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    Punches For:

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    • maybe it show how little they use their Facebook so punches for the rest of usmoldero
    • punches for people who use ever use facebok any moregilgamush
    • punches for people with bad grammar.pango
    • lol ohhhhhh that one's gonna come back and bite me.pango
    • you can't punch ichi the killermoldero
    • Punches for societal glomming that resulted in anyone doing this to their profile pic in the first place.mg33
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    • how you know alien believes in no god?pango
    • they are godmoldero
    • does god believes in god?pango
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    Shooting of the Day

    It's really unfortunate that the founding fathers didn't have the foresight to include a "Right to go to school without getting murdered" into the constitution.

    • yep true. weird thing is these dumbass gun laws made sense at the time - new forntiers and all that but now they just seem ridiculous.fadein11
    • And noone is saying ban them - just regulate them tightly...fadein11
    • Have you read the federalist papers? their letter or speeches? there is critical component missing from your intellect.yurimon
    • I'm sorry that you are oppressed in your emotions. fear governs your life and you hate personal responsibility. the microcosm of your emotional life ayurimon
    • How about restricting access to ranges. Nobody needs to take one home.monoboy
    • reflection of your ignorance.yurimon
    • We just need super control and background checks. We also need a solid education to go with the gun. Too many deaths out of blatant laziness/ignorance.formed
    • How about dealing with the core causes of problems instead of being ignorant. that would be something new for a change.yurimon
    • Ok, let's try to solve every single other related problem first. Let's see if that works. I'll be here, let me know when everyone's agreed to solve everything.nb
    • once again yuri, it made sense at the time, but now they seem somewhat ridiculousmonospaced
    • and that doesn't mean we can't ALSO focus on some of the other related core problems... one of them happens to be an over abundance of gunsmonospaced
    • core of the problem is systemic in how society is formed in the first place. how we interact, consume things, relationship with ourselves most crucial.yurimon
    • The majority of Americans want stricter gun controls. But I suppose the will of the people isn't in the constitution, either.nb
    • Its supposed to be a republic. If you read the founding fathers, They never dismissed the quality of people in a society. to them freedom was a path for anyurimon
    • Not ignorance Yuri, just re-affirming the sentiment made here that what made sense in 1778 doesn't in 2015.monoboy
    • Like swallowing Mercury for stomach problems.monoboy
    • opportunity for mans enlightenment. freedom is tied to responsibility. this problem you are trying to solve is a crisis of many things, aside from theyurimon
    • politically solutions presented to us. I can sympathize with you because, i am not a fan of gun. and my background would be that of liberal idealist.yurimon
    • that being said. at some point i recognized that I was a programmed reactionary to social problems, we all are, this becomes an inner battle of our programingyurimon
    • and a healing of the disease that society creates.yurimon
    • I disagree, How do you know that we are not taking mercury for social problems at this point. figuratively speaking.yurimon
    • Who are you to decide if people need guns or not mono, such arrogancegilgamush
    • There is an assumptions about the past. there are certain tech advantages. But what they presented was more that of nature of man.yurimon
    • they weren't perfect that what they produced is timeless in that they tried to remedy the repetition of historical mistakes people make that leads society toyurimon
    • tyranny. its cycle and there is wisdom to try to prevent the decline from freedom and quality of people society.yurimon
    • yurimon is right, so deal with your kids getting shot till we fix everything else. TRUMP 2016!moldero
    • ^ in society i mean. However what you enjoy now was paved in blood, in trying to break free from a king grasp. now you have a new set of rulers making way inyurimon
    • and it'll continue to be paved in blood.monoboy
    • Thats something we can try to avoid if we get our acts together.yurimon
    • Sincerely hope so.monoboy
    • If Founding Father ideals are the answer to violence, why was there so much violence and oppression back in the 1700/1800s?yuekit
    • The occasional shooting aside, we actually live in a much more peaceful enlightened society today compared w/ the racism, religiosity and violence back then.yuekit
    • Yes, we do live in a safer, smarter, more rational society than ever. Globally, everything is better, on average. Still, the US needs to end these massacres.nb
    • Please realize that it is the gun-lobby and industry that keeps the guns in the hands of Americans. The vocal minority does not speak for the average American.nb
    • i dont know what you are talking about a minority? and industry stuff coming into the mix. you took a from 300 mil peeps survey?yurimon
    • lol, survey of 300 mil peepsyurimon
    • Actually reviewing this incident. I think this belongs in the terrorist attack category.yurimon
    • I just love how gun advocates turn a reasonable discussion, trying to find a solution, into a heated debate about their "rights" and taking away "freedoms".formed
    • I can't tell if that's naive fantasies talking or a deliberate attempt to change the subject.formed
    • Either way, it does nothing but make one look like a childish bullyformed
    • You are saying words but i dont know if you know what you are talking about. its like an Ai interface with you and programmed speech patterns or something.yurimon
    • yuri the wizemoldero
  • chukkaphob1

