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    • That looks like it was fun. I haven’t posted a “news” post in like foreverHijoDMaite
    • Internet Explorer on Mac. Don't laugh. It was better than Netscape.CyBrainX
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    • aw - i remember this.notype
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    Last month I landed a new client, made THOUSANDS of dollars and even took a week off simply cuz I felt like it... ... I owe this both to my own hard work and ever-so-much to those who provide the tools I need to get said work done... primarily you, Adobe.

    Thank you, Adobe! You charge me a miniscule amount of money each month and in return I'm able to crank out animation, design, code... whatever... daily... effortlessly... except for when I'm short on inspiration (but that's not your fault, Adobe!).

    Thank you... thank you... THANK YOU! I'm beyond grateful you exist, Adobe. You may spam my email, you may upgrade my software... you may charge my credit card... fuck yes... take my money, Adobe.


    • The reason you can earn high due to cheap software, is there are 1000's of other users finding it hard to cover the basic costs, slogging away with terribleshapesalad
    • ...$10 logo clients, all grinding away to slump up the Adobe fee. A fairer economy would be high fee for adobe, rest of us use cracked versions...shapesalad
    • ah.. sounds familiar... ah the good old days...shapesalad
    • that's not the reason why he can earn high, that's the reason Adobe is profiting, derpmonospaced
    • +1
      This is how I see it. It pays for itself in a literal hour or less each month.
    • $10 logo jobs? Ugh, salad...why would you EVER say yes to a price like that? Don't be mad at Adobe's mad at yours! :)PonyBoy
    • Say what you like, it’s nothing more than a protection rackethans_glib
    • So is going to work everyday so you can feed your family, hans... what's your point? It's win-win if you have a respectable skillset.PonyBoy
    • You guize realize the phrase 'shopped' wouldn't exist w/out this company? All those gorgeous vectors you create could be done Corel if you like... your call.PonyBoy
    • I have always said this, if working as a design pro the monthly cost is miniscule and look what you get, everything they offer but plus all the extras.fadein11
    • approx an hours billing (or less) pays for the whole package.fadein11
    • remove that random butfadein11
    • And what are they doing with those profits? Improving the software? It hasn't really changed in years.yuekit
    • Don't be silly, if there was real competition in the space prices would be drastically lower.yuekit
    • You can afford their protection racket? Good for you, so can I...but let's not pretend it's really delivering value.yuekit
    • Again... you guys go to work... right? Nice 'protection racket' you got there. Fuck having to eat or stay alive for the future... right? Lol... u'z make no ¢!PonyBoy
    • < A Christian, Ladies and Gentleman.detritus
    • < A troll, Ladies and Gentleman.PonyBoy
    • $600+ bucks a year is very little to ask given the return... I'm still 'stunned' by what big babies you are in your 40's QBN... pay for tools already.PonyBoy
    • *pay for *your tools alreadyPonyBoy
    • The cost is at least double that away from the US + (as said repeatedly) it's a lock-in cost that doubles your update requirement.
      Basically it's a rip off.
    • If you're happy being ripped off, fine, but don't simply assume everyone else is as mindlessly unquestioning too, because clearly they are not.detritus
    • Personally I'd rather spend that money on something else as useful for my business. You know, like an investment?detritus
    • Christ, I paid [the one off cost] for Affinity and have yet to use it - simply because I want Adobe to have competition.detritus
    • People who earn money well tend to look after the pennies - you can bleat about how many THOUSANDS you make all you like, PB, doesn't change matters.detritus
    • Adobe's not a charity, and eyes its bottom line remorselessly, as do I, as should we all.detritus
    • btw re: 'troll' - I was pointing out the oblivious hypocricy that smears the good name of most self-referring 'Christians'.detritus
    • it's not double that at least at all, what deal are you on? and people moaning about the quality of the software, PS is still the best, LR is arguably the best,fadein11
    • AE is almost certainly the best, Premiere is the best after Apple fucked up Final Cut. Come on its around £40 for an entire suite of software. Bizarre whiningfadein11
    • over nothing.fadein11
    • Illustrator isn't great but hasn't been for years in my eyes, terrible sluggish program compared to Freehand. But InDesign is great as well. Where's all thefadein11
    • competition? If there was competition there's a huge market of whiney individuals to steal surely.fadein11
    • Surely when you reach a point in your career there is a little payback for using software for free for 20 years no?fadein11
    • Huh, I swear last time I checked it was about twice the price. Was a couple of years back, to be fair. It's £36 in the states vs. £50 here.detritus
    • You do still pay 'at least twice the old amount' because you can't skip a release or two, which DOES mount up.detritus
    • factor the 20 years x ZILCH you have all had and the subscription model is even more miniscule.fadein11
