Just skip Deathboy notes

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  • Nairn

    just do it. don't read them. there's no need, they're borderline incomprehensible anyway.

    not calling for him to be banned or anything, but really - just skip his shit.


    deathboy - please try and take the time to learn to be succinct.

  • Nairn13

    Also - skip Nairn posts too, they're mostly self-indulgent.

  • tank022

    deathboy & bunkerboy sittin' in a tree...

  • SteveJobs4

    This is one of the main reasons I rarely come here anymore. It's not posts like deathboy's or those any of you have labeled and tossed over to his side of the fence. It's not really even the intolerance of views other than your own, as closed-minded and hypocrytical as that is.

    It's the outright attacks, name calling, and ostracizing that makes many of you (who's viewpoints I often do agree with actually), just as much of the problem here as those you disagree with. When a young child doesn't get what it wants it might cry and throw a fit, but as it ages it learns restraint and compassion for others and their viewpoints. Well, that's how it should be in my opinion.

    QBN is a microcosm of the problems of the world. The inability to control our emotions and react based on how we feel toward others, simply because we can.

    You don't know what people have gone through in their lives. What they've had to deal with. What they've accomplished. What they've had taken away. You've only lived your own and project your own experiences on them. It's normal, and it's human, but so is a child's way. I challenge all of you to first, read this with an open mind (should I have opened with that?), and second, consider exercising the golden rule when addressing others, particularly those who get under your skin and anger you because they think differently.

    @Nairn, this post is actually directed less toward you and mostly to others here guilty of the things I've said. In fact, you strike me as one of the most intelligent and articulated people here, and self-aware enough to at least recognize situations you've antagonized and have in many instances been accountable or reversed your opinion or statements toward others. I respect that and you.

    Btw, I just reread this and I come off like someone with a messiah complex, but honestly, it's seeing these dynamics played out every day all over the internet for as long as it has existed, and long before it, that's taught me be more accepting of others. It's something that has bothered me for a long time. I know it's the human condition, but for me it goes to the core as a cause of many of our world issues, rather than the effect manifested as the surface issues we all try to fix.

    • Well now i feel shit.

    • Good post and an important message. But seriously...have you read deathboy's notes?yuekit
    • Cheers, mate. Totally agreeGnash
    • yuekit, no I haven't. If he's crossing the line with his remarks, maybe moderators can/should take action.SteveJobs
    • It's not so much crossing the line, he just deliberately drags you into a long pointless conversation. I think that is what Nairn was reacting to.yuekit
    • Read his diarrhea now. Come back when you’re done. You might feel sick and disturbed at how morally corrupted and ignorant it is. It’s overwhelming.monospaced
    • And I wholeheartedly disagree that calling him out on strong language is somehow worse. Fuck that nonsense you messiah complex preacher. ;)monospaced
    • pretty much.
      If i'm entirely honest - i'd suggest that a bit of interpersonal-fricti... not a bad function of a healthy community. shows it's alive.
    • I don’t disagree that we can rise above it as adults. I’m guilty of stooping low to engage. My bad.monospaced
    • "rarely come here anymore" - some of us fools live this shit daily.fadein11
    • :)fadein11
    • "QBN is a microcosm of the problems of the world." [claps]grafician
    • As a non-white communist man, I never felt deathboy forced me into any behaviour I wasn't comfortable with. There are other users with far worse communication sdeadsperm
    • than his. His problem for QBN is clearly the side he stands on as with other prominent users.deadsperm
    • I got nothing against the guy, but it's pretty obviously his hijacking of conversations with 1000+ notes people object to, not the fact that he's a right wingeryuekit
    • Who are the other users with far worse communications? lolyuekit
    • @SJ thank you for this. QBN was more fun when it was filled with inquiry rather than than ideological preening.MrAbominable
  • Nairn1

    Deathboy note splurges are the first thing that have made me really want some kind of filter in QBN. No offence to the guy, play your game. But honestly, I read some post of interest, see a few note comments from people I respect and then BLAM! 240+ deathboy word melanges that word smear my scrolling.



    • Whatever.

      Just got to keep the drama going..
  • renderedred4

    • 'Zactly, stir the pot!
      Make the lives of the proles hellish!