    Pic of the Day

    JCPenney: "Tess Holliday has been modeling since 2010, and is the first plus size model to be signed by an agency. She started the body positive movement #effyourbeautystandards in 2013 as a way to encourage all people to embrace their body as it is at this moment. Full of sass and raw honesty, Tess’ posts are helping erase negativity and change the fashion industry. "

    • fabulous.docpoz
    • what even the actual fuckscarabin
    • dont set an example and use normal healthy people or anything, just be PC and let muricuh accept their lazy-unhealthy-fat-a...moldero
    • Crackers love cheese.Noggin
    • ugh... tattoo ruins.pango
    • We'll she does represent a typical JC Penny shopperfooler
    • tattoo ruins.freedom
    • She's fat because she eats too much.freedom
    • she's fat cuz of her tattoo.pango
    • 'embrace their body'... but... but... how do I get my arms around you??PonyBoy
    • Lol freedomgilgamush
    • that's a really strong zipper on that skirt!chukkaphob
    • is she modeling wallpaper?omg
    • Wears flowers. Would not.Hayoth
    • Full of sass and raw honesty? Pies and raw hamburger more like.face_melter
    • Also, if she loses the weight all her tattoos will make her look like a real-life Dali painting.face_melter
    • Give me a 12 pack and I'm there like a bear. Actually make that a 12 pack and a 6 packCALLES
    • Given that tattoo artists charge by the hour, she made some lucky bastard a millionairepinkfloyd
    • This is like a plus plus plus sized model. Some "plus" size look reasonable, but this is clearly not healthy.formed
    • One sneeze....One sneeze and we might as well just call it a day.Akagiyama
    • no thankssureshot
    • It's like a mix of Jessica Rabbit & Miss piggydbloc
    • Now I know why tattoo artists practise on pig flesh.face_melter
  • hotroddy7
    • don't take it personally gilga..hotroddy
    • It's all good man. For all the bullshit to wade through there are a few willing to engage in meaningfull discoursegilgamush
    • yeah man, its all goodmoldero
    • Lol I don't remember typing that. I dont agree with anything gilgamush says but he's alright by meset
    • No love lost on any of this inner netting, not for nothing you are good in my book as wellgilgamush
  • _niko7

    Gilgamush Of The Day

    So gilgamush = yurimon?

  • iCanHazQBN0

    Shooting of the Day

    Background checks? Psych checks? Useless. Tragedy would still happen even if someone passes a test.

    Someone seemingly stable could answer all the right questions in order to obtain a gun.

    Nobody knows what happens to these guns when someone takes one home. A relative could take it and use it. It could get stolen. A million possibilities of how it could get into the wrong hands.

    What if someone is no longer mentally stable five years after being allowed to buy a gun? What if five years later, the gun owner now has severe depression? How on Earth can we monitor someone's behavior and feelings like that? We can't.

    I personally know a man who shot and killed his wife, her lover, and then himself. He was seemingly stable. Very successful person. But he killed out of rage.

    People pull triggers in the heat of the moment. And when they take a psych test, they are the FURTHEST thing from being in any kind of heat-of-the-moment situation.

