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  • hotroddy1

    Wake Up Sheeple!

    Lol at corporate slavery.

    The basic principles of free market is that YOU the consumer/ individual is free to do anything. If it doesn't work for you it's because you are not skilled nor intelligent to capitalize on system.

    Does it have it's flaws? Sure.. but it's the best idealogical and political system to live in.

    Laissez faire bitches.

    • there's a big flaw in your rant, the individual is not free to do anything, you are basically just free to do as told, exit that path and see how free you areGeorgesII
    • I have to agree with GII. you are free to the extent the parameters allow. but at a time when your rights are stomped you have more sexual independence.yurimon
    • there are little things that help create some illusion of a great freedom.yurimon
    • http://ecx.images-am…yurimon
    • who is telling you to do that you are told? Try living in a totalitarian state (theocratic or communistic) and see how much freedom you have.hotroddy
    • ever played monopoly?Milan
    • monopoly is a problem. I agree. But that's why you have anti-trust.hotroddy
    • I would like to be bought out by a monopoly - but fortunately Most business are small and independent.hotroddy
    • its bit more scientific and subtle then the in your face idea. I would say the servants took over the mansion as the metaphor if dealin with the us,yurimon
    • I dont think anti trust works that much. if you look at standard oil. it was just broken into parts still owned by the same person.yurimon
    • Lulz at you guys arguing about the free market vs central planning as if those things even exist in practice.nb
    • they all exist in practice.hotroddy
  • jtb263

    Under Armor

    Regardless of the logo's quality here are the important things to consider, and I'm sure they have at this point.

    Success + Millions spent on advertising and endorsements = Equity in the mark.

    Changing it at this stage would be like throwing money out of the window and then necessitate an even bigger spend to recoup that equity. Best case scenario they make it suck a little less every few years, but even this doesn't matter.

    Missing this point is why some people don't take designers seriously.

    That said, the logo could have been better, but it functions in all the ways a logo needs to function. You're wrong for wanting it to be better, just for thinking that it matters.

    • You're not wrong*jtb26
    • agreedmonospaced
    • The mark isn't that bad compared to a lot of the industry.dirtydesign
    • except I always want everything to be better, no matter :)monospaced
    • Reebok for example.dirtydesign
    • I don't mind it. So many horribly offending logos out there, their's just looks blah but doesn't offend.formed
    • Google is one of the most valued brands in the world, nuf saidyoungdesigner
    • google is love hate frenemy brand.yurimon
    • I hear you Mono. This is why designers should fight to the death to bad designs up front. Best way to avoid being stuck with something terrible.jtb26
    • *against bad designsjtb26
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    • Loldesmo
    • set, are you the Fake Taxi driver?monospaced
    • I don't know what that is, but yes.set
    • hahahaHijoDMaite
    • Set is a sexual predator. Watch out.jtb26
    • How did you know my nickname was sexy falcon in school?set
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    • set's the type to write "your mouth says no, but your butt says yes" in bathroom stalls.garbage
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    • (and how does he know me so well?)set
    • i'm with set. lol.renderedred
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  • autoflavour0


    so was meeting with a friend today at a local bar, upon arrival discovered they were shooting a porno there.

    have to say, was pretty fun to watch

  • marychain1


    Just bought tickets to the Jesus and Mary Chain Psycho candy 30th anniversary show. Haven't seen them live in 23 years. As you can imagine by my username...this band has had a profound impact on my life. Gonna be riding the wall of sound nostalgia wave high as the moon

