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    Another month-long multi-interview application process ending in wasted time... Maybe read your own job description/hiring ad before posting so you don't change everything in the third (negotiation) interview.

    • Int 1 & 2: You'll be the entire design department for this mid-sized company.
      Int 3: We consider this a jr-intermediate position.
    • obviously the design department is a jr position.

    • they want to work on the cheap, downgraded the position for this, no? Don't give up, good luck the next timeOBBTKN
    • they should post salary range at the beginning. what waste of time. sorry to hearGnash
    • You have to interview them too. Ask salary range in the first interview, always. Don't settle for a non answer. You need to qualify them, just like a project.monNom
    • Ugh.docpoz
    • Every interview advice thing I've ever read said don't talk about salary or vacation/perks until they're ready to make an offer. And I've talked myself out ofi_monk
    • jobs when salary comes up in the first round before.i_monk
    • Gah, they're fucking cunts.Continuity
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    Venture capitalist Tim Draper says bitcoin will be bigger than his early investments Tesla, Hotmail, and Skype combined.

    "This is bigger than the internet," Draper says.

    The early internet investor reiterated his bullish call for bitcoin to hit $250,000 by 2022, and elaborated on use cases.

    • what a shocker. a guy with vested interested who sunk in a ton of money is saying how his investment is bigger than the internet.Boz
    • He invested at most 30000 USD, for him not a big amountdrgs
    • BTC is likely to go high up but insisting it has use cases that are legit other than as it is being used now for, ie. as a gambling asset, is a huge stretch.rafalski
    • How is that a huge stretch? It's an inevitability that we'll move on to currency like this and there's a fairly high chance that bitcoin will be the oneset
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  • M01XXX-5

    I'm a muslim, ask me

    I can't stand any organized religion and Islam is the worst of all.

    We teach kids at some point that Santa doesn't exist and then we have grown ups who become total cunts and do shit because of religion. Most of our world problems are because of it.

    And Islam still seems stuck in the middle ages.

