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    When a white person kills 19 fellow students in a school in the States everybody calls it a Mass shooting.

    Person with Muslim background shoots People in Munich it's terrorism.

    Man kills wife in Portugal or anywhere in the World people call it Domestic vilonece or Assassination.

    Refugee kills one woman...terrorism..close the borders...don't let people in.

    Now Nuremberg is something else compared to the previous situations with that I can and have to agree.

    But there's people killed daily and it's not a fucking issue.

    France bombs Syria and Iraq after Nice, civilians and innocent people are killed...nobody gives a fuck.


    It's sad that people are killed for whatever reason and the last times have been really fucked up.

    But judging things trough a certain layer and judging similar situations in a different way because of skin color or religious views has a name.

    And I'm not criticizing any BLM or making any reference to it here.


    • in Cabul 80 people have died...oey
    • still the resons for what happened with the suicide are still unknown and I can not have a concrete opinion about it.oey
    • It is people using tragedy to push agendas.BabySnakes
    • "vilonece" LOL! not enough coffee!oey
    • I agree oey, people pick and choose their moralsset
    • I promised myself not to ventilate my political preference/opinion here.sureshot
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    ban this useless troll already please

  • Hayoth1


    Not only are the nut crazies coming out in the world, they're coming out on qbn.

    • < been happening for a while - still convinced drake and yurine were CIA embedded agents influencing design culture.fadein11
    • I suspect more drake n this dude for sure.yurimon
    • Stay off the internet!! Your on vacation!pango
    • lol @ pangooey
    • welcome back yuri!oey
    • Internet, like seaside towns, always turn to shit during summer for the same reason - schools are closed for the holidasy.face_melter
    • holy daisy...oey
  • MrT12

    Signs your getting old?

    Your year of birth in those dropdown menus is at least 2 screens away. And you keep missing it because the scroll is too fucking quick.

  • chukkaphob2
    • bowchikabowow~pango
    • don't let your son going through puberty see thatpinkfloyd
    • ^ lolmoldero
    • Yeah, if he does, good luck separating that furniture again.ETM
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    CNN aired a dramatic interview of the eyewitness account of a mother inside the McDonald’s who heard the shooter scream “Allahu Akbar!” and saw him targeting children.

    • another good muslim that went bad.utopian
    • Proven that this was not a religious crime - Allahu Akbar! never heard by anyone else2002
    • even so... another gun crime... they should probably ban those things over in Germany... you know?
      ;) //
    • CNN actors defending the agendaset
    • "never let a good tragedy go to waste"set
    • @pony the rate of this kind of thing is incredibly low compared to the USA. The laws are working there.monospaced
    • Next thing someone will say something retarded, like if regular people had guns they would have stopped it.monospaced
    • I guess when its actually stopped by someone with a gun its stupid.…
    • I wonder when you will realize your world view lacks facts of how cause n effect works in this world instead of defending democrat fake wanna be narratives.yurimon
    • http://www.telegraph…since1979
    • Maybe he screamed "Alles Klar", Say it out loud you'll see.Beeswax
    • Oh, look who couldn't resist adding their 'input'.Continuity
    • ^ Probably your joke wouldn't be funny to those didn't survive his McDonald's Food Party.Cactus
    • ^ Also, Bild says he was bullied in school by Sunni Turks and Arabs: The ostensible reason for the slaughter.Cactus
    • I wouldn't take very much of what Bild says very seriously ... it's Germany's Daily Mail analogue.Continuity
    • Mono if took me seriously you are an idiotPonyBoy
    • If *youPonyBoy
    • @pony, I saw the wink, and it was an obvious satire remark. yuri, that uber driver is awesome, but definitely the exception and not really the same as thismonospaced
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    Only half of the world should ideally be populated. That way we can enjoy areas with no light pollution.

    I want to see the Milky Way one day before I die. It's on the bucket-list.

    • do you live in the middle of LA, or Mexico City or something?moldero
    • well way less than a quarter of the world has people living there. just gotta go further away from the city.pango
    • You don't have to go that far to see it. Shit. I see it dozens of times every year.monospaced
    • And mono lives in New York. Shouldn't be too hard for everyone else.pango
    • go anywhere with few lights out of city and you will see the Milky Way. But to see it vividly I recommend the Canary Islands.fadein11
    • they are a prime location:
    • @monospaced. DId you really see it? Purple hues and everything?since1979
    • Yes of course. You don't have to go to Nepal or anything. Just away from a city.monospaced
    • cool. thanks. my research suggests going to yellowstone and not much else in the USsince1979
    • http://darksitefinde…OP31
    • @OP31 nice! thanksKrassy
    • It's easier than you think c79, Joshua Tree National Park is where I go. Mind blowing.sea_sea
    • You can go into the Sierra Nevada range and see it. Maybe not the whole spectrum, but it's still great.monospaced
    • I can see that shit from my roof deck, along with satellites just with the naked eye, it's great, I should shoot a timelapse or something, hmmmmmoldero
    • Where do you live Moldero?since1979
    • bust out the hubble moldysea_sea
  • prophetone1
    • Hera be praised! A DC movie with actual-factual colour. Already looks about 3000 times better than B vs.S.face_melter
    • actually looks good.inteliboy
    • starts off like the little mermaidsince1979
    • I'm confused by captain Kirk in this.SoulFly
    • Coool. Now this is the kind of "princess" I grew up with.sea_sea
    • so whens the invisible jet?2002
    • it's in every scenemoldero
    • right! .... cause of invisibility.....2002
    • shes standing in it in the postersince1979
    • I think the invisible jet looks amazing...
      ... and if you can't see it... you're stupid
    • ^
      We worked fing hard on that jet!
    • Gal gadot is chic of the centuryHayoth
    • Love that wonder woman music at the end!Hayoth
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  • oey2


