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  • monospaced

    I'm intrigued. Thoughts on becoming a Mason?

  • Peter0

    If you want in they won't have you.

  • locustsloth0

    Brick work is probably needed on a regular basis. Though if you do it for free, i can't see how you'd make a living at it.

  • JSK0

    You need to get sponsored by another mason.

    If you can, borrow the ring for a week. You will experience new things

  • lvl_130

  • utopian0

    You will need at least 12 years apprenticeship to become a skilled masonry and or bricklayer.

    Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger he became a millionaire when he started a bricklayering business in 1970....

  • Amicus0

    From Wiki

    Candidates for regular Freemasonry are required to declare a belief in a Supreme Being.[28] However, the candidate is not asked to expand on, or explain, his interpretation of Supreme Being. The discussion of politics and religion is forbidden within a Masonic Lodge, in part so a Mason will not be placed in the situation of having to justify his personal interpretation.[29] Thus, reference to the Supreme Being will mean the Christian Trinity to a Christian Mason, Allah to a Muslim Mason, Para Brahman to a Hindu Mason, etc. And while most Freemasons would take the view that the term Supreme Being equates to God, others may hold a more complex or philosophical interpretation of the term.

  • WeLoveNoise0

    PeterH has the right answer
    love the fact you think they'd accept you because if you are anything like your alias on qbn then i'd stick to being a moron than becoming a mason

    • You can be such an ass sometimes, man. I'm not a moron and this was a legit thread. Look in the mirror.monospaced
  • son0

    The Ancient Builders took to the task of erecting the Soul. The Modern Builders make Droids and Clones.

    There will still be only one Truth and that will be what really happened. If everyone was telling the truth, then everyone would be saying the same thing, thus because there is such a inconsistency in information some factions could not be bringing Truth. Thus there is a great need for the Seeker to adapt some type of system to determine whether or not they are getting their time wasted. That system is the Cipher, a way to decode life allowing you to see the fractal in everything. That is what We as the Resistance present.

    The most interesting thing is that the more you know the more you have to find out. This is totally opposite to what one thinks is going to happen when they delve into seeking to learn the meaning to everything, mainly our existence. People tend to approach spirituality, when serious, with an idea that they will eventually “Find God”. Much further into it you realize the ignorance of the way one used to think. Getting anywhere near something like a god in shear proximity would leave ones life forever changed just by the energy transfer. There would indeed be more to discover in those latter times than the former periods before contact.

    Now to the meat of it as there is so little time for philosophy, Actuality is at hand. Its about time. You will need to be patient with this post as it holds many clues to what you will see in linear and non-linear space. Those signs may sometimes be subtle but they will remain exact.

    This is how it began this time.

    Personally I’ve watched enough Star Wars to know the difference between a Clone and a Droid. But for those that see no sense in watching the Orion Wars of 6 Vs. 8, Saturn/Satan Vs. Venus/Vesper/Lucifer, I will give you a brief synopsis of the two.

    After all the series, episodes and sagas of Star Wars the story continues to build around the final conclusion which is that the so-called good guys and the so-called bad guys are all being ruled by the same source, The Emperor, through the Chancellor. Of course the Jedi sense something like this may be going on, but it is much later when they finally put it all together. In fact when they finally discover the treachery their ranks had already been drastically reduced by Order 66.

    The Jedi (Djedi) “Priests of Egypt” such as Obi Wan Kenobi, which is another way of saying Chnobis, are basically the thinkers, the ones that are unique and have the ability to use there soul powers called the Force. Many of the Jedi techniques are associated with open Chakras. The color of the Saber indicates the Chakra that the particular Jedi is most proficient at using. Devout Star Wars fans are still yet to figure that on out.

    The Clones find themselves as a physical clone of a perfect warrior who by the way is Australian/Astra/(PAN – Pronounced Pawn). Although they all have the same physical makeup each Clone is more than capable of developing a personality. Generally those personalities are limited to something like the 9 traits of the Enneagram.

    A Droid is a program attached to a machine body. The Droids soul purpose is to serve. They even lack the ability to engage in anything beyond their duties, thus a Droid on free time means a Droid just waiting on another command.

