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  • Ben995


    Just got the officiel seal of approval from the QBN Masters.

    QBN pins and magnets are back in the shop! :D Check the category 'websites' in the shop menu.

    • ++++++++++

      thanks QBN!!
    • nice :)Gnash
    • :)sea_sea
    • wow awesomesauce!!! but stop with teh copying artwork.. unless we {qbn'ers} put you on same level as brett bash.. oi wow awesome sauce!!! you got the approval!!e-pill
    • love yah benny!!

  • fourth-1


    We hired a new designer and she leaves her ipad\iphone notifications on max volumne. And she has this huge metal bracelet that goes KLANG KLANG KLATCH as she types. Cmon people!

    • I can't stand that bracelet thing either, I used to sit near someone who wore them every day.monospaced
    • Sucks, but raise you a Pinkfloyd's kitchen ghoulGnash
    • sounds like the guy behind me who thinks his fingers are deadmau5 beatscbass99
    • the proper procedure is to amplify the sounds she makes via a microphone n speakers. this will go beyond her tolerance n make her stopyurimon
    • give her the nickname, 'bangles.' Then every time time you here one of her notifications yell out, "BANGLES, YOU HAVE A TEXT!"Gnash
    • she'll be good in no timeGnash
    • LOL at "Bangles"mrpt
    • lolbklyndroobeki
    • A+ post, would read againpinkfloyd
    • Ugh.... I hate the sound of finger nail hitting the keyboard....pango
    • Like a cat with a bell.omahadesigns
    • tap tap bang bangbklyndroobeki
    • hahaha keep that shit down banglesMilan
    • we [QBN] all knows monospaced people that eat ice and chew it... moar than anything else .. everything he hates is regular yayhooraye-pill
    • ^^^ *monospaced HATES people that eat ice at work while he posts on QBN!!!* ^^^e-pill
  • moldero1

    Texas.. Dumb

    "After Denying Disaster Relief for Others, Ted Cruz Now Begging for Relief for Texas"…

    • That guy is such a scumbag AND I HATE HIS FACE.mg33
    • ^ yup, that right there ^moldero
    • I'm not even American and I wish bad things for this patently-sleazy fuck hole.detritus
    • He's one of the biggest wastes of space elected in the past 5 years.mg33
    • are you reacting to his actual character n actions or media frenzy. jus asknyurimon
    • I'm glad he's running for Presidentmonospaced
    • because I hate him so muchmonospaced
    • you know the other people running prob more fucked up. disproportionate hate.yurimon
    • ^ not all: Bernie Sanders is dopemoldero
    • yes, yurimon, there are many other Republicans that are just as fucked up, and I'm glad they're running toomonospaced
    • why dont you run, your from that blood line. em i right? plus your grammar is impeccable. i use this site mostly for your spell check ability.yurimon
    • The fuck are you talking about, blood line? I could never be President, lol. What a pathetic excuse for an insult.monospaced
    • im messing with you. chill bromanyurimon
    • pure puppet and a joke, nothing more than a performer, no substance anywhere in his soulformed
  • pablo280
    • yep, we are so fuckedautoflavour
    • Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, What are we doing?!detritus
    • Thank god I won't be alive when this shit really kicks off. Next generation is doomed.. global warming, police states, surveillance, these fucking things.iCanHazQBN
    • LOL.. you arent planning on living the next 5 years?autoflavour
    • or if you listen to the internet, the next 5 monthsautoflavour
    • lolmoldero
  • feel9
  • VectorMasked0


    I just found out something which is pretty sad, pathetic and a little disturbing.

    Apparently an ex-employer is using my name to get business, and I left 3 years ago. They are using my name in proposals I would assume as the lead designer since they don't hire anybody with over 2 years of experience and no one stays for more than 4 months it seems. Even the other partners couldn't take his crap anymore and left that place before I did. Looks like they need to put someone in there with some credible experience and some seniority.

    They have struggled since I left it apparently.