    So he was not a "culturally-enriching member of the Merkel Youth" it "appeared to be"...aka Refugee (thanks Georges for the enlightenment).

    Refugees Welcome!

    And now, moving along...

    • The fear mongering and idiotic assumptions were quick and rampant once again.monospaced
    • we must build high walls around the countries so no one leaves, no one comes. then remove all guns and all religions. basically turn humans into caged animals.Beeswax
    • People write that sort of shit but I'm the one to be downvoted. Fucking LOL! At least someone understood. Thanks mono. Thanks Beeswax!oey
    • Yeah, because mass murder committing alienated Muslims is a fact of life now. Fuck off you obfuscating cunts!Cactus
    • The swarm to protect radical islam.Hayoth
    • an eyewitness has said the man did scream 'admiral akbar' while shooting... may not have been a refugee but still related to some religious assholePonyBoy
    • it's a traaap!!!since1979
    • Well, what I've read was that he lured foreigners to kill and identified as German. I haven;t read anything about Muslim materials though he had plenty of massETM
    • murder and school shootings. So is the assumption of Islam based on his appearance only?ETM
    • ETM... it's being reported one person heard the man shout something... "One eye witness claimed the man shouted “Allahu Akbar”" ...not verified thoughPonyBoy
    • I will continue not to judge people based on their religion. I will continue to support opening the doors to Refugees, no matter where they come from.oey
    • I will continue to use my skills, energy, time and knowledge to work for a good welcoming of Refugees in Germany and for their integration.oey
    • I will continue not to label a group of people because of individual actions. I will continue to support the people I know that work with and for refugees.oey
    • I will continue to fight for a better society where people are free to chose where they want to live or where they want to take shelter from destruction.oey
    • I will continue to refuse to label people. I will continue to try not to reply in the same manner and try to have a peaceful interaction with fellow QBN'ers.oey
    • Refugees Welcome!oey
    • Whether it is naiveté or rank virtue signaling your obstinateness is going to get a lot of people killed.Cactus
    • what are you even talking about? how do my beliefs and actions are gonna get people killed? what is that rank virtue signaling? wtf?!oey
  • GeorgesII0



    • not sure this will work..
      but at the same time, i said the same thing when they took away the DVD drives.. Apple just steamroll the industry sometimes
    • Oh look. A photo of headphones with a lightning charger mixed in. Wow.monospaced
    • steamrolling the industry or whatever. i know i won't be the first adopter since i just bought a head phone using 3.5mpango
    • those headphones are the shittest headphones I have ever used on any device ever in my life... seriously terrible designfadein11
    • and I mean the normal ones not whatever is going on here.fadein11
    • Agreed, these buds simply don't sit in my ears, they're awful. Others say they work great, I don't get it.Ranger
    • they work great!pango
    • Well at least mono is impressedset
    • I wonder if it's the user stats that lead them to make this decision. for instance. not many people plugged charging and head phone at the same time?pango
    • Cuz i plug charging and headphone at the same time... this would be annoying...pango
    • can't listen to phone while charging it, need special headphones for my phone vs everything else... if this is true, I'm glad I'm on android.zarkonite
    • They haven't made this decision it's just a charger mixed in hahaset
    • I would imagine it's cheaper to produce isn't it? They're always removing details from laptops. Battery indicator etcRanger
    • Plus they'll probably be more of a push towards wireless headphonesRanger
    • Mayb that's one of the deal with beats streaming service. To make more people buy their headphone.pango
    • So many people are using those awful earbuds, so many people who will never hear the bass from their musicBennn
    • Mehh don't care. i have good head phone at home. ear buds's for when i'm out of my house.pango
    • those shitty headphones hurt my ears after a while.sea_sea
    • i must have weird apple-fanboy-shaped ears as all in-ear buds I try fall out - except for the Apple ones.inteliboy
    • innovation never sleepsutopian
    • .... i like how they fit in my ears...pango
    • The new Moto Z has already done away with the headphone jack, they include a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box.face_melter
    • lol seriously? So are there USB c headphones?monospaced
    • Yeah. There are. Supposedly really great sound (bandwidth)monospaced
    • these will only work if they do wireless charging.dorf
    • @dorf, where did you read that?monospaced
  • Ranger2


    Iranians are the ones on the ground in Syria fighting ISIS. Iran values culture, history and education very highly.

