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  • Nairn19

    • Support the current thing!jagara
    • Ehhhh.. SUPPORT AMBER first!hydro74
    • #JusticeForAmber...pango
    • Except I doubt many companies are ditching support for Ukraine because it's Pride month.CyBrainX
    • So, I guess the point of this is to make fun of Pride Month or support for gays?CyBrainX
    • ughft., go awayNairn
    • < !jagara
    • Keep up with the latest.ApeRobot
    • @CyBrainX you can both support pride month and enjoy a dumb meme. Whaddayaknow, life's full of complexities like that.jagara
    • Memes are dumb. That's why I usually don't like them.CyBrainX
    • Taking dumb ideas beyond face value and ascribing some misplaced righteous sincerity for ..whatever signalling reason.. is dumb.Nairn
    • Some dumb ideas have something bad behind them. I'm not sure about this one so I posed it as a question.CyBrainX
    • If this were somewhat funny, I probably would have just taken it as a joke but like most memes, it's not funny, even if it isn't offensive.CyBrainX
    • It’s funny because it’s true. It’s not offensive it’s just a commentary on how companies will adopt the monthly pc visual right on cue.monospaced
    • ^ zactly. It's a notification in their PR calendar.mort_
    • << !jagara
  • sted1

    made it this morning.

  • drgs-1

    Gayest thing you've ever done?

    I'll start: hired a person on the internet to knit a scar (my own design)

  • jagara2

    I wonder when they'll settle on one unifying term instead of the constant changing/updating.

    • Because even members of these communities seem to be confused, not to mention everyone else.jagara
    • Which is counterproductive in terms of broad support and acceptance.jagara
    • 'plus' people have been excluded, yet again.monNom
    • woohoo i'm included!sarahfailin
  • drgs-2

    Most normal people who have grown to be hostile towards LGBT are doing it in spite

    Ie. a person who is initially indifferent or even friendly towards LGBT becomes hostile only when he is told that has to be friendly towards LGBT, and anything else is a deadly sin and strictly forbidden.

    Everyone remembers Kraemer from Seinfeld:
    "But you have to wear an AIDS ribbon"
    "I have to? See, that's why I don't want to"

    Trans people have taken "you have to" to a new level with their pronoun regulations.

    At least that's my first instinct: I owe nothing to anyone, and it has nothing to do with other people's sexuality or gender identity
    The best I can do is being indifferent, I cannot do any extra work to like somebody.

    Problem is most LGTB minorities feed on hate. Just like the Jews who need anti-Semitism, black people in the US need oppression for their personal identity (does not work outside of US) and everyone else who heaps burning coals of hatred on their heads need to be a victim.

    All LGTB people want to be hated -- for the normal functioning of their system.


