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  • scarabin

    Sometimes the process is as interesting as the product.

    Workin’ on something fun? Show us your WIPs and tell us about it!

  • monospaced7

    Developing directions for the marketing and visual style of an internal, firmwide technology learning program. These are just some rough animations I made to show how they might come to life. These are just one element of a whole suite of deliverables I roughed out, but I thought they were fun to share.

    They already picked a direction. Can you guess which one?

    • Top one is tasty but the middle one reads fast. I’m guessing they went with the bottom since it looks like it may be more work?scarabin
    • bingo :)monospaced
    • hmm got the weirdest nostalgia feeling with the first one :Dsted
    • +1fadein11
    • The middle one is interesting, playing with perspective. The other 2 versions are crap ofcgrafician
    • 3, brain thingy is cute.uan
    • ofc?monospaced
    • 1, ok
      2 is really inspiring. I bet if you had more time for experimenting and developing that concept, it would beat 3.
    • The idea with 3 was that I could "build" different 3D "areas" and display them like this, depending on the topic. Topics are limitless.monospaced
    • I mean, that was the idea with 2. Some could be complex, some very zoomed in and simple.monospaced
    • I'd add the element of typography. mix 3D rotations with 2D stretches to form letters.
      and use the letters to form words (topics or claims).
    • I'll keep it in my back pocket for another day :) Thanks.monospaced
    • ofc sure, 1 looks like 2000 called, the 3rd one is a bunch of stock icons thrown together.
      2/middle is top! With lots of room to grow
    • Nothing is stock. Fuck off.monospaced
    • Don’t you have an agency or two to run?monospaced
    • Stop being defensive, take a step back, look at these and you'll know I'm right.
      Team choosing 3rd = op missed :(
    • Remember while bashing each other that design is a process and this thread is dedicated to work in an unfinished statescarabin
    • you're not right, grafmonospaced
    • Yeah sorry, not even dissing or anything, these are the icons style in 3rd option: https://creativemark…grafician
    • they are notmonospaced
    • just saying 2nd option the strongest, already can see dozen ways to extend that into anything from print to webgrafician
    • that is very different from what you said originally, and i hope you don't give feedback like this to your agency's designersmonospaced
    • I dig these. Although cute, I keep getting stuck on the beakers at leftmisterhow
    • lol I said 2nd option is interesting, 1 and 3 are crap, still stand by it

      Anyway shut up, post more stuff
      I'll post tomorrow too
    • I like the middle one, the animation is bonus. Cheers for posting here, I appreciate it.PhanLo
    • nice mono. a good, diverse group to choose from. #2 is the most intriguing imo, but #3 looks fun.bezoar
    • Thanks.monospaced
    • nice mono, looks like you had some fun.utopian
    • Pains me to say it, but I am with Graf on this. 2nd one is cool af and has loads of potential.scruffics
    • I’m okay with that, but he called the other two “crap” and implied it was stock illustration. :)monospaced
    • Yeah, I am not so sure about that choice of words.scruffics
    • I like the 2nd one too. That’s why I designed it haha.monospaced
    • Nice work man, 2 is a lovely approach!pedromendez
    • Good work, Mono!
      ^pedromendez +1
    • Thanks!monospaced
    • Nice. How did you do the animations, mono?Fax_Benson
    • Illustrator artboards to Photoshop for 1 and 3. I used SketchUp for 2.monospaced
    • I love that second one. It would be very cool to create some icons in that flat state and have them become the landscape you see in perspective.CyBrainX
    • graf can go fuck himself ofc, or show some workmonospaced
  • cherub1

    I'm working on a website, I can't post the code of course. But I'll say it's drained the life out of me, with all the headaches every damn time something doesn't work and I can't figure out why. It's my first big website.

    I like html and css but I get tripped up trying to organize it all, I end up giving stuff id's when I think it's better to have classes, but I don't exactly know the use of those yet... well in a general sense I guess it's so you can do stuff en masse to an element rather than laser precision. Isn't it?

    The PHP was so ridiculously hard. At first I hated backend. Maybe I still hate backend. But turns out php is also extremely powerful, so I ended up respecting it.

