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    • ...go back to your weight room, brah.PonyBoy
    • love Rollinsmoldero
    • "reforming campaign financing"...

      In civilized North Europe all polical advertising is prohibited by law
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    I spent yesterday at the beach, and can confirm that it's infinitely better than all the politics threads on QBN.

    • and yet, you are back to browsing politic threadsdrgs
    • Must resist. Must beach.nb
    • Dumb fuckdrake-von-drake
    • U mad bro?
      Try the beach.
    • I own property on a beach dipshit.drake-von-drake
    • You there now? Doesn't sound like it!nb
    • nb finally gets some fucken sunpinkfloyd
    • A beach dipshit? Is that like an inlet or a cove?face_melter
    • Since when did qbn turn into 90% trolls?pinkfloyd
    • Nice!…
    • http://www.aszichild…yurimon
    • how the hell would anyone get pissed off at this post? you guys are sad.pango
    • drake von drake step away and detox for a little whilr. qbn isn't bringing out the best in youhotroddy
    • Alexander stop insulting people and go back to playing with your cars and politics.sted
    • is drake von someone pretending to be a yurimon troll?pinkfloyd
    • did the same, even got a suntan, no joke ehehhGeorgesII
    • Beach property with a Polish girlfriend? Living the dream, living the dream.Continuity
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    Donald Trump Love Thread

    Hey Georges... if Trump wins does that mean you're moving over here to the States?

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    Yurimon of the day

    “everyone handles their psychological queefs differently... ”
    - Yurimon

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    Ppl have emailed me on QBN before, but I don't see where to find someone else's email on their profile... Little help?

  • dbloc4
    • you dont want to touch a corps after its been dead after a certain amount of time. its just a hygiene thang.yurimon
    • more misspellings ruining your insensitive attempt at an elitist opinion!
      fall on something sharp nimrod
    • im not the elitist here obviously its hillary n trump. the problem you actually have is with yourself and not me.yurimon
    • this is more of your attempt to neglect the work you can be doing with yourself in getting your self esteem in order.yurimon
    • not projecting hate on posted content posted by a character development experts on a fcking blog of all places.yurimon
    • did you hear that imbecile? you're neglecting your self esteem, and that's why you are being negative toward yurimonospaced
    • everyone handles their psychological queefs differently, mono reacts via my activation of his violent childhood past. he somehow sees me as his dad and he mustyurimon
    • challenge me.yurimon
    • Lol @ yuridrake-von-drake
    • sorry about your daddy issues mono... I mean yuri.imbecile
    • (god is right, as always)sted
    • oh, did you hear that? I had a violent childhood past (who knew?), and I see yuri as my dad (lol) ... that's not yuri being insane or condescending at allmonospaced
    • not at all. being a father figure could be a nurturing experience if you wanted to be a respectful and insightful young lad.yurimon
    • Only chicken is Hillz... Trump shouldn't go near either one until they are the presumed candidate... Zero reason to debate out of order for Trump...PonyBoy
    • Other than to shut up everyone calling him a pussy with no basis... He is once again owning the left... Amazing how nothing really touches him...PonyBoy
    • I srsly think this guy is our next preezy... Regardless, an asshole will be our next prez (Shrillary and Drumpf)PonyBoy
    • Mono had a charmed childhood damn itterry_cloth
    • ^ yeahdrake-von-drake
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    Hillary Clinton Hate Thread

    Why does she need a hate thread?

    You have already spread your hate and disdain of Hillary in just about every other thread on QBN.

    For the love of Allah...go to beach or BBQ, get laid, it's Memorial Day.

    • or have a shot of whiskey @ the least.bklyndroobeki
    • shit, I think QBN would even pool some funds for a few shots and a hooker to stop the hate posts!formed
    • ^ i'm inbklyndroobeki
    • He spends all his time doing them icons lmao . . .kgvs72
    • Trump Hate, Hillary Hatedrake-von-drake
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    How do I tell a colleague NOT to put bells and whistles (literally) on their resume, gently. C'MON!

    So many poorly designed resumes out there... hurts my brain.

