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  • ernexbcn4

    mega necro bump

    Tumblr has been sold to Wordpress for les than 3 million dollars.

    Yahoo! bought it in 2013 for 1.1 billion.

    • https://www.cnbc.com…ernexbcn
    • Ouch. But then again Yahoo made some dumb choices before. Like not selling itself for over $40-50 Billion to Google and years later selling itself for only $4BNBQ00
    • Ouch! What a slow death this has been.jmckinno
    • The original CEO/ creator of tumblr David Karp made a good buck selling it at the right timeNBQ00
    • Didn't Yahoo buy Flickr and ruin that too?PhanLo
    • I never understood tumblr. It was just a plattform with stolen images. Then they banned nudes and made it worthless.SimonFFM
    • Tumblr is still good for COTDNBQ00
    • Tumblr WAS good for COTD. The CEO at Verizon Media banned the nudity and that's when Tumblr fell apart. I think there's a moral to this story.CyBrainX
    • Their employees take up half of my floor at Verizon Media. I guess some office space is going to open up.CyBrainX
    • Yup, taking nudes off of it killed it, instantly. Didn't take a genius to figure that one out.formed
    • Simon is right.garbage
    • Censoring nudity was a big factor but this is something pretty common with tech-startups, other products come out and people jump the boat.Maaku
    • LOL.. Tumblr is still awesome for porn.. you guys are all crazy.autoflavour
    • If facebook didn't acquire other apps, they would be dying soon (not that they aren't, nobody uses FB like they did 5 years ago).Maaku
    • It seems nobody uses the internet like they did 5years ago. Everything is stuck in walled gardens now. It's all instagram and YouTube from here on out.monNom
    • And PornHub.NBQ00
    • And YouPorn.NBQ00
    • You could say the asking price really tumbled.stoplying
    • Smart buy, really. If they enabled porn again they'd make a billion overnight. PornHub should have bought it!formed

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