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It Has Begun

Embrace and Welcome your New Reptile Overlords

Lust in space: Russians lose control of gecko sex satellite

Russian scientists are attempting to re-establish control of a satellite in which a team of geckos may be copulating as part of a study into the effects of weightlessness on lizard mating.

On Thursday, the team behind the research confirmed that the vessel was not responding to commands, potentially leaving the reptiles to their out-of-this-world sexual intercourse while video footage continues to beam down to Earth.

Research satellite Foton-M4 was launched into space on July 19. The geckos are among several species on board — including insects and flora — that are part of a series of biology experiments by Russia’s Institute of Medico-Biological Problems on the effects of weightlessness on mating.

But a glitch has resulted in the scientists losing control of the satellite’s engine, Russian space firm Progress confirmed to the nation’s Interfax news agency on Thursday.

Progress is busily working to re-establish a connection with the operating system — currently on autopilot — before all hope is lost.

The scientists said they are still able to watch video footage of the mating geckos and observe how an absence of gravity affects their sexual behavior.

There was no immediate word from the scientists behind the experiment on Thursday as to whether the geckos had successfully copulated as Foton-M4 hurtled through space.…


Indesign Scripting?

We have a client that wants to produce individual PDF infographics for their employees salary & benefits packages. They want it to be an ice cream with for example the cone representing salary, group income protection, life insurance and the scoops representing health insurance and pension etc.

They have 200 fucking employees.

I know you can do scripting in Indesign but further than that I have no clue at all how this might be done.

Can anyone recommend any tutorials, insights or another way to do something like this?

Any help greatly appreciated.


OS X Yosemite Beta

Anyone running this?
Any issues with design apps, Adobe CC, etc?


dying anonymity

this round-up of the HOPE conference (for hackers) breaks down the Snowden address and some other stuff.…

I found this interesting:
"“I’m not a fan of Edward Snowden,” Steve Rambam, a private investigator who works in finding lost people and fugitives, told the crowd at a panel that evening. “But if you’re worried about the federal government... they outsource their privacy invasion to private companies.”

He showed slide after slide of the privacy invasions practiced by private companies like Google (“Google does whatever the hell it wants. It is an avaricious, rapacious, capitalist company of the kind that hasn’t existed since the beginning of the railroad.”) and Facebook (“Facebook doesn’t like you. Facebook doesn’t care about you. Facebook has contempt for you.”).

“If you’re upset about NSA metadata,” Rambam said, “you should be insane about Google, Facebook, and Twitter.” He kept emphasizing that most of the data about each of us in the world is there because we have volunteered it."


NY = Unhappiest City…

The National Bureau of Economic Research says New York is the unhappiest city in the U.S. Pittsburgh, Louisville, Milwaukee and Detroit follow.


Effing Magic Mouse!

Is there anyway to turn down the sensitivity on this pice of crap?! Working in InDesign and just simply scrolling takes the mouse on a magical journey all over the entire document at times.

So annoying!



Comon fellow QBNers, just cancel the [s] after http[s] when posting youtube vids,

it's not that hard


Creep of the Day

Four elementary school girls in San Clemente have found dolls crafted to look like just like them left in front of their family homes.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating the disturbing discoveries, two of which are shown.…


Anyone know this site?

Kind of looked like this

- was a scrolling site
- sometime the grid would have video playing
- was one of those sites you could keep scrolling and the content in the divs would change before the whole thing scrolled off the page


Untitled - Trevor Brady

Untitled Love - A fashion story by Trevor Brady




Multisensory art

Multisensory installation "Dedication to Scriabin"


TM Symbol

A Client has asked me to mock up adding a TM symbol to their logo. This is not a Registered Trademark, but using the TM symbol for an unregistered trademark.

Is there any Guidelines for how this should be applied to the logo? on its positioning or size? or is it down to personal choice?



Why did QBN delete this thread??

It was about publishing company documents to a USB drive... possible applications / methods of doing so...

There were a number of links I wanted to go back and review... ffs... it was a useful thread!!! Was there a link to a product / person that offends the QBN? :(

One fucking USEFUL thread makes it into the mix and you go and kill it. :(


Air Argel AH 5017

Missing with 110 people on board.

What the fuck is going on!!!???


external HD with SSD Thunderbolt

I'm looking to upgrade my external HD setup for AE / FCPX work, so I can run a scratchdisk / live projects direct with fastest speeds possible.

In an ideal world I'd get a Drobo Mini and 4 512gb SSD drives, but that's gonna cost megabucks.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?



Interview with Rob Alderson

New blog asks some pertinent questions to the Ed In C of Its Nice Some interesting answers.


html5 fullscreen video player

Post them here,



U wot m8?


Reskinning apps (games)

Is this super common?
Good / Bad points to consider?


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