      Wait. I am one of the proles.
    • classicsted
  • drgs2

    Like ads on the internet after 30 years of web surfing, my eyes skip bullshit posts automatically

  • Continuity1

    With all due respect, Nairn, skipping deathboy's notes is a wrong-headed approach.

    He posted notes that crossed the line from plain stupid and incoherent, to parroting the worst of the worst right-wing douchery with his 'all lives matter' number. Shellie rightly called him on it for what it is: racism.

    This isn't about 'difference of opinion', or whatever other disingenuous right-wing word vomit du jour is being used to deflect the obvious.

    This is the difference between right and wrong.

    The kind of casual 'all lives matter' racism that gets shat out is wrong. It marginalises. It leads to precisely the situation we see unfolding in the US.

    Which leads me to this, for QBN mods and owners:

    You see what's happening in the media. You know the reasons why things are where they are now, on this topic. You understand that staying silent in the face overt or casual or concealed racism shouldn't be an option anymore for anyone, yet comments like deathboy's — which really offended an African-American member of this community, and rightly so — apparently pass muster around here on a regular basis.

    Do you really think this is OK, QBN Mods? If you do, tell us now, so that I can fuck off from here and not come back; because I personally won't tolerate the sort of degenerate racist shit like DB's any longer.

    • i´am pro skippin - its always the same anti - humanistic and dumbshit anyway.neverscared
    • Thank you continuity. Bang on.fadein11
    • yeah...though saying, writing racist stuff is just dumb and stupid. it's an attitude that shows how fucked they are.uan
    • racists weren't that lucky when they were born, they ended up in a fucked up environment. missed parental love, got abused, don't know better.uan
    • you can't just ban them from society...you need to integrate them in some way.

      the real evil is the ones that use them to concentrate power on themselfs.
    • Moot point. This isn't the 19th fucking century, where access to information is limited, and those kinds of tolerated.Continuity
    • Skip, you are being intolerant.i_was
    • *those kinds of attitudes are toleratedContinuity
    • germany did a lot of work after wwII in that regard and the ppl know what they need to do. look at the 18K demonstrators today in germany in solidarity with blmuan
    • you should call them 'Arschloch' but talk to them: https://www.youtube.…uan
    • this parallel only exists in your brain.sted
    • See, I didn't even know that he went on an "All lives matter" rant, because I see his name and keep scrolling. Don't give fuel to his desperate ego.garbage
    • He's inflicting violence to his proper self.i_was
    • Fyi “right wing” is not the same thing as racist.cannonball1978
    • @cannonball Right wing and racism are beyond the "kissing cousins" phase.garbage
  • grafician1

    After reading all this, wondering about the kind of discussions that are happening behind closed doors at twitter, facebook, etc. about censoring their networks against hate speech and all that...

    • like that post i just made while shitting?sted
    • Maybe censoring was too strong, I would say again "moderating their networks"grafician
  • sted1

    I'm with renderedred,

    Narin love ya, but don't tell me what content I should consume.

    we can discuss quality, or how some of us can degrade a conversation to elementary school level, but don't even think that you can make people not look.

    • eh, i wasn't being too serious
      certainly not calling for censorship
      it would be better if everyone did everything my way though.
    • sounded like drama asking for a prize.
      I try to understand this kind of self-confidence every day.
      no luck yet. have to live with it ;)
    • well, i'm sorry i guess.Nairn
  • i_was2

    I didn't read anything from DB that could be considered hate speech, or maybe I missed something, just some unintelligible stuff.

  • SteveJobs3

    Being intolerant of others who are intolerant of others sounds like hypocrisy to me. Especially when it doesn't seem to be any less anger-driven.

    Maybe try constructive discourse with your opposition. Even if they aren't willing or able - at least you tried and lead by example? If you can't find that common ground, then maybe walk away and don't give them an audience? Let someone else try? It's actually a very rewarding feeling to make that effort and learn about someone and why they feel like they do and say the things they say. Usually I walk away with a little more compassion and empathy, even if my own views remain unchanged.

    You're not going to change the world by exiling those with contrasting opinions or trying to manipulate them into buying into the popular view.