    • who’s Christian? And if I were... paying for your tools that you utilize to make money is a xtian thing... sooo... lol... I’m lost, detPonyBoy
    • Well, Illy's my primary graphics tool and it's got a lot of stupid niggling bugs in it - mentioned in their forums, unaddressed for years.detritus
    • I've had paid-for copies (either by myself or whatever company I was with - my own or other) for a LONG time. I owe Adobe jack shit.detritus
    • I'm boggled how blind to their abuse of their essential monopoly some of you guys are. It's the simple principle of the matter. I don't appreciate being wrung.detritus
    • Your tone and general sanctimony, PB, not the fact you pay for your software. I'm not sure Jesus addressed the subject of software ownership. Wish he had!detritus
    • Ok. there are alternatives to illy though probably because it is so shit. use them.fadein11
    • I'll give you this - the whole suite ain't bad value.. if you use all of it all the time. I don't. I overpay for one thing which has been poorly maintained 4evadetritus
    • ..well, I overpay for two things as I have PS as well.. which, again, I need to get around to cancelling, because it's fuck all value to me.detritus
    • As I wrote earlier - I paid for Affinity purely to encourage competition and I maintain CC Illy solely to ensure compatibility with client files. I'm locked-in.detritus
    • Back in the old days - did anyone ever buy EVERY subsequent release? Did they fuck. You chose your upgrade path and you paid your way.detritus
    • My sanctimonious tone matches the “Waaah... I don’t want to pay for my tools” tone of the thread... sorry the reality of that upsets you.PonyBoy
    • I use 7 apps regularly... every week... it’s an incredible value but it does come down to what you do with it. “Graphics” isn’t a cheep hobby for surePonyBoy
    • I pay for my tools. I pay for my hardware. I pay for my materials. My monthly work expenditure likely dwarfs yours. I don't like getting ripped off. *shrug*detritus
    • Well...again... $55US is NOT a ripoff given the return. If you’re not using it professionally I don’t know what to say... hobbies are expensive? :)PonyBoy
    • Again, one piece of over-priced software that you HAVE to update 'every iteration' = an unecessary cost.detritus
    • If I worked from my bedroom and did a hodgepodge of full digital media, CC suit would be good value. I don't. Nor do many others. It's lock-in, plain and simpledetritus
    • Thing is... even Illistrator @ $55/m isn’t shit IMHO. Paid for with 1-2 hours of work... minuscule.anyway, I’ll be in my bedroom if you guys need me.PonyBoy
    • Strange to hear about an American happy to be taxed excessively - I thought you lot weren't generally fond of that sort of thing.detritus
    • Dude—$650 / year for even Illustrator would pay for itself (w/my bedroom clients) in one project. I don’t find that ‘excessive’ so of course I have no prob w/itPonyBoy
    • If only using illy diff story i guess, how much is 1 app a month? Never done that.fadein11
    • Oh, so you do work from your bedroom? I was just joking. OK, so you have very few expenses beyond your full CC suite? I understand how you'd not see.detritus
    • Basically - you can run your entire business in middle America for $55 a month? Super cheap! I'd not give a shit if I were being ripped off either.detritus
    • However I am in LDN and Illy is a tiny % of my monthly expenses, and one that is quite obviously an unavoidable rip off to me, so it raises my ire.detritus
    • Wouldn't matter if it were 10p or £10, it is clearly more expensive than it need be, and the only reason I accept it is because I have no choice.detritus
    • IF Adobe didn't play sly games with incompatible 'pdf compatability' then I could use otehr software, but they do so I can't. So I resent, but yet I still pay.detritus
    • IF I could buy a disc every two years, like we used to, I'd not care. I have *literally* no additional benefit from their demand that I subscribe to CC.detritus
    • $55USD = $660 / year... how is this 'excessive' for software that you easily (if you're worth a shit) can turn into $50-60K/year in output paid work?PonyBoy
    • fact, the last two versions of illy have been glitchier than any beforehand. New 'features' are anything but - just pointless unwanted distractions.detritus
    • That's the cost of a respect SSD hard drive or maybe a couple of monitors... perhaps a video card... ... it's MINISCULE in comparison to my other costs.PonyBoy
    • And I work where I have to work, detritus... home office or inhouse (here or on the road). If I knew you found a way to keep your costs down I'd be...PonyBoy
    • ... praising you... not talking shit and running w/my 'woah is me' bullshit. Perhaps you need to reevaluate your expenses?PonyBoy
    • Fuck it, i can't be bothered with this any more - going in circles - the cost itself is tolerable, the fact I'm being ripped off isn't. Simple as that.detritus
    • How are you being ripped off? Did I miss that part? Did they not refund you for something or were you overcharged? (not being snarky-legit Q's)PonyBoy
    • I've said it, repeatedly above. And prior in this thread. If you haven't read then you're simply being pointlessly combative and contrarian.detritus
    • okay... first off... YOU are responding to my 'general' post... I'm not responding to you. If I skipped your whining elsewhere I don't really apologize...PonyBoy
    • ... however I am now taking a moment to ask. :)