    • wow, I once saw them at a backyard party in the early 90s, no joke, at a friend's housemonospaced
    • Monospaced...I'll never say another bad thing about you. That is INSANELY awesome.marychain
    • I was at a number of the early UK shows that ended in riotsmarychain
    • i discovered them because the pixies cover a b-side "Head On" on their album Trompe le Monde. Love the Psychocandy album.sarahfailin
    • I saw them at the Ritz in NYC back in '90. For some reason a bunch of skinheads showed up, peppersprayed the whole floor and started fighting everyone. Nasty.stoplying
    • Saw them a few years ago at Riot Fest in Chicago... They had a certain panachevaxorcist
  • dirtydesign0
    • Under Armourmonospaced
    • Thanks mono, you're much more connected to the real world than I'll ever be. I wouldn't even lie and say that I made a typo.canoe
    • that wasn't what i was trying to do or point out ... I looked it up (just like dirtydesign here) and saw that it was spelled differentlymonospaced
    • Basically, I wasn't trying to insult you in any way, shape or formmonospaced
    • No way, my lack of popcultureness is not a good thing in this industry. Looking good mono.canoe
    • like I said, I knew nothing about the brand, there was no logo you posted, so I ran a search and found that it was spelled differently, it wasn't a jab at youmonospaced
    • Mono's insights into grammar and spelling are invaluable to this forum.spot13
    • This wasn't about grammar and spelling. Ugh, I'm sorry I even wrote it.monospaced
    • it's exactly about spelling, though.doesnotexist
    • There is no way anyone here would be able to understand the written text without the quick and insightful spelling and grammar corrections provided by Mono!spot13
    • I wasn't trying to make anyone feel bad for a typo! I posted the correct name to go along with the correct logo that dirtydesign posted. It wasn't personal.monospaced
    • I Googled "Under Armor" to find the logo I didn't know it. I saw the different spelling and posted it as a note. Sorry it offended, that was not my intention.monospaced
    • vesicula picesyurimon
    • "vesica piscis" hey, in the spirit of things!keewee
    • lol yeah. that.yurimon
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    • whoa nellyWeyland
    • so sexy!!GeorgesII
    • im spent.. so sleepydrgs
    • one of these wires is in the wrong place.omg
    • ^
      Not possible. Would have to be at least two cables, that was in disorder.
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    I'm listening to Kylie Minogue...
    Should I write her an email to declare my love?

    help me guise

    (btw, no other celeb can channel the spiritg of Zuul abd stay hot)

    • Love her!pango
    • Best body everpinkfloyd
    • She is delightfulmarychain
    • hubba bubbautopian
    • i have an old record of top 10s.. an actual 12" record with kylie monique on it.. this is from 1980s..e-pill
    • i mean its an old 12" record of top 10s of that week pressed on rekkids!!! it's also from another country.. china.. ha! it's one of my all time favorite things!e-pill
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    I think I'm going to delete all my music files. I have about 9,000 songs on iTunes. It should clear up about 50GB of space.

    With everything available on Spotify and Youtube, why would I need personal mp3 files? Can anyone think of a reason to keep them?