    • but it's apparently racist to hate on islam. cest la vie.inteliboy
    • A truly nuanced position; we're all better having read it.i_monk
    • I'm left-leaning and free thinker. Today everything is "racist" for SJW's. Don't care. Bill Maher is so on point with PC culture & religion.M01XXX
    • haha "free thinker." That's literally the position of everyone these days....anti PC, anti Islam etc.yuekit
    • I'm a true feminist too. And as a true feminist of course I am anti Islam. There's no other religion that treats women like shit. Just look at Saudi Barbaria.M01XXX
    • Your view is akin to assuming every Christian is Eric Rudolph. It's tone deaf, but whatever floats your boat.garbage
    • That's not true. I'm not saying every muslim is a terrorist. I'm just saying screw all religions and especially Islam.M01XXX
    • M01XXX, It sounds like you're more of a group thinker and acquire your opinions in the echo chamber you find yourself
      most comfortable in. Lazy and ignorrant.
    • It's my opinion. Nothing to do with group thinking.M01XXX
    • I've been an atheist for about 20 years. I find nothing more annoying than evangelical atheists. There's a huge difference between philosophical discourse..garbage
    • ..and being some sort of spiritual fascist. You're also edging really close to some "religion of peace" dog whistle.garbage
    • Funny how it's mostly very left/ liberals defending Islam. Why don't they go to muslim countries and try to live freely like muslims to in western countries?M01XXX
    • In most of them they'd be jailed. Yet we in EU/ UK let them live freely as they wish and in some places even practice sharia law.M01XXX
    • All I'm saying is: I can't stand any religion but Islam is the worst of all imo. Just look at the western ally Saudi Barbaria and how women are treated there.M01XXX
    • And in Dubai you will be jailed if you're gay or openly express yourself as gay.M01XXX
    • Don't go to Dubai then.detritus
    • Really that's your answer to these issue? It's the 21st century we should be able to go anywhere we want and not be prosecuted because of religion.M01XXX
    • I agree with your sentiment M01. Just worded abrasively.inteliboy
    • What did you want us to ask you?robthelad
    • not a question, downvotedPeterPancake
    • Here comes the morons saying you can't make generalisations. Yes you can. Just because a few Muslims are lovely people doesn't really mean shitset
    • Overall it's an issue. Obviously. All religion is but this is quite clearly the most troublesome at the moment.set
    • his problem is with religion but he states what saudi arabia does or how dubai treats ppl etc.. that's a weak argument man. saudi royalty did not bring quranBeeswax
    • Suadi Barbaria is one of the most extreme examples. But in any muslim country freedom of expression or women's right are non-existant.M01XXX
    • or they are holy in any sense. They are entitled rich fucks and not representative of islam except to your western mindset.Beeswax
    • He makes an excellent point that we need to stop being scared of offending a group of people that believe in a magical angry sky man...set
    • Abusing religion in the name of wealth or politics is as old as humanity and you still can't separate them. And with that kind of thinking everything is wrongBeeswax
    • Oh and Beeswax, since you're from Turkey. I "pray" that your dictator president Erdogan doesn't turn your country into Saudi Barbaria.M01XXX
    • ... when significant numbers in that group are committing daily atrocities in the name of that angry sky man.set
    • Abusing environmentalism, democracy, money even feminisim and human rights is possible but this doesn't make them absolutely bad. You take things at face valueBeeswax
    • And people like you are the most gullible and fallible ones, always ready to be exploited by some party.Beeswax
    • It's archaic bullshit that needs to be purged from the earth, and if that means upsetting a few good Muslims in the process then tough luck.set
    • We can purge Christianity too while we're at it, but on the whole they seem to have grown up a little in recent history.set
    • Any room for empathy, engagement and respect of people's philosophies based on their circumstance and influences?PeterPancake
    • attempting to purge the earth of religion is doomed to bloody failure - quite a fundamentalist approach really.Fax_Benson
    • I'm making no attempt whatsoever to do such a thing. It's doing it itself. Slowly.set
    • M01, go away.notype
    • nahM01XXX
    • Turkey has given voting rights to women in 1934 don't talk out of ignorance. When did you country gave that right to women?Beeswax
    • ^ so? and declaration of independence stated in 1776 that 'all men are created equal" - words mean nothing when actions show otherwiseGnash
    • How about a disorganized religion?yuekit
    • It seems like a minor point in your question but the fact that people tell their kids about Santa shows how attached humans are to bullshit and deception.CyBrainX
    • There was a time when Christianity was the most troublesome of all religions.microkorg
    • I don't think islam itself is the issue but certain followers led by certain leaders in certain countries have made an absolute fuckery of things._niko
    • *reads “Im a triue feminist”
      *looks at M01XXX posts in chick of the day.
    • Islam is brilliantly written belief system that ridicules anyone that is not in it, criticizes it, or even tries to leave it. Why can't it play well with othersrobotron3k
    • Who cares if Christianity was once the most problematic religion? Now it's Islam. Facts is facts. Fuck people who are offended by facts.set
    • cannonball, are you saying you can't be feminist and appreciate sex/ sexy women? It's usually the hardcore feminazis that have a problem with it not the modelsM01XXX
    • Cheers, set.M01XXX
    • What innovations has Islam (and those respective countries) given the world in the past 100-200 years compared to the west?M01XXX
    • They're still stuck in past and Saudi Barbaria is still in the middle ages in most aspects. At least now there's a bit of progress there coming with king MBS.M01XXX
    • Unfortunately thanks to US meddling & wars have helped Islamic extremism. Iran, Iraq & Afghanistan were once progressive open societies. Like the west.M01XXX
    • Islam should be like the west, meddle in America and send them to the past like the Islamic Golden Age.PeterPancake
    • Don't all religion have extremists @set, I'd argue that there are some sects of Christianity that are incredibly problematic. I'm confused about what we're argunotype
    • -ing about here.notype
    • I'm not really arguing I just naturally communicate like I am for some reasonset
    • I hadn't smoked yetset
    • But yes, sure, all religions have extremism. Most religions are not as extreme as Islam though. I'm not just talking about extremism.set
    • I think that that’s still a generalization, or stereotype as a better word.
      But what do I know (not sarcasm)
    • The fact that people here are seriously conversing in a thread with "Suadi Barbaria", typed by a person that felt the need to make..garbage
    • ..a "YOU GUYS ARE TOO MEAN TO ME SO I'M GONNA LEAVE" post just shows that we probably need to do a little more to ignore an attention whore.garbage
    • I only chimed in to make a poor jibe, which was missed.detritus
    • Oh, and ^this.detritus
    • And, I guess ^that too.detritus
    • Damnit - i think i see where this is going - but, ^that too. AND THIS.detritus
    • Whatever, garbage. Are you now going to defend Saudi Barbaria and tell us how it's a great place?M01XXX
    • Generalisations and stereotypes exist for a reason. Its not a bad thing to make them based on personal experience. How can one not...?set
    • To say that saying Islam is currently the most problematic religion is just a generalisation therefore is incorrect just makes no sense whatsoeverset
    • Its an easy way to stay safe and warm and not upset anyone, sure, not that's utter fucking nonsense that isn't going to get anyone anywhereset
    • Fuck Islam. Fuck Christianity and fuck any other cunt who gets offended by that.
    • ITT: I'm a left-leaning freethinker <rightwing talking point, rightwing stereotype, rightwing position>.i_monk
  • pango3


    If the one that got away invites you to her wedding, would you go? Or even reply?
    Been sitting here thinking...

