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    What are peoples thoughts here on 5G? It's pretty scary stuff. Switzerland has banned the development of any more towers and Celine Fremault the environmental minister of Brussels has halted the project because of the health risks and said that 'the people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit'.

    Even with its great distance, 4G has negative health effects. With each change in the distance of 5G getting closer to us, the exposure to the frequencies is squared, 4x, 9x, 16x, 25x, 36x, 49x, etc. Thus the distance can actually be a bigger health risk* than the frequency. With cell masts being placed 800 feet apart, that makes 5G far worse than 4G which is already affecting people's health.

    We have no clue as to how bad a full constellation of 5G will be. Simple tests from one source for short durations have revealed results incompatible with normal health and life. Real world 5G will be multiple sources and for longer duration.

    Plus 4G beats us 2.4 to 5 billion times a second. 5G beats us 25 billion pulses a second or higher. All our tissues have frequencies. Our skin is like a symphony orchestra, and 5G is like a tube band walking onto the stage and interrupting mid performance. Our skin can't like it having its frequencies thumped 25 billion times a second.

    *"risk" is not the proper term because it implies a chance of avoiding the harm. There is no avoiding the harm with 5G. The danger is guaranteed. No one is exempt because all of us depend on our Voltage Gated Cell Electrolyte Channels in order to stay alive. 5G interferes with those channels.

    Scary, scary shit.

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  • helloeatbreathedrive6

    We all gonna die set, let us enjoy our 5G :)
    jk mate :)

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  • Fax_Benson2

    I don't have a clue about the science behind it.

    There's a petition if you want the govmnt (UK) to have to conduct an independent report


    • * I guess it should be conduct an inquiry and then produce a report, rather than conduct a report.Fax_Benson
  • kingsteven3

    Don't know about the health risks but if it's even a possibility that it's going to block weather satellites (Water vapour in the atmosphere is detected at 23.8GHz) it seems daft to proceed with the rollout...


    • lol that's the last thing to worry aboutset
    • of course... but it's incredible that they want to force it through considering the effects on an existing technology, let alone biological concerns.kingsteven
    • Agreed. It's sinister as fuck.set
  • kingsteven5

    • Quelle surprise. The links between the tories and HSBC & the BBC are just as insidious.Wolfboy
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  • Bennn6

    Is there any evidence that 4G cause health hazards ?

  • Bennn13

    If there's evident problems with 5G, why would "they" go on with its development?