    • sound quality, for starters... also the ability to listen offline is easier when you have the track filesmonospaced
    • crazy how .mp3 files are a thing of the past. I use spotify, and sync tracks for offline usefourth
    • the tracks i burned from CDs years ago sounds sooo much better than any streaming service, it's pretty crazymonospaced
    • I can't seem to tell the difference. I think the quality on Spotify is good, and even Youtube is fine for just jamming out while working. I'm no audiophile.iCanHazQBN
    • I might shell out the $10/mo. for Spotify, but not sure how offline-play works.iCanHazQBN
    • youtube? really? it takes up ram. and stupid ads.pango
    • I listen to music at home on my big system, and the good pre-amp and speakers really highlight any extra compression... so yeah, it's differentmonospaced
    • I have Adblock for YT. If I use YT, it's for random songs I haven't heard in a while and to reminisce over the video. Doesn't have to be perfect quality.iCanHazQBN
    • Yeah if you have an amazing system you notice it. I guess I'm not serious about sound, I have small speakers, and the idea of free HD space is nice.iCanHazQBN
    • The only other reason I would keep them is in the rare case that one of those streaming systems ceases to exist or function, etcmonospaced
    • I have such a personal issue with crossing over to streaming services. I can't really pinpoint why, but I feel dirty using the free spotify/rhapsody/etc...stoplying
    • Dirty? They play ads. It's like listening to the radio, except you have more control over what plays. I think the $10/mo is worth it for no ads & full control.iCanHazQBN
    • In clocking around 33,000 iTunes. Keep my library on an external to use at work and home. Is this now an old person thing to do?Xopher
    • Delete? Like, as in forever? That sounds ludicrous man! Just move that shit to an external HD and call it a day.aliastime
    • If you pay the Spotify subscription, you get better audio quality. I deleted a lot of stuff. I have my Jazz library on vinyl anywaymarychain
    • No reason to delete when storage is cheaper than ever. What do you need that 50 gigs of space for? I love my mp3ssarahfailin
    • I'm down to like 8GB on my laptop and am waiting for the next Macbook Pro. I could use the space. Don't want to buy another external HD.iCanHazQBN
    • You might need to DJ a party using Mp3s.omg
    • Well, you can set up playlists on Spotify. I think you can do everything on Spotify as on iTunes, with the benefit of not having to store files.iCanHazQBN
    • Can you burn that special mix to CD for your girlfriend on Spotify?omg
    • You can't import music directly from Spotify to a music sequenceromg
    • if you want to listen to songs adfree without paying monthly charges, you are better off on iTunes or your own mp3somg
    • You can only use visualizer on iTunes. Spotify has no visualizeromg
    • if you want to make a video with background music, you'll need an mp3.omg
    • Are you—
    • Thx for your comments. Spotify is doing 3 month trial for 99¢/mo. Perfect. I'm gonna give this a shot.iCanHazQBN
    • Spotify is MUCH better than itunesmarychain
    • because when the internet goes out you have to just hum or somethingscarabin
    • Even today 50GB is cheap as fuck... but imagine a few years down the line you will be like... i cant believe i deleted all my music for 50gbd_gitale
    • at least back it up on a drive somewhere.inteliboy
    • 50GB is not expensive on an external HDD. I would at least backup it. You might need it one day for road trips, vacation, parties...mekk
    • Just buy a cheap hard drive and stick it all on there, man.set
    • i did this years agodrgs
    • you can jog or workout with an ipod shuffle or something equally tiny, and not a cellphone?Peter
    • I have my music backed up on an HD and also on google music. Google music means I can access my whole music collection from anywhere, which is nice...set
    • think of your childrendoesnotexist
    • i got douche chills just thinking of deleting my mp3s.CyBrainX
    • The idea of putting everything onto a HD is not appealing. Then what? They'll just sit there. If they're out of sight, they're out of mind.iCanHazQBN
    • ... I'll never listen to them if every time I wanna hear something I gotta grab my HD, plug it in, find the song. Not practical.iCanHazQBN
    • Someone said what about "road trips, vacation, parties?" Spotify has "available offline" option. Can have playlists and everything.iCanHazQBN
    • Also has a nice option. If a song is playing on my computer, I can hit the play button on the phone app and it seamlessly starts playing on my phone. Very cool.iCanHazQBN
    • Nostalgia. Unless you totally recreate your whole collection on something like Spotify, which I'd never get round to doing.set
  • iCanHazQBN2

    Vid of the Day

    Do you guys not know about the most famous Sandu Ciorba song? It even has Mila Kunis in it!!

  • utopian0
  • baseline_shift4

    the gif animation thread

    Full length music video coming soon...

    • you did it?Ben99
    • Yesbaseline_shift
    • these are getting better each time!!Projectile
    • you should start making stories. I really love your style. And yes, they're getting better and better. Awesome.ESKEMA
    • Thanks Guys! This was my most ambitious animation project to date, took 5 months to complete. Video should drop soon, can't wait to share!baseline_shift
    • can't wait!scarabin
    • can someone make a bot to automatically upvote anything by b_sGeorgesII
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  • sarahfailin2
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    Conspiracy of the day

    honestly, I may have repeated it like 20 times in this thread,

    are there people that still can't believe conspiracies exist or happen?

    who nuttier, the person that nit picks the craziest conspiracies to make a point or the person that just shows some informations no matter how out there they are and let you do your own research,

    I think it's intellectual laziness to always depend on others to tell you me what I should believe or not believe

