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  • canoe

    Talk about yourself, we should know more about you!

    What was your first job title?

    What is your current job title?

    Where do you see your professional career going? Where do you want it to go?

    What are your hobbies?

    What challenges are you having?

    I hope this thread sparks conversation around our professional lives... the blog is too random to keep a pulse on who's doing what, where and why.

  • NBQ001


    • You information doesn't just jump out there and sell itself!toemaas
  • Nairn4

    My very first paid-for gig was decorating the base of commercial christmas trees. The base only because I was only 7 and I couldn't reach any higher. I think I earned £5 for a day's labour.

    It's been mostly downhill since then.

    • Can you provide samples of your work?CyBrainX
    • This was two years ago, I don't keep an archive, man!Nairn
  • nb18

    Name: Jim
    Job Title: Sr. Web Designer and partner
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Salary/Income: 190k/year and some company benefits

    • Classic.ideaist
    • Come to think of it, I haven't had a promotion or raise in like ten yearsnb
    • 190K/year for web design? Hahaha.NBQ00
    • 20years without raise? i remember reading it on nt. it helped me ask for more in my early industry jobs as noob:-)uan
    • partnersted
    • drgs why are you killing it :Dsted
    • come on, what is this shit you shittersMHDC
    • 190k plus some company benefits is really good for quality of life in Detroit, so I don't complain. I'm just so grateful to have a job for two decades straight.nb
    • do you live downtown?canoe
    • Ah forget itcanoe
    • Good ole' Jim.fyoucher1
    • still killing it Jim !_me_
  • ideaist2

    I. Corn Detasseler

    II. Web Quality Manager

    III. Get paid more to work less.

    IV. Drinkin' & thinkin'

    V. See IV.


  • Fax_Benson2

    First job: Litter picker
    Current job: Self-employed designer / owner-operator
    Professional career going: Nowhere
    Hobbies: Temporarily suspended.
    Challenges: Mental / physical.

  • lajj3

    What was your first job title? ➡ Graphic Designer

    What is your current job title? ➡ web Content manager

    Where do you see your professional career going? ➡ shit is Stalling in this evil big media company I'm working in

    Where do you want it to go? ➡ Studying to become data scientist for the federal government.

    What are your hobbies? ➡ Videogames, horticulture

    What challenges are you having? ➡ back pain, mild depression, reduced hours because on the pandemic resulting in money problems.

    • That back pain... I bet a lot of us who are not standing and working have some back pain. I do.canoe
  • moldero1

    This is me fucking around in Alaska

  • hans_glib2

    First job: picking out rotten flower bulbs from a conveyor belt full of bulbs in a dutch flower bulb processing and packing facility - i now understand the true meaning of boredom
    Current job: self-employed designer
    Professional career going: flatline
    Hobbies: cycling (for leisure not serious), rifle shooting, mucking about with electronic music.
    Challenges: moronic authority

    • What's your fav music studio gear, or are you laptop based?canoe
  • section_0142

    What was your first job title? Web Designer (layouts in tables era)

    What is your current job title? Software Developer

    Where do you see your professional career going? At my current gig? Nowhere really. It's a small government job that is clinging on to ancient tech for dear life.

    Where do you want it to go? Fully remote position, working on more interesting projects. I put some feelers out there, and am fairly confident this is possible.

    What are your hobbies? Writing music, embedded electronics, and painting every once in a while

    What challenges are you having? Trying to wrap my head around all these leetcode algorithms that I apparently need to learn for roles at larger (or cooler) tech companies. Even though I'll not use any of it, and probably just be writing API's and Frontend code like I'm currently doing. Gotta play the game though, unfortunately.

    • Most everyone I know out west works from home... and for big companies. Programmers get PAID.canoe
  • Chimp1

    First job: Chicken feeder

    First design job: Junior designer (Back when people called themselves ‘junior’ rather than ‘senior art director’ straight out of university) for a London agency

    Current job: Self proclaimed creative director

    Professional career going: Making the transition between freelancer that sub contracts to “real” agency owner. Doing more online classes and building a non cuntish personal brand.

    Hobbies: Photography, cooking curries and travel.

    Challenges: Not eating too much jamón, finding clients that pay well for branding.

