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  • elahon4

    Proud dads...

    This guy who weighed just over 5 pounds when he was born and wore preemie clothes for the first 6 months turns 10 today. Insane.

    • love the hair! Congrats for surviving!mugwart
    • Thanks, haha. I certainly have gotten more grays in my hair these past ten years!elahon
  • omg9
    • cool, open-mindedness and experiencing other cultures. have an upvotesarahfailin
    • Fart contestnbq
    • wise children prepare for their future...gonzalle
    • where is utopians mandatory comment? ;)sted
    • Yoga is the work of the Devil!fooler
    • as soon as I saw the pic knew it'd be a omg or robo post. says it all really.inteliboy
    • Funny how you anti-Trumpers are against Moore for dating underage girls, when underage girls are perfectly pro-Muslim.robotron3k
    • what does trump and anti-trump have to do with under age girls? go get some fresh air nutcase.inteliboy
    • Only anti trumps are against dating underage girls? So pro trump supports dating under age girl?pango
    • That's right pango, pro-trump supporters are mostly pedophiles. That's not me saying that, I hear people talk!zarkonite
    • Well yeah look at Hollywood ^ no said.sureshot
    • This is Holland btw and we are disgusted by thissureshot
    • I'm just trying to understand robo's argument. He pretty much just said trump supporters aren't against dating underage girls.pango
    • which doesn't make sense. sure they support trump but they're not all scums.pango
    • yeah that would be fucked up ( aren't against dating underage girls )sureshot
    • don't waste your time boys. Robo isn't coming back to this thread anymore.scruffics
    • "we are disgusted by this" - lolfadein11
    • open-minded... experiencing other cultures... *giggle... uh huh. Next up is singing hymns to Jesus and Bible time... right guize? Or perhaps a yamaka fitting?PonyBoy
    • Isn't it just a school visit to the local mosque? what is wrong with that (apart from it being religious). This was the norm when I was growing up - we went tofadein11
    • every local place of worship. Sikh temple, church, central mosque, synagogue. How this disgusts anyone says more about the disgusted person than anything else.fadein11
    • This is done in Holland fade. Period. But I get your point.sureshot
    • *notsureshot
    • churches/Jehova/Jewi... etc no problem. But no islam.sureshot
    • so this is in a school and the pupils are being forced to pray to mecca?fadein11
    • This is in a mosque. Clip here:…
    • Police and judges etc arent allowed to wear Hijabs here either.sureshot
    • I wonder how many muslim kids are visiting churches.sureshot
    • I guess you are freer than them.pango
    • ah so its a school visit to a mosque as I said. And if there are muslim children in the class they will go to the church when they do that on Christian week :)fadein11
    • I dunno what freer means, but its the law here. Always been.sureshot
    • This isn't just a single case? they took the kids to a mosque to learn something about Islamic religion?sted
    • Sted: this is the dude who also peaches there, although he wasnt allowed…
    • Well if he has done anything illegal he needs to be arrested/removed but I would say it's nonsense he was up front preaching to the kids lol. More divisive BSfadein11
    • I am sure The Netherlands has similar strict rules to the UK on what can be preached/promoted in Mosques.fadein11
    • Good for kids to learn about theirs and other religions, so they realise how infantile and overly prescriptive they are and dismiss then when older.detritus
    • https://www.snopes.c…dmay
    • and there we have it - thanks dmay.
      what a load of bullshit which people fall for hook line and sinker.
    • thanks dmay...sted
    • DMAY..dude I am Dutch..dont you think I understand my own language. Its a DUTCH school dudesureshot
    • You prolly forgot I am Dutch and I understand EACH word they are saying.sureshot
    • the endsureshot
    • I can give you the name of the school if you want?sureshot
    • take a step back from the keyboard and stop hyperventilating, sureshot - dmay's link explicitly says it's a Dutch school.detritus
    • I am very calm...I am on my cell that is a device hard to get rid of these days. But the content is NOT CORRECT..anyway enough. Maybe you right detruis.sureshot
    • my apologies Dmaysureshot
    • eh? the snopes article says its Dutch.
      and that it was a school visit to a mosque as I said. Whats the issue?
    • Sorry, didn't see that det had cleared that up. It's just an image being used out of context to stir more trouble up. Nothing to see here.fadein11
    • Learning about different cultures is healthy education and long may it continue.fadein11
