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Boxing Day

Any good deal online?


Jan 4, 2015 Planetary Alignment

Planetary Alignment On Jan 4, 2015 Will Decrease Gravity For 5 Minutes Causing Partial Weightlessness…


Web animation

What was used to make these animations?…


Good Journals

I want to give a journal gift thats an alternative to moleskin writing journals cause they keep ripping.. whats the best or good for journals these days?...


Workaholics Unite

Anyone don't have to work today but are doing so anyway? Something is wrong with me. There definitely is something to taking days off and coming back fresh.


MV Season's Greetings

Animated Season Greetings from Mother Volcano


I don't want to go there

Places not to visit before you die...



so awesome!!



What are you looking forward to?


Netflix vs. Amazon Prime

Which is better?


Brands of the World

They couldn't even get me a Honda logo. I did get a Sean Lennon image. He's only half Japanese. They're not even good at being accidentally racist.


First full-time "desk job" in a decade

Typing this from my VERY OWN huge wooden desk and its in a room with a DOOR, Whiteboard and extra chair for someone to come in and meet with me.

It's day two and the shock is still pretty fresh. I have been working for myself/starting companies/consulting/freelance/f... art/etc for the last decade. I am at an age where i can no longer handle the ups and downs of "funemployment". It's honestly a surprisingly great feeling to be in an office where people can drop in at any time and interrupt my eyes being glued to the screen.

I'm in a market that i know absolutely nothing about, i'm trying to bring a whole new marketing/branding strategy to a very large company compared to who i have been working with in my freelance/studio ownership. It's a lot of pressure but it's exciting to be bringing a whole new department to an existing company that is finally realizing they need a better presence online thru social interaction, new video content and overall overhaul of their very sparse marketing materials.

Don't know how many of you how gone back to the corporate structure/desk job after years of trying it as your own boss.... but it feels really nice to know i'm going to have a "paycheck" for the first time in a decade.


How would you google this

I can't find the right combination of words to describe a way to load images dynamically by writing words

e.g.: if I write "I like blue flowers" >> as soon as write this, it should load images of flowers and blue flowers,

how would you phrase it, because all my previous queries failed me


The Evil Dead

New TV series…


pic/vid/gif of the year '14

Let's hear it! Favourite, iconic... whatever you saw today that was kinda awesome...


https:// width="425" height="355">



Macbook Pro vs Air

I'm assuming most of yous have a PRO but am wondering does anyone have experience running any Photoshop or any Adobe programs on an AIR?


RIP Joe Cocker :(…


design trend website?

What sites do you visit these days to keep up to date on design (especially web and interactive)?

Some that I like are:

Any other good ones?




Know your clients?

How well do you know your clients (and/or coworkers) on a personal level?

A. I am friends with my clients (and/or coworkers) and I know some of their family and we all get along grand.
B. We are work-friends and we personal stories.
C. I know my clients (and/or coworkers) have families, but that's all I know.
D. I like my clients (and/or coworkers), but do not know them well enough to share personal stories.
E. My clients = $, that's all.


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