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    Pic of the Day

    Channeling docpos79

  • STORM3050


    just came back home from a club / did Coke / cant sleep / feel like shit / now what ??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • that'll learn youcannonball1978
    • Clean out your nose with warm water. Rub one out if possible. If that fails, clean all of the things and pass out when the sun rises.monospaced
    • just checked myself in the mirror i look like a fucking furbySTORM305
    • ...go the early Mass, then hit the confessional.robotron3k
    • Lol, xanax & masturbation should work.maquito
    • Poor thing. Next time do Coke Light or Pepsi Light.M01XXX
    • Have a tab and then go to mass. Hallelujah.MrT
    • maquito was trying but i don't got hard / it's already 10:12 am / OMG Loud birds! THEY WON'T SHUT THE F**K UP /STORM305
    • I thought that coke went out of style in 2001, I must be getting old.utopian
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    Punches For:

    Loris Karius

    • Gotta love Wikipedia edits. I did not Photoshop this: https://i.imgur.com/…M01XXX
    • Who is paying this guy?Chimp
    • His "mistakes" looked very suspiciousChimp
    • Neuer, from Bayern, screwed in the semi-finals...dmay
    • I feel for the guy. Imagine dealing with the next few weeks after that. The equivalent of shitting yourself on prom nightFax_Benson
    • totes agree Chimp. First thing i thought... Questions gonna be asked surely..._me_
    • dmay, Neuer was injured all season. That was Ulreich. Oh and Karius' career is probably over now.M01XXX
    • To have the worst day of your life on a stage that big...there are no words. I watched in disbelief and as mad as I am, don't want to punch him.stoplying
    • Why did he not stretch his arms out fully on the second goal? He actually retracted them. Very oddChimp
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    Pic of the Day

    most expensive coffee

  • M01XXX-1

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Saw it last night. Didn't like it but it was also not as bad as I thought. These days I compare all sci-fi flicks to the stupid Superhero movies so usually can't get worse than those.

    Most of the time "Solo" didn't feel like it belonged in the StarWars universe. Only when Chewbacca or the Milennium Falcon was present is when I really thought it was a SW related movie.

    IMO the writing was bad and much of the art direction while done well it was not connected as well to the SW universe.

    The industrial setting in the beginning of the movie and later on with the trains in the mountains felt more like the old school Blade Runner movie.

    I wish they did more stuff in dry desert planets with weird creatures. Really missed weird creatures like Jabba The Hutt and his weird entourage.

    - The Lando character did nothing to the movie, maybe it's just hyped because it's David Glover.

    - Hated the robot with female voice because it sounded like a human voice was recorded and a quick filter was put on. It could've been done much better and more stylized or something more quirky like C-3PO.

    - The hairstyles and clothing of all the other human characters felt disconnected from the SW universe. Especially if you look at the main evil guy, he might as well be a James Bond villain. The main female also felt too stylish in her appearance. Which was also something I hated about "The Last Jedi" and that woman with purple hair and dress that looked like she just came from a fashion show.

    - Hated the octopus in space scene. WTF. I get it in the old SW movie there's a giant space worm but this giant octopus in floating in space seemed so stupid. How can a organic lifeform survive in vacuum of space, makes no sense.

    - And it's a SW related movie where are the damn lightsabers damn it?

    Disney will probably continue to milk StarWars in any way possible and do more spin-off's. I hope that future ones will be written and executed better than this one.

    • David Glover.. LOLautoflavour
    • exactly with the space octopus .. (leaving the whole vacuum of space argument aside, like what the fuck does it eat out there in the middle of space?)autoflavour
    • I caved in and now going to watch on big screen (promised myself I wouldn't again after The Last Jedi abomination).fadein11
    • also no prizes for guessing who the next spin off movie is going to be about .. big bad guy at the end.. (trying to at least not spoiler it) but yep,autoflavour
    • Sorry, Donald GloverM01XXX
    • So you want more weird creatures but can’t handle a space octopus? You know, it’s a galaxy far away, long ago, right?monospaced
    • David Glover is a galaxy far far away enough it seems.fadein11
    • Yes weird creatures but still respecting physics somewhat. Creatures like Jabba and those smaller ones. Even the Ewoks were fun. Octopus in space makes no senseM01XXX
    • ^ Ewoks were not fun. Never forgive.CyBrainX
    • it's pants cos they made it 'universal' and something they can sell in the Chinese market.shapesalad
    • I ha'd at David Gloverdocpoz
    • It’s quite possible that physics would allow life forms to suevice in a space vacuum, in a galaxy far, far away.monospaced
    • Also, they break so many physics rules just going into light speed it’s nt even funny. Lighten up and let the fantasy work it’s magic.monospaced
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  • moldero2


    I'm headed to Alaska next month for 1 month for a season of commercial Salmon fishing w/ my buddies outfit over in Bristol Bay. I'm looking at it as more of a break/disconnect from my routine of living on a beach in Mexico and surfing every day.