    • fucking robo ... underage girls are pro Islam? Are you fucking retarded?monospaced
    • ^^ oh shit..just when I though it was over.sureshot
    • ^sureshot
    • "underage girls are pro Islam?" they might be if they thought bearded sugardaddies would fulfill their Amazon wishlists for them. As might I, to be fair.detritus
    • "underage girls are perfectly pro-Muslim" — robotron, this side threadmonospaced
    • I hear lots of you saying that they're at the Mosque to learn... fair 'nuff... but why the fuck are they in a prayer position? C'mon....PonyBoy
    • ... if they goto visit the local church do they drop to their knees in front of Jesus on a cross to see what it was like? OR HOW 'BOUT A YAMAKA FITTING??! :)PonyBoy
    • Taking the kids to a mosque to witness people of faith in action is fine, to learn bout the religion / 'culture' is fine... but get them praying... ...huh?PonyBoy
    • Get off the fucking ground, kids!! You're not Muslim—cut the shit. Learn and ask Q's etc—but you're not there to participate—else it's hymn time at the church!PonyBoy
    • it would have been a bit of fun I am sure. What do you think a bunch of kids are going to be radicalised in an hour walk round a mosque lol. Come on.fadein11
    • We don't know what was said before or after do we? It's clearly an innocent picture being used for divisive purposes.fadein11
    • It's not about radicalization... if your kid came home and told you today his teachers had him pray to Jesus I'm sure you'd probably feel that a step past...PonyBoy
    • ... 'learning about other cultures'. And let's be clear... Islam is not 'culture'... not in the least fucking it bit... it's a religion.PonyBoy
    • -itPonyBoy
    • + <3 :)PonyBoy
    • It is a fart contest - just like everything else on this site today.SlashPeckham
    • I agree PonyBoy, forcing children to participate in ANY religious activity should be avoided. Including dumbass prayer in government or schools.monospaced
    • and yeah, if my son came home one day and said his teacher had them pray to jesus, I'd fucking lose my shitmonospaced
    • Calm down, it's education, not 'forcing' of some belief system on innocents. Christ, I'm usually on the other side of this debate.detritus
    • How the fuck is Islam not a culture? Islam has a greater foundational structure of culture than most ill-perceived Western 'cultures', in disarray as they are?detritus
    • That's a significant thought for any good-thinking Westerner, as far as I think.detritus
    • (Which is about 2½")detritus
    • That one fell asleep.pango
    • Mono and I agree which is rarer than a girl qbner... all the rest of you can go pray with the flatulence and flagellating kidsPonyBoy
    • What Det said. And of course noone was forced to pray. Like I said I bet it was a bit of fun "this is what we do in here". I actually remember visiting a mosquefadein11
    • with school and it certainly wasn't a serious affair. Religious Education (RE) is still a thing in the UK and as part of that you study religion and often visitfadein11
    • places of worship. I would be willing to bet money on the fact those kids were not forced to pray and it wasn't serious. But yet again a misused photo triggersfadein11
    • some people.fadein11
    • Having said all of that I cannot believe I am defending religion here as like Det I would normally be arguing the opposite way but in this instance because offadein11
    • the misuse of that photo it just seems silly to presume this is a negative event. Christ too early that didn't make sense as I am not defending religion justfadein11
    • pointing out the context. Phew.
      And yes I know it's a Dutch photo but I presume the Netherlands has similar education.
    • I didn't say they were 'forced' to do anything... but they are in 'prayer' position which is the purest form of obeisance in just about any faith to 'God'.PonyBoy
    • I can understand touring the Mosque, learning the history and even reading a bit of the Koran to get a feel for the religion... but the act of dropping to...PonyBoy
    • ... your knees and bonking your nogging to the ground is genuflection... there is zero purpose for it outside of actual worship or mocking...PonyBoy
    • ... I just find it a step too far in terms of 'learning'. Before you know your kid's on a mountain bike in white shirt/black pants discussing Joe Smith. // :)PonyBoy
    • is *a genuflection...
      ... and I'm being a smartass about Joseph Smith... everybody knows he was Jewish.
    • I can see your point but as a non religious person I perhaps don't treat the 'act' so seriously. But yes let's agree to disagree. What is isn't though is whatfadein11
    • the right knob jockeys are using the image for.fadein11
  • Ramanisky25

    Vid of the Day

    David Fincher is a master at this.
    Fantastic work from Artemple studio.

