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    Between 1969 & 1970 this puppy earned $40 Billion dollars!

    (from this ny'er article:)…

    • (for xerox, obviously)Gnash
    • I remember my grandfather had one of these in his home office in the early '80s.monospaced
    • My dad bought a detached house in a fancy neighbourhood in Toronto for $19,500 back in '67. damn, $40 billion...Gnash
    • I like this post gnash. crazy figures.fadein11
    • seriously, mono? that's awesome. Curious how much they were.Gnash
    • @fadein, so you're saying you liked it better when women were only secretaries?Gnash
    • ;)Gnash
    • so ubiquitous now, but quite the revolution thenGnash
    • lol, those figures are insanefadein11
    • yeah, he was a doctor and had his practice in his brownstone ... I remember xeroxing things as a very early memorymonospaced
  • set0

    News of the day...

    Don't tell Son.

    "Cheddar Man: DNA shows early Briton had dark skin"…

    • Understandably Daily Mail readers are having a hard time at the moment ...
    • http://www.dailymail…Bluejam
    • The Daily Mail comments section is like /pol/ but smells of Tweed from Lenthéric and contains marginally less racially-charged pornography.face_melter
    • don't summon the beast!GuyFawkes
    • face_melter - you do crack me up on a daily basis. I wish I knew you in real life (in a non weird way)fadein11
    • there're three argumentative Brits on here who I suspect f_m wouldn't want anything to do with in real life. You and I are two of them. Can you guess the third?detritus
    • also - never meet your heroes. I've been resoundingly disappointed by every QBNer I've ever met.detritus
    • }:)
      I'm only saying that because I don't think any of the cunts visit here any more. Except, perhaps, flashbender?
    • I was disappointed by SpookyTim in real life. Not going to lie.set
    • Oh - you do realise he's still a regular here? Different username, doesn't comment as he used to.detritus
    • I miss his eloquence and obscure fantasyset
    • Tell the cunt to get involved in the blog thread. We knows he loves writing. He nows he loves writing. I love reading it.set
    • I'm a lot funnier here than I am in real life. What you read here is how my mind works, in reality my job has the hilarious side effect of making me miserable.face_melter
    • And to be honest, det, fade, et al, I would have nothing against meeting you flids - everyone acts the cunt online, real life is always different.face_melter
    • I'm a right cunt in real life too, to be fair.set
    • You are a v.good writer face, a superb command of the English language and humour. Do you write at all for pleasure?fadein11
    • as I've said before, face, I would buy your book if you write it. you are wasting those skill on us plebs. you have a talent. just do it.Gnash
    • Short, observational essays a la David Sedaris. Or prose like Confederacy of Dunces by JK TooleGnash
    • ... but with a bit of a punk aesthetic (is what comes to my mind)Gnash
    • do itGnash
    • He totally should, but is probably still too busy complaining about his life to actually make it better ;-)set
    • Alright lads, thank you for the kind words but calm down - you can all suck me off one at a time. Writing has never really crossed my mind tbh...face_melter
    • ... but I am more drawn to the stream of consciousness Burroughs / Thompson style of writing. I have always been a visuals guy - illustration / 3D and whatnot..face_melter
    • ... so maybe it's time to try a more cerebral outlet. Who knows, I could be the next MES, marry a fit Greek bird and become a living leg-end.face_melter
    • same thing. you have the knack of creating visuals with words as well. So far all i've seen from you are 'sketches' but it's very clear you can draw in prose.Gnash
    • Pick up Barrel Fever, or, Me Talk Pretty One Day by Sedaris. Fuck, post your address and I'll send you my copiesGnash
    • Cheers Gnash - i'll check those out, kinda curious about this now.face_melter
    • Right, I read a sample page of Barrel Fever on Amazon and i'm instantly smitten. He definitely appeals to my sense of the absurd. Thanks for the recommendation.face_melter
    • :)Gnash
    • Sedaris is great - If you listen to podcasts, etc, search for Sedaris on This American Life, which is where I first came across him.detritus
  • HijoDMaite5

    Show your latest Pics

    Been making some extra cash doing product photography for a local business, they sell reclaimed wood planters and succulents on an e-commerce site. I get $150 per item I shoot, then residuals up to $150 for each item that sells over 150 units. After a few months I've got a nice pipeline built up. I've also been using my mother-in-law's house to shoot at which is a fantastic setting for this style of product.

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  • dbloc3

    Wordpress Discussion

    Google dedicates engineering team to accelerate development of WordPress ecosystem…

  • vvvv6
  • Gnash0


    New research on nearly 2 million Uber drivers finds a gender earnings gap of 7% even in the complete absence of gender discrimination…

    The uniqueness of our data—knowing exactly the production and compensation functions—permits us to completely unpack the underlying determinants of the gender earnings gap.