    Also a white swj couldn't recognize me because I wasn't wearing glasses. She thought I was another Asian guy and felt so racist. it's hilarious lol.

    • go if there's a meaningful friendship between you guys, skip otherwisespl33nidoru
    • Go if want to speak out and profess your love.Hayoth
    • Nahhh she know.
      I can't stand seeing her happy with other guy. Lol petty. I know.
    • don't go get drunk on that night and cal and say: i can't stand seeing you happy with an other guy, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. bye.sted
    • Which I will! If I go.pango
    • Only go if you have a date.monospaced
    • < a hotter than her date.sea_sea
    • Alright alright. I'll hit up the sorority president and see what she's up to.pango
    • Have some self-respect. Decline kindly, thank her and wish her happiness. It's really weird of her towards her hubby actually to invite a smitten admirer.rafalski
    • 0% chance of going. Don't reply either.section_014
    • If the invite says rsvp or similar then decline politely, otherwise ignore.comicsans
    • Go with a hot escortMaaku
    • On second thought, don’t go. They have to spend money on you, and they don’t want to buy dinner for someone who isn’t happy for them.monospaced
    • Yea but why is she inviting you? Were you only friends or did you date? If you dated sounds to me like she loves getting a rise out of you. The bitch knows.sea_sea
    • She dumped me and we were friends afterwards supposedly. Uggggh makes me want to go even more now. With a very obvious escort. Get drink and all that.pango
    • I have no shame anymore.
    • Oh she texted me btw. It wasn't a rsvp thing.pango
    • Bitch... Messing with my head.pango
    • pango, protect ya' hart mayn... put down yr ego of trying to muscle through her wedding. if she invited you thru txt or by mail, f that.notype
    • Stop doing things with/for her and move on. Do not go to this wedding. What's the point exactly? You need to think about yourself and your future.Jaline
    • I've always been cool with my exs. No hard feelings and all that. But wedding is on a whole another level.pango
    • One: https://youtu.be/Skm…garbage
    • Two: I don't think of you as the Asian guy. I think of you as the Predator spy.garbage
    • @Garbage - one: precisely.
      i guess this kind of shit is pretty common.
  • kingsteven13


    i had a dream i was showing off my pizza printer. i was watching it just finishing off printing a real nice looking pizza but then it pulled it back in and started printing another one on the back. i looked round and all my pizzas were double sided... I was panicking but someone was laughing and then a woman said "that's what makes them so good", and I woke up thinking "have my pizzas always been double sided?"