    • So good, you'd never know it was there. Need to watch the show.PhanLo
    • I knew while watching that vfx magic was happening but that slight of hand is something specialRamanisky2
    • damn... you'd never know... so well donePonyBoy
    • good CG, is the one you don't notice.ApeRobot
    • But why are the scanlines on the fake TVs vertical, not horizontal?detritus
    • super good showBennn
    • so much VFX! its crazyBennn
    • Never even occurred to me this would be going on. So congrats to the VFX team.Hayzilla
    • ^ Oh apart from the Motel sign montage in ep2. That was really badly done. Looked like Toy Story 1 shit. haha.Hayzilla
    • its like every film these days! If it doesn't look CG then its probably CG!mugwart
  • Hayzilla5

    Quick Logo Poll

    Cheers guys.

    I have to finalise now and send the first press ad off this afternoon. So gonna swallow my instinct and go with D. Thanks for confirming my clients desires. You cunts. LOL. x

  • Longcopylover24

    Proud dads...

    I invite myself to the club.

    Tonight my first son Vincent Alexis was born.

    Small but strong and healthy. Wife is fine too.
    It was quite an easy ride – I was told. (I did not get the whole story since I passed out a few seconds and found myself on the floor.)

    Up to a totally new chapter.

    • Congratulations! good, you passed out...must have been the last time you got sleep for the next few month;-)uan
    • Great name! All the best.
      We need a Dad's advice thread now!
    • Lol at the passing out. Congratulations and welcome to the club!microkorg
    • Congrats!PonyBoy
    • So you were down the business end eh? Happy Birthday Vincent.faxion
    • congratulationsd_gitale
    • LOL. Congrats pussy ;-)Hayzilla
    • awesome congrats!moldero
    • Congrats! Happy to hear it was a smooth ride. Mine is due in 8 weeks. I hope I don't pass outmonospaced
    • Congrats Sir! @uan - 100% about the sleep... zombie parents.umbee54
    • Welcome to child ownership Longcopylover! I NEARLY passed out as well; homemade protein bars every 15 minutes or so and a mid labour Budweiser kept me alive...ideaist
    • Well done. if I can give any advice it's to always remember that it's not that he has become your son, it's you that has become his father.Gnash
    • you've taken on a sacred role in his life. lead with your heart. best of luck to your familyGnash
    • Well wishes of good health. I still think you're all insane for having kids though.garbage
    • Pango winsHayzilla
    • Congrats. Nothing can compare to the awesome sight of a little person with your face being squeezed out of your wife's vagina. Did you cut the chord?monoboy
    • If I close my eyes now I can still picture the arrival of both of mine. Epic experience.monoboy
    • Congratulations, You are in for the time of your life! Welcome to the club.eryx
    • Congrats! It's a job I never knew I wanted, but now I could never live without.bulletfactory
    • Congrats!!!kona
    • Congrats! Enjoy the magic!Krassy
    • Congrats! It's an awesome feeling isn't it?dbloc
    • Congrats man!! Sleep all you can now, bla, bla... but try to enjoy all the days you are with your son, work less, live more, and bring love! Welcome to the clubOBBTKN
    • Best Club Everstoplying
    • congrats! having kids is awesomesausages
    • this is great! congrats!!!sureshot
    • Haha, these are so many good comments. Thanks everyone for the wishes, this community is really weird in a great way. That's why I like to stalk around here.Longcopylover
  • ApeRobot1

    Stranger Things @ Netflix

    They should stop now.