    We find that the entire gender gap is caused by three factors:

    a) experience on the platform (learning-by-doing),
    b) preferences over where/when to work, and
    c) preferences for driving speed.

    This suggests that, as the gig economy grows and brings more flexibility in employment, women’s relatively high opportunity cost of non-paid-work time and gender-based preference differences can perpetuate a gender earnings gap even in the absence of discrimination.

    • TL;DR: pay gap has nothing to do with gender discrimination and everything to do with gender differences in work preferences and experienceGnash
    • 7%-? ok.
      It would be a statistical miracle if there was a 0% difference....
    • ^ not if we are all the sameGnash
    • but we're not, and never will be, and anyone who says otherwise is a moronset
    • ay, there's the rubGnash
    • so gender pay gap is not based on discrimination in the taxi sector. wow, mind blown.fadein11
    • https://media.giphy.…fadein11
    • ah, the whingey mewlings of one who misses the point. blessGnash
    • ... againGnash
    • Oh I got the point, just not sure why you are making it (again).fadein11
    • Please explain the point of the post if I have missed it, I am only going on what you cut and pasted? Really, please explain. Educate mefadein11
    • and that was non-sarcastic, genuinely want to know what you have gleaned from this, please.fadein11
    • lol Gnash is your new me, isn't he, fade? Gnash and I seem to agree on a lot, so no surprise I guess. Fade, you always call me a troll but you love the conflictset
    • Love itset
    • I have never called you a troll, ever. An arrogant cunt a lot of the time but "it's all a persona" as you say. Yes I do challenge gnash on his views, he seemsfadein11
    • that's what you always say "oh i got the point..." - dumbing it down further doesn't seem to make a diff in the end.Gnash
    • fixated with certain issues. I am genuinely interested in what he has to say, it's clearly something he is passionate about. This just seemed v.obvious to me.fadein11
    • This place has challenged me many times over the past few years, questioned a lot of what I took for granted recently. So please don't call me a troll. I wantfadein11
    • to learn.fadein11
    • read the study or retreat back to your comfort zone. up to you.Gnash
    • and let's not dredge up old past, I like you when you are not bandstanding.fadein11
    • no you give me your black and white TL/DR assumption of an issue based on one study of one sector of work, or alternatively enlighten me with some detail pleasefadein11
    • (that TL:DR is a direct quote from one of the women scientists who did the study)Gnash
    • lol... You've called me a troll on many an occasion, you nutterset
    • Okay - so that was just referring to Uber? Obviously. Always use quotes to clarify. So what have you gleaned about uber and the taxi sector? That discriminationfadein11
    • I see you poking and prodding Gnash on a fairly consistent basis. Very similarly to how you did to me. If that's not trolling, I don't know what is...set
    • on pay does not exist? Please explain. What was the point you were making by posting? A finding on Uber or a more general point?fadein11
    • I disagreew ith gnash often yes, Set, jesus is this a place where we all agree now? That's not trolling. I will always question what I consider dubiousfadein11
    • attitudes yep. What the fuck are on about, trolling?fadein11
    • You are causing issues agin with me here. You are the most antagonistic man on QBN. I have watched at least major embarrassing arguments you have had withfadein11
    • people in the last 2 weeks. It was quite refreshing to see it wasn't just me after I backed off for a good while.fadein11
    • He's not trolling, he's asking a question and Gnash is getting uppity. Then you joined in. Now I've joined in.Fax_Benson
    • Anyway, back off, so I can read gnash's is reply uninterrupted.fadein11
    • Soon robo will arrive with a non-sequitur about SwedenFax_Benson
    • Your manner of communication is incredibly argumentative. it's bait. And I just find it rather humorous watching you do it to others.set
    • at least 3*fadein11
    • Especially when you always projected it on to me, and that you were doing the planet justice by responding to me :'Dset
    • "Your manner of communication is incredibly argumentative" Set, 2018
      Gotta be a meme in this. Are you for fucking real lol?
    • I'd say Gnash is one of the most reasonable, rational, intelligent and eloquent members here. No wonder you're at odds with him constantly. =Pset
    • no you acted like a cunt every day and I picked you up on it, like others do here. you are projecting your own "persona" onto me here.fadein11
    • You do realise that by mean saying that your manner of communication is argumentative, that doesn't mean I'm saying mine isn't... ?set