    • I skip / burn over most of the BS in this thread cuz it's pure CRYING. waaah... 'Fuck Adobe' (title thread)... so don't get butthurt if I skipped your...PonyBoy
    • ... whining in particular.PonyBoy
    • So you didn't read anything in these notes or in this thread yet pontificated anyway? Good to know.detritus
    • No... I just went on about my own experience... like everyone else, det. You chimed in w/your xtian comment etc, not really adding to anything eitherPonyBoy
    • this thread is primarily whining that Adobe costs too much w/the occasional useful 'other option'... but outside of that it's pretty hateful...PonyBoy
    • ... towards the company that feeds so many of us. So... like you... and everyone else I gave MY experience. That's not notification, deety-poo...PonyBoy
    • ...that's just me joining in w/the rest of you twats. Now—I'll take a moment and read about how you were 'ripped off' if I can find it as I'm genuinely interstdPonyBoy
    • lol... 'that's not notification' = 'that's not pontification'PonyBoy
    • In all honesty I failed to read much of what you're saying in these notes when you made the Xtian comment. You answered snark w/snark... I get it...PonyBoy
    • ... but it's why I skipped through a few of your notes (I'm realizing I missed quite a few... I'm on my phone too. sorry)PonyBoy
    • K... so.. .read your statements. I didn't miss anything 'cept a lot of whining and insults and I'd be repeating myself and you'd be repeating yourself...PonyBoy
    • ... I will kindly disagree w/you that it's a ripoff even @ £50. fade nailed it when he described the leading software that still goes unchallenged...PonyBoy
    • I too am all for competition—it's why things get better so of course I'm for it. But if the alternatives are shit and the existing stuff is GREAT (and cheap)...PonyBoy
    • ... I will continue to praise and thank the company for providing the tools that allow me to live and pay for my life. THANK YOU, ADOBE!!PonyBoy
    • It's totally pointless if you choose not to see mine and others point here. Also, enough with the 'insults' already, precious. WTH happened to you?detritus
    • First comment from you in this post is about 'christianity'... WTH is up w/you lately? Does that comment have shit to do w/Adobe? Make...PonyBoy
    • ... some fucking sense.
      Also... I DO read these posts. If you can't tell I'm still be 'snarky' as you say. MY post is the result of reading so much whining.
    • And if you go back in time you'll see I'm merely repeating myself. So many of you are fucking whiners when in fact...IF YOUR WORK IS WORTH A SHIT...PonyBoy
    • I dunno what's up with me, but I think I'm like the third person here to notice this year how precious you've gotten. *shrug*detritus
    • ... the software pays for itself. That is a FACT, deety. Now go back to crying as you obviously don't give a fuck to 'see' MY point but merely...PonyBoy
    • ... whine on and on about your own 'point'. Fucking hell.. 50 / month? For your primary tools? It's nothing.PonyBoy
    • If you're fine spending $600+ more every two years than you should've under the old system, fine. I'm not. That's it. I'd rather spend that on other stuffdetritus
    • https://www.mamalisa…detritus
    • fuck that dance... I see your point and apologize for being such a douche towards you (even if that 'Xtian' comment made zero sense).PonyBoy
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    • Don JohnsonOBBTKN
    • Robert De Nirochukkaphob
    • Macaulay BarbarinoRamanisky2
    • Barara Streisandchukkaphob
    • Count Revoltaprophetone
    • Old Ryan Seacrest.freedom
    • Martin Sheenfuturefood
    • an odd cat. he looks normal in his roles, but a freak in real life.inteliboy
    • He looks like an alien...pango
    • XenuGuyFawkes
    • they all use the same reference book for choosing facial features at the cosmetic surgeons officeGnash
    • The Vega bros?_niko
    • night at the roxburynudes
    • I always wanted to try to get inside the Ravenite Social Club for a drink but probably a good thing I never tried in retrospect.fadein11
  • drgs2
    • I would probably had some issues after seeing birth of my brother like that.zaq
    • no way would the water be that clearGnash
    • ^Yup, that water would be filled with fluids and poop.Akagiyama
    • ^sarahfailin
    • The Fluids & Poop is that new neo-nazi -themed lesbian hipster bar in Stokie, isn't it?detritus
    • ^ LOLMrT
    • no blood?OSFA
    • And cool sandals, bro.OSFA
    • ^ and socks.BK
    • Which one of them is the doctor?robthelad
  • imbecile13
    • fuck adobehans_glib
    • Ah yes, I need to cancel my PS subscription. Still.detritus
    • I cancelled mine yesterday (in full disclosure I have a sub from work as well) but at least it's not my money they're getting anymore.GM278
    • Oh Adobe!Bennn
    • And use what instead?drgs
    • Me? My old copy of PS - CS2 or 4, perhaps? Not even tsure where the disc is. I don't NEED the most up to date version.
      Illy, on the other hand... :(
    • Affinity photo. Affinity designer (a bit like PS + Illy), Raw Therapee for light room. Krita for digital painting. Last two are free.monNom
    • Sharing files will suck though, cause everyone uses Adobe products. The network effect is real.monNom
    • Yeah, the only reason I maintain a CC subscription is for file compatability from clients. literally. The. Only. Reason.
      Fuck Adobe.
    • ya, fuck clients , too!!Gnash
    • ESPECIALLY THEM.detritus
    • if it wasn't for them we wouldn't even need that fucking adobe!Gnash
    • ^ hahahGM278
    • Because file is probably CS. Google up. Crazy how many people have this issuehydro74
    • File was made with the same CC the week before.imbecile
  • moldero1
    • oh yes!
      I remember watching that for the 1st time.
    • yes! HAHAHA, i remember every scene every glitchnudes
    • lol, it took ages to load 50kb (@1:33) back then.uan
    • started learning after effects because of this video :Dfeel
  • utopian1