    • I've actually been quietly mentioning the Hastings thing on other forums since the recent car hacks. To me it was fishy then, downright fishmarket now.detritus
    • This is a straw man one ever said there are no conspiracies, just that the ones that always get posted aren't very good ones.yuekit
    • The tables have turned. It's now the people that don't believe anything unless CNN or the BBC report on it, that are the crazy ones.set
    • Unfortunately people like to stereotype and pigeon-hole. Whether it's Conspiracy, Paranormal or UFOs it's not as black and white as people want to believe.Morning_star
    • Sure there are conspiracies...but it shits me no end when the initial presumption is "Oh bullshit...that's a conspiracy"BusterBoy
    • nobody cares about yuri's conspiracy theories if that's what you're getting atscarabin
    • lol. fuckin right. doesn't life have enough hurdles to clear without needing to invent fictional ones to fret over. infatuation with conspiracy shit is a symptogilgamush
    • symptom of a stagnant mind. question everything, if you can't understand whats going on, 90% of the time it means either that you don't have the facts or you argilgamush
    • are just too stupid to ever get it, in which case chill and enjoy the show.…gilgamush
    • It's hard to believe people watch syndicated news anymore, ofcourse we're being screwed by the higher ups, nothing new thereWeyland
    • watch this and stop worrying about it…
      you worrying doesn't help
    • The idea that you can generalize "conspiracies are true" or they aren't is silly...gotta look at the facts in each case and decide.yuekit
    • Problem is when you watch conspiracy vid or read stories from a site dedicated to conspiracies you are getting a pretty distorted version of the facts.yuekit
    • most of the time because they have an agenda they want to sell to their readers. Most conspiracy theorists seem to assume that alternative news is moreyuekit
    • trustworthy for some reason when most of these people are just as biased as mainstream news but with no one to fact check them.yuekit
    • Ignorance and denial of anything other than the lie you're told is proof of a stagnant mind.set
    • Beams cant steel fuel jets!Peter
    • or exploration to explore the truth even at risk of being wrong is a virtue.yurimon
    • I do it all the time sometimes im right sometimes not so right. but the journey is to know and take rightful action. if we all do this we can be free n have ayurimon
    • better world.yurimon
    • i have already explained the jet fuel steel beams bit. the government lies to us all the time. the conspiracies that don't even deserve to get talked about aregilgamush
    • are the nonsense alien shit and the end of days tired bit and the general ancient lost technology bullshit. its a fantasy with no compelling evidence. just a tigilgamush
    • You're clearly just ignorant, but thanks for coming in today.set
    • time waster. so when you demand that your pointless conjecture ought to be taken seriously the rational world's stock in you goes downgilgamush
    • lol ok set. aliens are real and built the pyramids and the world is going to end in 4 years. yes, i'm the ignorant one mr antivax. you are a fuckin dumbass brogilgamush
    • what is your informational level clearance gmush? Its possible its disinfo, but you dont know what is possible yourself. some of it is entertainment. there isyurimon
    • a questioning process to find truth so shit wont hit the fan. thats what its really about. human solidarity in a good way. not yo bulshit.yurimon
    • you just tipped your hand. it's just entertainment. same as people sending money to starving people in other countries. no change is affected. worry about yoursgilgamush
    • your self and your community if you actually care about affecting change. otherwise it's all shits and giggles, and no, no one will take your bullshit seriouslygilgamush
    • who talking to?yurimon
    • yougilgamush
  • exador11

    Donald Trump Hate Thread

    It'd be interesting to see how much of his personal brand (great negotiator, great at business, great at making money etc) is actually based on reality.

    in other words, the only one I've ever heard say what a great business man he is, is him.

    is he? I'd heard that in reality he essentially took over the family fortune, and did rather poorly with it, in terms of how his father had done...a lot of mis-management, bad decisions etc...

    now, on the other hand, what if it's true?
    what if he is a really good business man, negotiator, captain of industry etc...

    would that be a good idea to have him take the reigns for a few years and try and recover some of America's manufactoring and other work that's gone away in recent years?...

    just thinking is all....