    • This place was never a bed of roses and nor should it be. But to be called a troll for taking a dislike to certain views/people is ridiculous. you sound like afadein11
    • big wet snowflake.fadein11
    • You are capable of computing this, yes?set
    • gnash is clearly intelligent but that doesn't mean you have to agree with him you fucking idiot.fadein11
    • anyway, back to business. whats gnahs got to say on his mindblowing uber pay gap post?fadein11
    • You pounce on Gnash every opportunity you get. It's humourous. And obviously hits a nerve because you're so damn defensive about it, haha.set
    • "gnash is clearly intelligent but that doesn't mean you have to agree with him you fucking idiot." Um? lol, only an idiot would make this bizarre logic.set
    • I never suggested anything of the sort...set
    • not rdefensive really, but it obviously bothers you lol. I was talking to him not you. Is he old enough to speak for himself you prize pratt.fadein11
    • I already said, it amuses me...set
    • I'm not speaking for Gnash, I'm telling you, from me, that you're funny.set
    • still waiting for an answer to my original post. you said I prod gnash, yes thats because i often find his posts odd. so I dont agree with him. No idiocy therefadein11
    • I never claim not to be argumentative. What's funny is you always shout that label at me, yet you're incredibly argumentative in your style, yourself. A prodderset
    • comment*fadein11
    • The difference is, I'm not blissfully and self aggrandising ignorant to it :)set
    • clearly nothing to glean from it anyway as I suspected. No gender pay discrimination in the taxi sector. WOW.fadein11
    • *lyset
    • eh? but I am not talking about that, you have digressed, I just want to understand the point in why gnash found this interesting/posted it.fadein11
    • article*fadein11
    • Yea but I'm talking about thatset
    • He tends to focus on a v.small part of a big issue, usually focussing on the outer limit ridiculous examples of it to make a point on the broader subject. Whichfadein11
    • I find absurd. But I still would like to know what the point was here? Educate me guys, make my "small brain" bigger.fadein11
    • It's quite clear to me he's just having fun with it. Why do you take it upon yourself to save planet earth by pointing out his humour as something unacceptable?set
    • It's also pretty fucking obvious that his point was that we're not all the same, and never will be.... and that's ok.set
    • What's your point, exactly?set
    • oh it's humour, has he got an online "persona" like you lol. A bit sad really. And please don't think any of this shit bothers me once I have left the computer.fadein11
    • lol, I don't know why you have to get so petty and personal.set
    • I would advise him to not give up the dayjob if he found this post amusing.fadein11
    • Typing shit on the internet that amuses you is far sadder than saving planet earth by being Captain SJW and correcting all the wrong doers.... ? heheset
    • I am not trying to do that lol. how would typing shit on QBN save anything. If anything he is doing that in his own way by posting his endless anti feministfadein11
    • drivel. I am just quite bored by it. Saving the planet lol. You are like a meme factory today.fadein11
    • When did I get personal? How could my "small brain" as you put it so often possibly manage to get personal lol.fadein11
    • Still waiting for the point I missed in this mindblowing post.fadein11
    • lol I wish you made sense, we could actually have a proper conversation.set
    • And this is why no one will want to meet us in real life.detritus
    • lol detfadein11
    • ironically it would all be fine in real life, I am v.easy to get along with.fadein11
    • I arranged and attended more qbn london drinks years ago than anyone else, I reckon. We had lots of fun. I'm sure we'd all get on over a beer. Really...set
    • Might get a bit tedious having to constantly explain things to fadein, but other than that I'm sure you'd all be lovely, you big loveliesset
    • I half expected to get lynched at the first qbn drinksset
    • lolGnash
    • Hi :-) Did you manage to work out the point to this piece Fade? Should I keep my Uber app in solidarity to men, their work ethic, speed and enthusiasmIanbolton
    • Lol, do it! Go men!fadein11
    • This has nothing to do with solidarity for men, you strange, easily offended oddballs. It's just an interesting data point.set
    • He was joking Set. And so was I. Fascinating data about how men and women approach taxi driving. Mind blowing :)fadein11
    • You literally sound mentally illset
    • literally lolfadein11
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  • Gardener0
  • Bluejam4
  • Bindegal1
  • Bindegal2
  • RumperChunk20

