Scottish independence

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  • qoob

    With two weeks left, the "yes" vote is leading…

  • teh0

    Scotland isn't independent?

    • part of the UKdoesnotexist
    • Fuck! Sounds easy enough drop the euro, go back to trading sheep skins, and trade haggis on the scottish stock exchange.teh
    • They don't have the euro, and might not be accepted in the EU should they go independent. They would have to use GBPsem
    • drop the euro lolset
  • moldero0


    I am dissapoint

  • kingkong0

    Im conflicted,

    I'd like the UK to stay as the UK, but then again it's all become too london centric over the years, and all the money gets spent in London and very little investment goes anywhere else in the UK. So why not.

    It's a bit odd that is was only yes or no, and no where in the world would you allow a referendum to be won by 50.1% vote. For such constitutional affairs its normally 70%.

    I secretly think that the English politicians, some of them anyway, are comfortable in letting it happen.

    I think it will kick of a chain reaction too. Shetland and the Orkneys will split (they are the ones with the fisheries and the oil after all... Cornwall, Wales etc next, Catalans, Basques, Walloons next...

    Europe reverting to ancient principalities.

    • True the"Kingdom" has always been a reference to the english monarchyteh
    • Same bullshit in Quebec, 50%+1vote was how they had it in the 1995 referendum.zarkonite
  • srhadden0

    The largest part of the EU budget goes to agriculture. This money goes in large part to the richest landowners and to large corporations installing factory farming practices. The queen and Prince Charles receive over 1 million in subsidies because they just own so much land already !…

    The EU agriculture policy further destroys local agriculture in Africa, because with all the subsidies, our products are dumped there at rock bottom prices, which even the local farmers in Africa can't compete with.

    The rest of the money is just being grabbed by the officials who work in the apparatus, as these two videos disgustingly prove (flip on the subs)

    Europe's retarded stance in Ukraïne as some kind of NATO puppet, showing their non-existent muscles to Russia, and backing a bunch of right-wing separatists, while the large part of Ukraïne is simply Russian minded, is yet another disfunctional domain of the "union" ( let's not forget what they did to Greece).

    The Free Trade deals that were negotiated during the world cup "open up the markets between the US and the EU", which actually boils down the fact the EU will loosen their environmental laws so US companies can come in and start fracking the shit out of the EU…

    The European commissioners' jobs mainly is having meetings with lobbyists, who act as "consultants", which results in European laws tending to be the product of the lobbyists with the deepest pockets ie the largest corporations who have the bucks to send an army of lobbyists into Brussels. A couple of months ago one of our own commissioners ( Louis Michel from Belgium) got in the news because he was blindly signing his support for anti-privacy laws, apparently because some corrupt assistant was shoving the documents to support the laws under his nose to sign, which he did without reading them.…

    In each case this just shows how EU laws are easily influenced by lobbyists, are centrally installed, and then apply to all the separate countries.

    The European union is disfunctional, costs incredible amounts of money, and is actually dangerous to the environment and the citizens of the countries that are part of it.

    I applaud Scotland for their effort to step out of this system and choose independence over being ruled by a small group of people who have nothing else on their agenda but fill their pockets and support a bunch of economic overlords

  • lowimpakt0

    scotland doesn't want to leave the EU.

    as for the EU, I agree the CAP needs to be reformed by the arguments that the environment is worse off because of the EU doesn't follow through. It's important to remember that the dysfunctional aspects of the EU simply reflect the combined nature of the government of each member state. The EU has brought through more environmental legislation and has improved national policies beyond what would be the case if there was no EU. It is not necessarily true to say the situation would be improved if Europe was smaller states.

    On agriculture alone, farmers would be decimated and the costs of internal Trade would push food prices through the roof.

  • Wolfboy0

    ^Scotland doesn't want to leave the EU, they also don't want to leave the sterling currency. On both of these things they might not get a choice in the matter.

    From what I know of the situation I can't see how they'd be better off - the devolved powers they already have make many things in Scotland better than the rest of the UK.

  • oey0

    Does independence means not having the Queen of England as a ruler?
    If not then I guess they wouldn't be really independent.
    Look at Canada and Australia and other Commonwealth countries...
    It's fucking ridiculous, the fucking Empire is A-L-I-V-E!!!

    Zombies all over!!!

    • hehe... there is one country out there that showed you all how to revolt already... :)PonyBoy
    • ireland?lowimpakt
    • France. Duh.monospaced
    • As if the Queen has any influence over Canada, LOL.zarkonite
    • That being said, I'd love to see that cunt off our money.zarkonite
  • yurimon0

    Sounds like a Modern braveheart story... Does anyone in Scotland know what birth rights are?

  • ukit20

    I'm all in favor of it...Devolve the world into smaller and smaller parts until no one can mess things up anymore.

