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  • imbecile5

    Angry mom thinks childless millennials should be banned from Disney World


    • Said Karen from her mobility scooter.Maaku
    • Family night would be nice tho lolBrokenHD
    • "throw away their money on useless crap"
    • this is #maga level shit :)renderedred
    • I approveshapesalad
    • this woman secretly hates her childrensarahfailin
    • This woman publicly hates everything.CyBrainX
    • Disneyland is hell, it's like that woman describes and costs a shit tonne of money. But the kids get to experience the magic between the screaming matches.PhanLo
    • How do you know it's real?Hayoth
    • it's on the internet. it's real!pango
    • i will never go to DWBennn
    • I hope they find peacejaylarson
    • Disney freaks are real. At a former job there was a woman in accounting that was scarily into it. Dozens of Mickey's and photos of her daughters dressed up..garbage
    • ..as princesses. She would go to Disney World as often as possible, usually 8 or 9 times a year.garbage
    • the ALL CAPS tho! so loud!Krassy
    • Someone buying a pretzel ruined her kids day. Hahahamonospaced
    • Newsflash.. Motherhood does NOT automatically make you a deserving "fulfilled" woman. Also, this bitch is lazy.sea_sea
    • On another note.. @Jay you are one rad human. We all need a little bit of your zen thc/heart including Susan up there in DW.. ;D xoxsea_sea
    • She’s not wrong.noRGB
    • yes she is. just because she has kids, doesn't mean other people can't have enjoy what money can buy.pango
    • just because 2 people decided not to pull out doesn't mean other people who owe you nothing has to accommodated you're decision.pango
    • all I read is someone who regrets having childrenautoflavour
    • Exactly auto.sea_sea

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