    Before we go further let it be known the best cure is to get in the know and stay in the know. This means staying awake. In this condition there is no doubt the Most High will be with you making the Path smooth to tread. The fate of the Sleeper will be very different from those that are awake but now is the time. All tests are over, this is the real thing.

    The Tumbling Cipher

    As I became more and more proficient at the Code and Cipher technique a major thing became apparent. We as English speaking people are dealing with what I call a “Tumbling Cipher”. The best way to explain this is actually through large companies. If you go to the store and buy Clorox Beach produced by their factory it is highly likely that the store labeled brand comes from the same factory. So if you do not want to patronize Clorox, for whatever reason, and you decided to buy the store brand instead, you still did not accomplish not patronizing the Clorox factory . If they set themselves up so you cannot avoid them then there is really no choices, this is how English is. Most of it is basically the same thing.

    Charts like this I can do infinitely eventually tying in all letter and numbers in English which is very tricky because English has a hidden QBLH. P is still an upside down 6. If this makes no sense to you be patient, the Stone itself gives one the accelerated ability to comprehend the Great Work. The Great Work can only be figuring out what is really taking place inside of you, in your mind, and how one can rise above being played. Once one comprehends the Stone, they can pass it to others in its perfection and they to can comprehend it. This is called Correct Building.

    In this sense the Stones and Tones are described as such. The term “set in stone” has a great meaning because the beautiful crystals you see on Earth are the essences and energy of purified thought, intellect, and perfected state in the particular shapes of the geometry in which they grow in. This is why the modern understanding of the Geometry is so defunct because you have people using it that have never interfaced with the corresponding crystals in order to get the full essence and truth from them.

    This charade continues because the profane are attempting to make communication with Energies that will constantly refuse them because their coarse and distorted nature. The Diamond or divided Man (DI = Split MON = Man) is in essence one of the only power stones that has been manipulated by the so-called Elite. This is in part due to its origins in coal. This is Breast Plate 6 Foundation Stone 8, 6 and 8 once again. The Diamond Body.

    Of course meteorites such as Moldavite are entirely different and because of its extra terrestrial origins and affiliation it finds itself as being the material the Grail Cup was made out of. Yes the Grail cup did also mean the woman who was carrying the Bloodline of the new Prince. However, there was also a physical Cup that was used in the Ceremony of Ambrose in which they would drink this same womans menstrual fluid for its numerous properties and magnetic effects.

    As known by the Ancients there is a combination of 12 Crystals that are to be set in place by the Seer and the Seer makes the 13th Stone which is located in the Pineal. The quality of this 13th Stone determines whether or not one can interface with the other 12, 1 ruling over 12. Many can interface with 1,2,3 even 4 crystals depending on their spiritual disposition and Chakra condition. To interface with all twelve at one time, which is turning into a rainbow body, is far beyond thoughts of materialism. One would not only need all the correct stones they would also need the proper intoning of the words that open the Gates. This is High knowledge.

    Due to the hijacking of Relics by the shepherd kings and many other kings, that simply could possess the Relics but not use them, the knowledge remains suppressed and forgotten. Only few know anything about what I’m speaking of and most scholars consider the power of the Stones of no value. Of course they remain in gross error with such perceptions. Here are a few scriptures describing parts of what I’m talking about.

    Let Us keep in mind since the Philistines/Giants are still attempting to control things on the higher levels they have put the Relics in places that they will have no effect. I have personally seen how the so-called elite do this buy observing the Gold Museum here in Costa Rica which is constructed in the design of an inverted pyramid. All the artifacts of the ancients in this country are located in the bottom of this inverted pyramid. This position is known as Zero Point so it is basically outside of the realm of time thus they cannot effect or assist anything stuck in time.

    So as it clearly states the Priest would wear the Breastplate and intone the word thus causing an activation within his body that would allow his frequency to power up the crystals. In this state the Priest could communicate with God. More correctly the person who is able to accomplish this can communicate on a much higher level with many things not just Jove.

    This gets into the energy transfer that is taking place and how this is no lite matter. If ones body is full of 12 rays of light but they contain a defunct internal Sun in their Solar Plexus there will be a malfunction. However the most common result is nothing happens because they lack the Tone. For many who have degraded themselves into the Reptilian state, who contain no Sun in the Solar area, this is the Karmic result. To see the true color of a person simply invert the picture of them in something like Photoshop, then one will see why the blue people are being destroyed in Avatar. There are some things about this dimension that still remain black and white in the view of many. That would mainly be the color of a persons skin, learn to look deeper.