    I've been on this Mexico beach routing for 11 years now, 20 hour work days, 7 days a week, fighting mosquitoes and trying to avoid grizzly bear attacks as they try to take our fish is actually very appealing to me after all this time.

    I spent the first half of my life doing manual labor from shoveling rocks in 120 degree heat in Arizona 8 hours a day, to hauling stacks of 3/4 sheets of wet forming plywood up 30 floors (because the freight elevators are down and crane dudes busy with some more important shit) in San Francisco. so the work doesn't intimidate me, though I'm well aware I'm 44 now and i'm pretty sure I'll be reminded of my age a couple days in. Regardless, I'm a firm believer that we all need to get out of our comfort zone every once and a while to grow.

    So the other day my wife tells me when I get back from Alaska she'll be gone, but i get to keep my daughter this time. (she's left me twice before) whether I go to Alaska or not she's out. So I guess looking at the bright side of all this bullshit, looks like "getting out of my comfort zone" thing will be extended for some time adjusting to be a single dad.

    I'm cool with it, I've been getting sick of walking on eggshells around someone who's always looking for an argument, I just worry about my daughter.

    • I reckon it's better for your daughter to be around happy separated parents than unhappy together parents. I wish you all the best man.set
    • kudos to you for taking this on. Go find revive yourself for a month. Come home and be the same badass father to your daughter.capn_ron
    • Damn bro sorry to hear this wish I could help. Let me know man. Big love!HijoDMaite
    • All the best man, never been in the same boat, but sure you'll do your best for your daugther... buena suerte amigo!!OBBTKN
    • Sounds like you're about to move on (in a good way) w/life and you're daughter AND having a nice break to get it started. Any way you can bring your kid to AK?PonyBoy
    • Would be amazing for her to see that kind of country and you two could start bonding as Single Dad and Daughter immediately (on a really cool trip to boot)...PonyBoy
    • ... plus you wouldn't have to worry about a month of Mom filling her head w/'Dad sucks' crap (not that that's the case)... Mom just sounds mean though.PonyBoy
    • You’re a good daddy. You can do this.monospaced
    • come say hi when you pass by.pango
    • women... seriously.shapesalad
    • ^ dude. Easy to say when this forum is 99% man children.pango
    • https://i.imgur.com/…utopian
    • mgtow, the new "fight club"robotron3k
    • Proud of you, you got this. Your daughter loves you and so do we. Come to Cali or else we're doing Mazatlán road trip. xosea_sea
    • sorry about your wife but it sounds like it's the best thing. Pack lots of bug dope, imodium and chapstick.eryx
    • How did you end up on QBN?freedom
    • Whoa, this is heavy. I've thought about commercial fishing as a break from a normal routine. Best of luck moldy.garbage
    • Enjoy this mental challenge, detox from her toxic nature and come back refreshed and ready to take on the next (harder) challenge of being a dad.mugwart
    • This is cool. I wish I could join indocpoz
    • remember to bring your eye patch and parrotpango
    • Shit about the split man - but best if the relationship isn't working. Went through it 3 years ago and was worried about my kids too but they're all good now.pedromendez
    • Kids adapt quickly - fill your daughters life with love and good memories and it will be good. Enjoy the trip man.pedromendez
    • Good luck with it all. I worked in construction from my teens to my early 20’s and miss the physicality and definitive nature of it.thumb_screws
  • whatthefunk18
    • lolmaquito
    • haha!Krassy
    • pappi on top of itjaylarson
    • << exactlyBennn
    • junk mail box purging commencing injaylarson
    • LOLGuyFawkes
    • CEO's don't want to testify before congresspinkfloyd
    • I may have received around 40 emails on those policy since MondayBennn
    • To resume, they all say: "We may fuck with your data but since you read this it means you're ok with it and wont sues us"Bennn
    • These are being sent out with a vengeance. I just got 3 right now on top of the other 20+ recently.capn_ron
    • I got one from monospacedpinkfloyd
  • zaq10
    • lolKrassy
    • !%% :Dsted
    • lolzRamanisky2
    • haha that's exactly how I feel.VectorMasked
    • lol, it’s like junk mail ... glance and throw away ... not even a nuisance ffsmonospaced
    • I enjoy this new meme. But I'm also reminded of all the times people lost their shit over surprise things in Privacy Policies that turn out to be invasive.jtb26
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    quote of the day

    “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.”