    • Yes, yes... praise Iran... leaders of a //peaceful theocratic law system... ... //so wonderful to women and homosexuals too... they're AWESOME!////PonyBoy
    • Or he is just a badly bullied kid with mental disorder2002
    • By contrast - Arabs are culture-less and uneducated?hotroddy
    • Persians, not Arabs.
      Persians aren't as extreme as Arabs, but Arabs are our supposed "allies" so we're not supposed to think that
    • Arabs hate all of us, the average Persian just hates our government and they have every right to considering they've been fucked by them for yearsmoldero
    • shit all goes back to Sykes–Picot... People love to blame Bush...instead go back to the 1910's and see how France, England and Russia etc FUCKED the Arab worldPonyBoy
    • ISIS (ISIL) wants the Levant (the 'L' in ISIL as you most prob know) back... thing is they're religious (not political) in tone... you can't reason w/that. :/PonyBoy
    • I blame xerxes and that damn traitor hunchback_niko
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    • Lolset
    • i wish i could also watch the video on the phoneKrassy
    • Thanks mom_niko
  • utopian1
    • I do not see the Death Star on here.omg
    • Nerdgasmset
    • Death Star is a space station, innit. Not a starship.face_melter
    • ^ nerdernexbcn
    • in the very top left is the real-life ISS space station, if you look close enough.sarahfailin
    • I will notset
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    Apple Watch sales are down 55%

    The Apple Watch is soooo last year.

    A new report from market intelligence firm IDC shows Apple Watch sales have dropped 55% since the product was launched in early 2015.

    The watch debuted to a backlog of orders and 3.6 million units were shipped in its first three months on the market. But sales plummeted to just 1.6 million in the latest quarter, according to IDC. That's in spite of a price discount.

    • well they're doing quite well in mongolia!
      - Mono
    • why do so many salivate at the idea of Apple failing?inteliboy
    • it's mostly all the fanboys and "loyal" customers, outside of here I think they are a superb company :-)formed
    • Sales didn't plummet as much as competition. Sold more than all competition combined. Raked in enough cash to make Samsung nut its pantsmonospaced
    • But yes. Let's focus on the guy who won and ignore the guys who didn't even finish the race.monospaced
    • The watch was a "mee too!" product, everybody rushed these things, tech isn't there yet for a proper smart watchernexbcn
    • Exactly. Everyone who wanted one got one. Anyway. The chart here is both insignificant and completely unrelated and irrelevant to the watch sales pointmonospaced
    • the watch was one of Apple's biggest PR disasters - forget the figures - it wasn't the next big thing they said it would be. And most of us knew it so how didfadein11
    • they not? That is the issue, not how many sheeple bought one just because they could.fadein11
    • The fascinating thing about Apple, beyond the koolaid drinkers, is that they make SO much money and it's almost entirely the iphone.formed
    • That's why it's interesting to discuss their stock. They aren't Proctor&Gamble, or even Microsoft/Oracle/Goo... They have almost no diversification.formed
    • One bad report on the iphone and the stock will dive, another great report and it'll shoot up. I own it, but long term I am more comfortable with the othersformed
    • The watch, some believed, had the potential to add a tad bit of diversification (not all iphone, which is a dying market). But that's clearly not the case.formed
    • they need a watch only that deals with time and date and faces only.friend
    • Yep. Wise words. Yet it wasn't a 1 trick pony 10 years ago... macbooks and imacs only for me, fuck their consumer BSfadein11
    • i don want health info or fitness info or msg on my wrist. so why should i buy it. its a nice watch in appearance.friend
    • start with appearance of the watch
      time and date only
      many faces for time and date
      cool ones
    • saweet, time to buy more apple!jaylarson
    • *stockjaylarson
    • It looks fat and bulky like 1st gen iPhone or iPod, I know a few people held off for a 2nd gen version. Maybe they should persevere.Ranger
    • I am looking forward to the next ones (for all smart watches). I wouldn't buy it w/o the fitness part, though, then it's just a pretty Casio.formed
    • Personally, I prefer 'real' watches with style (sorry, unless you are 20, no smart watch will ever have style due to the disposability)formed
    • but for fitness, gps, etc., I'd get one. Microsoft's band is much more appealing, if still a generation or two off. I want small, minimal,formed
    • nothing that competes with a 'real' watchformed
    • For something that apparently is a disaster, people sure seem to talk about it a lot, and it leads the market segment for the most part.inteliboy
    • It's shit and rarely see anyone with onefadein11
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