    • tell them the truth, they won't be offended, they're the one looking for workmonospaced
    • what do you think a good designed resume is post a pic. just curious.yurimon
    • you're right mono. i don't think this person will be offended, and if they are, either way it'll be "good" for them.bklyndroobeki
    • its only a question if their success is tied to the design. just tell them which types of resumes get more success n rest is their problem.yurimon
    • post the successful design resume on here for me to confirm if you are correct.yurimon
    • yuri,
      1. Find a clean but unique typeface that speaks to you (see fonts you want 201-) 2. Set up an really nice grid in InDesign (you can break the rules if yo
    • you know what you're doing.)
      3. Bring your personality to it -- though keep it simple.
    • i want to see a literal bell and/or whistle adorned résumé. I feel like it would garner attention.imbecile
    • @yuri, a well-designed resume is one that puts legibility above all elsemonospaced
    • I don't want to point out any specific individual but look @ this search…bklyndroobeki
    • ugh! just google: "ui designer resume"bklyndroobeki
    • A CV/resume is designed to present information. The optimum design was achieved with typewriters. Anything more than selecting a favoured typeface is waste.Muncher
    • your information has been approved.yurimon
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    Donald Trump Hate Thread

    The guy totally pussed out on debating Bernie!

    • There was no reason to—nothing pussy about it—was SMART. Why bother w/the 2nd place (loser-to-be) and rather spend time trashing the rapist-backer, Shrillary?PonyBoy
    • :D I feel like I just poked an angry bear w/a stick... take it easy on me, mono.PonyBoy
    • If it was so smart, why agree in the first place? I can already hear "quitter" and "aw, are you afraid?"formed
    • haha... well...the guy usually starts off w/ a dumb statement or action and often follows-up w/something 'smarter' this. You are dead-on right, formed :)PonyBoy
    • Smart of him to not bother w/Bernie... but I wouldn't say he pussed-out... was just a waste of time taking on number 2 rather than focusing on HIllz.PonyBoy
    • The smartest thing Trump ever did was not debating Bernie, Trump would be destroyed!utopian
    • It was smart. who needs to mess with crazy #2 with SJW victim cards. bernie is going to cry life is not fair after the debate like he did about the NV convensonyurimon
    • It would be ideal to debate Bernie because it would mentally destroy clinton and with whats going on in Venezuela, socialism marxism ideology is collapsing.Hayoth
    • Socialism is collapsing societies you idiots. Look at europe and latin america. To ignore that and continue the bernie flag proves ignorance.Hayoth
    • Bernie can't beat hillary, but he would have destroyed trump, willful ignorance... bernie got played like a fool, once againGeorgesII
    • He has tons of excuses which you outlined but he still pussed out big time. Could have used it to talk about issues but instead talked shit. Pussy.monospaced
    • He said he would debate Bernie if someone donated $10 million to a woman's health cause. Also said it would be easy money. But he still won't do it.monospaced
    • Trump is likely putting some fire under the old mans feet to attack Hillary harder.IRNlun6
    • Bernie shouldn't be focused on Trump anyway.IRNlun6
    • who cares, I think its better strategy not to debate bernie. its to early especially if he is not nominated, will be a waste of time. the fire is berning outyurimon
    • People who expect a president to be able to discuss issues with another adult care, yuri. Trump is a chickenshit.monospaced
    • You would think Trump would welcome the chance to win over some of Sanders supporters and embarrass Hillaryyuekit
    • I think he was afraid to be standing on stage with a genuine populist. Sanders would have attacked him on using sweatshop labor in Bangladesh instead ofyuekit
    • paying a little bit more to hire Americans, all while he criticizes other companies for outsourcing.yuekit
    • Do you guys really think that rational discussion is going to yield results? if rationality prevailed then their wouldn't be the left in such numbers.yurimon
    • there*yurimon
    • its feels that count.yurimon
    • Sanders voted against every single trade deal so there's not much Trump can say in return except the socialism name calling.yuekit
    • are you talking about the guy who wants an idiot carbon tax? which is almost the same.yurimon
    • and the same guy who wants to tax into prosperity. yup same idiot.yurimon
    • well, if it's that simple, yuri, Trump wouldn't be so scared of discussing them with the "idiot"monospaced
    • and let's face it, if you're at a point where you don't expect rational presidential discussion to yield results, then you're just as bad as the worstmonospaced
    • personally, I don't think Trump is capable of having those discussions with bernie, and that he would end up looking like a moron if he triedmonospaced
    • I think he pussed out on something he had initially proposed. That's my opinion. That's how I see it.monospaced
    • Has he ever really debated anyone? He doesn't debate. He's a carnival barker.severian
