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  • CALLES56

    lets see if this works. as i was saying...

    • boom!CALLES
    • You married?! Congratulations! You look vewry much like a schoolfriend who I bumped into recently :)detritus
    • congrats! your roaming days are over :)Gnash
    • Yup! engaged for about two years. business trip to vegas. i landed saturday i had the idea on sunday called her parents and my mom to make sure there were coolCALLES
    • married by wednesdayCALLES
    • *theyCALLES
    • Ha congrats. Also not at all what I pictured.garbage
    • What do you mean pictured? Me getting married to a female? You thought I was interested in the same sex? Not like there is anything wrong with thatCALLES
    • Nice!!!! :D congrats man!!pango
    • So that's what you've been up to all this time, congrats!Maaku
    • you haven't changed since "QBN Mugs 2012"
    • Congrats!GM278
    • Who is the lucky donkey?utopian
    • awesome, congrats, the garter leg thingy is a nice touch lol_niko
    • Don't be an ass, utopian — that's the man's wife. Not cool!detritus
    • dude your wife is bangin'fourth
    • Yeah I was gonna say. Wtf you referring to my wife as a donkey?CALLES
    • Nice man, congrats!stoplying
    • Vegas wedding!!pango
    • congrats!PonyBoy
    • Congrats to you both!HijoDMaite
    • Sexy! Congrats!sea_sea
    • Felicidades!Salarrue
    • Congrats!PhanLo
    • Congrats. You two look awesome.Longcopylover
    • congrats CALLESRamanisky2
    • thank you all.CALLES
    • You lucky son of a bitch! Good luck you both! (love her garter belt)mugwart
    • detritus
    • wow man u made a good trade with that donkey lol. just kidding congrats!% you are both beautiful, not like a donkey :Dsted
    • Wot woot.congratdsince1979
    • @CALLES Never pictured you as a ponytail dude. Again though, much congrats.garbage
    • Congrats Man! You scored a hotty!dbloc
    • Mugwart said what I really wanted to say... Lolpango
    • Congrats! Enjoy the rush and be good to each other. You are a beautiful couple and it’s clear you are madly in love.monospaced
    • Congrats to you two.
      And for the Vegas wedding, awesome.
    • congrats and upvote!SimonFFM
    • Felicidades Calles y a ella tb!!OBBTKN
    • perfecthans_glib
    • Congrats!formed
    • who is this?drgs
    • jk, congrats, upvoted with all botsdrgs
    • congrats manrenderedred
    • CONGRATS brother!!!! Props on the Vegas wedding (and saving $ on feeding people at a party you won'r even remember) ;)OSFA
    • I’m a little jealous you didn’t spend 5 figures on a party. ;)monospaced
    • haha yup. putting towards a home.

      thanks all
    • 2 & 3 look photoshopped.

      Bravo and Salud!
    • Great stuff. Is this in Vegas?CyBrainX
    • Yup Vegas!CALLES
    • IF anyone has questions about vegas wedding email meCALLES
    • How much to get Elvis?pango
    • congrats CALLES! be happy!oey

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