    • Maybe "they" are immune to it.qoob
    • Many lizards do in fact bask in radiation at the start of each day...Nairn
    • I could say that the world has been infiltrated by a demonic AI that lacks creative power like we do, and is slowy acquiring our bodies through technologyset
    • 5G will turn our energy bodies, our dreaming bodies, in to a frequency that the AI can assimilate with. But if I did, you'd think I was a total nut job :)set
    • The black meteorites that plato told us was the reason for the fall of atlantis brought it here. Same black stone that sits at mecca and they all must touch.set
    • Fucking ridiculous nonsense though right :)set
    • You sound crazy but I'm interested.Maaku
    • Of course I doset
    • I'm painfully aware of that fact.set
    • Not saying you're crazy but how did the meteorites go about setting up 5G networks?qoob
    • It's infiltrated the highest levels at Washington, London, the Vatican etc and of course.... Silicon Valleyset
    • Everyone knows that the Vatican is an independent city-state, it's own country with its own rules, but most people don't know that...set
    • Hmmm wasn't this the plot of the recent Marvel superhero movie Venom? :)qoob
    • .. The city of London and Washington are too. The three centres of control... Military, finance and religion. They're a team, controlled by the same force.set
    • ... And sadly that force is not of yours earth and does not have humans best interest at heart. What a shocker.set
    • ... Sadly most people's programming will instantly deny this as ridiculous, and I totally understand.set
    • I don't bother getting in to it usually as there's little point, people are so programmed that they won't even entertain the thought, but Ben did ask :)set
    • They tell us a lot in movies. Something to do with black magic and telling your subjects what you're doing. I haven't seen venom yet, maybe I should.set
    • I mean it sounds interesting...but I honestly never heard of this particular theory before. How do you know this stuff?qoob
    • Also, plausible deniabilty. It's a great way to get the masses to forget the truth when they hear it because 'you've been watching too many movies mate'set
    • @qoobb I know this stuff because I saw it at the movies, obviously ;)set
    • I don't even care if people believe it anymore. Humanity is not my responsibility.set
    • We're welcoming it with open arms. Maybe we deserve it. Ultimately what difference does it make if light or dark wins. This 3D reality is duality.set
    • I heard this before... the thing about Vatican, Washington and London. ... It falls in the conspiracy theory categoryBennn
    • No it doesn't Ben, it's an unequivocal fact. That's the only bit of what I said that can be proven right now, hahahahaset
    • I'm just wondering how you know all of this is true..???qoob
    • Also when you say AI, does that mean it was created by someone else?qoob
    • I don't.set
    • I'm not trying to convince anyone. Believe me, don't believe, makes no difference.set
    • set, link us some trustable sources on the web about itBennn
    • lay off the bottleutopian
    • Utopian, bring the prime example of humanities fuckery and programmed denial of anything that isn't already known about. Thanks bud.set
    • You were part of the crew that burnt people at the stake for saying the earth revolves around the sun, hahahaha. Bless you.set
    • Thankfully there were a few intelligent people that entertained the idea, looked in to further and realised it was true.set
    • If it was all utopians we'd still think the earth was flat and at the centre of the universe, hehe.set
    • Money. Its always money.desmo
    • Ah yes, money, the original cover for the cover.set
    • Anyway, whatever you choose to believe or deny, the fact is 5G is not good for us.set
    • they make cigarettescollegefund
    • Classic set, fucking love ya!utopian
    • lol, I am classically a bit of a cunt I know.set
    • set you make me smile when i read your shit! keep it up man!renderedred
    • plato, meteorites, atlantis, ai, 5G... fuck yes!renderedred
    • 5G is the culmination of a several millennia plot, under a single organization that now has world power?monospaced
    • Actually, don’t answer. I asked before I read your next post.monospaced
    • It’s cute you think humans can band together like that. Truth is the world is chaos and we’re barely keeping shit together.inteliboy
    • I seeset
    • i can't tell anymore if set is using ridiculousness to emphasize the sarcasm or to hide that he actually believe what he said.... O__Opango
    • "They" is just us man.yuekit
    • Sadly not.set
    • The LHC is designed to own a portal to bring the rest of them here once the time is right. Do you really think the UN bands together and spends £15bn...set
    • ... on a science project with no financial return? Haha. The cern logo is 666 and they have a statue of shiva the destroyer of worlds at the hqset
    • The truth is hidden in front of your faces and you're all too stupid to see it. Maybe humanity deserves its fate.set
    • Except their logo is a particle accelerator according to them. And a statue of Shiva strikes me as a tongue in cheek reference to smashing particles togetheryuekit
    • Yea it's just that. lolset
    • It's all just a big joke and coincidence and you all know everything there is to know, and anything you don't know about must be bullshit. Hahahah, jesus christset
    • Never said that but it would take a lot more than a logo vaguely resembling a six to convince me something is a secret portal to another dimension.yuekit
    • I mean, it does look like a particle accelerator doesn't it? https://www.extremet…yuekit
    • Also Shiva is a good god in Hinduism so how does that fit into your theory?yuekit
  • kingsteven8

    it's not really 'development' of 5g technologies thats the issue @Bennn, more governments forcing it's rollout by selling off chunks of frequencies to corporations without considering the issues. allowing them to work within outdated guidelines and assess risk based on huge short term profit without concern for longer term health risks.

    pretty much exactly the same way all other mobile technologies have been rolled out tbh. but this one is particularly concerning because there's been less and less time between rollouts to assess the affects on health and the frequencies involved this time can potentially mess with us in ways that previous technologies couldn't.

    and yes 4g causes cancer (continued exposure or higher amplitudes = higher chance), but a lot of things cause cancer. with phones you're at risk because of the proximity of the antenna to your body, with 5g one of the concerns is that this higher frequency radiation will need to travel in focused beams between your devices/ towers etc. so it's not clear that health concerns are addressed by existing guidelines. and (as far as i understand it) a lot of damage from radio frequencies is due to 'microwaving', heating up your body there are concerns that these higher frequencies could interfere with your biology in more complex ways.

    the weather forecasting issue highlights the disregard the government sell off of these frequency bands has to proper research. in a few years weather satellites may not be able to determine between devices on the ground and the frequency emitted by water (and a bunch of other frequencies they in the atmosphere that have allowed us to enjoy increasingly accurate 5 day forecasts during our lifetimes). may not kill us all or assimilate us in to AI but it's concerning for sure...