  • freedom-1
    • r/im14andthisisdeepDRIFTMONKEY
    • The white man delivers...robotron3k
    • proof that inferiority complex is not complexBustySaintClaire
    • Touchéset
    • I was just reading a tweet and it's replies on twitter and it was a list of about 100 black people making a derogatory generalisation about white peopleset
    • Yet if that was the other way round in even a fraction of the capacity all of those black people would be screaming racism. Madness.set
    • https://i.imgur.com/…SlashPeckham
    • You're not wrong but in this specific instance please do explain how exactly, lest your opinion be totally worthless...set
    • Because you are.SlashPeckham
    • Okay. racism is about institutional power and privilege. Thats why... https://imgur.com/Ux…SlashPeckham
    • hahaha, fuck me - did you have that bookmarked, slash? :)detritus
    • I should sell those.detritus
    • Its on set's profile - whoever he is?SlashPeckham
    • Oh, so it is.detritus
    • Lol +1 SlashPeterPancake
    • The second anyone tries to make racism or sexism or any ism about power and priviledge they are just grasping for power and priviledgecannonball1978
    • Slash your missing the class system. This frustrates me its not put into arguments. You were rich and member of family/group and you treated all else as shit.mugwart
    • I'm no longer going to engage the ignorant here. Waste of everyone's time.set
    • Fine by meSlashPeckham
    • Mugwart - class or race? I’ve grown up with the disadvantages of both - I agree with you, right now class is as big an issue when it come to inequalitySlashPeckham
    • YoU'vE nEvUh BeEn JuDgE BaH yOuR sKiN CoLoR https://usatftw.file…Maaku
    • Hard to word in a small text field, I'm not saying people haven't suffered. It's more of the pyrimid of power. Elite just don't care and take.mugwart
    • The top tiers teach the lowers. So at the lowest level yes we have been taught to hate over years and fear poverty.mugwart
    • But the core of the matter, imao is that the powers simply do not care more feel. This to me is the greater crime that racism. (I've also experienced hate)mugwart
    • Guess I'm trying to say it's an extremely complex topic and histories are not fully told. Every one is angry at the wrong people...says the anarchist!!mugwart
    • Mugwart- excellent point made in such a small text field. Internet high five to you!SlashPeckham
    • there's more than black and white races. How about chinese ethnic being racists against malays in Singapore? etc, all around the world race is a category thatshapesalad
    • within a second gives you information about the 'human' before you. In a second you have to judge if they are friend or foe.shapesalad
    • multiculturalism / multi race society can work, when everyone see's each other as friends.shapesalad
    • while usa still has rednecks and black gangster etc > angry criminals building negative stereotypes. you'll get a wider negative stereotyping and thus racism.shapesalad
  • sofas8
    • Allah SDset
    • is it hard to get in?drgs
    • probably will meet god before the others!mugwart
    • I think you have to actually convert to Islam to get in. And get a certificate or something.yuekit
    • What a tripHijoDMaite
    • Mecca is within, but if you're gonna Hajj, this is how to pilgrimsofas
    • Yes, it's muslims only.Claymantis
    • Holy fuck, that is a wild trip. People get trampled at the Hajj.garbage
    • the glasses, the beard, the t-shirt... this 'man' has no style. and why has he got some sweet paper wrapper on his tongue?shapesalad
    • Personally, that would be the worst environment ever to trip in, surrounded as you are by a bajillion judgemental cunts. He says, judgementally... .detritus
    • Yea but you're not wrongset
    • the shape of his sunglasses, it really looks like he's wearing swimming goggles.shapesalad
    • albumcoverrobfrog
    • Beeswax?_niko
    • wow. Never been to mecca but heard from a lot of people who have been that it's an unbelievable experience. Millions of people praying and moving in unison...Beeswax
    • he must be an experienced tripper, not the people but if saudi guards catch him that would be his end, but it's hard in a massively crowded placeBeeswax
    • Chanting “I wear my sunglasses at night” over and overSlashPeckham
    • I would be more afraid of tripping balls and being stomped to death. 2000+ people died in 2015 in the Mina Stampede.garbage
    • https://en.wikipedia…garbage
    • ^Why do i remember nothing of it? 2400 people dieddrgs
    • I guess Allah fancied seeing 2400 devout worshippers crushed tragicallyset
  • freedom0


    Met a cute girl and then noticed she had a big tattoo all over her hand. Seriously made me reevaluate her and question her judgement.

    • we all make mistakes lolsted
    • Girl with poor judgment! Jackpot!pango
    • Depends greatly on the tattoo .. was it dickbutt?autoflavour
    • i would also get tattoos if i thought it would ward off advances from sociopaths.kingsteven
    • ^ LOLHayzilla
  • drgs3
  • notype8


    over the past day i ate an entire pie, all by myself.
    sure packed it away. not my proudest moment.
    but overall, it was a good day.

    • https://www.youtube.…notype
    • bought loads of greens, fruits and veggies today... back to normal tomorrow.notype
    • Dude! You're an adult! U can eat a whole pie any day you want!pango
    • I'm jealous.grotesk_neue
    • Bon appetitdocpoz
    • pie is healthier than cake.hotroddy
    • This is the kind of post the blog thread was intended for.yuekit
    • Four n twenty?sab
    • loads of water, fast for a few days!mugwart
    • Why @mug, gut yes, but it’s okaynotype
    • lol @pango, this is true.notype
    • I didn't wait 20 years becoming an adult for nothing!
      I just bought a box of froot loops! Fuck yeah!
  • kingsteven14


    It's 2018 and this shit is ridiculous, verging on environmental concern... not only are they shit quality for full colour video and absolutely huge files it takes a shit ton more energy for a modern device to download and play a gif than an mp4.

    Recent example from gif animation thread:

    1920 x 1080 px, 16 million colours original video with audio
    length: 2:34
    Size: 25.6MB

    630 x 356 px, 256 colour TINY GIF
    length: 2:02
    Size: 206.9MB

    The mp4 uses a third of the CPU required to play the gif on my machine (at full resolution with sound)

    Fully appreciative of the art but usually when I see my own gifs they're recirculating with logos slapped on them at double the filesize and half the quality. It's been 25 years of fun, but I'm going cold turkey on making and posting the fuckers. QBN any chance of some better format embeds? Think of the children!!!

