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    My father have got a crash on his bike, bruised kness and hands, and a fissure in the pelvis... nothing serious for a man on his 74 years and still in a good shape.

    Thanks god for a life of no smoking, good diet and bike riding, go dad!! You're very inspiring!!

    • My uncle, who is 70, is also a long time cyclist. Last year he came from France to Portugal on his bike, alone. Took him 7 days to make the 1500Kms.dmay
    • 2 weeks after, he made the trip back, the same way...dmay
    • ^ cool!OBBTKN
    • Went back to the news in the local paper, and it was even harder: 1765Kms in 6 days, including 3 sleepless nightsdmay
    • So, when I hear someone say that he is too old to do something hard physically, I remember my uncledmay
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    • from the creators of The Witcher gamesernexbcn
    • wow, these guys are on a rollMilan
    • this looks amazing!BannedKappa
    • finally!mekk
    • looks cool, but all the people look/move like animated mannequin dummies.shapesalad
    • only postponed this sucker 10y alreadyArchitectofFate
    • can't wait to play it. I do wish it wasn't so generic American-bro though - and you actually got to play as a scum street rat punker.inteliboy
    • PC? Hopefully.section_014
    • yeah PC/PS/Xboxernexbcn
    • should be set in Tokyo or Shanghaishapesalad
    • It'll be The Witcher but with guns and calculators. 400 hours of nothing.face_melter
    • shapesalad, they are - cyberpunk is full of humanoid robotsmekk
  • mg330

    making beats

    Does Aphex Twin make anyone else feel like you're going insane? No disrespect to Alex James - I love his music - but some of this stuff would have been perfect to use on the Taliban when they were trying to make them crack in interrogations.

    • Hehe, Richard D James = Aphex Twin. Alex James is cheese mogul/ Blur bassist/ cunt. Aphex's sound these days is a deliberate Parody for the fucks...kingsteven
    • doesn't at all have the same impact (via years of imitation) as it did in the 90's. you have to dig for the good ones... or Selected Ambient Works Volume IIkingsteven
    • most of his tracks are probes of a certain sound/ device/ technique... but when he probes the heartstrings it turns dance floor nostalgists to goop.kingsteven
    • I like a few of his tracks from over the years but really can take or leave his stuff.microkorg
    • Yeah, the second half of his last EP is like that. Def. dig a lot of his music, but he's easily the most over-hyped IDM dude in history.section_014
    • Does he still live up here in Scotland? Not his biggest fan but would love to go round, hang out and play with his music toys!microkorg
    • i think he is aye, 5 studios in his place apparently.kingsteven
    • does he still own his tank?autoflavour
    • I think i read somewhere that he still does. Wonder if the yokels that live near him have any idea of his music. Lol @ the idea of Farmer IDMmicrokorg
    • Expert Knob Twiddlersimbecile
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    Pastor performing baptisms killed by crocodile

    Docho Eshete was with 80 others Sunday at Laka Abaya in southern Ethiopia when the crocodile attacked during the baptism ceremony.

    "He baptized the first person and he passed on to another one. All of a sudden, a crocodile jumped out of the lake and grabbed the pastor..."…

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  • plash2
    • A multiplayer game where somebody possibly can grieve you with a nuke... really hope you can exclude the online part and play singleplayer.Nutter
    • nope, it's only alwaysernexbcn
    • *online alwaysernexbcn
    • you can play 'single player'plash
    • I guess i stand corrected. *online always.plash
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    Suggest a good movie…

    This is heavy, just see it.