    • :)set
    • Also, China (Huawei) is playing big time in the 5G game. I dont trust them, so many other people too. Except set ;-)Bennn
    • I never said I trust huawei, I just pointed out how ridiculous you were for being afraid of huawei but happy to use Google or apple or Samsung. That's funny.set
    • set, dont get angry man :) I was making fun of you. Like i've said the other day, I prefer to get spied on by an American company than a Chinese.Bennn
    • Not angry in the slightest. Pretty sure I even finished my comment suggesting that I'm laughing.set
    • Folks are so in to bashing conspiracy theories but jump on Huawei conspiracies pushed by media outlets that have been proven entirely fabricated by Bloombergkingsteven
    • I guess at least the US government are making up shit and planting it in the press to localise 5G profiteering. UK govt. is so fucked it's outsourcing to putkingsteven
    • the money in their own pockets without a care for the economy.kingsteven
    • Well said kingsteven. It will blow peoples minds one day when they realise how much of what they think is real is bullshit, and how much they think is...set
    • ...bullshit is real. The sheer level of deception, manipulation and lies is almost beyond belief. Certainly beyond belief for most.set
    • ... and before the halfwits jump in, I'm not saying I know it all. It's very evident however, that I know a lot more than a lot of people here. Sadly.set
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  • hotroddy6

    criminalize smartphones. we would solve more than one problem.

  • Milan7

    Does this mean you shouldn't use 5G WiFi in your house?

    • good questionhotroddy
    • the signal is coming out of your modem so you are fucked either way.hotroddy
    • i think 5ghz from wifi router is different from 5G cell service. I might be wrong on that, but 5ghz has been around for a long time, 5G is new.mantrakid
    • Everyone knows WiFi signals aren't good for you. There are lots of studies of plants not growing well next to routers. 5G is a whole another story though.set
    • Yeah, that's 5GHz wifi, not 5G. '5G' could refer to frequencies between 2GHz (existing 4G allocations) up to 100GHz.kingsteven
    • https://i.imgur.com/…kingsteven
  • mekk15

    The amount of bullshit people spread within the 5G discussion is insane. Relax, it's not like we're building a giant microwave to cook us all.