    • also the gif is lower framerate, i'd say overall it could be 50x energy consumption to play a gif than mp4kingsteven
    • I can't really open the gif animation thread anymore without boiling my laptop's innards.Fax_Benson
    • yep it's actually a bit of a ghost thread these days... entire page of gifs runs on one core and my last 3 mac upgrades have reduced single core performance.kingsteven
    • this post should be a threadLMFAO
    • << good pointsBennn
    • hah, thought about starting a thread but foresaw a gif flood from compuserve apologists.kingsteven
    • I opened the gif animation thread last winter to keep warm.shapesalad
    • the size of the gifs posted here and elsewhere has become fucking ridiculous. especially when on shit Australian 3rd world country internet speeds.inteliboy
    • hahaha shapesaladdetritus
    • Tomorrow is Earth day. I encourage everyone to not open the gif animation thread for one whole hourdrgs
    • Environmental concern? Holy cow.Hayoth
    • 'verging on'... think about it man, every gif on the internet over a certain size/ length/ colour depth is using hundreds times more energy than equivalent mp4kingsteven
    • be great if gifs didnt show up on the front page. Kills my laptopmugwart
    • Gifcoin – converts the energy used to display gifs into crypto currency.shapesalad
    • ^ Gif animation thread now worth billions.shapesalad
    • gifs are best at short 2-3 sec loops. Doesn't everyone know that?docpoz
    • if you found that in the gif animation thread, it's your own fault for not watching it when it was posted prior in the vid of the day thread. you're an enabler.imbecile
    • +1grotesk_neue
    • @imbecile thanks for giving me the option not to watch it :-Dkingsteven
    • use .gifv https://help.imgur.c…mekk
    • gifv is mp4 (or sometimes webm) in a wrapper. but yeah, if you upload a gif to imgur or any of the other big hosts, it converts it to video, then back to gifkingsteven
    • when you request a .gif extension. so there is really no point in optimising a gif unless you want the visual effect or you're hosting it yourself.kingsteven
    • Pewdiepie did a video on this too.robthelad
  • Bennn0


    Anyone in here use a scooter?

    • Many of my friends children have scooters but most grow out of them by age 10.monospaced
    • Don't think it looks right seeing an adult on a scooter.microkorg
    • Don't.garbage
    • what about the electric ones around town now that you can rent for cheap?capn_ron
    • not even an electric one. eskateboard or ebike yes but not a scooter.microkorg
    • I'm gonna throw a hard no on eboards as well. That shit grosses me out.garbage
    • get a boosted boardimbecile
    • Despite the fact of being QBN bros, I would kick you off that thing when i see you driving by.grotesk_neue
    • complete the look: https://is.gd/tiSRQO…kingsteven
    • Thats what i thought, funny cuz those are practicle to go ftom A to B quickly, theyre small n convinientBennn
    • But from what see on the web, its a little weird for an adultBennn
    • They have Birds all over the west side of LA. Although a bit dorky, I use them a lot. It's easier than parking in town and I can leave it right on the sidewalkshellie
    • https://www.bird.co I went to a lunch a 20 min walk away and drove. It took me 15 minutes to find parking. A bird would have been better in a rush.shellie
    • i have them by my house too shellie. haven't ridden one yet, but i'm not opposed to it. even if the QBN Mob wants to kick my butt for it.capn_ron
    • Coolest kid on the blockpango
    • Insert no cat meme herenotype
    • something weird happened here ^ my last message was not meant for this post.notype
    • Electric one looks cool, id like to try emBennn
    • Just get rollerblades if you want to be cool.monospaced
    • Nope. roller blade ain't cool no more. Lolpango
  • drgs3
  • prophetone4

    making beats

    As someone who is in love with the Roland System 100M and has avoided the black hole that is eurorack modular... this is going to be a problem for me...

    $100 a pop?!! http://www.factmag.com/2018/04/1…

    • yes, share your problem here, let me share the burden...keewee
    • correction... $50-100 a pop! and i can’t even get my hands on a model d yet... damn you behringer!prophetone
    • damn! half my system is frequency central 100m clones, they cost about the same but i had to build them myself :-|kingsteven
    • Will there be a case too? Doepfer's LC9 is the cheapest, reliable case. It's $460.section_014