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Best decade of your life?

What do you think is the best decade of a person's life in general?

20's 30's 40's? Older?


online storage

What is the best online storage service? Is Dropbox the best option?


Motion Design Salary San Francisco

I may be moving to San Francisco. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what salaries for (experienced) Motion Designer is - someone who can do 2D/3D and lead projects.



Wordpress Portfolio Filter Drill down

Does anyone know of a wordpress portfolio plugin e.g…

But with the ability to filter and drill down within that filter. For example if my filters were:
- Dogs
- Cats
Then if I chose Cats, you could then filter further within Cats. e.g
- Dogs
- Cats
- Black Cats
- Ginger Cats

I can't seem to find a plugin or theme with the ability to drill down further and filter those sub categories.


Web Style Guides

Looking for guidance/good examples.

Similar in detail to:



60gsm stock

looking for some 60gsm stock. for a self-cover tabloid style brochure...
have tried Offenbach Bibile (by Fenner), but it's a bit pricey. Any others?



What kind of name is Cortana?
Better than Siri though?


How much does a tattoo cost?

Just curious, how much does a good tattoo cost? What would you pay?

Something smaller, well drawn, maybe one color + black.


New Zealand Flats

Movin' out there soon, and trying to find apartments or houses that would allow for our two big dogs. Seems tough...

Any New Zealanders on here who know of any other places to look besides



the 'Like my page' thread

Since we help each other out 'n shit.
Why pay FB to use a click farm when we have us :)

post yo motha-fuckin pages yo


R.I.P. Dick Smith…


Nas Drive Enclosure

Hi Guyzeeee,

I'm fed up with transferring files now. Its time I joined the NAS world. Was wondering what decent priced enclosures people might have?

Around the £100/£150 mark.

Also, do they need certain Hard Drives inside? or can you throw anything in? Want something real stable.

And do some run software? I'm sure I saw one that runs Plex independently.



New Partnership Question

Recently I drafted up a proposal for a client, and won the pitch amongst the pool of designers. Excited about it! The agreement is currently being written up on their end.

This is the first time, I'm going into a partnership with someone (a front-end dev person). I've been very transparent with them about everything thus far. Quite a bit of money is involved but we are not going to be millionaires just yet ...

Anything I should do to ensure that things run smoothly between both of us and the client? Since this is the first time-- I'd really like to minimize my mistakes or "I didn't know's" and have to ask QBN'ers about it in a TLDR thread ;) LOL

The project starts late aug/sept.


Zakka NYC is closing : (

After 20 years. Toshiki and Toshi (DJ MONCHAN) are throwing a little closing party on SUNDAY AUG 3rd.

If you cats are in NYC, they will have free drinks and some cool designy stuff for sale.

Best of luck to them!



Survey Form software

I am looking for a simple online solution a client can use to embed a survey into their website. They are looking to collect a few answers and the sign up email address for further correspondence.

I have come across surveymonkey and surveygizmo that doesn't look to bad, but any other suggestions?


FMT 080114

FKA Twigs - LP1…

https:// width="425" height="355">



New premier league starts in a couple of weeks. So let's get this started!…


QBN League code is


leaked google content audit guide…

interesting reading... is your content good enough to e-a-t?


Need someone chinese

Who can read this and tell me what it means?


Wotts Da Fonts?

Can you work out the fonts on this logo?


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