    • I kinda agree. I think the should stay in the same town but use a new cast but keep the bully, sheriff, and a few others. Or go with a brand new story entirely.SteveJobs
    • or... continue going.. really.
      you got nothing to loose, if it's bad you stop watching, if its better you continue, NOTHING TO LOOSE really...
    • If you think it's gone as far as it can go then just stop watching.microkorg
    • They're stopping at 5 seasons.i_monk
    • I'm actually I'm one of the few, apparently, that actually like the 2nd season more. just skeptical that there's more good story left for this cast.SteveJobs
    • also would like to just see other stories. keeping focus on the 4 boys and eleven is kinda limited.SteveJobs
  • plash5
  • drgs1
    • What's McAfee's track record? 'Not great' is my impression.detritus
    • ^formed
    • Well he did potentially get away with murderyuekit
    • His only sexual preference is to have women shit in his mouth from a Hammock. True story.Hayzilla
  • chukkaphob3
  • sted0
    • (compuserve has 30 days to live)sted
    • $5 a hour??ArmandoEstrada
    • $5/hr... lol... we'd be FUCKED nowadays @ that rate. At minimum given the amount time I'm online that'd be thousands a month for internetPonyBoy
    • someday, we will learn some basic kerningscarabin_net
    • fortunately when it arrived to europe it had a monthly fee, but i still managed to make some unimaginable phone bills :)sted
    • what year did this come out?hotroddy
    • @ scarabin: it's called "close but not touching". so veerry 80s daahlinkhans_glib
    • @hotroddy: 1982sted
    • Someday, you'll learn to kern.Chimp
    • “loololllolokoielole...cannonball1978
  • sarahfailin2
  • notype0


    How do you encrypt a PDF w/o Acrobat (pwd protect)?

    • click on tools in Adobe Acrobat, go from there.robotron3k
    • thanks bud!notype
    • wait... but you said with out acrobat...pango
    • zip regular pdf with passworddrgs
    • yeah i know pango. thought robo was saying there was not other option.notype
    • zip files can be pwd protected?notype
    • encryption should really be its own thread.notype
    • are you on a mac?Gnash
    • Open in "Preview"
      > File > Export
      - Format: PDF
      - check "Encrypt"
      add and verify password
    • Yeah. Gnash whuuuuuuttt!!! didn’t know you could do that in Preview!notype
    • *thumbs up*Gnash
  • HijoDMaite5
  • PonyBoy0


    crazy... the USA, Netherlands, Turkey, Chile and now Italy all failed to qualify for the World Cup...

    • i see it as a positive thing. i very rarely watch a game, maybe two in a year but i follow a bit.oey
    • nl and it, rare not in world cup... but usa... never have been the best teamOBBTKN
    • yeah... we're still babies but it had been 30+ years since we hadn't made the cutPonyBoy
    • Turkey had its moment in 2002, since then like everything else AKP fucked up football as well.Beeswax
    • Turkey didn't qualify since 2006 for a world cup.. Afaik soccer is pretty popular there?mekk
  • sausages3

    Dad Advice Thread

    when your kid gets wind in the first few months and cant sleep you can lie them on their back and gently push their legs up and down to pump the farts out (don't worry they're really flexible - we could practically fold them in half). They relax straight away and you'll get some sleep. Everyone I've taught the method too thanks me bigtime.

  • chukkaphob8
  • HijoDMaite3


    I just read the whole Gypsy saga thing here on the blog and I got to thinking. What would be the equivalent of that here in California?

    So this morning on my way to the office, I walked by a construction site and

    “oh shit” I thought “niggers casing out the place - wonder how long before...”

    Or is it: “oh shit” I thought “Mexicans casing out the place - wonder how long before...”

    Or is it: “oh shit” I thought “homeless dudes casing out the place - wonder how long before...”

    Or is it: “oh shit” I thought “tweakers casing out the place - wonder how long before...”

    I have no idea about gypsys tbh so I am just curious if it’s derogatory by their nationality (or lack there of) or skin colors or status?

    Lol it’s just funny.

