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  • bjladams10

    QBN Mugs 2018

    just back from a week in the woods

    • do you paint/draw landscapes ever? I keep a camping sketch book, wonder if you doGnash
    • would love to see him do that!jaylarson
    • Only nude landscapes.detritus
    • just finished a exhibit last month that was all landscapes, like this: https://c1.staticfli…bjladams
    • ^ nice. "real" painting is becoming a lost art.Gnash
    • That's rather lovely, bendetritus
    • love the textures, ben!jaylarson
    • I need to get a cup like thatpinkfloyd
    • it's a great mug; holds all sorts of stuff.bjladams
  • utopian2

    News of the day...

    Migrant children 'held in cages' in Texas…

    • soundofreason mandatory trolly utopian downvote?LMFAO
    • USA USA!nbq
    • Daca in action?robotron3k
    • This is now...see_thru
    • ...DACA is for people who entered the US before their 16th birthday and prior to June 2007...see_thru
    • I don't see any kidsseverian
    • So this is why you've been stalking me, LMFAO? In my post I was arguing semantics in the article's title not defending SHS. Your illiteracy betrays you.soundofreason
    • ...that's the point. The kids are locked up somewhere else.see_thru
    • then give them back to their parents and send them back together.severian
  • detritus3


    Of the day, of the day of the day - of the day? Of the day day the of, of the day. Of! The day? Day. Of of the day day, of. Of the day.

  • VectorMasked13
  • PhanLo3

    Delete Facebook

    After 6 years I deleted my account. They don't make it easy at all.
    Then from deletion it takes 14 days to disappear.
    Wonder what I'll do with all the free time, won't have as many fun memes to post on here, but maybe I'll speak to my family more. :-)

    • did you d/l your data first and manually delete your likes, comments and photos?notype
    • FYI you are never going to be deletednudes
    • just logged and followednudes
    • I imagine it's all still there waiting for me to return. Like heroin.PhanLo
    • I've been clean since 2014, stay strong!mrAtor
    • I think about this every time I login. I follow so many labels though. Maybe I should just delete all my friends.section_014
    • I stopped riding dirty in 2010, GFY Facebook!utopian
  • microkorg7

    making beats

    My new little setup for when I don't want to sit at a computer.

    Still learning the Digitakt. Played with Scooper the other night with Patterning app on iPad - seems like good scattering fun. Havent played with the T-03 yet though ... fully aware of what it does though lol.

    Still to get the whole lot wired and synced up together.

    Plan is to be able to use the MidiFighter Twister to control 8 channels of the Digitakt, so 1 Volume and 3 other parameters. That'll be over 2 banks of the twister. Then the third back of twister will be to control top level parameters and effects on the Digitakt. TB-03 into the autio-in of the DIgitakt. Scooper taking and mangling the final audio out of the Digitakt.

  • pango2

    Pic of the Day

    Take that Ben!

  • sea_sea7

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Good luck today my German friends. :D
    Vamos México!

  • docpoz2
  • VectorMasked1


    Posted in the Signs you are getting old thread how I am not too fond of going for drinks with younger coworkers coz I already had my phase of drinking quite a bit at noisy places.

    Well... this week was the last for one girl and we went to a pub.
    Was there for a little while and when I left found my bike without the rear wheel.

    fucking assholes!!!! we sat down by a window with full view of my bike. And bike was locked on a busy street.

    these sneaky motherfuckers need to die.

    and the walk home was lovely. carrying a fucking frame with single wheel was certainly not embarrassing at all. *sarcasm*

    this is a fucking sign. I will never accept going out for drinks ever again.