    • What's the difference between freelancer and "real agency"? An emlpoyee? :-)canoe
    • Nothing apart from registering as a Ltd rather than a freelancer. In Spain it’s a pain to register as a Ltd and almost suicidal to employ people full timeChimp
    • Gotcha. I guess in some shape or form it has to do with paperwork. But ya know, PR, media buyers, account people and all that...canoe
  • bezoar1

    First job: Cook at Chuck E Cheese's and wore the mouse costume Fridays 6-9pm.
    Current job: Fine Artist, Mold Maker, Studio Assistant
    Professional career going: Inching along
    Hobbies: Birdwatching, reading nonfiction, sketching
    Challenges: Need to work better, faster

  • utopian1

    In west Philadelphia born and raised
    On the playground was where I spent most of my days
    Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
    And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
    When a couple of guys who were up to no good
    Started making trouble in my neighborhood
    I got in one little fight and my mom got scared

    • How is the transfer going to Bel-Air?
      I heard they drink orange out of a champagne glass there.
  • maquito1

    Loading bio...

    What was your first job title?

    What is your current job title?
    Art Director.

    Where do you see your professional career going? Where do you want it to go?
    To shit. To retirement.

    What are your hobbies?
    Playing drums. Fishing.

    What challenges are you having?
    +10 years working for the same company. Transitioning into the digital business. Feeling tired.

    • My gf takes a 30 min siesta but when I try it I take 3 hours, then wake up at 5pm and say, hey fuck it, it's the end of the day. #SpanishLifeChimp
    • What did you DJ and what do you now?canoe
  • shapesalad1

    What was your first job title?

    What is your current job title?
    Recently Unemployed Senior Motion Designer.

    Where do you see your professional career going?
    Down the toilet.

    Where do you want it to go?
    To hell with, I want to quit the 'creative' industry.

    What are your hobbies?
    Linkedin scrolling until the depression kicks in, then sleep.

    What challenges are you having?
    Getting a job during a pandemic, a lockdown and economic suicide know as Brexit.

    • If not creative, what are you gravitating towards?canoe
    • @shape man look for jobs outside the UK, there's plenty in Europe right nowgrafician
    • here maybe this helps:…grafician
    • @grafician - Thank you, really appreciate it.shapesalad
    • "gravitating towards"... I simply want to have a few streams of revenue, so I don't need to rely on a job. So I'm working towards that over the next 5 years.shapesalad
    • maybe try to do some courses on motion graphics, these are doing really well rn and you have the experiencegrafician
  • mg331

    First job: Grocery store sacker

    Current Job Title: Associate Director of Experience Design
    Professional career going: Far more of a marketing / content direction than product design or applications. Agency world for the foreseeable future, perhaps in-house towards end of career.
    Hobbies: Photography, music-making and guitar playing, exercising, collecting records, snowboarding, cycling.
    Challenges: staying focused, avoiding procrastination.

  • canoe1

    Professional doesn't mean in house or agency side... just means your profession.

    • First creative job people!canoe
    • It’s interesting to see both. :)Chimp
    • It iscanoe
    • btw you did a good thing with this thread, you're a good "MC" too cheers!grafician
    • @canoe also post a full bio man, let us stalk you common lolgrafician
  • MarleyMarl5

  • grafician0

    First: Web Master for a local IT shop at 19-20?
    Now: Visual Designer? Senior? After 15 years...

    Career: I did everything I wanted, from working print shops, packaging, art direction, a lot of web design, branding, books and album covers, merch, photography, art shows, A LOT of stuff.

    I enjoy doing logos a lot and branding small businesses, but I guess I'll end up in Product more in the following years while doing abstract painting on the side.

    Challenges: I hate that being a Senior forces you to go into management and leading teams - I just wanna design stuff...forever.

    Hobbies: I guess I collect magazines - I have over a ton of them - a pain when it comes to moving...
    I also help out all my designer friends with identifying fonts (noticed lots of designers can't even distinguish Arial from Helvetica, but that's ok)

    Oddities: I never did any graffiti. Ever. Also never took a real vacation in 12 years - except maybe a few days in team buildings.

    • Remember to vacay bruvcanoe
    • ^I knooow mom! I will mom!grafician
    • Have about 3 open projects, 3 prospects, waiting on 2 job offers and an old client wants me to help them with an Alexa Developer competition...grafician
    • Vacay or time for painting, the same...grafician
  • nb0

    Name: John

    First job: Scrubbing parking lots. Got fired for being scared of bees, and they only paid me 50¢ and hour!

    Last job: I was in the army, used to bust my knuckles on a monkey wrench.

    Now: Mostly just fish and whistle, whistle and fish.

  • sted0

    What was your first job title?
    press operator assistant (3m summer job)

    What is your current job title?
    partner/cto atm

    Where do you see your professional career going?
    never really cared, just went with the opportunities.

    Where do you want it to go?
    full-time painting

    What are your hobbies?
    no-time painting

    What challenges are you having?
    not having enough time to get back to painting

    • guess most of us will take painting for 500 when we hit 40...grafician
    • +1canoe
    • or 47, photographycanoe
    • unless it's landscapes or street, photography is a young man's game...grafician