    • That's almost exactly what it is. Where are you getting your information?set
    • From Tom Wheeler by any chance? lol.
      Did you even read or watch any of the information in this thread?
    • This is just conspiracy and far from any kind of scientific research.mekk
    • Would you care to provide your sources of respectable scientific research that can assure us all that it's perfectly safe?set
    • I've posted plenty of evidence that points very obviously to it being harmful. All you've done is shout BULLSHITset
    • Would you happily sleep with a wifi router under your pillow? Or your mobile phone taped to your forehead? Just curious.set
    • do you not carry your phone in your pocket, inches from your nuts?monospaced
    • I do not, but why is that relevant? mekk is suggesting none of these EMF waves are harmful to us... I'm curious to hear his answers.set
    • I was just curious, because you were referencing proximity to the brain, and I felt reproductive organs were just as vulnerable, but often overlooked.monospaced
    • I'm making no claims at all regarding harmfulness or a conspiracymonospaced
    • The state of research is that we can't tell right now if it's harmful or not. Anything else is panic.mekk
    • And no, I would not sleep with a phone taped to my forehead or a router under my pillow, mainly because I think it will be uncomfortable.mekk
    • So if it we can't tell if it's harmful or not, why are they rolling it out? Answer me that. Do you think that's responsible? You're OK with being tested on?set
    • Some of you here really do beg belief. It's astonishing.set
    • You do understand they're installing 20,000 satellites to beam every inch of earth with microwave signals. Your original post is completely ignorant and false.set
    • Because, again, there is no sign of 5G having a direct negative impact on health. Higher frequencies do not mean being exposed to some kind of grill.mekk
    • You believe what you want my ignorant little friend.set
    • Until I can't research for myself (an we both can't), I like to have some trust in the used sources. And a guy on YouTube with no real name is utterlymekk
    • untrustworthy to me. How about some people with a degree in the field that are presenting their results with their name and face and a reputation to defend?mekk
  • set-13
    • that website is rubbishinteliboy
    • So if you read the exact same content on a website you know, it would make a difference? lol to that. It's all solid science in there. Foolish, foolish comment.set
    • clearly everyone are either fools or idiots to you. why bother having a discussion. all hail the almighty set, the enlightened higher intelligence of qbn!inteliboy
    • I don't remember calling anyone else a fool in this thread.set
    • Maybe utopian.set
    • Everyone else seems like they're at least looking in to it for themselves and making their own conclusions. The sensible thing to do.set
    • It's funny that you talk to me about wanting to have a discussion but your only response was 'that website is rubbish'. lolset
    • sure, it was a flippant remark. sorry about that. but can't be fucked giving a backstory on why I've become wary on such websites.inteliboy
    • The sad fact is that no mainstream outlet is going to report on it truthfully, so we have to look at alternative sources.set
  • inteliboy16

    You think scientists and engineers are evil? Corporations, telcos, governments... sure... but lab nerds who barely have middle class security, stare at microscopes and data all day, are somehow involved in a big conspiracy?

    Because if this truly was a danger to the human race you'd think we'd be hearing more about it - outside of your fringe news sources.

    I was genuinely intrigued, and down to be proven wrong. But haven't dug up any significant proof that 5G is dangerous. Though I guess if there is even a smell something is off, then an independent report needs to be done.

    • Jesus, you're fast exposing yourself to be one of the lesser intelligent members here.set
    • Which is rather ironic, given your username.set
    • Yeah good response you smug twat.inteliboy
    • Funny because I was actually interested, and looking to know more... But I forgot you're a cunt. Always have been, always will be.inteliboy
    • Ah I see, so because the information comes from someone you think is a cunt, you blindly disregard it. How very intelligent.set
    • I was interested to know more as part of a thread on a website I like visiting, via diving in as a sceptic.inteliboy
    • though I guess that's a lesser intelligent thing to do for such an intellect as yourself.inteliboy
    • I apologise I know I'm rather abrupt, but you just said that you can't find any evidence that 5G is bad for us. Sorry fella but that's ridiculous.set
    • I never said that the scientists and engineers are evil. The ones giving the orders at the top are the ones corrupted by evil. Everyone else is just doing...set
    • ... their job. Getting paid. Plus information is compartmentalised a lot of the time so no one has the full picture.set
    • It's like saying everyone that works for the tobacco industry is evil. Of course not.set
    • Or everyone in the farming industry that sprays poison on to our food is evil. Of course not. That doesn't mean the poison isn't real.set
    • true, that's a good way of putting it.inteliboy
    • Have a great day mateset
    • Thanks for letting us know set mate!. Didn’t THEY suggest that mobiles give us brain cancer but they don’t?Ianbolton
    • https://www.telegrap…set
    • https://www.independ…set
    • https://amp.cnn.com/…set
    • Sorry 'mate' but what planet are you living on?set
    • " ionizing radiation, especially from X-rays used in CT scans, has the most "supportive evidence" as a possible factor behind the rise in glioblastoma diagnosesmonospaced
    • “The exposures used in the studies cannot be compared directly to the exposure that humans experience when using a cell phone,”monospaced
    • Interesting snippets from those links. Not arguing against you or challenging, just exploring what you shared :)monospaced
    • Guys, guys, let's keep it classy.Maaku
  • set-10

    Why are they trying to put this man in prison simply for demonstrating the dangers of 5G to the public?