    ― Bill Hicks

  • HijoDMaite8
    • StillBennn
    • #AllLavaFlowsMattercapn_ron
    • but can lava melt steel beams?GuyFawkes
    • Well sure but that's like saying the grand canyon is fucking minuscule and then showing it from spaceset
    • Ketchupmaquito
    • That's not what I imagined Hawaii looked like.
    • It's much more beautiful than that^Turboslacker
    • As Jeremy Beadle once said, "I've got a v.large Hawaii lava flow... but on the other hand."fadein11
    • and its basalt-based, so its thickk and runny, not like composite volcanoes, on the west coast.jaylarson
    • Do we imagine it like that because of the media... quite honestly I didn't imagine anything. This is a very FOX newsy angle on how to present infocanoe
    • Lol fadeMrT
  • detritus6

    The More You Know ★

    This post by HijoDMaite : http://www.qbn.com/reply/3895819… reminded me of how surprised I was at the journey Hawaii has taken. I knew it was the result of some massive lava bubble that's moving Eastwards/South across the Pacific, but until recently I had no idea how far it had come. I tried the other week following its path backwards, but got a bit lost around Kamchatka somewhere.

    I was trying to work out if it might've been the cause of the Siberian Traps lava plain (exciting little man that I am, this is how I fill my free-time...).

    Anyway, it's interesting to see the path its taken over the eons..

    • i find the little curl right of the ? arrow interesting, as if the plume met plates millions of years ago and melted it in before the plates moved on.detritus
    • what makes you think it starts at the top?uan
    • Kamchatka will forever in my mind be associated with
    • wow! the more you know in deed.renderedred
    • @uan - not sure what you mean? The recent lava flows are all eastwards of Hawaii and it's 'known' that the lava plume is heading that way.detritus
    • I've just followed the line of sub sea mounts back. i 'knew' the went about as far as the middle arrow, but was surprised to see it go so far North.detritus
    • makes sense. I was just looking at the tectonic plates map and it's weird hawaii isn't at the edge of one but right in the middle of the pacific plate.uan
    • Yeah, it's 'anomolous' in the context of plate tectonics. My belief is this is the same mechanic that created the Deccan and Siberian Traps...detritus
    • ..but because of the weight and cooling of Pacific water, it's not been able to break out and cause millions of years of lava outpouring.detritus
    • *shrug* but wtf do i know?detritus
    • The islands were created by a "hot spot" in the earth's mantle. Essentially it's an area where magma flows upwards, so the tectonic plate is actually movingzarkonite
    • towards the northwest, giving the illusion that the islands are moving south east.zarkonite
    • @detritus & zarkonite, you guys are on the right track. better explanation -> https://www.youtube.…dorf
  • dmay8
  • Ramanisky25
  • i_monk6


    Nailed another interview.
    *gets hopes up*

    • STILL?!?
      Go shoot a msg to Shellie. She might be able to hook you up.
  • sea_sea4


    "I’m a very private person and not at all interested in public attention. But, given the incredibly inaccurate and misleading attacks on my father, Woody Allen, I feel that I can no longer stay silent as he continues to be condemned for a crime he did not commit."


    • Suck on this Greta Gerwig.docpoz
    • Thanks for this, sea_sea - quite the read!detritus
    • Woah Mia loco.robotron3k
    • Gives out a Roman Polanski vibe, something doesn't smell right.helloeatbreathedrive
    • Yea, as disturbing as it sounds, the only abuse I see here is a mother who abuses her children. Talk about mommy dearest. Cringe.sea_sea
    • Also, willing to bet the me too movement will villainize him. Who knows.sea_sea
    • fucking hard read.mugwart
    • "But trial by media thrives on the lack of long-term memory and Twitter requires neither knowledge nor restraint"mugwart
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  • CyBrainX12

    Dog of the Day

    Pepper passed away in 1992 but I still think about her every day of my life.

