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  • yuekit0

    why is this not true?

    The real-life Illuminati did exist but they were pretty much the libertarians and progressive thinkers of their time. Increasing state power or creating a one world government was exactly the opposite of what they were trying to achieve.

    The reason the "Illuminati taking over the world" myth got started is because they were demonized by the actual oppressive forces that existed back then...monarchists, church leaders and other people in power.

    So anyone who repeats this kind of conspiracy theory is just repeating reactionary propaganda from hundreds of years ago.

    • the illuminatus trilogy
      Wilson Robert + Shea Robert
    • elements of the 'myth' as you put it are true and in plain sight... but yes I agree it is not as some consp theorists perceive it.fadein11
    • A lot of it is about semantics and how far you want to go with the 'myth'.fadein11
    • Sure there may be organizations out there, secret and not so secret, trying to influence world events,yuekit
    • but what I'm saying is that the Illuminati themselves were definitely not part of that.yuekit
    • Illuminatus Trilogy...great book, one of my favorites in fact, but it's pretty much entertaining bullshit, as RAW would have been first to admityuekit
    • so what, now you're going to just populate your own thread with illuminati discussion after all this shit?monospaced
    • oops, you're not yurimon... yuekit, threw me off!monospaced
    • lol ... oops! :DContinuity
    • Actually you are right about the libertarian aspect. this is one account. another is became a template for what is known today compartmentalized ruthless orderyurimon
    • I dont know if its in your interest what do you think of this book?…
      sorry was a long url.
    • lol...and this is why NT™ should be default viewyuekit
    • I'm the best ux tester on the planet broh. lolyurimon
    • Saying "they don't exist and I know it" is just as fucking stupid as saying "they do exist and I know it"

      Bunch of cunts.
    • (lovely cunts)set
  • nb33

    why is this not true?

    Yurimon, we're not criticizing the subject matter, we're ignoring it. We're criticizing people like you who won't shut up about it.

    You think you're smarter than everyone and call everyone sheep because you saw some videos and websites that draw conclusions based on a misrepresented quotes and half-true facts from all over the place. This false information feeds your fear, while your narcissistic tendencies help you to assume that there must be some evil thing going on behind the scenes and that you have uncovered some secret truth.

    It's not new, it's boring. You're boring everyone.

    You can't just say "There are boogeymen! And they're trying to control and destroy you! If they don't exist, prove me wrong with facts!" Arguments don't work that way. You don't get to claim nonsense and demand facts from everyone else. It's an old trick used by people who can't make a good argument, and we all see right through it. That's why we don't watch your stupid videos.

    Learn to think for yourself. Read books and be critical of things. Take a journalistic attitude. Be skeptical of sources. But instead of jumping to the most outrageous conclusions, try looking for the simple answer, it's often right there in front of you.

    When you find yourself presented with information, you need to be critical of it. Ask yourself, "Is this really possible? Could this actually be happening? Or is it more likely that my own insecurities are driving me towards believing something. Is it perhaps that I want there to be some grand explanation, so I'm finding it in places that don't exist?"

    You claim that you're smart and thinking critically, but you're just spouting nonsense that we've all heard before and that's why no one cares.

    Or maybe you're just a troll. I don't know.