    What to do... what to do... the guy running that place is literally unstable and mentally ill, and spent my last year in there threatening me to sue me for anything imaginable. One of the last things he said in my last few hours there was "if you ever do anything to us or take a client with you, I'll come after you and sue your ass motherf*****".

    Don't think a polite and straight-forward email would solve anything. And quite frankly and I don't want anything to do with them anymore. Went through the worse time of my life during my stay there and 3 years ago I decided to quit and put that experience behind and never remember it.

    • lawyer upinteliboy
    • what intel saysjuanluisgarcia
    • glitter bombutopian
    • you need more proof, send someone in to get viable proof. record it or something. get the proposal proof. document n lawyer, go over any old contracts if signedyurimon
    • Time for a solid beat up in the parking. Wear a mask.Ben99
    • If he's actually landed any clients and it can be reasonably assumed you were a factor in them signing on...three words: Where's. My. Cut?Gucci
    • A friend knows someone who received this Proposal a few days ago. This someone recognized my name and asked my friend why my name was there.VectorMasked
    • This proposal is a private document, but I still asked my friend if he could ask that someone to send me the proposal or at least the pages where I am in.VectorMasked
    • I'd take that as a compliment but definitely would call Saul and tell him all about it.bklyndroobeki
    • What do you guys think at the fact that I am currently residing at another country for another year or two? So dealing with this might be a little difficult.VectorMasked
    • Explicitly state on your website that you've left that company (via resume or bio)
      They're probably googling you to see your work anyway.
  • omg0
    • Although well done, this could not me more cliché.utopian
    • #BeastModelajj
    • Nice lettering but these messages are the "Ed Hardy" of quotes.Maaku
    • I think you mean "the 'No Fear' of quotes."nb
    • Like, this is literally the No Fear of quotes.nb
    • Great execution. However if this guy was playing by these rules, there'd be a bored and hungry tiger in the room with him...prophetone
    • Be Courteous: don't write on the wall.sarahfailin
    • No Fear queer gearWeyland
    • I think he only painted the "SPIN" partGnash
    • Hey fancy paint guy, don't tell me what to "be". I'll eat your liver.stoplying
    • it's a fucking sign w/a hokey saying... stop creaming yourselves :)PonyBoy
    • @utopian The only cliché here is you.i_was
    • +1 for the Be/arl fiti_monk
    • I bet this is for some bs clothing company.freedom
    • Be fearless, but stay average at typography.MrT
    • aww.docpoz
    • nice work, but +1 all the sidies heredetritus
    • ya, average work at bestgilgamush
    • you go girl!bklyndroobeki
    • Is this for Nikki Bella?nylon
  • scarabin0
  • Gardener1
  • see_thru0

    What isn't art?

    Found object that isn't art, but, switch it's context....or put it in a big white room and tadahhhh....…

    • Nailed itORAZAL
    • Add a suit-wearing guard and you can charge admission.freedom
    • "a genius idea"freedom
    • I'm liking the ladder can climb up into your own ass...see_thru
    • Boy. Some of you guys don't understand art history at all. tell me...did you snigger when had to draw nude models in school?marychain
    • understanding art history has nothing to do with the fact that some items are considered art in different contexts, holy shit you are condescendingmonospaced
    • "some items are considered art in different contexts".....NO SHIT!!!marychain
    • The artist repurposed them in a new arrangement or context to INTENTIONALLY give them meaning TRANSCENDENT of their original functionmarychain
    • If you understood the (mostly) linear path of art history until the would understand thismarychain
    • The thought, the intent, the transformative quality is the art.marychain
    • it's like talking to (a very dumb) wallmarychain
    • Peasants I tell you.ORAZAL
    • I DO understand this, that's the exact point I was making originally.monospaced
    • Just because it sucks doesn't mean it's not art.nb
    • I'm actually bit suprised at the infantile level of responses to this subject. I mean Fucking LOL slogan got 17-20 upvotes.yurimon
    • you don't know the history of Fucking LOL? if you did, you'd understand why it got voted upmonospaced
    • Thanks a masters grad with a fine art background I appreciate the comment. Marychain, you'll be glad to know there was no sniggering.see_thru
    • "put it in a big white room and tadaa?"