    • Yes, gets better and better as it unfolds. A good part for him, not unlike Vince Vaughn in Brawl in Cell Block 99 (also worth watching).spl33nidoru
    • Is it realistic or fantasy?nb
    • nb : both are very good b-movie dramas, grounded in reality (not mindless stories) with a little bit of the over-the-top edge required by the genre.spl33nidoru
    • quite violent toospl33nidoru
    • Ooh, I'm sold.garbage
    • Looks like a mix of Oz and Breaking Badyuekit
    • Loved it. Also loved Brawl in Cell Block 99DRIFTMONKEY
    • Loved it.mg33
  • pinkfloyd5
    • what a child_niko
    • G6 +1pango
    • Captain Bonespursutopian
    • While you're all hating on superfluous actions of the moron in question, the people making the real decisions are systematically...set
    • ... dismantling all laws that benefit the common people of your land.set
    • yes Set, but that's not a new thing is it.fadein11
    • ^ no its not. been going on since the start but the heat is ramping up. Trump is just a massive smoke screen. Something is definitely on the horizonsmugwart
    • "if you take a refugee ill give you a free Mercedes"Dillinger
    • You guys are failing to recognize that the moron does have real power.yuekit
    • That was never in question. What this photo tells us that only he can create real shit against any union because of that power.sted
    • Who cares if it's not a new thing or not? People are still obsessing over the inconsequential distractions that he provides. More liberties away taken daily.set
    • Yuekit, he has about as much power as a footballl team mascot does over winning the game.set
    • Away taken daily. See, Trump is turning me dyslexic.set
    • Fadein as usual your comment is completely ridiculous. I don't even get what your point is other than simply to try and counter me in any way possible...?set
    • You say it as if everyone knows that and acts accordingly already, which sadly is clearly and absolutely not the case.set
    • You just can't help but try and disagree with me even when you agree, lolset
    • He's in his 70s, I think the no matter who they are, a person 70+ can sit down.shapesalad
    • set, as an example: the peace deal with Iran and climate change treaty are two things that most world leaders wanted, but that Trump destroyed (or at leastyuekit
    • pulled the U.S. involvement from). I'm not saying he's all powerful, but he's more than just a sports mascot unfortunately.yuekit
    • EU losing billions if Iran deal fails. Its always about moneyDillinger
    • There's a pic one second later where everyone is smiling. Don't be so gullible, folks.section_014
    • ^Gnash
    • i read this was also an informal, water-cooler type break. they're just waiting around for something or otherSquiddy
    • Christ Set, how triggered? it's blatantly obvious that he's a sideshow/distraction... its old news, you shared it like divine knowledge again.fadein11
    • Your tone as ever was to belittle people who find the sideshow amusing. Who do you think people here are, "unlit" morons to use millennial speak (yes you arefadein11
    • one however much you are in denial). Grow the fuck up. It wasn't an attack on you (when's the last time we bickered fool). You having a bad day? not sure whichfadein11
    • tribe to sit with today fella? Fuck off you pretentious twat.fadein11
    • #deepstate #davidickefadein11
    • unwoke* lol, I'm gen X so hard keeping up with the latest forum speak :)fadein11
    • I thought people only use woke in a comedic context... But then I actually started hearing my friends using it in a seriously discussion....pango
    • I have no idea, just see it online amongst the youngsters. If anyone is woke, it's Set.fadein11
    • just an fyi, most people will not read these notespinkfloyd
    • You have deep insecurity issues fadein.set
    • How you picked up all of that and took offence and felt threatened simply by me sharing what I did is utterly and hilariously beyond the paleset
    • Felt threatened? not at all, I merely commented that political distractions are not a new thing, and you lost your shit again and insulted me.fadein11
    • Wasn't even an attack on you lolfadein11
    • I didn't lose my shit at all I pointed out how ridiculous your comment wasset
    • And you threw yourself into a tirade of defensiveness and abuse, lol.set
    • but it wasn't ridiculous, it was a simple fact (yes a fact) backing up what you said. Jesus lol.
      anyway, moving on eh.
    • I think people are aware that the Trump shit sideshow is a distraction from the real business. Doesn't stop Trump being highly entertaining though does it?fadein11
    • Just because it was nothing new to you doesn't mean its not worth discussing or mentioning to any other human being on earth, nutter.set
    • ... and when 99.9% of discussion even here revolves around him as a character and his meaningless misdoings, rather than serious dismantling of positive...set
    • ... governmental structure behind the scenes, then I think that's worth discussing rather than brushing under the carpet like you'd rather do because...set
    • ... you reckon it's 'nothing new'.set
    • I think it's worth mentioning every single fucking time, personally, because that shit is no laughing matter.set
    • jesus. you are hard work. have a good day.fadein11
    • But yea its nothing new is it, so let's just get back to being distracted. Wanker.set
    • I'm no distracted though, I was agreeing with you you dipshit, it's been going on for centuries. Have to say I don't buy all of your student conspiracy shitfadein11
    • though. But each to their own :)fadein11
    • Lol I love how UK people tries to end conversation. "Good day sir! I said good day! GOOD DAY!!" :Dpango
    • lol pangoset
    • Lol pango, its all fakefadein11
  • shapesalad3


    The internet experience in 2018 - every website you visit has a popover either imploring you to sign up to a newsletter or to accept cookies. Every single site...

    At least in 2008 you use a pop up blocker....

    • ...or ask how my experience is. I just got here, and you're up in my face asking me to tell you how pretty you are.DRIFTMONKEY
    • the cookie thing is a requirement isn't it?Gnash
    • My favorite are sites where I am subscribed to the newsletter. BITCH, I'M ALREADY ON IT. Fuck off with this popup. Plus most of newsletters suck ass.section_014
  • drgs0
    • pango, I have a girl for you, you have shiny forehead, right?drgs
    • ahhaha lolsted
    • Pango more than 9cm hair, and everywhere.sted
    • but I don't see No body hair on that list, so just save his head.sted
    • Shiny forehead lolset
    • Instagram model material. Ya I'd pass for that. But I muck around tho.... And I don't know Australian English. But I know new Zealand English.pango
    • haha, shiny foreheadmonospaced
    • Bitch. I don't carry stuffs for girl. It's an act of patriarchy by showing my physical strength over girls. I don't do that crap!pango
    • If you can not touch your phone for an hour love, we have a deal.MrT
    • It is kind of shinny.…
  • utopian3
    • this looks so so goodcolin_s
    • Yeah looks great, Jim seems to be someone we’re always cheering for, but he seems so aware of that and he plays up to it and it comes off as disingenuous?_niko
    • Wow, looks super emotional. I'm in.DRIFTMONKEY
  • mort_5


    Feeling very grateful for the music I love, most of which – as it happens – originated from black musicians. (Jazz, Funk, Afrobeat, Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop, Disco, House, Techno, Jungle, Drum 'n' Bass, Garage, Grime) Credit where credit is due.