    My work in progress, is still ongoing... site is working now tasked with adding more features.

    I just wanted to say, this work in progress I'm thankful for, it taught me about flow, inline vs block, all that good stuff most of you have known for years.

    • I never style with ids, only with classes.
      I use ids only for elements I want to control with javascript or as #anchors for hrefs.
    • Try Webflow - it's thinking in code, but visualgrafician
    • and I keep them unique (only 1 html element has the id).uan
    • ^that's the part I struggle with, when I sit down and try to think...ok what elements would I want to treat as a group and which need to be uniquecherub
    • So far I'm treating everything unique. And I don't know how the stylesheets should carry over from page to page, like what css header stuff is global(it gets recherub
    • used on every page) and which css stuff belongs in the body. I can't organize it all in my mind.cherub
    • So I end up with inefficient, disorganized code although superficially it does work. Then my mentor told me it's harder to maintain messy code.cherub
    • Again cherub (you might hate me anyway), but telling you, get Webflow and start using it! No more writing code and you build pages visually. Less hasslegrafician
    • Webflow is CMS. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't webflow essentially just dumb down the html/css? It acts as a middle man between you and the code?cherub
    • On the surface, one disadvantage comes to mind. If you are handed a site that wasn't created with that CMS system (it was coded by hand), how are you gonnacherub
    • understand the code enough in order to maintain it? If you can't code by hand. What skill will land me the most gigs? Hand coding html/css or some type of CMS?cherub
    • I'd like to land some freelance work building websites. Which is the most useful skill to know? School me, QBN.cherub
    • Look it up man, lol
      Sure, it has also a CMS but that's optional, you can add blocks of html, then style them then animate them. Real easy and you learn faster!
    • Funny, I thought QBN would be more opinionated on the matter. You've got no advice to give an aspiring web designer, QBN? Am I on the right forum? lolcherub
    • Start by updating your homepage.uan
    • good call.cherub
    • Nobody seems to want to pay money to have sites designed. Its all cheap templates and themes for this and that.webazoot
    • More of my work now is fixing websites that companies have put together via the above methods which have broken.webazoot
    • Or for bigger design agencies who can't figure out how to do something that they should be able to do. Maybe its just me.webazoot
    • I'm not a super coder or anything but I know how to figure a problem out and fix it.
      Is not helpful when it comes to trying to make a portfolio tho.
  • PhanLo15

    Slowly doing a 360 drawing, maybe a quarter the way through.
    Been a while since doing one, lots of wee details to get in. Then some characters on top.

    • Here's a video on how I get my base colours using gradient maps.…
    • hah i didn't knew that there is a tool for that :Dsted
    • The plugin is super handy to block out the flats and the gradient maps can throw out lots of possible colour ideas. Really good as a start to designs :-)PhanLo
    • +1utopian
    • Love your stylemonospaced
    • yeah it looks like a really handy tool nice :)
      may i ask how are you drawing in perspective? u got some help lines or you're using a string?
    • Dope. Is that your channel?scarabin
    • @sted, I'm drawing it in Photoshop in 360 over a photo, essentially tracing it. I add bits and take away sections as I go. I'll try and post some process.PhanLo
    • @scarabin yep, I never posted it before as you know, folk like to be miserable :-)PhanLo
    • Here's a version where I draw a streetscene using a fountain pen…PhanLo
    • @sted I use actions created by Jama Jurabaev to start off…PhanLo
    • ah right i just realized how old i am aaha :D
      i thought these things start with a pencil and paper :) nice, i really like that u find the tools u need and still
    • persevere this hand drawn analog look.sted
    • I started to try to do the digital versions when I was doing animation work as the analog stuff was taking a while longer. :-)PhanLo
    • Here's where I got to tonight…PhanLo
    • Fantastic work, as always.CyBrainX
    • There's a great way to get this look in 3D with Arnold toon. Calder Moore has a tutorial series.…
    • love your stufffadein11
    • yass what @fadein7eleven said.
      with a hug-he respect :D
    • @CybrainX cheers will give that a watch.PhanLo
  • utopian12

    Logo explorations for a rebrand.