    • Why not to ride your bike only on back weel, like Sagan does?OBBTKN
    • Yes, you're too old, j/kOBBTKN
    • Fuck those company drink marathons, better be at home with an old brandy, on your old coach, scratching your cat and reading to old books...OBBTKN
    • Man I anticipated that story going in a totally different direction.. or with you getting laid by said girl..autoflavour
    • Yep. Have walked home with zero bike as it was completely stollen. And somewhat worse, cycled home after seat was stolen... seat posts are not comfy....shapesalad
    • fuck all stealing cunts. They need lobotomies for the benefit of everyone else.shapesalad
    • What street was it?pango
    • Take your bike into the pub, sit on it when drinking, ride it to the bar when it's your round, smart.mrAtor
    • @pango Dunsmuir. Beside BCIT.VectorMasked
    • Oh ya that place will do. Just check out who hangs out at the 7-11 at night.pango
    • Right there with you. I like my early morning rides way more than going out for drinks at night.section_014
    • i kept waiting for a punchline of the sorts "in the morning it turned out it was not my bike"Krassy


    After months of rainy and overworking weekends, today I could do a long bike ride...

    But no, again, yesterday I woke with a terrible back pain and I walk like M.D. House sober in vicodin.

    Ey, but, que te jodan... Bought a 1kg steak an a pair of kg of pork ribs, roasted it in the bbq with the help of a delicios Somontano red wine, and now I don't miss the bike ride, ha!

    • this side of the peninsula also has a sunny day! 15k run in the morning, lunch outside with a couple of beers, spring/summer is here, finallydmay
    • ^ +1000OBBTKN
    • I highly recommend Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by John Sarno (Annie Grace's book lead me to) highly recommend.notype
    • Will look for it notype, thanks!OBBTKN
    • np, feel better man!notype
  • autoflavour3

    making beats

    So this is random happy accident. That broken Vermona retroverb I was sold by eBay scammer.. he of course flaked out and eBay eventually just refunded me the money.

    so I got a free, albeit broken, retroverb

    Already speaking with the manufacturer to see what they can help with.. cause at the moment, anything to make it work and I'm happy..

  • OBBTKN13

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Yeah Iceland!!!!!

  • shapesalad6

    Punches For:

    Just about everyday of my life, as I walk down the street, any street, any country — it's me that steps aside, deviates course, or contorts oneself as thinly as possible to let him, her, them, even a dog coming towards – past.

    I think I can count on my hands the number of times in my life someone coming towards me has had the common decency to recognise a fellow human on this planet, have some self awareness of their physical existence and recognise the path we both share – can be shared. We can both pass each other, without physically touching, bashing each other – simply by giving each other some space. Taking a wee tiny side step, to give each other some foot room.

    A few times I decide - ok, be like them, don't be a gentleman, pretend to be looking elsewhere – see if, perhaps I'm moving too soon in the pavement game of chicken - but no. It's not to be. They perhaps think it's normal to to just bash into oncoming pedestrians.

    Alas, after spending far too long wondering if it's the way I look, or if I move too soon, or if I'm more adverse to physical touch from a passing stranger - I've concluded, I'll be the gentleman, and step aside for every frigging man, woman, child, and dog that is coming towards me on the pavement of life.

    But if I step aside, stop, and even wait for you to pass as there's not enough room due to you not budging sideways by even an inch – at least say thank you.

    Punches to all those that don't share the pavement of life.

    Double Punches and a few sly kicks to the genitals to all those that don't say thank you to a fellow pedestrian that steps aside to let your fat ass past.

    • Same.monospaced
    • i walk 6 miles through the city every day - people will get 2 meters away, and rather than face any social interaction, bury their head in their phone andkingsteven
    • force me out of the way - like unlocking their phone and swiping through the apps makes them some kind of cyborg bullet.kingsteven
    • the worst thing, that i see on a daily basis... something that should be taught in schools: if someone is working, they have right of way...kingsteven
    • every day i see folks (and it's usually retirees, students, business men) forcing workmen, delivery drivers, shelf stockers to wait so they can shop ffs.kingsteven
    • We are very polite and friendly here in San Diego. Always smiles and thank yous. :) you should visit!HijoDMaite
    • "the pavement of life"sarahfailin
    • Barking “watch the fuck out” usually works. Fear is a great educator.cannonball1978
    • I have been complaining about this for years, thank you, I am not alone. Arrogant fucks.fadein11
    • Have you ever tried not moving? It's surprising how fluidly quick a lot of people tuck themselves in at the last second when they're over your path.detritus
    • I spend the entiriety of my existence 'trying to do the right thing' by other people. A few years ago I started employing this aggressively.detritus
    • I now have regular arguments with people on the streets - probably averaging one a week at least. Big fuckers, small fuckers, young people, old people.detritus
    • I'm 40 now. I'm old enough to not give a shit. I'm old enough to start paying back.