    So again if there are two Pillars/Columns or two Giants they must combine in order to balance and ascend.

    The Daemon Body

    Man was introduced to the building blocks of “this Dimension” in this segment by working with the Beings that tasked the building of the Pyramids. These are those who call themselves “creator gods” because they possess the innerstanding of creation and destruction from a genetic level just as modern Science is pretending they are just learning how to do. People need to be aware that those of darker skin tone where tasked to build the Pyramids and many of them gained rank with the creator gods from Sirius and Orion. It is also known that the Beings responsible for the Pyramids were proficient in Necromancy and netting souls from the Sea.

    I will explain this complex process which involves the the construction of the Daemon/Diamond Body. They are called in other texts Clay People or Golem although Golem in particular is a 2D creation nothing near the complexity of the Daemon body which was constructed by the Ancients. The Magicians were attempting to emulate this when doing there own Necromonging or bringing up dead souls. Saul is written also in the Bible as enlisting the witch of Endor to do this for him to bring back Samuel. The sheer names being used here, as they are again strong metaphors, lend much more incite to what is really being discussed and hinted upon. Jesus also raises Lazarus from the dead.

    Since Arabic is a much richer language than english you get more of the Truth there about the so-called Creation which is not the Creation of the Spirit as that is something only the Most High holds the key to. This continues to serve as a reminder to all of these god/men/aliens that have become so powerful in their own eyes that they still are under the Most High. There still ensues a desperate search on how to create the “God Particle”, “Soul Essence”, or Breath if Life” as it is called. But until they discover that, which they never will, they are willing to go for second best. This is taking souls from the Galactic Sea and fusing them inside of physical bodies, called also Fusion.

    Later in history this practice with humans even diminished to transferring animals life force through sacrifice and magnetism. This is the true intention behind animal sacrifice. Of course you find John Dee once again at the head of such research for the Crown. In many cases Dee was known to cure the ailments of people at great distances by removing the soul force from animals and transferring it to the sick person. They would recover but the animal would die and thus the person would also gain a familiar which in many cases haunted them.

    Going back to the so-called creation the Arabic word for Adam means Congealed Red Clay. It is all there. First a body is fashioned by certain materials and elements. That body is in turn infused with a Spirit. Once two prototypes are developed, they have the ability to spawn or create more when pairing back together. Keeping the male away from the female could therefore control population and mating.

    If you notice in the ancient sumerian texts the quarrel between Enki and Enlil is that of Enki showing the Adamu how to procreate, or basically how to have sex which infuriates Enlil. This produces far more Adamu than can be handled. Before then it says they did not know, in the Garden, probably still clueless of how in the hell they got there, just like a baby coming into the Matrix.

    There are known to also be other physical prototypes developed and of course a trail and error process has continued for probably thousands of years all the way up to this current “model” of man. Still keeping in mind the Soul itself has an entirely different origin but remains confined and clueless in an externalized body. I can literally write a whole book on this process as it is much more complex than I can explain in such a short period. The listener would need a firm innerstanding or Crystal Energy, Geometric Shapes and what they do, the Lower Dimensions and what is exactly there, The Gates of the Worlds and the Gates of the Body called Chakras. Etc. But this should give a general innerstanding of what took place.

    The Shamir (Hebrew: שמיר‎) was a worm or a substance that had the power to cut through or disintegrate stone, iron and diamond. It was used by King Solomon in the building of the First Temple in Jerusalem in the place of cutting tools. For the building of the Temple, which promotes peace, it was inappropriate to use tools that could also cause war and bloodshed.

    The shear knowledge of the mathematics being used in the pyramids alone was enough to transform the mind. Each block is different, cut by the SHAMIR/LASER to a specific measurement. Those measurements which contain unequal sides where much more complex than the Platonic Solids yet some men comprehended and thus were in possession of the high knowledge. The square itself is the straight line expression of the circle so if it was a giant circle every side would be uneven until the circle is complete. Archetypes such as Atrahasis, Imhotep, and Thoth are placed before Us as a sign of knowledge beyond the common understanding of how things work. Pythagorus knowledge had already been corrupted by the Greeks and I only know of one person that has corrected their system and re-published anything related to that topic and that is Benpadiah.