    • I hate them because they fuck a fuck lot and I don'tbabydick_
    • i get the name now, you act like a baby, and you're a dick. got it.imbecile
    • Coming in hot with that "normal people" line.
    • I'm all for gays. Lesbians not so much. They're competitions. Bi-s, hate them. They mess it up for the gays and they are also competitions.pango
    • Pansexuals really get my panties in a bunch....said no one.utopian
    • I'm cool with/friendly towards LGBT people. I just really, really, really don't like being told what to say, do and and think. Because other than that -jagara
    • LOL @ palimpsestutopian
    • - I wish them a good life.jagara
    • "you act like a baby" WOAH! BADASS ALERT. Are you a fucking Mormon?babydick_
    • LOL @palimpsestmort_
    • this might be the dumbest shit I've seen here in a while.exador1
    • All LGTB people want to be hated? Discuss? wtf?exador1
    • you HAVE to?exador1
    • here's a concept. it's called courtesy. Try it on for size. it's free.exador1
    • adding a few pronouns to your life, so other around you feel comfortable aint exactly a fucking hardship.exador1
    • I'm 50. I've been around a while. I've seen the sharp end of homophobia up close growing up in a small town. seen the fear. known more than a fewexador1
    • that killed themselves because they were so fucking scared of being revield.exador1
    • I agree, drgsMondoMorphic
    • nowadays? it's a whole lot better. representation, kids not caring about it so much... growing up free to be themselves.exador1
    • many knowing they can 'come out' to their peers, parents, etc and know they won't be disowned or discarded.exador1
    • @drgs is your point similar to how e.g. daughters of fathers who are addicts often unconsciously end up with addict husbands? A familiar pattern.mort_
    • and now here's this shit about 'trans' this and trans that... like we need another fucking round of 'lets torment the gay folks'exador1
    • let folks be who and what they are. period. it doesn't change a single fucking thing about you.exador1
    • and for fucks sakes. saying they/them, or addressing someone how they want to be spoken to? how in the good fuck does that hurt or inconvenience anyone?exador1
    • if adding a few pronouns is 'too much', if that's the hill you want to die on, you have some fucking issues. deal with them.exador1
    • ^ That's funny, because this doesn't end on pronouns.babydick_
    • @exador1 Who are you talking to / about? Who is refusing to use pronouns?mort_
    • Nowhere in all these comments has anyone mentioned what the LGBTs did that hurt or impacted you at all. I'm assuming it's something...but it seems like examplesyuekit
    • are few and far between. My impression is it's more like people just don't like to see all this pro-trans or pro-LGBT messaging in media, movies etc.yuekit
    • My only problem is that it's impossible to be indifferent by default/to choose not to participate. Every cis male is assumed to be a transphobic bigotdrgs
    • and has to perform some set of rituals to prove that he is not.drgs
    • I don't fear trans people, it's just that I have enough bullshit with other cis compatriots that I have to plough through every day.drgs
    • I would say my attitude towards trans used to be the same as it is towards furries today. I don't fear furries, I think they are weird and funny.drgs
    • "Trans people have taken "you have to" to a new level with their pronoun regulations."
      i was referring to this.
    • i thought it was stupid when i read it.exador1
    • got me pissed off enough to postexador1
    • As Pride Month rolls round again, I remain unsurprised that the straights are, in fact, at it again.face_melter
    • What are the rituals you're talking about? The whole thing seems weird on some level because let's be honest, trans people are a tiny fraction of society.yuekit
    • So maybe you can blame people for overhyping this issue when there are tens of thousands starving to death every day in the world, but I still don't get whyyuekit
    • it's threatening to anyone.yuekit
    • yet more finger-wagging, telling queer people how they should live and act around straight/cis folk. what should I do, bow and say 'thank you, sir'? get fucked.face_melter
    • this horseshit makes me so fucking tired.face_melter
    • @exador1 yeah fair enough.mort_
    • Rereading @drgs post, I suspect it’s just some lame trolling.mort_
    • Kudos for getting blacks, Jews, normal people and LGBT into the same post though.mort_
    • Transgenderism is 80% trend, like tuberculosis in the 19th century, a fashionable disease that shapes the culture (before tuberculosis it was gout)drgs
    • https://en.wikipedia…drgs
    • Btw, I mentioned furries for a reason, the next trend:…
    • are you trying to tell us that you need to get laid?oey_oey
    • Gender is a product of biology and while polar in design, is variable in execution. The question is has pollution+plastic increased the occurrence of variance?shapesalad
    • Because that would explain the growth in all this gender talk and all the variants of gender now being discussed.shapesalad
    • ^ plastic and pollution? The fuck? MONEYbabydick_
    • Woke town USAHayoth
    • "Every cis male is assumed to be a transphobic bigot". Um, maybe because you say things like "All LGTB people want to be hated".garbage
    • Signed, cis white male with plenty of LGBT friends and have never experienced that. I think you're just uncomfortable and tick a lot of the "phobic" boxes.garbage
    • Forget my post for a minute. Whatever the reason, there is a great degree of dissonance between public and private attitude towards trans peopledrgs
    • The masses don't like transgenders, but we can't put into words what it is exactly
    • What's your point? Another rich old fat comedian that made his bones on being an edgy contrarian has run out of interesting material?garbage
    • He hasn't done anything funny since The Office and a Curb cameo..garbage
    • Not his comedy act, but how its rateddrgs
    • And when does a joke hit? When people are laughing. That's.. you know, his job.garbage
    • I missed the part where you said "the masses don't like transgenders", so just pretend I didn't enter this conversation.garbage
    • "You can lead a fool to reason, but you can't make him think."garbage
    • Supernature is not Ricky's best, but it's good and the RT ratings are faggy as fuck. Fuck that opressed woke shit.babydick_
    • Giant surprise: the person complaining about ratings uses terms like "faggy" and "retarded" as insults. What are you, 12?garbage
    • ^ 12 and a half. Also, fuck offbabydick_
    • This is such a ten year old’s stance

      Grow the fuck up
    • What an impotent retort. I agree with scara:

      Grow the fuck up
    • Kraemer is not most people...pango
    • *Slaps flaccid penis on scarabin's face
      If this stoner could mutter out more than 2 words on any subject, I would listen to scarabin
      Fuck him
    • What is the point of Pride month? LGBT seeks acceptance. And why is LGBT so hard to get down with?
      As I mentioned above, the masses don't like trans people
    • I sketched a reason for why I think it is. If you think your "grow the fuck up"-solution can solve world problems, share the good news with the LGBT crowddrgs
    • Raising awareness for what is arguably the most maligned and targeted group of our fellow citizens is kind of important. To quote you:garbage
    • "The masses don't like transgenders."garbage
    • So yes, maybe they do need pride months, marches, and maybe acts of solidarity mean something to people that live with a very real target on their back.garbage
    • So again: Grow the fuck up.garbage
    • The left is the new right…
      People hate the new right for the same reasons they hated it 40 years ago
    • For telling people to grow up, cut your hair, get a job and stay near the party programdrgs
    • Black tar heroin and grunge music will return!drgs
    • The progressive left are a joke now.Chimp
    • Oh man, this is rich. I have a free morning, so I'll bite.garbage
    • The right is desperate for a straw man because there are no real arguments to be made. Instead of "oh maybe respect other people, yeah.. that makes sense".garbage
    • Instead it's some weird shit about slapping a flaccid penis on a very respected user's face.garbage
    • And some totally out of touch reference to the Sex Pistols? That's supposed to be a zinger? Lyndon was a corporate shill from day one.garbage
    • Setting aside that their music was shit, they were 100% a corporate boy band. That's it. So hitting at the Pistols as representative of progressives is..garbage
    • ..properly flaccid.garbage
    • gg, I fell for believing that you were actually as stupid as your argument.garbage
    • Talking of corporate... There are 6 children's hospitals in the US offering sex change operations for $70 000 a pop, a surgery which has 60% complication ratedrgs
    • Trans are the one marginalized group with the biggest dollar sign on their foreheads
      You fucking donkey
    • I give you 3 tries to guess why transgender operations are all the rage in the US and not in countries with universal healthcaredrgs
    • https://www.national…drgs
    • 30 years from children who have transitioned in their teens will be awarded compensation, something like lobotomy survivors from the 50sdrgs
    • The same country which still practices circumcision…
    • Only thing missing is bloodletting, total tooth extraction to cure virus infections and gramophonesdrgs
    • How did you get the fact that "most" people?pango
    • From extrapolating the public voices. USSR, modern US, every society which pretends to be classless have a set of unspoken instructionsdrgs
    • needed to keep the system running. Over time as more people adopt this moral code there is a growing dissonance between what people thinkdrgs
    • and what they say in public. The bigger the gap, the sicker the society. Zero gap is also bad, there is a golden middle.drgs
    • Anyway, once the masks start slipping, you can safely assume that the hidden share of people who want to exit the game are in majoritydrgs
    • and they are all watching each other for signals.
      It does not mean that people want to switch sides and become anti-LGBT, it just means people are tired.
    • I'm sorry, you just cited the National Review. Sorry if I don't take you seriously when you just tossed out the MAD Magazine of Republican apologetics.garbage
    • Just off the top of my head, give a solid defense of their denial of climate change, or the multiple pro-Epstein articles they've run.garbage
    • Or that the hand steering the helm of NRI is Dick DeVos, who is an absolute piece of shit, but I'm sure you knew that?garbage
    • You didn't, but you also don't get paid to know that. Stop with your drivel and take some on a nice Sunday to learn acceptance and not shit up the sidebar.garbage
    • *some bit of a nice Sunday. Sorry, your ignorance must be wearing on me.garbage
    • I don't read American magazines. Just altavista it "Sweden stops transgender"drgs
    • are these "most people" people around you and boomers?pango
    • I'm talking about public figures: John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais etcdrgs
    • Boomers, yesdrgs
    • If George Carlin lived long enough -- what would he have to say about woke cancel culture?drgs
    • Not sure. You're going to have to ask him.pango
    • Your pullout game is weak. Cite the National Review, then go "DUR I DON'T READ THAT". Then why quote it?garbage
    • Re: Carlin,…garbage
    • He already said that those jokes that pick on the underdog are cheap, and while he wouldn't recommend censorship, they typically appeal to weak, insecure men.garbage
    • Carlin would probably rip this PC woke shit into shredsbabydick_
    • Woke culture did not emerge until trans people become vocal, and not trans people in general but one specific subset which I described in my post below:drgs
    • Autogynephilic transsexuals -- heterosexual men with "something more than a fetish", who get turned on by the idea of having a vaginadrgs
    • They transition (still attracted to ladies, so they are lesbians),and then get angry when natural lesbians don't want them. This one group make 90% of the noisedrgs
    • To put it bluntly, wokeness is testing the limits of individualism. How far do we favor freedom of individuals over the collective? At what point do we say no?drgs
    • Fake news, but it's a good illustration:…
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  • PhanLo-1

    Lolsz. Demons in evrahin'.

  • drgs-2

    Anyway, I think gays are close to being universally accepted and not edgy enough to talk about at this point (in our part of the world)

    So, here is Blanchard's transsexualism typology. There are two types of transsexuals:

    1. Homosexual transsexuals: gay men who are attracted to men, who are feminine by nature and where the only logical direction is to complete the picture by transitioning to a women. This is the true case of gender identity.