    • This is the problem with online "bubbles". Fb shows only other views similar to yours.
      This just amplifies the polarity of opinions.
    • So if we only see similar opinions and everybody agrees with us, you think you're actually right, when instead you might be actually wrong overall.grafician
    • QBN is a public forum...everybody has a voice, even tho' some are absurdly wrong by decent standards.grafician
    • You're right man, online "bubbles"i_was
    • So what do those "Dogear" and "Flag" buttons do? I never clicked on those
      Maybe we just need "Flag" buttons for notes too?
    • But yeah, I agree with SteveJobs here, we just need to lead by example anyway.grafician
    • So what you’re saying is ignore him.monospaced
    • Because that’s what Nairn said. He even specified not banning him. Jesusmonospaced
    • I'm no parent, and I want to believe that we're all grown up humans (ic max 1-2 are in their 20 here?).sted
    • bubble buddiesnudes
    • so please, please forgive me if i don't want to share thoughts with somebody who has conclusions what i can't relate to at the present stage of my life.sted
    • maybe deathboy is actually a boy, like way younger than some of us and can't control his emotions enough to get into a discussion like adults? Idk mangrafician
    • mostly because it is the past for me, and it would require patience and a closer relationship to make you understand why.sted
    • @mono I don't have an answer to what to do, I guess it depends on each of us to do what he thinks it's ok, some agree, some punchesgrafician
    • With some people you just can't reason with...move on, what can you do?grafician
    • But this doesn't makes me a better, or smarter, or anything more human than you are.sted
    • monospaced, if someone can't engage and lead someone else in constructive conversation, THEN, perhaps it's time for them to walk away and let someone else try.SteveJobs
    • from what notes I've seen, deathboy is more or less trump, I don't get 90% of what he says and 10% I dismiss entirelygrafician
    • it's a nice sentiment SJ but my gut (and QBN experience) tells me the folks who need to take what you're saying into their hearts will probably deflect it mostPonyBoy
    • ...as the comments are already showing us
    • Yes. I understand. You’re saying to ignore it. Like Nairn said. And not ban it. So eloquently too.monospaced
    • what part of 'take what you're saying into their hearts' coincides with 'ignore it'? you just completely missed my point (and proved SJ's) :(PonyBoy
    • #bubbleboysrenderedred
    • Nobody is asking you to 'ignore' anything, mono—as a matter of fact I think they're asking you to engage w/ a little less hostility. My 'you' is rhetorical btw.PonyBoy
    • A good example of what I'm talking about is precisely the kind of conversation you and I are having now. :PPonyBoy
    • He wrote “walk away and don’t give him an audience.” That’s ignoring in my book.monospaced
    • It’s his whole second paragraph. :)monospaced
    • It’s also the thread topic. To skip him. Skip, ignore. Same thing in this context.monospaced
    • "It's actually a very rewarding feeling to make that effort and learn about someone and why they feel like they do and say the things they say."PonyBoy
    • That's probably the most profane and complete statement of the 2nd paragraph... of which you gleaned 'ignore them' from? huh? :)PonyBoy
    • I agree with Pony Boy.It's a nice sentiment, but it just won't work here. We got this enforced tolerance thing going on, everywhere you look, and IRL too...cherub
    • And in the end, the "tolerant" ones come out looking like the pigs in Animal Farm who changed the rules:cherub
    • "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."cherub
    • Pony I’m not ignoring that. Just saying that in action, it’s about not engaging. To me that is a way of ignoring. I know, semantics, but not a disagreement.monospaced
    • I also choose to disagree that his behavior warrants some level of understanding I haven’t already granted. I also disagree that it should be ignored. just MHOmonospaced
  • garbage1

    Going to disagree with Stevejobs here.

    I don't think it's an issue of having safe bubbles or insular columns of thought. It's more that I don't think he's all there. The dude isn't capable of critical thought. He can't string a sentence together, much less process an argument and respond to it rationally.

    Having a conversation with him is akin to throwing a cat in a pool and telling it to swim. Plus he sounds like he's one bad day away from shooting up a Walgreen's, so I just skip.

    I don't think he should be banned, because the morons on this site are no skin off my nose. Let their dumb flags fly, I guess.