    • this pretty muchernexbcn
    • And yet there's the likelihood it would help still. No use being defeatist about it.monospaced
    • there's always an answer. always an 'I knew a man'Fax_Benson
    • always an exception that proves the rule.Fax_Benson
    • no point having tests because somebody might beat itFax_Benson
    • No don't get me wrong, I'd rather have tests than no tests at all. It would decrease tragedy... but we'd still have tragedy.iCanHazQBN
    • they'll never take our tragedyFax_Benson
    • So not entirely useless like I said, but I don't think it would do much. The people who want guns would still get them...iCanHazQBN
    • lol FaxiCanHazQBN
    • think about the added cost of such measures on the good people which are the majority of owners. if a psych test is implemented and fails than what?deathboy
    • then you've triedFax_Benson
    • this escalation of policy of trying to stop people from killing people domestically while wars rage seems pretty sillydeathboy
    • fucking insane attitudeFax_Benson
    • are you for real? You're fucking about, no?Fax_Benson
    • Im for real. After psych tests fail. And they will because anyone smart enough to fire a gun can get around that. than what? Think this through faxdeathboy
    • What's the goal? Having a test that works 100% or decrease tragedy?pango
    • Interesting conversation. Psychopaths are cunning, we know that. Let's deflate their motivating factors seeing as how we can't stop their meansgilgamush
    • people pass driving tests and in a state quality controlled licensing schemes but cars still kill more then guns. do we care about lives or you guys also failedyurimon
    • a self awareness bias fear and misplaced loathing via media test also. there is deeper psych reasons for bias in statistics that people ignore. sad to see thisyurimon
    • Car killing in most case are accident. Gun killing. Not so much.
      Again. Do you want a test that works 100% or so you want to decrease tragedy?
    • your argument invalid, http://www.telegraph…yurimon
    • More like your argument is invalid. Did anyone die is that incident? What's number of lifes murdered by gun annually?pango
  • fadein114

    Shooting of the Day

    Can someone explain in a compact form why so many people will not let go of the right to bear arms... or at least have it tighter regulated?

    It's insane... I just do not get it.

    I know the right argues its liberals taking away freedom etc... but its gotta be deeper than that.

    What a strange nation that cares more about the right to carry a gun than having free healthcare for anyone who needs it.

    I am not stirring up anything here - just interested why a nation, after so many gun based tragedies refuses to accept it has a massive problem that no other country with tight gun laws suffers from.

    • Just blame the's the Murican way!utopian
    • Always wanted to know your nationality Utopian - I agree with pretty much everything you post, are you american but can seefadein11
    • its faults? or an ex pat living there? genuinely interested. no QBN pisstake here.fadein11
    • Americanutopian
    • It's a fetish, plain and simple. 'Mericans are infatuated with guns and will use anything to justify more of them.formed
    • Not all of them.monospaced
    • formed is infatuated with melodramagilgamush
    • the smell of freshly fired gunpowder is said to be addictive... also, taking away guns = castration to some guys...crazy it seemsvaxorcist
    • oooooor, it's a constitutional right, not a privilege, and the government will and can not infringe on my rights regardless of the details of the circumstancegilgamush
    • unless they feel like invoking the highly unconstitutional ramifications of the patriot act and then who ever they don't like are all getting royally shaftedgilgamush
    • And cordite has no chemically habit forming propertiesgilgamush
    • constitutional right... I hear this a lot. so you believe your government has no right to change laws that clearly are not working for the good of all? Bizarre.fadein11
    • No, the government works for the people, in of itself it cannot change anything. And there aren't enough people who feel the way you so to make any differencegilgamush
    • Gilga. Are you for more stric gun law or does that violates your constitutional right?pango
    • Strict gun laws won't solve anything in the US. It's different over here. That approach doesn't work, we have tried that and it failedgilgamush
    • That logic is more than a little fuzzy. The argument conveniently changes when you bring up the details..."it won't matter", "cars kill people", etc.formed
    • The real problem is the lack of acknowledgement and unwillingness to negotiate to make for a safer world.formed
    • Tried before? Like what?pango
    • where do rights come from?yurimon
    • seems like they dont teach critical thinking in art school or civics for that matter.yurimon
    • You said USA tried more stric gun laws before. Like what? When?pango
    • Are you lazy, do some research pango. should I goglle it for yougilgamush
    • how do you know how I feel?fadein11
    • Yes please google it for me.pango
    • C'mon gilga you know there has never been a truly restricting national gun laws that have been attempted. If so, we would have heard about them being lifted.monospaced
    • In fact, it would be a major topic.monospaced
    • There was an assault weapon ban that has expired and various states have more or less severe restrictions. It difrent state to stategilgamush
  • iCanHazQBN1

    Shooting of the Day

    I always hear "Guns don't kill people, people kill people".