      I'm fucking Batman, man.
    • I'm LDN; I'l be stabbed soon.detritus
    • +1 kingsteven - and people lugging heavy loads around. Move the fuck out of the way, ignants.detritus
    • I'm sure the world is ruder now than it was when I was a boy. Perhaps it's simply because I grew up in The North, in the countryside. People are better there.detritus
    • "The world ends when you're dead"
      I like that.
    • This is horrible in NYC. I was taught to touch your hair and watch people walk into your elbow and then apologize.whatthefunk
    • Haha I felt like this the other day. Never understood people that make no effort to even slightly skew the angle as they pastset
    • I used to wonder if I was invisible it was so infuriating. I’m so damn considerate. God bless the baby stroller. Get the hell out of my way. That’s right.monospaced
    • the worst for me : opening a store/restaurant door and letting people walk out before I walk in, only to be treated like the fucking doorman without even a lookspl33nidoru
    • Woah... I thought i was alone in this war... Education is dead, so sadOBBTKN
    • I was raised with extreme "english" manners and it kills me to break them but I have become so sick of these people I have stopped. I wont even stand for a ladymugwart
    • these days. Sounds petty but i feel my grand father turn in his grave every time.mugwart
    • Dont go to Jamaica Queensdocpoz
    • People not allowing you to exit the elevator before they try to enter. It boggles my mind.klar
    • I usually say out loud, "NO PROBLEM" just as they pass by..cbass99
    • I couldhave write that exact same powt, you're not alone man!Bennn
    • *post.
      Same thing for doors
    • Holy shit! Every damn day I step aside and plan my steps 50 steps ahead to make sure I make room for people passing. I’m glad I’m not alone!lvl_13
    • Most humans are so oblivious. Many days I just want to walk down the sidewalk in a straight line and let people run into me. Fuck yo’ phone and yo’ dog...lvl_13
    • Probably is a lack of consciousness in our culture.mugwart
    • This post has so many levelsdrgs
    • They're either oblivious or, like you, got tired of others not being considerate of them. The cycle perpetuates itself. Don't stop being considerate of others.SteveJobs
    • Am I the only who this this is dense?Hayoth
    • I'd just stand still and lower my body weight. "Come at me bro!!"pango
    • Bonus points for stopping to form a large circle in the middle of the sidewalk while you chat, forcing everyone else to walk into the road to get by you.monNom
    • If you stand still RIGHT OFF the escalator, or pick that spot to make your phone calls, Imma bump into you, that's my limitspl33nidoru
    • While we're at it. How about the little electric eyes that control the water, soap and paper towels in public washrooms. Fuck those things.monNom
  • spl33nidoru3

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Such an amazing player.
    The focus before he scored his 3rd goal tonight, and its precision...

    • as easy as he is not to like, this is what a winner's made of. amazing goal and game._niko
    • the bestnudes
    • such an amazing game, all the players on spain are amazing! wow i love this sportnudes
    • that nacho goal, that ronaldo goal... wow wow wownudes
    • he's awesome!Krassy
    • fancy robotsted
    • (gf that precise)sted
    • Faith in football restored.
      Best game i've seen in a long time.
    • He scored a soft penalty, a fuck up by the keeper and a free kick. I'd say he got lucky as did Portugal.Chimp
    • Amazingpinkfloyd
    • Yep he was brilliant, penalty was a bit suss though.MrT
    • Can't really fault the guyset
    • A dive, a keeper stuff up and a free kick. Lucky.HAMT
    • i agree he's really good at diving.dorf
  • chukkaphob5
    • DEADBennn
    • Fake. He knew before it happenedset
    • No its true, saw this on a tv show few years ago. It was a prank tv show but the kicker didnt knowBennn
    • The dude he kicked was an actor...Bennn
    • There's no acting there.AK_tiv47
    • Great kickdocpoz
    • God damnit pango, it's Pow not Boom.garbage
    • I'm a rebel!pango
    • Nice SnapBack on that kick.ArmandoEstrada
    • Could have really hurt that guysarahfailin
    • Snapback.
      Lol martial art nerd!
    • Yes, happened in Belgiumfues
  • PonyBoy0


