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  • mekk11

    Finally decided to ditch my E46 touring for this beauty:

    Bought it in mid feb. 2.5l inline-six, the "small one". Having great fun with it, although it needed a $1000 roof fix quickly after my purchase. Everything running smooth af now, replaced fluids and filters last month. 70k miles on it, no scratched bumpers, no curbed wheels, interior looking fresh aside from one button being used heavily, no cracks in the leather etc. Service history complete.. Totally happy with my hairdresser vehicle :-) Vroom vroom bitches!

    • great car_niko
    • Congrats!GM278
    • Looks funlemmy_k
    • Nice. Please add to Midlife Crisis thread ;)spot13
    • I'm 29 :-(mekk
    • just curbed a wheel yesterday :(jaylarson
    • Didn't want to go with the coupe?ShaneHolley
    • and i'm still on the hunt for an e46...imbecile
    • Shane, there is no coupe of the E89, only the previous model had the E86 coupe.mekk
    • @imbecile, E46 is still my fav BMW series somehow, I hope to be broke the day I see a well kept manual Estorilblue or Stratusgrey 325/330ci for sale.mekk
    • that was my E46, for anyone interested:… Kept it for almost three more years after starting to look for sth else...mekk
    • But... why? when we have Mazda Mx-5's in this world.shapesalad
    • Miata was considered but the cabin is too small for me, I'm 6'4mekk
    • Nice. I like the BMWs six cylinders. I am longing for an Alpina at the moment. Mostly an e90, maybe an e46. But only petrol and touring.Longcopylover
    • i have an e90, much enjoymentimbecile
    • I had an e46 manual estate wagon with the sports package. It handled like it was on rails, hauled the kids and the dog nicely but was a money pit to maintain.fooler
    • Love my Carbon Black E46 M3! :-) SMG trans has cost me a fortune, but otherwise no problems ever.formed
    • sister has onecannonball1978

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