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A family friend needs help on something they've been working on in "Pages". Never used the program before. Am I getting in trouble if I offer to help? Or do I start over in real software?


gif vs. mp4

I have to deliver animation files to developers. I made an 20 second animation that is 1200x768 and I gave them a 300K mp4. They want me to give them a gif, thinking it will be smaller.

I KNOW that the gif is not a good choice for that size but cannot find documentation explaining the tradeoff, when mp4 is more efficient.

Anyone know this? Or where to read up on this?


Your fav software site designs?

working on a new project... (software)

curious... what are your favorite software site designs?

basecamp was cool looking back in the day, but its pretty basic and plain now.



Wordpress / Squarespace

I am doing a portfolio for my father in law who is an artist (painter).
I am looking for something like this:…
However I am hosting it and want to use Wordpress - I could do it from scratch but really don't have the time due to crazy client deadlines - just need a nice full screen Wordpress folio theme like the above - any recommendations?
Thanks in advance :)



Climate change and kids?

How many years do you think the world has left?

Do you think it's irresponsible to have children in this era when the world is falling apart? What will the world be like in 100 years for them?



Was going through some images I bookmarked today. What are your interiors of your dreams, residential or other?


In 20 years?

I was wondering this today. A lot of you are web people, others are designers or photographers.

Do you think you'll just be doing the 2034 equivalent of what you do now in 20 years, be a creative director / boss, or have a different career?

Granted you're not over 45+ now.

Do you think about things like that?


Slo-mo Flying In-N-Out 480FPS Sony FS700 video

Shot this spot for our NBA Playoffs Bracket In-N-Out Giveaway last week on a Sony FS700, w a ton of Kinos + $75 of burgers/fries


Apple keyboards suck

I have two wired QWERTY keyboards (one for my iMac and one for my Macbook).

This is my fourth keyboard I have to replace in almost 6 months time. Once I spilled some minor amount of beer on it, so I can understand it wasn't to keen on that.

The three other times though, it was simply by unplugging the board from my iMac that it stopped working.

Is there something with my USB port, or do you have experienced similar problems?


64k demo comp entry

this is amazing…


Happy 4th month, 20th day.



Loch Ness monster

A mysterious satellite image has given fresh hope to believers of the elusive Scottish sea creature.…


Updated my portfolio

Photography and graphic design portfolio!



Obelisk is a new and innovative way of accessing information on the go.


Easter reconciliation between Catholics and Orthodox

They celebrate this Easter on the same date.


C4D Question

What method can I use to delete this shapes from the main one so that it leaves the holes in places of the object?


Stealing People >:/


Why not?

Another nonsense video I made for the hell of it - technical education actually.


Brand Icon illustration

I've got a "friend" with 20yrs illustration experience who's been asked to create a somewhat detailed color illustration (1"sq) that will be used as the branding mark for a smallish medical firm (10 people) in a major city. Usage is buyout, regular rounds of revisions, fair delivery schedule, etc.

He doesn't normally illustrate brand illustrations and is unsure about fee. He's afraid anything north of $10k will scare them off. Is $5-7k decent, or ridiculously low?


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