    Of course people kill people. So then why do we allow people a tool thats sole purpose is to do it with such efficiency? That's precisely why these weapons needs to go away. People kill people.

    A scenario (for people like Gilgamush who keep saying "guns are just inanimate objects" — as if because they're "inanimate" then they must be harmless. But they're actually fairly animate considering bullets comes out of them):

    You're in a large room with a mentally unstable person, or someone who's just really enraged at you. There's a gun in a cabinet in the far corner. Do you...

    1. Try to talk with him? Reason with him? Ask him not to go for it? Tell him about the bad mental healthcare system in America? Call a psychiatrist for him?


    2. Run and try to get the gun before he does?

    Of course #2. You take the gun (the tangible and real object) out of the equation.

    You say we need to take care of the mental issue problem in this country. Well sure, we need to help the mentally unstable anyway. But behavior problems are an ongoing problem since the beginning of the human race. It's not just an American problem. Unstable people are born every day. Their brains are wired wrong and there's no way to know how stable someone is. And even if someone isn't diagnosed as unstable, there's no way to stop an enraged asshole from shooting someone in the heat of the moment situation. Behavior is unpredictable. A gun NOT being there stops these people from ACTING on their mental instabilities and doing harm to others with deadly efficiency.

    • If you piss off an aggressive person you will meet bodily harm, so what's your point dumb ass. You are so stupid mangilgamush
    • Yeah dummy head! You dumb dumb.monospaced
    • nukes don't nuke people, people nuke peoplemoldero
    • But gilgamush, I'd rather face an aggressive person who DOESN'T have a gun, rather than an aggressive person who DOES have a gun.iCanHazQBN
    • It's really mind-boggling that you can't wrap your head around that concept.iCanHazQBN
    • There are different degrees of bodily harm. One could be a fist fight and you get a black eye, and another is a bullet to the head.iCanHazQBN
    • I don't know how much more clearly I can explain this to you.iCanHazQBN
    • If we remove the gun from the equation, confrontations become a lot less lethal.iCanHazQBN
    • So instead of a headline reading "20 people shot and killed", it's "2 people stabbed".iCanHazQBN
    • So what's your stance, that nobody should have guns right. Well too fucking bad, that isn't going to happen. Move on and let us attempt to find a realisticgilgamush
    • Approach to combat the problem. Or would you rather just spew platitudesgilgamush
    • Guns don't kill people. People with guns kills shit tone of people.pango
  • autoflavour1

    Pic of the Day

    just because..

    • splooogesarahfailin
    • now which one of these would yurimon be? hmmmmmmoldero
    • the one on the very left with high light on her hair.pango
    • Isn't the closest girl Aidrenne or something from that MTV show who married that guy from the Brady Bunch?iCanHazQBN
    • Two left from the Lego sign thoBrokenHD
    • lol didnt even see that one.pango
    • That first one on the right even beats Carrie Fischer.CyBrainX
  • Krassy6
  • Fax_Benson2

    Shooting of the Day

    gilgamush - yeah, there are lots of contributing factors as to why these events keep happening - and you're using them as a reason not to have to meet anybody half way.

    But why would you? You know you're right.

    • gilgamush should become and or already is a lobbyist for the NRA.utopian
    • What part of meeting half way is the banning of guns. What are you talking aboutgilgamush
    • nobody sensible is talking about banning gunsFax_Benson
    • So what are you talking about then. The the prospective gun banners are the ones I was strongly disagreeing with. Explain your stancegilgamush
    • making them more difficult to buy, own, background checks. I don't know. Anything reasonable that might be worth tryingFax_Benson
    • Exactly. I would love for no guns but I also respect our rights. I think a ban on some kinds of weapons and checks are in order.monospaced
    • So then why is it unreasonable to suggest that we should stop giving these psychopaths the recognition that they murder to get. In stead of some law thatgilgamush
    • May or may not do any goodgilgamush
    • And by the way, criminals don't follow laws so who do these laws actually effect, not the criminals that's for suregilgamush
    • that's not unreasonable, you tit. who thinks that's unreasonable?Fax_Benson
    • It is reasonable. And so is trying to keep guns out of hands of people who should not have them.monospaced
    • But you can't because they are everywhere, it's too late for that. So stop giving these serial killers the attention they desiregilgamush
    • Lol "criminals don't follow laws. Why bother having laws!"pango
    • It's not too late. There are some smart ideas on how to start reducing guns, even illegally procured ones. Some are in practice and working in communities.monospaced
    • Best practice would be 1000 bucks a bullet. You have to hate someone more than 1000 bucks to fire that shot.pango
    • Thy are already artificially expensive. I reload everything other than 22sgilgamush
  • utopian4