    • Well remember Trump is posing as man on the people so defending deregulated capitalism and tax cuts for the rich is not going to look so greatyuekit
    • The right might like those arguments but it would look bad to his blue collar supporters. So in the end he probably decided it was too risky.yuekit
    • you mean smart political dialogue like "The guy totally pussed out on debating Bernie!" holy! just realized mono is trump all along!yurimon
    • I'm not running for president, yuri. You can phrase it any way you like, but in the end I'm saying he is scared (like a cat, aka pussy) to debate Bernie.monospaced
    • Nothing to be scared of. he is not the front runner at this time. so no point. its going to have a more impact if bernie was officially nominatedyurimon
    • plus bernie out of schtick. same old tired routine of feels dated.yurimon
    • if trump lets bernie alone to his own devices he will starve for lack of content and his road shoe will get stale. he trying to latch on to the trump machine foyurimon
    • r exposure. i havent heard anything bernie for some time even posting on here is sparse. he is drying up like a slug on salted wood chips.yurimon
    • road show* the e was to close the w fyi.yurimon
    • Trump has everything to be scared of. He did the smart thing and is playing it safe. He doesn't need news anymore, he's got the nomination, now he just waits.formed
    • If he had balls, like he likes to think he does (but we all know he's a pussy in a gold plated tower), he wouldn't cancel, but knows there's a good chanceformed
    • he'd look like a fool. Smarter to sit in the corner and wait it all out. Stupid to have agreed in the first place. Clearly a "quitter" and "scared" to lose.formed
    • I think bernie supporters needs the debate more then trump. bernie posts have dried up, hes out of content. days have gone by without a bernie meme anywhere.yurimon
    • plus trump is a more practical strategist. waste of energy. bernie needs press. they are desperate. oh lets debate trump n ride get some press. out of ideasany1yurimon
    • you're right yuri, bernie supporters would benefit from the debate because it would make trump look like a complete idiot, and they need thatmonospaced
    • and yes, chickening out on like a total pussy is definitely pure "practical" strategy if I've ever seen itmonospaced
    • Well of course "I'm winning, you're losing" is exactly the kind of substance free thing Trump would say. But it's Not an argument that his ideas are better oryuekit
    • that he wouldn't have something to lose in a debate after getting exposed as fake populist.yuekit
    • bernie is as much of an idiot as trump except trump can make bank and bernie needs tax money to eat.yurimon
    • Sorry but "I'm rich" is not an argument either unless you are a total and complete idiot.yuekit
    • Let's face it, Trump running scared, Bernie would destroy that ass.yuekit
    • bernie n trump are both populist in a way.yurimon
    • i dont bernie would destroy trump. you dont need debate all the facts of how economy works best is already historic.yurimon
    • the fact that anyone would be leftist at this point in history just shows who the idiots are pretty much.yurimon
    • yet leftist make fun of people for fake beliefs when they cant face their own shit failed belief systems. both failed in gov n economy. historically.yurimon
    • Why are people so angry then? Outsourcing and competing with third world is part of free market capitalism.yuekit
    • Trump's success over other Republican actually comes partly from borrowing some of those leftist ideas.yuekit
    • Being against free trade (supposedly) and says he won't cut social welfare programs.yuekit
    • very few free markets, but our competitiveness ends with monetary policy, regulatory environment. of course we are in corp oligarchy in some way.yurimon
    • if you examine the stats social welfare programs are failure and have wasted trillions in taxes, created worst problems.yurimon
    • so far the historic formula for effect gov economy combo is prob gov 10-25% of gdpyurimon
    • That's your opinion maybe but I dont think Trump would agree with that based on his statements.yuekit
    • even if you use Scandinavian model which im ok with of free economy n social programs its still 15-25% of gdp. once you pass a certain threshold of over controlyurimon
    • n centralized power, bureaucracies, over the 25% gov to gdp you society turns to shit. bernie trump, suck but the people suck more for letting it happenyurimon
    • trump only remains from process of elimination of the multiple choice equation you are forced into. but the sheeple love their multiple choice freedom.yurimon
    • Sounds like Libertarian party would be closer to what you're talking aboutyuekit
    • yeah but kinda sparse in people consciousness.yurimon
    • This could be the year that changes, especially if they get into the debates.yuekit
    • Bernie is in second place to be second place... Makes no sense for Trump to go near him... The only pussy here is Clinton.PonyBoy
    • Obviously, it's not in Trump's best interest to fight Bernie. Especially since Bernie lives in la-la land, great in theory, IMPOSSIBLE to execute; implement.drake-von-drake
    • Bernie would make Trump look like, well Hillary. A money chasing fool. #ABC Anybody But Clinton!!!!drake-von-drake
    • berndawg is a one trick pony. /endyurimon