    • This dog was convinced she was human. She slept under the covers with her head on a pillow, hated leashes and wouldn't pee in front of me.CyBrainX
    • She had a facial expression for everything including having to pee which she wouldn't do even in front of me. I would turn around and then she would go.CyBrainX
    • Ha that’s cutedopepope
    • +1utopian
    • Rip Pepperdocpoz
    • All dogs deserve heaven. We don't. We fuck up. They don't. May your grounds be as lovely as the love you provide for Dean. RIP Pepper.helloeatbreathedrive
    • She was your friend. Who haven't have a real connection with an animal haven't fully lived. RIP pepperBennn
    • I like animals more than peopleset
    • I have way more respect for a random black bird that I've never seen before and will never see again, than some of my friendsset
    • ^agreeBennn
    • What a pretty girl! RIP little pepperFawnDog
  • set4


    Due to go to a Greek island for two weeks on Wednesday, but this morning my 95yo great auntie died. I fucking hope the funeral is before Wednesday otherwise I'm going to have to choose between being frowned upon by the whole family or missing out on my holiday, and I sure know which one I'd rather.

    • She made it to 95, nice.M01XXX
    • https://images.gr-as…utopian
    • Don't you remember the time when she told you that her ashes may only be scattered over Greek island?sted
    • FacetimeBusterBoy
    • Facetime at a funeral? haha - no. Luckily it's not being held until we're back as there's a huge backlog for funerals apparently. 95, yea! Impressiveset
    • My mother and her sister were having to fork out £5k a month for the old people's home, for the last 3 years so at 95 I think it was best for everyone, frankly.set
    • £5k, wtfM01XXX
    • Sorry to her. Have a thought about what she would have wanted you to do. Sit in a room sad or be in the sun living your life.mugwart
    • Make a send off in Greece? take a photo and candle. Maybe burn something on a cliff top as the sun set and have a sit down next to her and smile at her end andmugwart
    • your next part of your life. I call it the generation link.mugwart
    • Thanks muggy but like I said the funeral will be once we're back, fortunately.set
    • Take a photo to your family so they know you've mourned and thought of her.
      Everyone is a winner. (sorry to hear btw)
    • ^ Absolutely. Old people homes are fucking expensive. Like a hotel with 24hr carers. My Gandpa lived to 99 and my dad was paying 4k a month.Hayzilla
    • Put the shits up me. I don't think any form of savings/pension I'll ever have will cover that shit man.Hayzilla
    • Yea it's mental, but understandable.
      They do a lot.
    • It's the greek island of Naxos, where I learnt to walk and talk, and haven't been back since, so will be interesting to check the place outset
    • sted remembersimbecile
  • set2


    I'm selling my ipad and needed my apple ID password to factory reset it, which I'd totally forgotten. I haven't used it in years. So I open an INCOGNITO window on my machine at work, and go to the old gmail account associated with my apple account, which I haven't logged in to for at least a few years, and the password is saved and I just click login without having to enter it. In an incognito window. WTF!?

    • Incognito still uses existing user details and history, no? It just doesn't commit anything from a session.detritus
    • I thought the whole point is that you can use that without worrying about leaving stuff behind, ie- login details?set
    • If I go to gmail now I've logged out of that, there's no saved data of my other two accounts I'm logged in to. Same with twitter, qbn etc etc, no logins savedset
    • Ok so my qbn login is there if I start typing my user. I guess I'm just being an idiot? It has been known to happen.set
    • my incognito is pulling all my existing password data. you can manage this in settings > advanced > passwords & formsimbecile
    • I guess it makes sense that if you've saved it in a normal window, there's no reason for it to not be there in incognito.set
    • Just a bit of a shock considering I haven't even logged in to that gmail account in 2 or 3 years. Ignore, I was being a thick cunt.set
    • What shocked me ythe other day was that I could see a saved password as raw text from within Firefox's menu. I had no bloody idea.detritus
    • handy though - I'd been doing the 'dev tools, change type from password' 'hack' to see saved passwords I'd forgotten, which sometimes doesn't work these daysdetritus
    • Weird, incognito normally flush all saved data on exit...Bennn
    • get a sandbox if you don't want to leave a trace of a particular sessions's activity.Fax_Benson
    • Incognito doesn't save. But will use whatever s available.pango
    • Yea I get it nowset
    • I love that I totally misunderstood incognito but Benn comes in and saves the day and totally misses the point, just to take attention away from me.set
    • Love you Ben xset
    • That's Ben's super power.pango
    • Sorry set, didnt want to take attention away from you, i actually dont like getting attention. Still love you too set :DBennn