    • Really enjoying what you have going in the first one.monospaced
    • i dig the first one, rest is like here is something so you can choose the 1st :D
      have you tried to rotate the symbol a bit so that the C stands out better?
    • I think there's something to the 3rd one.i_monk
    • maybe a television channel logo?sted
    • Only the second one can maybe be trademarked, the rest are already done countless timesgrafician
    • So yeah, keep version 2, make the "r" longer (use same width for the letters)
      You didn't mentioned what's for tho'
      But anyway, yeah, keep 2, trash the rest
    • What type of business is it and in what of market? Kind of telling that people would offer opinions without first knowing that.mort_
    • nr 3drgs
    • 3rd and last. But without context we don't know what core does or is, can that be hinted in the glymph?shapesalad
    • I like the second and fourth the best. The first one has issues at a small size.CyBrainX
    • Release the glymph!mort_
    • 3. Although each of the 3 in three are a little different due to stroke vs shapemisterhow
    • I like 2 and 3 the most. Reminds me a bit of the citecore logo symbol i did some 15 years ago.islandbridge
    • First one will have the most issues with moire/lost detail at small sizes, esp. digitally. But I think the same idea could be done without as much detailevilpeacock
    • what sort of thing does the company do?Nairn
    • me, i like the last one most. has personality. i feel like i've already seen the others.
      #3 would be great for 'cube'.
    • its so hard to not to ask since its WIP but i'm a curious asshole to the end, so i have to:
      @utopian any notes on the comments? :D
    • Making the logo a C is too obviouscannonball1978
    • What’s the logo for? Industry? Etcsofakingback
    • oh sofakingback you're alive! long time no see, all good?sted
    • Insurance co.utopian
    • then none of these are OK lolgrafician
    • Can you get them to rebrand as 'Care'?Nairn
  • PhanLo5

    Doing a drawing for a friend for a small mural festival he's organising. Still a bit more background to go, but was playing with colours.

  • scarabin8

    Give someone you love the finger with THE ACCUSER. 9.5 inches of PURE POKING POWER

    Silicone test pull

  • face_melter4

    Larking about in Clip Studio Pro, from a photo of Greta Edith / currentmoodgirl.

  • face_melter7

    Update of the previous piece. Clip Studio Paint has finally clicked, settled on a (small) set of brushes and a method that produces the results and ~feel~ I have been searching for. Clip Studio runs so much smoother than Ps and has waaaay less baggage for this type of work - producing this texture and colour mix was a miserable exercise in frustration. There are some quirks to be sure but they are mostly order-of-operation type things that are different to what I am normally used to.

    • niceutopian
    • I truly ❤ your style!Wordsworth
    • Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd really love to see this with a much darker and more muted background. I love the flatness of her attire.Nairn
    • (I assume you'd be adding more detail there, but I like it just as-is).Nairn
  • CyBrainX10

    I'm working on a forest treehouse. The scene is pretty much crippled in the viewport though. Each frame takes about 5 minutes at this point. I'd like to add some people in to the scene.

    • I got some inspiration for this from the Off the Grid thread.CyBrainX
    • Looks really cool. Do you have any intentions on actually building this?utopian
    • I live in an apartment in NYC. So, I never had that thought.CyBrainX
    • I saw a penguini_was
    • This looks awesome. ‘Places I’d like to be thread’?!Ianbolton
    • That penguin was a lot of work. I'm not great with UV unwrapping.CyBrainX
    • Reminds me of Myst.. nice workdee-dubs
    • Have you considered replacing some of your geometry-based trees with billboards or low-poly in the distance?monNom
    • if using geometry nodes you can now switch instances based on proximity to camera. also camera-frustum culling - see my post in blender3d thread.monNom
    • The trees are generated by Forester, a plugin that has camera frustum options. I tried it but when I rendered a short test animation...CyBrainX
    • ...the trees spazzed in and out of existence like a hurricane during a seizure. I'll take another look into that and Redshift X-Refs (proxies)CyBrainX
  • scarabin9

    • I see the finglonger in the background. Nice work. I wish I had a knack for sculpture, I'd make tikis.lemmy_k
    • Thanks dude. I say take a crack at it, you might be surprisedscarabin
    • Sup Set?utopian
    • Did you make those two small figurines in the upper right? I like.utopian
    • Nah, just some reference i keep around. Wish the female wasn’t so skinny but they’re not bad for 40 bucksscarabin
    • Now make a dick buttpango
    • You found your wang!mort_
    • That’s THE ACCUSER!scarabin
    • This thing looks much tighter now. Just waiting on a shipment of plaster to arrivescarabin
  • scarabin7

    Gonna try and make a custom fitted mask with a movable jaw. Maybe out of urethane?