    Vid of the Day

    WTF...this is gold...pure gold!

    • and this is why many forums screen questions beforehandGnash
    • care in the communityshapesalad
    • bhahaha incredibleMiguex
    • LOLOLHayzilla
    • He must feel like Luke Wilson's character in Idiocracy.err
  • prophetone3
    • Uh... Volume One, Future Farmers. The future never looked so good as it did in the past.CyBrainX
    • Oh god. Majority of these sites were my morning routine before workhydro74
  • dbloc11
  • sofas8

    certified by sofas

    I certified all new users (besides obvious spammers) I saw to welcome them and help them avoid any potential color discrimination by quick assimilation. None of those users were invited by me.

    I was young and naive and wasn't aware of the threat the greens pose to our beloved QBN.

    I saw Moderator's post on the "Goodbye OMG" thread (R.I.P.) and have decided to respect it by refraining from irresponsible vouching of untrustworthy green outsiders until they earn their tenure and are deemed safe for the community by a fellow blue who personally invited them.

    I take full responsibility and apologize for any inconvenience.

    • no need for an apology imho and no need for a soft ban either. if any 'habitual line stepper' then bye :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • LMFAO.

      I should've realised that you weren't Orazal, given some of your Hebrew postings!
    • We need to check our blue privilege.Gnash
    • Det, you used the name that should not be spokenGnash
    • "I was young and naive" LOOOLZrenderedred
    • :)sofas
    • Lol@gnash... “as a priviledged blue, and obviously male, I can say that while I dont want to collonize green culture, Im worried they arent acting safe.”cannonball1978
    • hehe @ 'blue privilege'PonyBoy
    • blue lives matter!!sarahfailin
  • PhanLo5

    Signs your getting old?

    it's friday night and I'm watching videos about embossing equipment.

