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    A lightening bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun

    • For every grain of sand on Earth there are 10 stars in the universe.inteliboy
    • If you type in 52.376552, 5.198303 on Google Maps, you can see what is allegedly two guys dragging a dead body into a lake.GuyFawkes
    • crazynotype
    • Photons will communicate with each other on other side of the universe or trillions of miles away simultaneously.utopian
    • http://www.nytimes.c…utopian
    • If you add an onion to a martini, you call it a Gibsonfuturefood
    • lol nice. Moar!set
    • Farm pigs are the same species as wild boar. If you release them in to the wild, within three weeks their hair starts turning dark and they grow tusks...set
    • Because they don't have to fend for themselves when farmed, they stay in a pre pubescent state...set
    • From a photon's point of view, the moment it is emitted it is instantaneously reabsorbed - hence it never knew it existed.inteliboy
    • that pig/boar fact is nuts.inteliboy
    • as long as we're sharing information, the correct spelling is "lightning" bolt.imbecile
    • I had to sit down after reading thisdrgs
    • Haha indeed imbecile, phone typing =Pset
    • @inteliboy... I know! Read it the other day... Fucking crazyset
    • I had no idea about the pig boat thing. I wonder what specific things cause the infantile appearance. Fascinating.monospaced
    • Pig boat lol. Funny mental imageset
    • Can we start a Neat of the Day thread for these factsnb
    • I swear I typed boarmonospaced
    • Steven Seagal was once choked out on set and shat his pants in front of the entire crew.garbage
    • But a tiger....antonyjwhite
    • I thought this was a Benn post. lolsea_sea
    • if you type a precise sequence of brackets in a sidenote, the QBN crash.Bennn
    • lol sea_seaBennn
    • xDsea_sea

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