      Sounds like an mfa art history grad to me...christ
    • Art can suck and it's still art.
      how good an art is, is very subjective.
    • I can tell you stories about nude models in school... (4 years obligatory nude drawing class) @marychainSimonFFM
    • at first you rip on us because you think we didn't go to art school, then you rip on someone because they may have an art history mba?monospaced
    • It's called self reflecting humour Marchain....the ability to not take yourself too seriously. Others might call it being relaxed.see_thru
    • he meant snicker.bklyndroobeki
    • Uuuugh I don't want to remember nude drawing in school. We only had money to hire fucking grand ma and grand pa...pango
  • iCanHazQBN0

    What isn't art?

    What about a poop? Is it art? I made it. It has a unique shape and texture every time.

    I think poop is art.

  • utopian0

    What isn't art?

    At the Whitney yesterday...some dumb pretentious amateurish art their.

    • That amateur Robert Gober and his bullshit! You people are awesome!ORAZAL
    • Back up utopian. You are looking silly.
      also helps to use the correct spelling of "there" when calling others dumb.
    • Unfortunately, I did not see any 80yr. old fat fucks at Museum, I was disappointed son.utopian
    • And the so called art that I paid 22 bucks to see was shit.utopian
    • LOLmarychain
    • To be fair, that light installation is probably broken and isn't finished yet.freedom
    • Rolls eyes.freedom
    • light installation broken or not ready? How would one ever tell????iCanHazQBN
  • autoflavour4

    Pic of the Day

    I love how when you google QBN, these are the results..

  • pinkfloyd0


    Man, a tenant said she's going to off herself because nobody wants to help with her book. She's a bit hard to get along with and now she's saying she's going to shoot herself because no one is supportive. She wants me to build her a blog, book cover, retweet her twitter posts, follow her on twitter. I said that's too much, and I can't do all that.

  • mg332
  • HijoDMaite1



    I am reaching out to you to touch base so we can shift a paradigm and leverage a best practice to join a tiger team. There are a lot of moving parts here, so we need you to be on-board and buy-in. It's gotta be scalable so we can take it to the next level.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.


    Jerry B. Jargon
    Initech Inc.
    P: 760-555-5923
    F: 760-555-5541
    "We Invent and Re-Invent Leaders! Go beyond planning inventory quantities . . . To managing your inventory dollars with Initech."

    This e-mail and attachments are intended only for use by the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential material. Any re-transmission, copying or other use of this e-mail and any attachments hereto by persons or entities other than the intended recipient or for anything other than the intended purposes of the sender is strictly prohibited. Nothing herein should be considered an electronic signature.

    -sent from my Blackberry Pearl 8100

    • Benfal busts a nut.ORAZAL
    • Tiger teams are the worst you can fight withBen99
    • Blackberry Pearl, coulda guessed that!monospaced
    • Fred is not replying to this important Email so i will have to take this off-line and ping him later...HijoDMaite
  • nb3

    What isn't art?

    Intent is the magic key that converts non-art into art. You intend to produce something as art, rather than producing it for it's typical use or for a non-typical but still functional use. Of course, you don't need to produce the object or piece yourself.


    You build a fence around your yard - not art.

    You paint your fence - not art.

    You paint a picture of a fence - art.

    You paint an image of another fence on your fence - art.

    You take a photo of your fence so you'll always remember what a swell job you did and what a fun day that was. - not art.

    You take the same photo of your fence but instead claim the image represents all the freedom we have lost by buying into this suburban idea of a home and a yard while we borrow a little more money or sell our soul to an evil employer to build a nice colourful fence around us to imprison ourselves in our silly ideals. - art

    Years later your fence falls apart and someone takes a piece of it and puts it on display and claims that it represents something else. - art

    You build a fence inside an art gallery and claim it represents something else. - art

    You build a fence inside an art gallery to keep people from going into the bathroom that is currently under construction - not art.