    • I don't think there's an equivalent.monospaced
    • itinerant people who speak romani, incorrectly identified as being from egypt = gypsy. a racial slur. https://www.theodyss…sarahfailin
    • these are irish gypsies - literally gypsies, so it's not a derogatory term, just a derogatory lifestyle. (lol, sorry)detritus
    • Most people in Europe don't like them because their lack of respect for laws and common sense social rulesdmay
    • They have their own laws and social rulesdmay
    • No sarah, nothing to do with Romanys. Although they're cunts too (as too Spanish gitanos). And 'gypsy' is NOT a racial slur per se. May as well be though. loldetritus
    • tbf, there're a lot of grounded Romanys these days, and it's unfair they should have the shadow of cuntery fall over them too.detritus
    • People like the authors of that article are the sort of ignorant middle class idiots I referred to in my original gypsy rant.detritus
    • i think gypsy might have become a slur since the gyppos (definitely a racial slur) have debased their own "culture" by behaving so badlyhans_glib
    • when i was a kid we were told they were noble people. i was never too sure as they always seemed very stand-offish and suspicious of mehans_glib
    • (as a kid i once innocently wandered up to a couple of passing caravans to say hello and have a closer look for myself at these "noble people".)hans_glib
    • i don't remember too much about the encounter, bar a hard stare from the mam, and a sorry attempt to make any connection with the kid...hans_glib
    • ... who seemed very old for her age. (or maybe she was old. maybe she was the mam, and the mam was the gran.)hans_glib
    • we have these hippy/backpackers cruising the streets, but I don't think they break many laws. lol…HijoDMaite
    • maybe they are the equivalent?HijoDMaite
    • well if they're Irish they aren't gypsies: https://en.m.wikiped…sarahfailin
    • fascinating ^^ been reading about these travellers.HijoDMaite
    • Thanks Sarah, good to have centuries of linguisic tradition and the very wiki you've linked to proven wrong by incorrect opinings.detritus
    • @Hijo.

      1. Imagine your neighbourhood with a nice green space for playing, walking the dog etc.
      2. 30 caravans turn up in the night + 30 cars all over it.
    • 3. They are loud, obnoxious and aggressive.

      4. They steal everything that isn't nailed down on your streets.
    • 5. They travel door to door asking if you need your drive tarmaced or trees cut down.

      6. They don't pay taxes and are mostly cash in hand builders/landscapers
    • 7. When the council/police finally get them to move on, they leave behind all the rubbish, building rubble and garden waste they accrued in that area.Hayzilla
    • I mean. Just LOOK at these cunts.
    • it is insane. i got one of those flyers handed to me once that amongst fly tipping and gardening services... "WE FIND LOST TREES" wtf.kingsteven
    • also, in ireland they're considered as irish as roma gypsies are considered romanian. only ireland decided to give travelers basic human rights...kingsteven
    • where Romania changed it's country code from ROM to ROU and brought in a ton of discriminatory measures to avoid association...kingsteven
    • Loving the the confusion of trying to explain gypsies to Americans. Closest would be trailer park boys/ white trash... Is this why they made the film Snatch?kingsteven
  • chukkaphob6
  • PonyBoy-1

    Sexual Harassment of the DAY

    Bryan Cranston says we should be open to forgiving Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey…

    "“His career now, I think, is over,” actor Bryan Cranston said recently of Spacey, in an interview that captured what a lot of people seem to be feeling. “He’s a phenomenal actor but he’s not a very good person... It would take time, it would take a society to forgive them, and it would take tremendous contrition on their part,”"

    • Someone get my torch and pitchfork.pango
    • fuck all thatGuyFawkes
    • If they turn their lives around and do something good for society, sure. No reason to forgive them just because.bainbridge
    • ^ yeah how do you measure progress other than "not do it again".cannonball1978
    • Don't think Cranston said anything outrageous here - certainly not in keeping with the headlineFax_Benson
    • Weinstein might go to jail too.bainbridge
    • They're both multi-millionaires who don't have to work if they don't want to.bainbridge
    • After he serves his time then the public might consider forgiving him.pango
    • I think Cranston makes very obvious statements when really the press are the one's sensationalising things. "It's a societal problem, not just Hollywood"Ianbolton
    • If we're never going to forgive them, or at least learn from their mistakes we may as well bring back the death penalty!!Ianbolton
  • sarahfailin4