    • Dude are those real teeth?monospaced
    • Nah, i sculpted those out of thermoplastic separatelyscarabin
    • You can buy premade teeth but i like extremely long roots and exaggerated shapesscarabin
    • Stop lying...who's teeth did you yank out.utopian
    • Nice. I'll post some pics of our Halloween set up. It's a bit tame since we are across from an elementary school, but it's almost all handmade. It could use...lemmy_k
    • some stuff like that mask.lemmy_k
    • Man, one of my best childhood memories was a neighbor’s haunted house. Halloween effort is never wastedscarabin

    Preliminary inks of pages 2 and 3 from one of my comic projects, done digital inks up to the fifth page.

    BUT... Now, I'm re-doing the script, I don't like the digital inkings, etc. and the project is stopped.

    I'll wait for the 8 months long rainy season, hehe, and take it back my side projects.

    I hope ;)

    • I always wanted to do a comic!scarabin
    • Start now! it's never too late, but time flies too...OBBTKN
  • face_melter0

    The adventures in Clip Studio continue.

  • scarabin2

    Here are some resin teeth you can buy. They’re too perfect imo, but i wanna get these skulls done quick so i may keep ‘em

  • scarabin16

    • wow!PioneerDJ303
    • NiiiiiiiiiiiiccCCE!PhanLo
    • Hell yeahGuyFawkes
    • SumSeriousSkullFucki...utopian
    • The skeletons look pisseddrgs
    • Plot twist. We are praising Scarabins trophy pile.microkorg
    • This is the "In loving memory of....
      R.I.P.....We barely knew ya..."QBN fallen pile.
    • Lovely, you've got to paint at least one of them bright yellow.…
    • yessirgarbage
    • are u going to paint them? that always looks extra groovy...neverscared
    • Oh yeah, these guys will be getting the full treatmentscarabin
    • Buy a La-Z-Boy chair with comfy reclining feature... strip it down to frame... replace outer layer with only these... paint it...prophetone
    • ...then simply relax and recline on your new LZB skull throne with some freshly-made cherry red Kool Aid on ice while watching Night Teeth on your iPad Air 2prophetone
    • skills manstoplying
    • how are these similar down to the cracks, how are they made?sted
    • I sculpted one in clay (above post in this thread), made a silicone and ultracal mold of it, then slipcast them in ultracal. I’ll seal and paint them nextscarabin
    • Cool thing about having the silicone mold is i can make these out of anything- urethane plastic, resin, foam latex, cement, expanding foam, whateverscarabin
    • they look really great. yeah i remember that, but i had no idea that this method results in such similar replicas.sted
    • Thanks!scarabin
    • Nice! Who doesn't love a pile of skulls?bezoar
  • scarabin6

    • Furby?monospaced
    • Here’s a furby skull. I think you need this.…
    • Lol. We’re attending a cyberpunk festival as researchers doing horrible tests on these furby / gremlin / tribble things. making a couple dozen of them to trade!scarabin
    • HA! Vehry nice.bezoar
  • scarabin1

    The first Grubble is born! Faceplate sculpted in monster clay and cast in urethane. Fur bodies by my girl. Gonna iron out the paint job next...

    • Did you name it?GuyFawkes
    • nah, this one went in the trashscarabin
    • they all have numbers, though, and i keep photo records of each one. maybe make NFTs or something laterscarabin
  • scarabin1

    The gf made this thing. It keeps me up at night

  • face_melter4

  • scarabin3

    Sticker tags came in. I highly recommend for this sort of thing