    • So you're suggesting he suffers from mental health issues? Even more of a reason to be compassionate to those who are struggling and maybe need a friend?SteveJobs
    • Maybe calling them morons and their values dumb is the provocation that's fueling the fire? Maybe I'm wrong but it seems incendiary to me.SteveJobs
    • @Steve you might not be wrong about thisgrafician
    • All I said is that I skip his drivel, but I don't think he needs to be banned. Same with robo.garbage
    • Am I the only one who noticed...robotron3k seems to have self-banned after the thread calling him outyuekit
    • i speculate robo is in law enforcement and has too work a lot on the streets now.neverscared
    • I think he just finally got had enough humiliation. He'll be back with alts.garbage
    • And just to be clear, I think the deathboy and bobo types are toxic, but a handful of runts aren't going to ruin my day.garbage
    • "finally got had enough". Nice one, me.garbage
  • pango0

    yo deathboy where you at?
    please come in here and show them how it's done.

    • nothing will explain better than a demonstration from the one and truly deathboy.pango
    • Deathboy, deathboy.
      C'mon any second now!
  • dorf4

    you guys should know better than to try to reason with the village idiot

  • NBQ00-1

    Good lord, you're a bunch of whiny pussies. First the robo thread and now this one. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a QBNer. Ffs.

  • Nairn1

    eh - for the record - i just saw two or three posts I was interested in and was like Jesus Christ Deathboy Bukkake, so posted this stupid thread. i'm sure his skin is thick enough to not give a fuck, but it's interesting to see what's all bubbled up, haha

    • oh shit, this thread has the top 5 posts on the front page, i'm so sorry, hahahahaNairn
    • *golf clap deathboy

      you sly sonofabitch
    • lolpango
    • Just bump the "Capitalism thread" and deathboy will rear his ugly head.utopian
  • cannonball19781

    Perhaps he is racist. But if you get to qualify whether he gets to be excluded because you don’t like it, then I get to qualify whether you get excluded for whatever reason.

    There are no explicit rules here so the social contract is that you have to cope with being offended. This is not a “safe space” (thank god).

    Post explicit rules and then enforce them or learn to cope with the fact that your morals are not everyone’s and adapt to a politically heterogeneous forum. Yes, racism counts as part of a heterogeneous spectrum. No, you cannot make a special case for it without making some actual rules.

    • And for the record, banning racism does not remove racism from this place.cannonball1978
    • He can always join Reddit, MAGA or his local chapter of the KKK. He will be welcomed there with open arms.utopian
    • Well you don't get make the rules either. There are no rules. THIS ARE THE RULES.Fax_Benson
    • thanks for your actual equality response cannon. get a lot of hate in this day and age for actual equalitydeathboy
    • and if my opinion makes u feel better. not that it matters and hope u make your opinion. im not racist. color of ones skin means absolutely nothing to me.deathboy
    • just a target of disagreeing with the flavor of the monthdeathboy
  • imbecile7

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

    I refuse to sit by and let a racist be racist simply because some people want to allow people their opinion. weak people with their inaction is part of the problem. the fact that we let this piece of shit have a voice for hate speech here is a shame, defending his presence and statements makes you a piece of shit too.

    • <imbecile
    • lol. cool bro you think im a racist. and anyone who agrees with me or even is kind to me must be a racist as well. grow up and drop the bs identity politicsdeathboy
    • ^ Nobody here owes you their time. You're a dumb baby.garbage
    • And your logic is absolute shit.monospaced
    • @deathboy who actually are you?SlashPeckham
    • https://www.youtube.… or just anyone not spoonfed a narrative and can BACK there opinionsdeathboy
    • and back them without resulting to name calling and childish shit. that understands in certain systems of politics there is agree to disagree regardless ofdeathboy
    • FUNdamentals. And as such you can explicitly state terms for such thingsdeathboy
  • ben_3

    You gave him his own thread, great.

    • Not going to lie - didn't think this throughNairn
    • Well you still have a chance to redeem yourself with a 240 note word melange. Think it through in real-time!ben_
    • Philosophically you’re right, and wrong though. He’s a waste of energy responding too, but shit he garbles out shouldn’t go unnoticed.ben_
  • utopian0