    Shooting of the Day

    Make America Great Again!

    • <fadein11
    • if the numbers were the issue we should ban Alcohol. It is the cause of 80K deaths a year.BabySnakes
    • Silly comparisons - guns serve one purpose: To Kill.formed
    • but the effects of a hypothetical gun prohibition would be very similar. wouldn't stop the criminals, just make it harder for good people to defend themselvesgilgamush
    • ^ what's ratio between guns being used for protection versus guns used for crime?aliastime
    • good questiongilgamush
    • but seeing as how guns used in crimes are almost always illegally procured, it doesn't really have anything to do with the gun control discussiongilgamush
    • illegally procured at some point, but legally produced and distributed at conception... curbing some of that might help overallmonospaced
    • so now you want to interfere with the private sector because people are misusing the products. don't you value personal responsibility at all or do you thing thgilgamush
    • that big government is the answer to our societies every problem. mono, change doesn't have to come in the form of lawsgilgamush
    • the other problem with this chart is that i would consider these people who go on semi random shooting sprees to be domestic terroristsgilgamush
  • ernexbcn13

    Shooting of the Day

    gilgamush we don't glee over tragedies so don't go around asking us to top criticising or calling us simpletons. Also, you might as well stop justifying the unjustifiable and jump like a spider like we are taking your beautiful guns away.

    I'm just glad I live in a country where I don't need to posses a gun to feel safe.

    • I feel entitled to speak about the US gun problem because I have a sister there plus 2 nephews born thereernexbcn
    • I too live in a country where I don't need to posses a gun to feel safe... The United States.imbecile
    • Oh for fucks sake. You people are a broken record. My rights are not in danger because a hand full of artists think guns are inherently bad. Guns aren't going agilgamush
    • Anywhere and I certainly don't feel threatened by how you folks feel so stop puffing up your chest.gilgamush
    • And if somebody posts a mass murder and you come on and comment something like " how's that freedom tasting America" then yes you are enjoying it, and you are agilgamush
    • Sick puppygilgamush
    • yeah i read those comments its pretty tasteless.yurimon
  • ernexbcn0

    Tesla Model S...

    Model X's Falcon Wing doors open even in the tightest spots

    • yet you still can't get out of the car...garbage
    • haha^^PonyBoy
    • ya and the other people cant get into their cars.rootlock
    • They'll just smash your door with their doors! Isn't this thing like $140,000 USD anyway?iCanHazQBN
    • You just hang onto the doors and they lift you out. Easy.face_melter
    • Elon got out!ernexbcn
  • monoboy0

    Shooting of the Day

    It's not just about the guns.

    American culture is completely dominated by the stereotypical male gender role. The same pattern emerges each time... 'Misfit looser takes out his frustrations on innocent civilians'.

    You have a serious mental health problem.

    • a misfit is bound to be looserFax_Benson
    • or tighter. either way, MENTAL PROBLEMSFax_Benson
    • I think you've hit the nail on the head thereFax_Benson
    • Right. But we can't fix stupid. Unstable people will always be born. We can take guns out of the equation though.iCanHazQBN
    • go to Arizona, most girls I know there have guns including my sistermoldero
    • Girls can also be influenced by male gender roles.monoboy
    • I should also add. If you think the only way to be safe in your environment is to carry a gun, something has gone very wrong.monoboy
    • what would Ronnie Pickens do?yurimon
    • Use his fists.monoboy
    • it's Pickering btw.monoboy