    • so only one or two super powers hold all the production of food and minerals. great idea.zenmasterfoo
  • ukit20

    Catalonia is another one that might go independent…

  • chossy0

    My partner and I have already cast our postal votes.

  • yurimon0

    Its will be fraud if you still have to pay taxes on your labor. and it has a central bank. and usry, etc..

  • lowimpakt0

    the first task as an independent nation will be to explain to the shetland islanders why the oil is not theirs.

    • < THIS, whats to stop them then wanting independence then and leaving Scotland fucked.sem
    • Scottish power only arrived in force in Shetland during the Reformation when, in 1564, Mary, Queen of Scots, granted the crown lands in Orkney and Shetland to her half brothersem
    • In 1564, Mary, Queen of Scots, granted the crown lands in Orkney and Shetland to her half brothersem
  • BusterBoy0

    You'll be crap at the Olympics...

    • And in a war with a proposed 2.5bn budget.sem
  • sem0

    I think Scotland should have their own government, then they can take full responsibility for everything and stop hating on the rest of the UK for their situation. I've endured too many bitter Scott's telling me how life is all so great up there, yet they live in London.

    I wish them luck basing their financial security on oil, I mean..having oil reserves has done wonders for other countries economies right? surely thats all you need?…

    "Many Scots seem to think they are not voting for independence from the rest of the UK but for independence from the laws of economics which they seem to think have been imposed on them by the English. Unfortunately for those who think this, the laws of economics are not subject to referenda and will continue to exist beyond Scottish independence when it occurs,"


    • < This. And half my family is Scots. Backward, sentimental thinkingbabaganush
    • My great grandparents were Scotts but the attitude some have towards English is so retarded, esp when living here.sem
  • sem0

    "SNP accused of exaggerating North Sea oil reserves by up to 60%
    Oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood says reserves will decline sharply within 15 years, raising questions about future Scottish economy"


  • benfal990

    I live in Quebec, that topic is sensible to me. I really hope the YES will win.

    • Of course you'd agree, Quebec also wanted to be "independent" but keep our currency, passport, infrastructure, etc.i_monk
    • correction: quebec NEVER wanted to be independant. We've proven that many many times over.zarkonite
    • come onbenfal99
  • hans_glib0

    apart from the short-lived satisfaction of sticking two fingers up at the english i really don't see what they have to gain. but then again what do they have to lose?

    *sits on hadrian's wall stroking non-existent beard

    • Think you'll find a lot of English want them to vote YES so it wouldn't be as big a statement as they think.sem
  • lowimpakt0

    independence is a bit of an illusion but its attraction is deeply emotional.

    i'd say the Welsh would be more enthusiastic about independence if they had some oil or equivalent and all their coal hadn't been soaked up by the empire already.

    If Scotland go for independence it will be really interesting for the Unionists in Northern Ireland. They are already very isolated.

    If Scotland apply to the EU they will have to join Schengen which theoretically could involve border checks between england/scotland.

  • Wolfboy0


    I pretty much agree with what you say there but I'd take it further. As you say:

    "Many Scots seem to think they are not voting for independence from the rest of the UK but for independence from the laws of economics"

    But the Yes voters also seem to think they'll be creating some political utopia where things will be different to the rest of the democratic world. So many Scots who will be voting yes keep telling me that the vote is about no longer being ruled by the type of government we currently have in the UK (a government that will more than likely change at the next election).

    Here's a quote from one of my Scottish friend and I think he might have painted his face blue before typing this. He tells his fellow Scots that they are wrong in the head for voting to stay a part of the union and then says:

    "In a more just and democratic future when your grandchildren ask you if you supported the great change what are you going to tell them. That you were scared, that you thought a bunch of self serving Etonian scum seemed like a better choice"

    They seem to think that Scotland is immune to a government from the right, that their new politicians are going to be more transparent and honest.

    They will not.

    Like the economics there are natural laws and balances in politics. They'll get their own Scottish right wing, their own 'Etonian Scum'.

    Not that they'll need to wait too long for their own scum bag politicians as the current lot appear to be just as deceitful and self-serving. Here’s a story on the character of Alex Salmond, obviously this is in the Tory-graph and isn’t hard hitting journalism, but if it does show how he deflects journalists from the truth or lack of answers he hardly holds any kind of moral high ground in terms of the kind of politician he is:…

    • are you scottish?lowimpakt
    • The SNP are already exaggerating about how much oil they have. Every government will suffer from some form of corruption.sem
    • corruption. But I want them to do it so they can wake up from this pipe dream of "we don't need the UK"sem
    • No, I'm English. But I've taken an interest because I've got quite a few Scots friends on both sides of the voting line.Wolfboy
    • Plus, it's going to effect the rest of the UK too. So it's good to have a grasp of the ins and outs.Wolfboy