    Show some recent work

    made a table, 'cause I'm bored..

    • Love it.fadein11
    • niceGnash
    • woodsted
    • wood and colour combo is superbfadein11
    • https://media.giphy.…utopian
    • iWoodRamanisky2
    • looks renderedimbecile
    • Ha.. def real. Solid oak top, and I made the legs from beech rolling pins. Dipped in orange chalk paint for that mat vibe.RumperChunk
    • ^ by name, by natureset
    • Sick. You do any more work like this?garbage
    • mini bench? stuff looks miniature.umbee54
    • i knowimbecile
    • point was the lighting is perfectimbecile
    • Thought it was rendered, too. Good job!Maaku
    • Yea.. always making stuff. I do have a photographic studio as well, so easy to shoot the shit outta stuff. I’ll make you one if you like ;)RumperChunk
    • Looks like a 3D render. (nice work btw)Bennn
    • Really nice. Good job!nbq
    • Lovely stuffMrT
    • my first thought was wood then rendered. point is I think it's awesome. the real one and the render ;)oey
    • Thanks guys... much appreciated.. ;)RumperChunk
    • a table for ants?!?SteveJobs
    • clean workdbloc
    • Totally assumed it was renderedset
    • Props. Photos are good too.Hayzilla
  • bliznutty14

    Joke of the Day

    Talking Dog

    A guy is driving around the back woods of Montana and he sees a sign in front of a broken down shanty-style house: 'Talking Dog For Sale ' He rings the bell and the owner appears and tells him the dog is in the backyard.

    The guy goes into the backyard and sees a nice looking Labrador retriever sitting there.

    'You talk?' he asks.

    'Yep,' the Lab replies.

    After the guy recovers from the shock of hearing a dog talk, he says 'So, what's your story?'

    The Lab looks up and says, 'Well, I discovered that I could talk when I was pretty young. I wanted to help the government, so... I told the CIA. In no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping.'

    'I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years running...But the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn't getting any younger so I decided to settle down. I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security, wandering near suspicious characters and listening in. I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded a batch of medals.'

    'I got married, had a mess of puppies, and now I'm just retired.'

    The guy is amazed. He goes back in and asks the owner what he wants for the dog.

    'Ten dollars,' the guy says.

    'Ten dollars? This dog is amazing! Why on earth are you selling him so cheap?'
    'Because he's a Bullshitter! .... He's never been out of the yard'.

  • set0

    Vid of the Day

    Timeline I'm sure, but brutal...

    • crazy.nbq
    • Fractured wrist, fractured vertebrae, bruised liver, bruised lung, ruptured spleen and concussion. yeeesh. Lucky I suppose.Ramanisky2
    • After several minutes of unconsciousness, Brown walked off the ramp surface with the assistance of former skateboarding inspiration Ellis.Ramanisky2
    • I did omg the shoes, yes I did.set
    • lolBennn
    • SKATE SAFE! TIE YOUR LACES!!!Projectile
  • PonyBoy2


    I've noticed my patience has grown as I've been placing in the money in about 7 in 10 sit-and-go c♠sh games... I tend to not do as well in real life games... wish the States would legalize more online poker sites so I don't have to deposit my money through some Chinese bank and then wait up to a month+ to receive a check... because that requires patience.

    • lol@Chinese bank
      ever heard about skrill?
    • Cory Feldman doppelgänger? Spins terrible music?PonyBoy
    • i slow play dudes like a mother fucker, but i gotta switch tables since good players figure my shit out, but by then i already have a decent amount of their chimoldero
    • I play all types of hands and 3-bet with air ... sometimes I'm the windshield and sometimes I'm the bug. I play mostly 2/5 cash games.Ramanisky2
    • always tough to put me on any specific hand.Ramanisky2
    • I'm impossible to read cuz I forget my own cards very often...pango
    • Qbn poker night?pango
    • if someone knows where to set up a room for qbners to play... I'd be therePonyBoy
    • OH snapRamanisky2
  • feel9

    Show some recent work

    heya, finished an animation for google safer internet day…

    it was done in c4d using octane render and animated to look like stop motion

    • sweet dudeRamanisky2
    • nicepinkfloyd
    • Nice. Can I be the cunt that says "don't fall for fake" doesn't read well. Should it be "fakes"?Hayzilla
    • yea, i think it works too, I don't do texts man, just animate stufffeel
  • Akagiyama1
    • that's is weirdGnash
    • what is?since1979
    • aside from my poor grammar above, the perspective looks different in each pic -- but they're identicalGnash
    • ah, i see.since1979
    • ^^ yeppers.Akagiyama
    • That's is weirdcruddlebub
    • Bizarreset
    • Woahhh. Why have I never seen this phenomenon before?Hayzilla
    • This illusion (both images are identical, but appear oriented differently) is explained by your brain attempting to anticipate the next moment.fairbaken
    • Oddly enough I've literally just encountered this phenomenon - never noticed before - with two holder images I dumped alongside each other in a grid.detritus
    • That is bizarrefadein11
    • perceived visual angle illusionimbecile
    • never trusting my brain, ever.Krassy
  • prophetone4

    making beats

    In the comments: “is this what will happen to me if i use loop pedals?” hahahaha

  • Noggin4