  • futurefood7
  • Ramanisky26

    Show some recent work

    Updated ... a lot of Roto & After Effects.
    Audio Loop: KRS-One - Sound of Da Police

    • +1pinkfloyd
    • yea mandopepope
    • Thnx guise :)Ramanisky2
    • awesome!GuyFawkes
    • Was this for Just Dance (video game)? Looks like what they currently use.fyoucher1
    • No this was just something I wanted to work on. Never saw the Just Dance video game version. It was more to try and do roto work.Ramanisky2
  • chukkaphob4
  • ok_not_ok0
    • He doesnt register as solo. Need more gruffness.cannonball1978
    • He doesn't have to; the Harrison Ford version of Solo is for oldies who will be dead soon. All that matters is the new toys.i_monk
    • ^ sad but true... ;-(mugwart
    • Chewie looks identical thoughIanbolton
    • that's just the 2 trailers stitched together. nothing new.fadein11
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  • zaq0
  • mugwart4


    Fucking hell.. look after your brian's guys and ladies and don't burn out.

    One or two weeks in recovering and I realize how much stress and work load I've had to endure. Still really in a bad way and my fucking brain actually feels bruised, my attention span is shot to shit and my current motivation is zero.

    Pulling the plug on my personal project until the day I get more time. Ironically within one day of only coding at work I picked up a note book and wrote out a chapter of my book. All I ever wanted to do was write and story tell anyway.

    Even thinking of leaving my current line of work to something more humane. Not to sure what though as not much innovation in London these days. Thinking of VR or something innovative.

    I know there are some larger and more critical things happening in the world and they dwarf this message in compassions but point I'm trying to make is look after yourself as well as friends and family around you.

    • :D Sorry, I know you're dyslexic, but "Look after your Brian's guys and ladies" is brilliant!detritus
    • haha i only notice when things get pointed out! If my work is ever printed i might release an un-dyslexic version for the peoplez!mugwart
    • us dyslexics still read as 'Brain,' anyway :)Gnash
    • You've totally abused your Brian and now he's bruised and sore. Give give him a rest, the poor lad.set
    • ;-)mugwart
    • perhaps there's a way you can make your current job work better for you.Gnash
    • it's very 'add' to pack up and move on! resist the urge until you've pushed through the fogGnash
    • Tried to talk to work but they haven't been helpful as in really disrespectful.mugwart
    • and @set - yes it is. I'm forcing myself to stop, brought myself some games and even forced windows on my pc (nerd!) so I will not do anything.mugwart
    • really want to get back into my yoga but even that feels to much. Rest is good but feel so guilty not working.mugwart
    • If you feel guilty for resting then it seems like there's some emotional trauma you need to face head on. You deserve to rest and be happy palset
    • I'm calling my friend Brian right now.monospaced
    • Youre right set, I am and am aware of it. My family abused me for wanting to write, they sort of derailed my further education. So I feel I have to over work tomugwart
    • compensate. I also have a fear of failure of not achieving my writing goal/dream. Basically my inner voice screams at me to get a move on with it already!mugwart
    • #melodrama!mugwart
    • You've got all the time in the world. Go easy on yourself. You're already exhausted, piling on more won't helpmonNom
    • man mug, hope you feel better. you need a trip to sunny san diego to hang with the crew out here and just chill.capn_ron
    • have you tried Ketamine?Gnash
    • ^ no, been thinking about a type of magic mushroom. I'm t total so not sure how it will react with me though!mugwart
    • @capn, nothing I would love to do more! One day I'd love to take you up on that offer. Thank you, means a lotmugwart
    • https://www.oxfordhe…Gnash
    • MDMA has had a lot of positive therapeutic use. Talk to your doc about trying something radicalGnash
    • cool. I've been trying to book appointment for the past 3 months! I'll add this to the listmugwart
    • Get some shrooms in ye - no comedown, unlike MDMA.detritus
    • if you've not done shrooms before, i wouldn't reco it. unless you'll be with someone that has some experience. like Detritus :)Gnash
    • (and i don't mean self-medicate!)Gnash
    • haha. I do love my shroom's, always cooking but these aren't the ones from the welsh valleys!mugwart
    • “Your Brians” sounds like some cockney slang for gonadscannonball1978
    • Quit everything and set up a Brian foundationfuturefood
    • ^ think your onto something!mugwart
  • shapesalad1

    certified by sofas

    Could an extra page be made for qbn that lists all the users and has a gold star rating system. Post something good, that receives up votes, you get a gold star. Post something negative, down votes, gold stars are removed, and once no gold stars, you get a black X's.

    Every week we can see who's got the most X's and eliminate them.

    Person with most gold stars each week gets to choose one image to keep and one to remove from the Chick of Day thread.

  • renderedred4
    • Not my usual cup of tea but enjoyed listening to some of the tracks. Very dark. Well produced, sounds great.microkorg
    • tahnks man!renderedred