    • How's the weather up there in that tower nb?Morning_star
    • Thanks for the great wall of text of assumptions and ignorance. but thats not what i asked for. thanks for posting anyway.yurimon
    • I dont understand why its so hard to ask for opposing views with some reference or addition of historical context that disproves something.yurimon
    • especially its a subject that seems to be looked down upon as by many and dismissed with certainty. just saying something is made up without proof isyurimon
    • Not logical. like dismissing something without also is it logical. Why is it that in the conspiracy field there is more historical proof then disproof?yurimon
    • All i see is for some is the being called names and when you ask why and can you prove me other wise, people go ape shit. fuckin crazy phenomenon.yurimon
    • we've told you at length why you can't expect us to do it. try rereading the thread.scarabin
    • but thanks for posting.scarabin
    • What interesting subject? The video? Still nobody watched it LOL thx for posting.pango
    • Obviously you have no answers for me but thanx for posting.yurimon
    • nice try to attempt to change the subject.yurimon
    • front page again.yurimon
    • your answers are all over the page, guy. you've just got your head so far up your ass you can't see them.scarabin
    • thanks for postingscarabin
    • nb. what a post! if I could upvote it more i would.kona
    • sorry bro, you're just being demeaning. pretty lame attempt. i always saw you as bit more logical but thanks for posting.yurimon
    • Why are you speaking for everyone, nb?set
    • Dude, you're asking people to debunk the fucking Illuminati Theory. The most dumb of dumb theories. It seemed plausible when I was about 11 years old. Yawn.nb
    • I speak for the upvoters!nb
    • Still waiting for Yuri to debunk salad=illuminati theory.pango
    • Lol, doesn't really look promising nb. emotional response dont mean much. what you said wasnt well written or true.yurimon
    • Love you yurimon (and everyone else) but the one thing you're in no position to do is criticise posts for not being well written hahaset
    • You are Mr not well writtenset
    • i only check my grammar when i write novels or business correspondence.yurimon
    • proof of the irrationality of the voting system haha…yurimon
    • Pinkfloyd is cool. We're just messing with him.pango
    • sureyurimon
    • you write novels...monospaced
    • Yurimon: "Thanks for the great wall of text, but here, watch this 2.5hr video"Nathan_Adams
    • nb - new patronising champion of QBN 2015fadein11
    • a collective iq score of all of qbn?yurimon
    • They all love you yurimonset
    • lol, yeah right haha,yurimon
    • where the party? i just wanna stick my dick in the mash potatoes!necromation
    • I really have a record for most posts front page from my thread.yurimon
    • No you don't. Pic of the day does.HueyGnash
  • jtb265

    why is this not true?

    You're kind of asking folks to prove a negative. Providing evidence that something doesn't exist is really difficult.

    For example:

    Theorist: "Prove George Washington wasn't gay."

    Skeptic: "He had a wife!"

    Theorist: "So? He could have been sucking his slaves dick. Prove he didn't."

    Skeptic: "well, there's no historical evidence on the matter either way."

    Theorist: "See! You can't prove it didn't happen!"

    I'm not saying anything against your video one way or the other. In fact, I'm not going to watch it. Just trying to point out that what your asking for is going to be hard to come by.

    • My example is pretty thin. When something doesn't exist, it's really hard to find evidence of it's absence. Absence of evidence isn't necessarily evidence...jtb26
    • of absence. If you want real answers talk to historians. Designers will be of little use.jtb26
    • Don't bother. Yuri is good fun, but to have an actual logical discussion is not going to happen.inteliboy
    • why are we still feeding this thread?Al_dizzle
    • Oh, because at the very least it was a pro level troll. Deserves it's day.jtb26
    • I was kinda hoping for some dramatic meltdown and butt hurt tantrum. We're due for one at least.monospaced
    • lol I like how layback Mono has become compared to before.pango
    • There is no prove a negative from a historical context. plus i wasnt asking for assumptions. you have blind people who call dont believe that there are powerfulyurimon
    • people in this world that can control outcome in a control system. you have sheep who pride themselves on everything has to be proven but yet when you ask themyurimon
    • put aside the name calling and ok what proof do you have that this not true if you think im a nutter. what you get is people going ape shit because they dontyurimon
    • have anything to say but this is bullshit. even scarabin is flaming on that you have to know the bible to disprove via atheism. but somehow that logic isyurimon
    • contradicted with excuses by the very same people who claim the bullshit. its not that im really asking to prove the negative. its that the people who claim itsyurimon
    • its bullshit have no proof to their claim. understand?yurimon
    • They are programmed narrative that in an ego centric fashion masquerades as knowledge of what the world is.yurimon
    • Calm the fuck down. You still don't grasp that nobody gives a shit about the conspiracy video or proof. you are being ridiculous now.monospaced
    • you keep proving you care. thanks for posting.yurimon
    • I think this thread has the record fro front page. I'm qbn world record holder for front page. woohooyurimon
    • And also down votes. Let's not forget that.pango
    • we don't care, we're just bored, and this thread is somewhat of a mild entertaining time waster.inteliboy
    • Once again you confuse our annoyance with caring about your topic. Everyone wants you to go away or just keep being insane for entertainment.monospaced
    • face it maybe you cant handle the truth. maybe its just an attempt for you to try to be a cool Solipsist. if there is such a thingyurimon
    • FUCKING HELL. It's not that I can't handle it... it's that nobody gives a fuck and still isn't watching that stupid youtube video. Why do you not get this?monospaced
    • it made front page its obviously important and an involved subject that involves time emotion and effort. all elements of caring.yurimon
    • it's only as important as other things on the front page. like this potato.…pango
    • yet, nobody's actually discussing it, lolmonospaced
  • TheGreatGlorpo3

    why is this not true?

