinkedIn account and networking as much as possible. She is definitely an extrovert, so this was not difficult for her. When she was in High School, she dreamed of working for Disney since we have always been a Disney family with passes. So back then, I had her create a LinkedIn account, and I told her to send emails to a bunch of Executives at Disney Corp to express her dream of working for the company. To her surprise, she received several replies from pretty high-up people giving her advice and inspiration on how she could make it happen. I think this was key to showing her that networking really works. It was the same idea when I encouraged her to befriend her professors at her university and other school administrators to have as mentors. She continues some of these relationships, and they have written her letters of recommendation on her LinkedIn Bio and for job applications.

    As soon as she started to get herself out there on LinkedIn, she received a few job offers in things like social media management and the like. These are some of the low-paying jobs recent graduates end up doing today, which is evidenced by some of her peers from college and high school. I kept reminding her that if she wanted to live in Southern California and buy a home one day, she would need to make a substantial salary. At least get into a position with a high degree of upward mobility. Yes, I am guilty of always encouraging my girls to pursue STEM careers and to leave the arts as a hobby or side gig. Some may not agree with this mentality, but it's what I did. It was even a point of contention between my wife and me when I would express my concerns about her early dream of becoming a school teacher. "She only wants to be that because it is the only profession she has been exposed to," and "$40k a year salary will not be enough to live comfortably in SoCal," I would explain to my wife. She has to be exposed to more careers and professionals before she can make up her mind. So keep holding out, I would tell my daughter. Give it a few months; the right job will present itself. Take advantage right now that you don't have any debt or bills. Her incredible grades in H.S. earned her a big scholarship, which basically brought the price of her private school to the cost of a public school, so she had minimal loans for college. Sure enough, the right offer came in. An outsourced accounting and financial firm asked her to interview with them. She later found out that the HR girl doing the scouting liked her LinkedIn, and of course, had gone to the same school as her. So she reads the job posting and it's for an Executive Assistant to the CFO of the company. Of course, having some bookkeeping experience allowed her to be considered since she would be in that world. The job opening said between $85-105k salary starting, 100% remote, yearly bonuses, monthly commissions, and unlimited PTO. I couldn't believe it. Is this really what companies are offering 21-year-old kids today? So she gets the interview and kills it. They offer her the position, and the hiring manager asks her what salary she expects. She panics and says, "uh, like $90K," so that's what she gets.

    Fast forward to seven months around August this year. Her boss LOVES her. She is basically coordinating all the sales teams now and is doing most of the onboarding for new clients. She is a beast! Not afraid to have courageous conversations with sales teams about performance metrics and has learned to usher in new and prospective clients. So her boss gave her a huge raise. She is now making $115k per month plus averaging about $1500 in commission from the sales teams each month. She is a Zoom queen! lol. She works a lot, but her bosses are teaching her to manage her time and balance her work and self-care like going to the gym. She lives with us now and pays us rent and her portion of the car insurance. We have converted part of the garage into her private office too. I'm going to slowly transfer more bills to her, but I want her to save money. Last month she and her sister went back to Spain to see Madrid this time. I am so happy that she is learning the value of hard work and getting this exposure at just 22. I sometimes feel bad when I hear other friends that have kids and are just bumming around or wasting time doing silly stuff like drinking all the time and smoking weed, stuck in low-end jobs. When I was her age, all I cared about was drinking and girls. I know that it's okay to have fun, and no big harm came from it for me. But for many of my peers, it did not end well. I wish I had strong role models at that age and earlier. I basically feel like I wasted about 15 years of my life getting messed up. I just thought I would share how proud I am of my baby girls and hopefully, it gives you guys with kids some motivation to encourage your kids to go out and grab life by the balls!

    • You’ve done real good Hijo.Ramanisky2
    • :) every gen thinks the next gen is doomed. but that has always been some what exaggerated .pango
    • Great! All I hope is that my kids find their 'thing' – whatever it is. Something constructive they want to get out of bed to do and participate in society.DaveO
    • no sabes si todavia estan contratando?VectorMasked
    • On a scale from 1 to 115k, how proud are youdrgs
    • Did I get right your oldest is north of one mill a year? Fun... I better get my kid to do STEMS.maikel
    • awwwee good for you and herNutter
    • Haha big typo. That’s per year not month. Vector, I can ask.HijoDMaite
    • Money is not everything
    • I'm happy for you that she's thriving and you are proud of her. Even if I'm one of those people that doesn't agree with that mentality.palimpsest
    • super happy for you and your family Hijo!!!!!exador1
    • agreed 100% with everything you've posted. My daughter is in Uni for Poli-Sci, and wants to go to law school after that. My son wants to major in film / theatreexador1
    • production. both are high-achiever types, and i couldn't possibly be prouder of them :) I'm with you dude... i think the next gen is in good hands :)exador1
    • train them up in the way you want them to gorobthelad
    • good stuff, hijo!stoplying
  • palimpsest0

    Enjoy your day!

  • canoe0

  • sofas4

    Dear dads, this is a bit off topic, but please don't unnecessarily circumcise babies, leaving them permanently sexually dysfunctional (being able to have an erection and ejaculate doesn't mean they are completely functional).

    • because penis creamy cheese is bestutopian
    • dads shoud protect their sons from Male Genital Mutilation (MGM)sofas
    • FFS, this topic again. And on the front page.Continuity
    • I can't make sense of the chart. If I post a dick pick will you help me identify my cut style?hotroddy
    • utopian, do you shower?drgs
    • I don't think it's his own dick he's talking about.palimpsest
    • lol at commentsfadein11
    • this thread is gonna go off... :)fadein11
    • have you decided on which selfie are you going with?
    • Religious zealots gonna zealotGnash
    • One for each occasionspango
    • Where is the gentleman’s cut?OP31
    • im happy with my foreskin :)milfhunter
    • I'm happy with milfhunter's foreskin too.…
    • I'm just disappointed the foreskin topic has come up again.…
    • FackingLOL.
      I had forgotten about that one.
    • So guys , which of the four personality types are youdrgs
    • Checked into QBN at a teenage dance competition and luckily that image was the first to appear on my phone. Straight to jail.PhanLo
    • Fuck circumcision
    • ^ username checks oututopian
    • Greta says - Stop Penis Fracking.shapesalad
    • I have literally no idea how you could 'invoke Greta' here. That is beyond spastic.Nairn
    • Guys with beards 1000's of years ago really liked to fuck with kids, mentally and physically and still to this day, tiny dongs are massacred for their pleasurePhanLo
    • don't get cut up over ithotroddy
    • Let's mutilate babies unnecessaryly!jagara
    • kinda reminds me of my notebook in 3rd Grade. drew a lot of dicks for no reason... Also boobs, and dicks with boom. jesus I was fucked up as a kid.hydro74
    • I’m so glad I’m circumcised.
    • What an odd thing to sayGnash
    • I deserved it.palimpsest
    • LolGnash
    • @mono, why are you glad?sofas
    • 'Cos he likes parading his mutilated dick like it's a badge of honour, or something.Continuity