    guize... looking for some advice... (sorry for the long post)

    I've been full time freelance for 15+ years. A client—my 'main' client—pushed to hire me full time. It took about 6 months to convince me but I finally gave in.

    For the last 3+ years they've been paying me a nice monthly retainer of which had zero taxes etc taken out. The company brought on a new CEO who convinced me to take the job and start taking out taxes / to work in-house etc etc (his way of getting me focused on their biz / time and not mine / other clients).

    For three months now they've missed my scheduled deposit. Basically since becoming an employee and this agreement w/the new CEO... I'm not paid on time.

    Now that 1/3 of the money is being yanked out for taxes and I'm giving them all my time I'm finding my funds have tightened up. Given I'm on month 3 of not being paid on time and I'm down 1/3 in paid funds... I'm starting to feel it. This is beginning to feel like a really shitty decision and it's effecting my marriage.

    I wrote the below note but don't want to send it because it's full of unprofessional moments that are completely on me to figure out. But the truth is I wouldn't be thinking about some of this bullshit if not for taking the job and technical 'cut in pay' due to taking out taxes at the time of payment. Chalk-up the fact I've yet to be paid on time... things have become frustrating.

    I want to address this as professionally as possible but knowing this group it will go in one ear and out the other. I don't want to be dramatic about it but also don't want to play it off like it's no big deal.

    I want to send something like this off to the CEO but I'm really not sure if it's the right way to go:

    "Hi, ###... do you think this payroll issue will be ironed-out by next payday? This is the third month in a row money hasn’t made my account on time. I have automated payments scheduled to pay my bills etc and live very close to paycheck to paycheck like many folks (not your problem — but again — month number 3). I’m overdrawn this morning due to lack of funds and this only occurred THIS morning and will probably end up costing me over $200+ in overdraft fees as multiple items are going to build up this weekend... stupid shit like a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts will now cost me $37. Normally I’d chalk it up to bad accounting on my part but this is month number 3 of money not being in my account on time. Also—Now that 1/3 of my money goes directly to Uncle Sam each check and I no longer control how my taxes are paid I’m left with... well... 1/3 less money each month. That’s a lot to adjust to. Please let me know if I need to adjust further (stop depending on the 1st & 15th) or if this is going to finally get ironed out... I don’t have the money to cover these costs now that I’m 1/3 down in funds. Not to be overly dramatic... but this has put me in a really tight spot w/one bill collector in particular... not to mention the strain on my marriage. Again... third month in a row... please help!"

    No... I haven't sent that. It's how I feel but the personal accounting shit should be completely left out if I'm going to be 'professional' about this.

    ...just really frustrating... I perform on time and keep them 'looking good' but can't pay my own bills on time even though supposedly we have an automated pay arrangement. I'm overdrawn and sitting in my underwear... thank God my wife's job doesn't treat her like shit... she actually got paid last night.