    You build a fence inside an art gallery to keep people from going into the bathroom that is currently under construction but actually it was never under construction, you're just making a point about behaviour in humans and assumptions of reality - art.

    It's all about intent. The intent may happen before the piece is produced, or you may take an object and convert it into art simply by calling it art.

    • Haha "making a point about behaviour in humans and assumptions of reality" That would be interesting 'art'Ianbolton
    • The idea that intent matters goes against a lot of modern artistic interpretationreanimate
    • I thought the idea of Pollocks work was to find the unintentional?Ianbolton
    • Good points & great examples. I would add that intent is not enough, what you produce would also have to be accepted as art by the art institutions.ORAZAL
    • I am not 100% behing the insitutional theory of art but we are all going to talk about it we need a common base that can be easily defined.ORAZAL
    • lanbolton you are confusing intention in the process and intention of the outcome.ORAZAL
    • true. He intended to make the outcome look unintentional,Ianbolton
    • @Orazal: If your have intent but are not accept by institutions, you have still made art. It's just shitty art, probably.nb
    • ... or you're deeply misunderstood and ahead of your time. But, more likely you're just making shit art.nb
    • wouldn't it classify art as construct?yurimon
    • There is such thing as bad art, art isn't intrinsically good. I think I'll make a post about this.ORAZAL
    • Shitty art can't be art if it doesn't participate in the art discussion. If it's ahead of its time it will become art when it's brought into the discussion.ORAZAL
    • Shitty art, or rather mediocre art, is art. It's art by definition. You can't say "mediocre art isn't art." It would be like saying "cold soup isn't soup."nb
    • What I think you're talking about is relevant art vs irrelevant art. The bulk of art is irrelevant and forgotten.nb
    • But sometimes irrelevant art can become relevant over time. And it can move in the other direction, too.nb
    • Yes, shitty art is still art.ORAZAL
  • bklyndroobeki1


    I've been waking up at 5:30/6 in the morning, for the past month. Not sure what it means, they say it's optimal time to jump out of bed. Does anyone get up this early to start their day?

    • I've resisted it and try to go back to sleep.bklyndroobeki
    • I get up then -- a vestige of when my kids were tiny. I'm used you it now. The down side is that I'm knackered by 10pm.Gnash
    • *used TO it. ugh.Gnash
    • ^ same here. I'm going solo soon... and plan to work from 6am to 3pm. My real productive hours in a day...OBBTKN
    • I have been too, but it's because I am overwhelmed with things to do so my body won't let me sleep :(monospaced
    • 6:30 because kid goes to schoolmoldero
    • I think I'm going to start my day tomorrow at 5:30 and stick with it for a while, and see how things go. I like the idea of being up when the rest of the citybklyndroobeki
    • is sleeping. Getting a head start.bklyndroobeki
    • It doesn't mean anythingset
  • cannonball197817

    New QBN Tagline

    "Fucking LOL"

  • inteliboy0

    What isn't art?

    I'd say anything that is purely functional and without an attached emotion isn't art. Like a LAN cable is cleary not art.

    But you could take said thing and give it a thoughtful design, expressing a particular statement, and you could argue that it is now art. The mac g4 cube for example was exhibited at MoMA.

    • The act of showing it at exhibition made it art...
    • I guess some one thought it was.inteliboy
    • a lan cable is an elegant solution to a problem, which could be considered artscarabin
    • exactly, scarabin ... in fact, the art of product design and industrial design is strong with something like the form of a lan connectionmonospaced
    • Yes, yes...the Bauhaus already figured this out....did you guys not go to school?marychain
    • Yes we know all about it. We are pointing out we see the art in it despite its purely functional design.monospaced
    • how purist you want to get with the concept.?yurimon
    • Depends on how high I am. I'd me more interested in hearing the opinions of the guy who designed it.monospaced
    • do you even smoke bro?yurimon
    • Please explain how a Cat-5 cable is an elegant solution. It's just a regular-ass solution, imo.nb
    • The little connector that goes into the port was hand-designed to work well. It's a regular solution, but it took an artist to make it work, IMO.monospaced