    • If we're as as good at everything else as we are at music in its various forms we'd have no worries. It's the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.Fax_Benson
    • No jazz. No life.shapesalad
    • I love all that music too, but is it good objectively? it's popular, it's disposable, it's artistic, it makes you feel good, but is it good? does it stack up to_niko
    • ...classical in any way? I don't know anything about music, i don't really like classical but do those genres compare?_niko
    • hiphop, house, techno jungle, drum and bass are all about rhythm and a beat...anyone with an 808 or a computer now days is making "music" hell,_niko
    • every idiot like Khalid, calling him or herself a dj by just spinning records are glorified as musicians these days but are they good? is this good music?_niko
    • again this is the shit I like and grew up listening to but will any of this be remembered like mozart, beethoven or bach in 200 years?_niko
    • also, i think funk, jazz, soul, afro beat etc is real music made by real musicians. give me bill withers and a guitar sweating on a stool over tekashi69 any day_niko
    • so to summarize my meandering post, I agree with mort; music's been on a downward spiral since the days of white wigs; I'm old; get off my lawn._niko
    • music is still the highest form of art.sted
    • push and sliding buttons and shit
      and don't forget about autotunes
    • why care about what tool or method was used to generate the music what inspires you. 500 years ago we made music with rectum from dead kitties.sted
    • i love the carribean african influence too. merengue, salsa, bachata, afro cumbia, and don't forget brazil's influences of bossa nova, samba,hotroddy
    • african's have introduced rhythm into music. You can't dance without rythem which is what made it a global phenomenom.hotroddy
    • forgot to include reggae in that list!hotroddy
    • Interesting. You can’t really dance to classical music and you can’t fuck to it either lol_niko
    • non-african hispanic music = tango, ranchera, andean music = lolhotroddy
    • most classical music is utter shit, much like everything else. the shit you've heard of is the work of prodigies and intellectuals. the good shit aspires tokingsteven
    • folk culture, spirituality.kingsteven
    • niko, couldn't you say the same about visual art and the fields we work in? Like modern art and design is all shit and only classical painting is valid? :)yuekit
    • Original post wasn't intended to be a this vs that thing. Just an appreciation of the roots of so much of what we listen to today. Music is so subjective.mort_
    • I think the most you can say in terms of good or bad is whether it comes from a place of authenticity or is purely commercial.mort_
    • Personally I tend to prefer the more underground, edgy artists in each genre. I don't believe that what's popular or what will be remembered in 200 yeas...mort_
    • ...makes something good.mort_
    • *yearsmort_
  • PhanLo6
  • elahon-2

    Punches For:

    People in the US that say "cheers" instead of saying goodbye. I have three people at work that do it, and one of them just started saying it. He used to say "goodbye" before a new guy began working and started saying "cheers", now the other one says it like 20 times a day. He says it instead of "thank you", too.


    • well, at least he's not saying cheerio!_niko
    • by definition it’s not entirely incorrectmonospaced
    • what is so wrong with cheers?utopian
    • Cheers has become thank you in the UK, the origin of your language. People do sometimes say it in place of goodbye too.set
    • I guess what I'm trying to say is, you're a cunt.set
    • lol setfadein11
    • It's the uncommitted "I see you over there but we're cool, don't need to embrace" way to sign off emails or leave the office.shapesalad
    • well, someone had to say it... cheers set.kingsteven
    • I've only ever heard it as a thank youGnash
    • Okely - dokely !BustySaintClaire
    • I always say it to people at work in New York and often wonder if they think I'm an alcoholic.DaveO
  • garbage0


    There are people who have problems, get overwhelmed and kill themselves with no premeditation and leave a family behind, and then there's people who believe in the right to die.

    I'm in the latter category, and will probably off myself before I'm 40, and I don't think it's that big of a deal.

    • just don't, this is way too earlyApeRobot
    • It’s a big deal.monospaced
    • garbage, ...not sure i can argue with you but it would be worth it to speak with someone about it. why do you think you would kill yourself before 40?notype
    • 60's the new 40 anyway_niko
    • I think we're a big cosmic fluke, we shouldn't be here really, but since we are we should enjoy it for as long as we can. This is it, fireflies in the night._niko
    • Before 40? Come on, when you are in the best years of your life? Think it twice, mateOBBTKN
    • Haha, I'm not standing on a precipice or anything, I think you guys are getting the wrong idea. @niko Life is great, but I want to enjoy it for as long..garbage
    • I like. I have no interest in getting old, is all. There's not much activity in the doom and gloom dept here.garbage
    • don't use the word 'there's' w/o placing 'them' in front of itBustySaintClaire
    • jeeze garbage, scared me there for a moment.notype
    • Sorry about that. Yeah, I've got another decade in me, and my mind could change.garbage
    • 40 isn't old, trust me. I hope you change your view. All the best.fadein11
    • fuck, i feel 60 is young. im about half way there now. i gotta whole new lifetime to live..futurefood