    • This probably makes most sense
  • docpoz5
  • Hayoth2
    • why isn't moving?
      looks like a nice copyright lawsuit :)…
    • How do his small ass hands grip to that machine gun?utopian
    • that's a sniper rifle you limp dicked yuppieterry_cloth
    • lol @ machine gun. Surprised you didn't say military style assault rifle lolHayoth
    • By the looks of it a 50cal Barrettterry_cloth
    • people who know jack shit about guns always are the first who want to spew their "knowledge"GeorgesII
    • Sure thing g, all the time I spend at the range is just to show off on qbnterry_cloth
    • guns are scary n gross.yurimon
    • lolmonospaced
    • All that time at the range will sure help you in life. You need more productive hobbies tubby.severian
    • its one of those skills you need to have real sharp in hopes you never have to use them. especially if you consider yourself a man.yurimon
    • "especially if you consider yourself a man"
    • country, your family need protecting, civilizations come n fall on the virtues n quality of its people.yurimon
    • ^ why not go the whole hog and move to a remote wood off gird and write your nonsense manifesto.fadein11
    • grid*fadein11
    • yes yes, artismal yuppies afraid of guns and middle america, big surprise thereterry_cloth
    • fadein, it applies to everyone not just rural. I think ben is studying martial arts. it has purpose but its better he doesnt have to use it. but the skill isyurimon
    • sharp when you need it. just like any tool. think of society that men are up on their game with intelligence, physical health, it makes a difference.yurimon
    • need throw out ideas that dont serve people. like political correct castration and stupid SJW fake morality.yurimon
    • Trump > Trampdrake-von-drake
    • lo fucking lmonospaced
  • dasmeteor2
    • http://cargocollecti…dasmeteor
    • The French sure know how to protestmicrokorg
    • that last pic.. fighting economic inequality while ignoring the economic pressure of increased immigration?IRNlun6
    • Immigration didn't cause the inequality and removing immigrants wouldn't fix it; that's the fallacy of relative privation.i_monk
    • free education.yurimon
    • looks hella professional. nice combat suits.sureshot
    • we need to hire these pros to come to the states...yurimon
    • I wonder if its accurate to say that the french police show more restraint than if this was in the states.yurimon
    • 'GET A JOB'.detritus
    • Bernie votersinstrmntl
    • if only bernie was french.yurimon
    • vandals having rock fights. we used to do this as kids.omg
    • The country was built on protest. More power to them.face_melter
    • yeah but i'm wondering if there is an understanding of core issues or just dissent. an unconscious rebellion is just mob rule.yurimon
    • Morons without a a real understanding of the issues and essentially cowardsdrake-von-drake
    • i_monk, not the cause. an increase contributes to economic pressure due to more competition and demand on resources. tipping point of what the state can supportIRNlun6
    • Coward how?pango
    • Really Drake? you're sure about that? If they *understood* the issues do you think they'd fall in line like you have?ben_
    • Looks like there's a market for fancy fandango riot masks out there. BRB, gonna register a riot mask shop on ETSY.microkorg
    • Revolution…KaitlinMcCarthy
    • Kids without a future. I feel so sorry for them. *sighdrake-von-drake
    • @KaitlinMcCarthy best Daft Punk track to date!Krassy
    • we can make a difference as adults. we can be mentors.yurimon
    • urine stain, #protip condescension is not leadershipimbecile
    • IRN: assuming no immigrants contribute anything to the economy and there are no revenue tools available to the government. Neither of which are true.i_monk
    • ^well it depends, some of the migrant dont have even school or could read. not sure of percentage but statistically that combination in western welfare stateyurimon
    • culture creates higher dependency and suffering.yurimon
    • your interpretation of social critique as condescension? tell me more.yurimon
    • Coward? we know who you are. You couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag you pudgy waste.severian
    • i_monk: fair enough. those french kids are adopting North African/Mid Eastern Islamic attire.IRNlun6
    • yurimon you comment passed the height of the post block: sit in the corner and remain silent for 3 days.sted
    • this current climate of migration it's likely more difficult to assimilate groups which need housing, food, jobs, as well as having to learn the language.IRNlun6
    • I'm being presumptuous but even a highly educated migrate needs resources which does increase pressure on the needs of it's citizens, but I do agree with youIRNlun6
    • ^ or learn to write period.yurimon
    • To write period? Or to write, period?pango
    • Great fkn photographs.sea_sea
    • @omg "we used to do this as kids"
      They are kids. I would say it's their turn now.
    • Coming to an H&M near you... "French Protest Chic"OSFA
    • Lol at socialist Marxist ideology. Lenins useful idiots.Hayoth
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    Show some recent work

    Final shot these, now I can drink these:

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