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Stereohype UK offer

Jolly good! Until Mon 3 Dec—free UK shipping for £20+ orders. Enjoy 8)


DAW on SSD in 2014?

Looking to do a fresh Win8 install on my laptop.

At the moment I have a 256GB SSD in the laptop with external libraries on an external drive.
I'd like to not use an external drive as it's a pain as has to 'dangle' from laptop when laptop is on lap!

I use AbletonLive, Komplete 9 & Maschine, some samples/audio in sets and a handful of VST instruments within a song.

If I just install a large high spec SSD (512GB/1TB) would that be OK to run everything at once?
Or do I really need an external drive to take the load off the SSD?
(I would probably buy a large Flash Drive plugged in USB slot so it sits plugged into computer and not dangling)

There's a lot of conflicting information out there - the OLD school mechanical hard drive info that is on forums from the early 2000's says extra drives needed because mechanical drives can only do one thing at a time.

I've read statements from people saying that a single SSD works fine for them and a local store has said it would be OK too. Ableton themselves state ideally you should have seperate drives.

My laptop is a dual core 2.4 with 8gb ram.

Anyone offer up any advice?

Are you running from just a single SSD? Would love to hear how you get on.

Hopefully this thread will help other people in the future searching for more up to date answers.



That shit is for kids...
Dis this mongoloïd face got out of his house one day ?


mathiesons font

what be it?


Ugh... those flying things

So I want one of those helicopter things that have like the 4 blades on top, and the camera, and the monitor on the controller.

Dont know what these things are called, but Id like to find something thats roughly $150. Can anyone recommend some well reviewed ones?


Merge Instagram images into an abstract result.
This one is #ripestrawberry. Discover patterns in color, shape & composition.


3d Character Designs

Stuart Wade's 3d character design illustrations.


Jurassic World



I know it's handwritten but looking for something similar. any help?


Time Travel Short

Double Trouble is a time travel love story from Climent/Hedetoft.


Good examples of complex multilevel navigation

hi y'all, I need good examples of complex multilevel navigation. We're redoing a beast of a university site with tons and tons of content, we managed to get it down to 4 sub levels (you don't want to know how messy it was) and we're moving to layout now. Some great inspiration or new ideas would be great. (although nothing too advanced because compatibility is paramount)



Follow up of the day

Am I the only one wondering what happened to internet "celebrities",

can we put our power together to find out what happened to those people.

post people or stories you wonder about and I'll try to find what is up with them.

my selection is:
tattooed glasses guy:

Obama B girl:


Face of the day


More energy + motivation?

I feel lazy lately and overwhelmed by how much good work (and how much bad) there is out there.

What besides $ keeps you motivated and interested in getting better at your job?


Responsive website

I'm looking for a SUPER basic template including responsive coding. Is there any files I can download somewhere? Something ultra basic. You know with the basic <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> and the @media screen and (max-width: 768px)


Crop marks in Indesign CS6?

How do you add crop marks to a specific box within a layout of many pages? I can't find a window anywhere and there are no scripts installed in my version.


25 Days of Giving

My Christmas campaign to give art away every day in December is now live.


Premiere question

Output size. I can't change it. Trying to render a video that's 1080x720.

So I do this:
Window pops up. Summary: blah blah 720x480, nowhere to change this, google tells me project settings have to be right from the start.

I make a new project. Nowhere in all the presets is 1080x720, despite this being what my GoPro shoots at when I want 60fps. So I make custom settings - 1080x720 of course.


Can someone please tell a very frustrated feller how to use premiere to turn a 1080 mpeg into a 1080 avi file? That's all I want to do, so I can get it into After Effects (which is rejecting my mpegs for some equally frustrating reason. 4 hours of trying to figure this out now, really need some advice)



i Vaguely remember seeing a post about this feature in GTAV but can't find it...

so anyways... i really enjoy it, some of the pics that have been being taken are stunning!

here are some of my not so stunning efforts... post yours, be them random, funny or what ever!




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