    Yuriman, I need you to prove that this isn't true. Are you up for the challenge?

    This is from someone in the know. Their words:
    I was told recently by an Agency Insider that there is a global conspiracy regarding what is done with circumsised foreskins.

    Basically the God of Abraham (the God of Christians, Muslims and Jews) is an extraterrestrial creature that feeds on foreskins.

    Somewhere in a secret location priests in ancient robes shovel foreskins into the creature's mouth every second of every minute of every day.

    If they ever cease the supply of foreskins pouring into the beasts maw, the creature will destroy the earth.

    Thats why Christians oppose abortions and birth control. The whole "pro life" movement is too make sure enough children are born to provide the needed foreskins, which increases every year.

    That is why there has been a massive population explosion. the worlds leaders are scrambling to ensure an adequate supply of flesh foreskins.

    Have you been circumcised? If so the creature has tasted of your flesh, and an unbreakable bond has been created between you.

    When you die your soul will emit a resonance that the creature recognizes from the taste of your foreskin and it calls you to it. You will then reside for eternity in a false heaven created by the alien creature for its

    Fortunately I have not been circumcised, so I will go to real heaven.

    This is insider information. I am in great danger for even posting this.

    I personally dont believe this Insider at all. I believe in a loving God who has Forgiven our sins through Jesus Christ and the Teachings of Mohammad and the Torah and Quran and the Laws and the Prophets.

    But the Gnostics say that the God of the bible is a false god, really the devil.


    • you are doing the same thing pango is doing with the parody salad. More of comedy routine at this point and mocking however if you read my earlier response youyurimon
    • can have an idea of what im talking about.yurimon
    • The point is, You can't disprove it!
      The silly salad is only as silly as your silly video.
    • That is a crazy story! I always thought foreskins were repurposed as cheap fried calamari rings.mg33
    • Break it down and it's the same shit yurimon. There's no other way to put it. You're showing some crazy shit and asking to disprove it. That simple.monospaced
    • And even if that stupid shit is real, I still have to go to work and have a family and watch my shows and go on trips. Big fucking deal. Nobody believes it.monospaced
    • I seriously want you to attempt to talk about design and maybe take this kind of nonsense elsewhere. Internets a big place. please.monospaced
    • And Glorpo. That was Glorious.monospaced
    • mono you are delusional. you lack reading comprehension or something repeating as if you havent read what i posted on this subject earlier.yurimon
    • its ok mono its your choice to be ignant. no pressure i never asked you personally to post in this threadyurimon
    • you fackin ap bro. Am i addicting to reply too or somethingyurimon
    • And there it is. Calling others delusional.pango
    • Mono doesn't lack reading comprehension. He lack any fucks to give to that videopango
    • he keeps ranting off subject, the intent that i expressed already. hes ignoring what i said. its only to be right, nothing elseyurimon
    • he wants to win an argument about how much he doesn't care by posting stuff that shows how much he doesnt care?yurimon
    • Because u are too dumb to see it even with your ancient knowledge. He doesn't care about the video. He can't stand u posting nonesence that annoying everyone.pango
    • And I'm sticking around because you haven't disprove the salad yetpango
    • pango you are like a fly buzzing. you make no sense if he really didnt care he wouldnt post that much to prove it. its not nonsense it a good subject,yurimon
    • I understand that most people dont care to deal in truth especially if it threatens their world view.yurimon
    • if you post cats, people are happy however but deep thinking subjects. not so happy.yurimon
    • No it isnt. And so many people disagree with you too. It seems like you don't want to disprove the salad is it cuz it might make your original video look silly?pango
    • I'm like a fly?? You should really take a look at your self.pango
    • It's more like I'm chasing the fly right now.pango
    • I was trying to be nice and tell you you are in the wrong place for this. My reading comprehension is as good as it gets. Wish yours was better though.monospaced
    • I dont think its a wrong place. my opinion different then yours. there is a jingle that said i could talk about anything on i know its silly butyurimon
    • any response is ok regardless of what it is. I was hoping a more intellectual one but didnt happen.yurimon
    • at least a couple yes this thread could have been only like 5-10 posts with notes.yurimon
    • That jingle was on april fool only. and it's long passed. you're not still in april fool are you?pango
    • if i had a dollar for every time yurimon called himself intelligent or a "deep thinker"... i'd be dan bilzerianscarabin
    • http://en.wikipedia.…scarabin
    • Of course you CAN talk about anything here. Nobody's suppressing you. We're simply suggesting that you don't since it's not well-received. Lighten up.monospaced
  • moldero6
  • scarabin16

    why is this not true?