    • They timed the trial to fall on the day he was supposed to be giving a large talk on it.set
    • wasn't he the guy that said that street lights were killing babies? (city was secretly installing 5g antennas in the lamp posts)Gnash
    • He's worked in the field his whole life and detected 5G signals coming from the street lights and asserts the council are testing it secretly, yes.set
    • I have no idea whether he is right or wrong, not sure it matters really, they're quite clearly trying to silence him. Why?set
    • I Googled this. Looks like a judge blocked the attempt to silence him in 2018. I think he's allowed to say whatever he wants and it's not criminal.monospaced
    • I guess we'll know it's a real problem if they start silencing you, set :)monospaced
    • This was a live video from today, mono. I guess there's a reminder not to blindly take as gospel the first Google link you find.set
    • We find *set
    • Gotcha ... and I'm not blindly accepting my first google link as gospel. What I found happens to be a hard fact, though.monospaced
    • Like I said, I know nothing of this beyond what I saw today. It's interesting. But it also looks like at least one judge is on his side. That is all. Not arguigmonospaced
    • I don’t understand why any government would ever allow a technology to come in to use that fucks us up. But I’ll look into it.Ianbolton
    • Because you think the government has your best interest at heart, which frankly is utterly ridiculous, all you have to do is look at the track record.set
    • But yes please look in to it and make your own conclusions.set
    • Ok, fine. Governments don't always have best interests at heart. But to argue that they are interested in hurting everyone en masse, and hiding it? C'monmonospaced
    • Just because it sounds crazy, doesn't mean it is. Just because you're ignorant to something, doesn't mean it cannot possibly be a reality.set
    • You are the people that scoffed at the earth being round, I'm afraid.set
    • I am???monospaced
  • mekk36

    Hey, set. You're pretty serious about this and I like that you are questioning what's happening. But please consider a more relaxed approach and allow others to have opinions that differ from yours.

    The videos you posted have some side taste - who tf puts "GESTAPO IN THE USA?" in a YT thumbnail..? I think you may have maneuvered yourself into a bubble of conspiracy theories about this topic, maybe without noticing. Just look at the ads the sites you posted have and what kind of content they offer - thats complete bullshit. No one wants to inform about 5G there, it's just clicks made with panic.

    Just consider some views that are a little less extreme and more on the topic itself than just defending one parties opinion.


    • As I said before, the mainstream media, your beloved trusted sources of information, are never going to report truthfully on this..set
    • ... so we have to look at our sources for information. Just because you don't like the look of website doesn't mean the science isn't sound.set
    • there is moremekk
    • Other sources *set
    • And I never quoted or suggested mainstream media.mekk
    • So you don't believe America has a secret police? Fucking lol to that my ignorant little friend.set
    • I asked you to provide your reliant sources of information to assure us ask that 5G is perfectly safe. You're not able to do that are you?set
    • So why then are you happy for them to put 20,000 satellites in space beaming every inch of earth with a technology...set
    • ... that you have no evidence whatsoever is safe? Where as anyone with half a brain could see the potential dangers.set
    • Sorry but I'm sick of utterly thick headed ignorant morons like you.set
    • You'll be the death of humanity, and maybe we deserve it.set
    • You've disregarded every single mote of valuable information simply because you saw the word gestapo or an advert you didn't like. And you convince me of...set
    • ... having blinkers on. Take a fucking long hard look at yourself.set
    • I'm done with niceties dealing with people like you.set
    • Seems like you prefer hating me over communicating on a level of mutual respect.mekk
    • I have no respect for you I'm afraid.set
    • I have for you <3mekk
    • Bless you. It's extremely frustrating, because sadly what I say is the reality of it, but people are too blind and programmed to see it. It upsets me. Sometimesset
    • Other times I'm indifferent. Ultimately what does it really matter.set
    • Like I said, allow yourself to take an unbiased look at different views. There is no single source of truth.mekk
    • America has a secret police? Sooooo many questions about this.monospaced
    • @set
      relax, i think meek did not want to attack you. shake hands.
    • there is potential its bad, a thalidomide. but im like 50/50 non gov tests. one hand gov is incompetent. the other theyre incompetent and hard to judge if testdeathboy
    • vs no tests is good. or a possible thalimide situation from non testing. i dont think set is crazy for being concerned or even not justified. i dont c it as b/wdeathboy