    I'm a canuck, and view all this from a distance, and with a certain amount of entertainment value etc....
    but I do actually wonder if he really IS a good businessman..and if so, maybe he'd be an 'ok' choice...

    like, wouldn't he be as good or better than Reagan for example?..that guy was a washed up actor turned politician....
    maybe something like this wouldn't be so bad...

    • was watching news this morning with NH citizens saying that Trump is a great businessman and that they believe this is something they need in a Pres.monospaced
    • Personally, I'm quite wary of a big business kind of guy actually looking out for everyday small people's interests.monospaced
    • was thinking that myself, but usually it's more 'corporations' that scare me, as they tend to dehumanize people, whereas trump is just him. trump.exador1
    • and he seems to inspire quite a bit of loyalty from those that work for him.exador1
    • I haven't got a horse in this race, i just find it really fascinating....curio... to see if he'd be a decent prez or a psycho...exador1
    • although i detest his arrogance, taste, hair, etc,'d be amazing to see him turn america around etc etc...return to glory days etc..exador1
    • word...same here. Trump Organization is basically a massive corporationmonospaced
    • would be amazing to see anyone turn around America... but just claiming you can isn't enough, right now people need to know how, and he's not offering that upmonospaced
    • agreed... and he IS a pretty polarizing figure...(if some folks claim Obama is, certainly Trump is in the reverse...)exador1
    • the way he talks about other institutions and leaders is so disrespectful, childish and naive that I question his ability to actually work with anyone productivmonospaced
    • have you guys worked with re developers? I do, everyday. Don't trust them for anything, everything is about getting more from people for less.formed
    • I could tell you so many true, local, personal experience stories you'd get nauseous. They have a reputation for a reason. Not all, but 95%.formed
    • He's a developer, much different than a "businessman". Show we were his "brand" has made any money beyond the Apprentice. Water? Clothing?formed
    • I believe when you say that developers are probably not very trustworthy.monospaced
    • I cant believe how much time trump has managed to divert from people.yurimon
    • seems like he has a talent for controlling/directin... the narrative. He's got people watching a white Kanye.exador1
    • you cant' believe it, yurimon? that's weird, you've been saying nothing else except that he's going to divert it... how could you be surprised?monospaced
    • a white kanye! hainteliboy
    • Do people still actually believe the presidents make any of the real decisions?set
    • blessset
    • mono, listen to Sheridan on Cecil the lion. i posted it. gives you a good idea to the similarity of media n bulshit etc. he shares my frustration alsoyurimon
    • you took a normal discussion and ruined it againmonospaced
    • lol yeah right. no normal on here.yurimon
    • get back to me after you watch Sheridan i want your opinion. hopefully more than 2 words. write me a paragraph anal sisyurimon
  • autoflavour0

    Conspiracy of the day

    so you nutjobs heard about this september 23 2015 thing..

    conspiracies range from Meteor about to come and wipe us out, to the LHR at Cern opening portals to the underworld..

    Statements like “500 days to avoid climate chaos,” said by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said alongside Secretary of State John Kerry which the date 500 days from when he said it also aligns with the september 23 2015 isnt helping..

    Also apparently the Pope is visiting Washington DC that day..

    One thing which i came across today while foraging in this rabbit hole, was the number 5125.. that whole Mayan calandar Buktun thing was 5125 years long.. but incidentally between September 11 2001 and September 23 2015.. is 5125 days.. which is also 120,000 hours..

    strangely enough, i googled 123000 hours and september 11, and there was a hit..…

    all i can say is..

    sup, numbers guy..

    • http://media.tumblr.…Bluejam
    • 123000 hours..autoflavour
    • I'm done with predictions. Been there too many times.set
    • Just makes people look stupid, ultimately.set
    • apparently it's "A global Extinction Level false flag event"
    • @set, couldn't agree moremonospaced
    • I guess, it's time to max my credit card!!!GeorgesII
    • Pareidolia: a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists.Morning_star
    • dates n times are important to these fckrs but they also fail.yurimon
    • I like this whole 'portal to the underworld' thing. Sounds like it could be fun.Continuity