    With this knowledge they sought to remove themselves from the yoke of the creator gods by rebelling, this is hidden in the bible scripture which states “Moses was schooled in all the wisdom of the Egyptians” and thus gained the ability to communicate with God. Again God is used in this text to mean simply Higher Communication. This was called the Exodus. Basically with Higher Communication one can escape the Cube/Pyramid, however, there is a hidden meaning also about 40 days in the wilderness that the Ancient Hebrews recorded.

    Those that were leaving Egypt went immediately into the wilderness to be tried. The wilderness is meant to indicate natural life and the separation from the materialistic “Upper” Egypt. The land flowing with milk and honey is again the return to materialism as milk and honey were signs of wealth for the Ancients. That also reflects the insatiable desire of the later Israelites even to this day for material gain, they are even selling the dead sea of the Patriarchs. No wonder why Moses did not go to the promise land. Of course all of this is symbolic of many things.

    Apparently this power that “Moses” acquired is unique to the user and their intent, so it does not favor one thing over another, just purpose. I will leave it up to each person to decide if they believe it true but there are two factions present here. Those called Immortals that rebelled against the creator gods who themselves where known to be also in error against their leader who ejected them from Orion. And those that find themselves offspring of the Physical Bodies that where created by them “In the Beginning” but still contain as their core the primal substance from the Grand Form.

    These Beings are known to be heavily melinated to the point of being dark Blue and Green. (See Picture above of me and Eric once more for clarity).

    The Egypt with Cleopatra often shown on T.V. is not the actual identity of Egypt. Egypt exist on another Plane called often the Underworld and it is very active in the Soul Translation process as the Ori have long since mastered devices which control Time and Thought/Thoth. This is the root to reincarnation. Returning to the Arc’s Nation or Architects Nation...

  • son0

  • airey0

    if you're thinking of joining then that's confirmation of you being a first class fuckstick. iv'e got the technical illustration that explains it here.

    • WTF is a "fuckstick" LOLutopian
    • a stick that you fuck with, obviously.set
    • I never said I was thinking of joining. Why are you so insulting?monospaced
    • it says 'if'.airey
  • georgesIII0

    personally I'll never join masonry,
    there are many other orders that I more interresting and where you'll actually learn something.
    you can choose to learn by yourself and just make aquaintances that will each give you a piece of the puzzle,

    plus I'm black and don't feel like joining that stupid prince hall to feel like I'm in.

    • ur black? I'm black! lets start our own shit!sherm
    • you don't feel like joining because you're black? thats stupid.cannonball1978
    • canonball, free masonry isnt really open to black people, if I join i'll have to join a lower lodge like the prince hall and this for me is a no, nogeorgesIII
    • this for me is a no, no
      + I won't join because douches think it is hip.
    • i was referring to a cartel or gang but if u don't want in on this action then...sherm
  • detritus0

    Why do I find this in no way surprising?

  • georgesIII0

    and maybe you should also ask yourself if you're interested in the fraternity aspect of it or the ritualistic aspect of it,
    if you're interested ritual aspect,
    I can give you some hint to where to start

    - Pascal B. Randolph
    - Manley P. Hall (lots of audio podcast around the net)

    those two will give you a good start

  • jamble0

    Join the KDU instead. Double awesome.

  • Amicus0

    @utopian. I think this is the meaning airey was using for fuckstick –
    'A term used to describe a guy who you would normally call a dick or dick head, only funnier and more raw sounding. "Fuck Stick" helps drive the point home to make sure there is no misunderstanding about the distain you have for this particular dick head.'

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  • Jackson_Polyp0

    I remember reading a year or two ago that NYC membership is at an all time low and they are actively trying to recruit new members. That being said I think it shouldn't be very hard. How? I don't know. Maybe visit a few temples and give a secret eye understanding of you want to belong. Before you know it you will be 33°

  • detritus0

    "That being said I think it shouldn't be very hard. How? I don't know".


  • ukit0

  • dyspl0

    ask yourself first why you want to be a part of this.