    • No details, No explanations why you need money. Fair and clear business. If something isn't works the way like agreed talk about that.sted
    • totally, sted... fuck... I'm just emotional right now... -must -calm -down :)PonyBoy
    • Just send this: "Hey CEO - you haven't paid on time for 3 months. Why? Log into the company bank account straight after you read this and transfer my pay."shapesalad
    • Anyhow, I got away with an email like that at my second workplace. I had luck that my CEO understood what an idiot am I sometimes.sted
    • "And make sure you pay me on time next month - or would you prefer if I arrive late for work and miss deadlines?"shapesalad
    • I agree with sted, no money details. stick with the first two sentences, clear and direct. end it with "gimme my monies betch" ;Psea_sea
    • Never justify why you need to be paid. it's a business agreement. Give him notice asap, give them the opportunity to rectify, If they can't fulfill their end..plash
    • time took over that employment agreement and lawyer up.plash
    • Well...Make it extremely profesional, and as a plan B look for another job.Maaku
    • your freelance rate should not have been the same as your full-time rate. perhaps this is the time to address that inequity as well. up itGnash
    • The only benefit of going inhouse is security of payment, and increased income.Gnash
    • You're giving up other paying clients, freedom of work hours (such that it is in freelance), and general autonomyGnash
    • Explain that since the benefit to you hasn't materialized that perhaps it makes sense to back to the previous arrangementGnash
    • unless they can offer some compelling assurances that moving forward you be paid more and on time.Gnash
    • What sted sed. No details. Nothing personal. No rhetorical questions. Pure business is the only angle. As a professional, you require payment on time. Period.monospaced
    • Have you been in contact with the accounting/bills payable dept? CEO obviously isn't too concerned with paying bills so perhaps loop in accounting in group...bezoar
    • ...meeting if you haven't alreadybezoar
    • That too. Leave the ceo out of it. This is payroll dept. ;)monospaced
    • that's right, simple request to modify the payout schedule. If you already escalated the situation with the CEO just tell him that you would work +2h/w free :Dsted
    • Take out a $10k loan. Cash it out. Put in a briefcase. Walk into ceo's office. Open case. Tell him "I think you need this, you're having trouble paying me."shapesalad
    • Yeah don't send that note unless you plan on quitting (and even then don't send it). Try to get in touch with the person directly responsible for approving theyuekit
    • payment and figure out what their problem is. Also why would you be forced to take out taxes at a certain rate? Isn't that up to the employee?yuekit
    • I've been paid late only in a pair of times when inhouse, and always talked in person with my boss... Then, they gave me a explaination and get paid in dateOBBTKN
    • Talk in person with him/her, be polite, remember the times when you were freelancing and how hard was to get paid sometimes, be cool and they'll tell you...OBBTKN
    • why the late payments, then decide if you want to continue working for them or start working on a plan B, good luck my friend!OBBTKN
    • Write with no emotion and directly to the point. Give them a few days to respond then lodge a complaint. Always be polite. Look for small freelance work thatmugwart
    • you can help get you back out of the red.
      Look for new full time work.
      If they haven't paid go through courts.
    • Good luck - money problems create the worst kind of mental health (I suffer as well). Put that and your wife first. No Job is worth the love you two have.mugwart
    • What is most infuriating about these moments is the total lack of empathy... like it would probably take them 10 seconds to fix the issue.yuekit
    • I like how you think working freelance gives you the right to not pay taxes lolHayoth
    • Who said anything about not paying taxes? I still pay on a quarterly schedule, Dorkoth.PonyBoy
    • "fool me once...", why not go back to being a freelancer?sofas
    • Stop at the 2nd sentence. CEO won’t even read past that.noRGB
    • I agree with being simple and not going into detail why you need the money. There is not reason to justify this. Tell them you need the money NOW!eryx
    • It's a small CO, guys... maybe 20 of us. I report directly to the CEO (not the owner anymore). He runs payroll (we have no HR / payroll dept)...PonyBoy
    • ... this CO went from 3 to about 30 people in 9 months. Major growing pains. CEO hit me up... money was in my account late last night... all fixed. :)PonyBoy
    • ... didn't even have to send a letter / say a word. Right around the time I posted this Friday he sent a company-wide 'apology'. I'll hang in there a bit. :)PonyBoy
    • 20=30 (first note)PonyBoy
    • Sweet! Nice it when mistakes were made and they were brave enough to admit itmugwart
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