    it's all true. can you fuck off now

  • jaylarson4
    • sorry, big filejaylarson
    • wow, that is cool!cbass99
    • man i wanna build my pyramid there so bad. moon party!scarabin
    • Moontribe headquartersmoldero
    • how do you know about moontribe moldy? lolsea_sea
    • yeah, watscarabin
    • I lived up there for about a year and was friends of friends with some of the promoters, when there was no party we made our own at their warehousemoldero
    • that's supposed to be secret 'n' shitscarabin
    • This was like 20 years ago back in 94 or 95moldero
    • I think the warehouse belonged to tonka sounds, but all the main mt peeps were there. Beautiful peoplemoldero
    • Oops scar, thats why now I'm in hiding in Mexico.moldero
    • lol. crazy how long that party has been goingscarabin
    • Yeah i just tripped out when i counted back 20 yearsmoldero
    • South Pole-Aitken basin, almost 1,500 miles across. Twice the size of Texas.utopian
    • Bartosz Wojczyński…jaylarson
    • Cool moldy. My first moontribe was in a warehouse somewhere in Santa Monica around Venice I think it might of been around 94.sea_sea
    • I remember I did half a tab cause it was my first time. Lol didn't feel anything until that morning on the beach. I still have a ring I got at that party :)sea_sea
    • Years after that, I followed them around the desert for a while until I actually got on the email list. I loved being out there under the desert skies.sea_sea
    • awesome! I LOVED those parties, the vibe, well, i dont even have to say it, you know.moldero
  • utopian2
  • scarabin0


    man, the man with the iron fists was such a good flick. not sure what happened with the sequel. i'm high as shit and this still sucks

    • I only seen the second one, good to know the first is bettermoldero
    • what? there's a first one?pango
    • i mean second one?pango
    • that's what i said. it's on netfrixscarabin
    • thanks for postingyurimon
    • is netfrix better than netflix?Ben99
    • I need to check out netfrix and also buy a boat.pango
    • try the dumb and dumber sequel. now that is quality! *vomits on self*inteliboy
  • utopian4
  • scarabin1
    • Incredible.monospaced
    • well its those who call it bullshit that are making claims without proof.yurimon
    • right now you are being a
      Solipsist lol
    • Right now you are in denial.pango
    • i don't think that word means what you think it doesscarabin
    • it's not applicable here at allscarabin
  • CGN7
    • yupmoldero
    • I don't know, the last time I listened to advice from a rabbit I ended up regretting it.nb
    • they have happy twitter feedsprophetone
  • elahon1

    Pic of the Day

    "How the Australian police escort Vladimir Putin."


    Pic of the Day

    Denis Bodart

  • Horp4

    Getting older and working in design

    I'm 45. I started in graphic design for print at 15, and I gave it up around 2005 with a sideways segue into illustration. I saw the same thing happening to illustration as design so I lost interest and got out (1. It was overpopulated and therefore the value plummeted 2. It started to get invaded by a lot of computer complexity that I didn't wish to learn 3. It became very client driven as opposed to creative-leading).

    I dropped all creative pursuits entirely in 2009 and have never been back. I shifted into an area of consultancy and being seen as an 'expert' in an area that involves cultural insight, strategy, and material culture analysis. It was the best leap sideways I could make with the skills that I could repackage and transfer somewhere new.

    What I know is that I could never go back. I wouldn't earn what I earn from being in any of my previous roles (designer, creative director, art director, illustrator), I am definitely too old to learn the kinds of tricks it requires to survive now, and life is a lot less stressful once you step away from 'creative'.

    However, I couldn't say exactly that I'm happy. There's a whole lot of feel good self-identity stuff in defining yourself as somebody who makes their world work via creativity, and you simply do not get that when you step out of that mind-state and into an office/corporate environment where you are not judged, evaluated or appreciated for your creative production. In many ways I feel like Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfells.. a shclub, standing on his doorstep in his slippers, missing the energy and excitement of the old life... but I'm secure, I have a good income, my employers really value me, and life is generally a lot more stable and less fraught.

    I would never go back... I wouldn't want to even if I could, but I will always look back fondly on those times, which have now largely gone... or at least evolved into something radically different.

