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  • Longcopylover24

    I invite myself to the club.

    Tonight my first son Vincent Alexis was born.

    Small but strong and healthy. Wife is fine too.
    It was quite an easy ride – I was told. (I did not get the whole story since I passed out a few seconds and found myself on the floor.)

    Up to a totally new chapter.

    • Congratulations! good, you passed out...must have been the last time you got sleep for the next few month;-)uan
    • Great name! All the best.
      We need a Dad's advice thread now!
    • Lol at the passing out. Congratulations and welcome to the club!microkorg
    • Congrats!PonyBoy
    • So you were down the business end eh? Happy Birthday Vincent.faxion
    • congratulationsd_gitale
    • LOL. Congrats pussy ;-)Hayzilla
    • awesome congrats!moldero
    • Congrats! Happy to hear it was a smooth ride. Mine is due in 8 weeks. I hope I don't pass outmonospaced
    • Congrats Sir! @uan - 100% about the sleep... zombie parents.umbee54
    • Welcome to child ownership Longcopylover! I NEARLY passed out as well; homemade protein bars every 15 minutes or so and a mid labour Budweiser kept me alive...ideaist
    • Well done. if I can give any advice it's to always remember that it's not that he has become your son, it's you that has become his father.Gnash
    • you've taken on a sacred role in his life. lead with your heart. best of luck to your familyGnash
    • Well wishes of good health. I still think you're all insane for having kids though.garbage
    • Pango winsHayzilla
    • Congrats. Nothing can compare to the awesome sight of a little person with your face being squeezed out of your wife's vagina. Did you cut the chord?monoboy
    • If I close my eyes now I can still picture the arrival of both of mine. Epic experience.monoboy
    • Congratulations, You are in for the time of your life! Welcome to the club.eryx
    • Congrats! It's a job I never knew I wanted, but now I could never live without.bulletfactory
    • Congrats!!!kona
    • Congrats! Enjoy the magic!Krassy
    • Congrats! It's an awesome feeling isn't it?dbloc
    • Congrats man!! Sleep all you can now, bla, bla... but try to enjoy all the days you are with your son, work less, live more, and bring love! Welcome to the clubOBBTKN
    • Best Club Everstoplying
    • congrats! having kids is awesomesausages
    • this is great! congrats!!!sureshot
    • Haha, these are so many good comments. Thanks everyone for the wishes, this community is really weird in a great way. That's why I like to stalk around here.Longcopylover

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