    2. Autogynephilic transsexuals: men who are attracted to women, and who get sexually aroused by the thought of having female body parts or, say, if someone calls them "she". This group completely overshadows the one above.

    For women its the same except the sex/genders as mirrored.…
    "Anne Lawrence, a proponent of the concept,[25][38] argues that homosexual transsexuals pursue sex reassignment surgery out of a desire for greater social and romantic success.[27] Lawrence has proposed that autogynephilic transsexuals are more excited about sexual reassignment surgery than homosexual transsexuals. She states that homosexual transsexuals are typically ambivalent or indifferent about SRS, while autogynephilic transsexuals want to have surgery as quickly as possible, are happy to be rid of their penis, and proud of their new genitals.[35]

    According to Blanchard, most homosexual transsexuals describe themselves as having been very feminine from a young age.[47] Lawrence argues that homosexual transsexuals are motivated by being very feminine in both behavior and appearance, and by a desire to romantically and sexually attract (ideally very masculine) men, while autogynephilic transsexuals are motivated by their sexual desire and romantic love for being women.[35] Lawrence also states that homosexual transsexuals who seek sex reassignment pass more easily as women.[26]: 70 

    According to Bailey and Lawrence, transsexuals who are active on the internet are overwhelmingly autogynephilic.[48]"

    Tl:dr; Autogynephilia is a banal case of erotic target location error (people being aroused by amputation, plush animals, feet, performing a sex change operation, being a woman, being a child (not pedophilia) etc).

    I estimate the following split for all transgenders:

    10% Lesbian women transitioning to men
    0% Women with autogynephilia
    20% Gay men transitioning to women
    70% Men with autogynephilia

    I support 1+3 (30%)


    • I want to see a plotter graph.palimpsest
    • Autogynephilics dont like this differentiation for obvious reasons. If you are a newcomer and you post about your own experience on redditdrgs
    • If it sounds like autogynephilia -- immediately permabanneddrgs
    • lol@plotter graph.
      @drgs roleplay, that's how people call it. roleplay. like when your girl takes out her favorite strap-on and fucks you
    • it's just just switching roles hehh :Dsted
    • that other thing in the Tl:dr; is called Sexual fetishism. look it up :Dsted
    • https://en.wikipedia…drgs
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  • babydick_-2
  • neverscared3

    In vienna far right wing losers build a wall infront of a bookshop overnight where are drag queen had a bookreading the following day

    writing stuff like ... state financed homo ideology and stuff...

  • i_monk6

    As the only gay here: pride month is 28 days too long, little more than a corporate platform, and not really for gays or lesbians anymore ("queers" and others now take credit for everything gays and lesbians did and claim greater and greater discrimination than ever before).

    • I'm gay if you're rich enoughbabydick_
    • What was the magic number, again?
      54m $?
    • For Babydick? However much it costs to buy formula now, in The States. So, $85?Nairn
    • What’s with 28 days? I didn’t understand.SimonFFM
    • It should be a weekend, not a month.i_monk
    • $85 is more than enoughbabydick_
    • Pride month should be more of a gesturebabydick_
    • So some even bigger sickos came along and coopted your regular gay thing because it wasn't queer enough? Wowcherub
    • It's almost like you can never be woke enough.cherub
  • PioneerDJ303-1

    • I dare Nabisco to use this packaging in any country where Pride parades get attacked by mobs, where gays are pushed off roofs, where lesbians are raped.i_monk
    • This is empty pandering meant to make "allies" feel good and the company look responsible.i_monk
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  • Chimp1

    Wasn’t it pride day a few years ago? Why have they extended it to a month now? Is this just a corporate things, like how Black Friday now seems to be a week long?

    • Here let me google that for younb
    • I have to say, I think it’s counterproductive. There’s backlash from peeps I would expect, but also eyerolls from others who you’d think are “allies”hardhat
    • Kinda like what @i_monk mentioned. It’s been watered down to something we almost mock and that is surely not a good thinghardhat
  • palimpsest-6

    • Jewish trans have their own flag now?drgs
    • As to get confused for Palestinian trans.palimpsest
    • "Imagine there's no countries
      It isn't hard to do
      Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion, too"
    • What a fag!palimpsest
    • What is a Pink Jack?CyBrainX
    • Where's my aromatic flag?Nairn
    • where does it stop?!milfhunter
    • im scared to google "Rubber"milfhunter
    • the gays took all the colours and left the straights with black and white :(_niko
    • @drgs Israel is ~18% Muslim.mort_
    • I want a foodie flag.Continuity
    • I'm intersex... as in, i'm into it...robthelad
  • nb-3

    It’s aka LGBT History Month, ya dolts

    And it’s been around since 1994

    Maybe you’ve just become the old men who sit around complaining about everything

  • imbecile1