    • Spelling error: I meant Schlub, not S-Club7Horp
    • Interesting. Are you in a large city? Who are your clients?formed
    • I've often wondered about a similar transition.formed
    • S-Club7 probably have the same feelings.Fax_Benson
    • I'm in London. I work for a consultancy so we have a very broad range of clients. Some are very interesting and exciting, some are terrible.Horp
    • Interested in how you went about making the move sideways?dee-dubs
    • I've always believed that if you identify with your core skills rather than your vocation, you can go almost anywhere, even if it takes a couple of leaps.Horp
    • So you have a full time gig at a consulting company? I like your thinkingformed
    • I always thought you were THE horp lolfadein11
    • oops sorry my mistake - had a moment there.fadein11
    • Sounds like you're a little happier than before, at least Horp old fruit. You seemed to be carrying an ever present feeling of inadequacy and...set
    • ... the impending doom of being fired at any minute. Are you feeling like they value your shizzle?set
    • Also I really wanted to lay down an S club 7 joke but I have nothing.set
    • I think I'm a little more settled into this reality, and I've been doing it long enough that the private feeling of being an imposter has faded...Horp
    • ... I don't know for sure that I'm happier, but I'm less unsure now. As designers we combine personal passions with business. Divorce that, and you get two...Horp
    • distinct entities. I work, and it pays well, and it isn't awful, but I don't LOVE it. It doesn't define me or make me happy. So I now pursue other things that..Horp
    • bring happiness. I have an old racing car I work on and drive. It's what I love. As a designer, we tend to love 'designy stuff'.Horp
  • mg331

    why is this not true?

    yurimon, if you're not already a member, may I direct you to where you'll find exactly the audience you're looking for.

    • you can talk about anything at qbn.comyurimon
    • you can, but you can't expect us to... I agree with mg33, this really isn't your platform for this type of discussionmonospaced
    • i wanted an opposite opinion with some direction for proof. help me mono. give me an opposite proven opinion with evidence. please.yurimon
    • listen. you can talk about anything at mmkay its freedom. i post all sorts of stuff. second of not every post is my opinion when its links. always upyurimon
    • fo discussion. shame its not always intelly discussion responses.yurimon
    • why on earth are you constantly asking me for proof against this? I already told you I'm not interested in even watchingmonospaced
    • You CAN talk about anything here, but you CAN'T EXPECT everyone to take it seriously just because you tell them to. This isn't the right place, honestly.monospaced
    • you keep asking. doesnt hurt to ask. mmkayyurimon
    • Ya I kept asking you to debunk that salad too. You still haven't provide any factual evidence.pango
    • That salad didn't even look tasty.Continuity
    • front pageyurimon
    • and front page now.yurimon
    • i like a romaine salad. high in nutrients.bklyndroobeki
    • why do you care about front page?monospaced
    • its going to make front page.yurimon
    • which is meaningless, of coursemonospaced
    • Salad yurimon. Salad!pango
    • I'm all about the rucola. So much tastier than boring old bog-standard leaf lettuce.Continuity
  • scarabin0

    Pic of the Day

    50 million year old fucking snake preserved in amber

  • kingkong2

    Pic of the Day

    Future queen of England's legs

  • ghandolf4

    Getting older and working in design

    "Never tie your self-worth, to your net worth". ~ Erik Wahl

    So far, reading your ages, I've got you all beat. Although I'm not a designer, or 'web-ist', I am a freelancer. I've done alright for myself over the years, but recently as others have remarked, things are suddenly not the same, and my work, (at least for me) has begun to seriously dry up. It's really difficult to chart a new path when you're older. I've had ups and downs, good years and bad ones in my line of work, but this is different now.

    Losing my job years ago, was actually the best thing that ever happened to me. It set a new template for me to grow and become someone and something I never thought possible.

    I've had a bought in the past with depression as well. That was a very dark and difficult time for me. I got past it, with help, just as you are doing. (Take care of yourself!) After all, this is just work. In the larger scheme of things,, children, experiences, etc., this is manageable. These are bumps in the road, meant to define you, to bring out your best, to bubble up what's deep inside of who you are, and who you can be.

    Hang in there kids. I wish I could tell you it will get better, but in reality it only becomes different...and sometimes that can be better. I wish you only the best of luck in whatever it is that you do from here going forward.

    Also, this is the best thread I've ever seen here on QBN/Newstoday.

    Have a great day, Mates!

  • moldero15


    A new QBN calls for new QBN stickers!!!