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  • scarabin_net34

    large 3.5" color display (from a car rear-view monitor)
    3D-printed button wells and screen mount
    additional X, Y, R. and L buttons
    plays everything up to PSP, PSX
    rechargeable li-ion battery (via micro USB)
    safe shutdown using original switch
    low battery warning light

    next version will have another two buttons, an analog stick, and HDMI out :)

    • +1fadein11
    • nicebulletfactory
    • Want of the daygonzalle
    • Amazinginteliboy
    • acesince1979
    • wow! not even in my dreams.oey
    • Can you post some more pictures and different angles of this? do you have pictures of the parts right off the 3D printer before assembly (just out of curiosity)SoulFly
    • noiceomg
    • amazeballs. I want one. does it have
      L+R buttons?
    • ah, i should read more. but where are they??sarahfailin
    • You evil genius!!…
    • Neat dude, +1garbage
    • in the second pic, the R button is visible as a small protrusion on the edge. they're small tactile buttons set in unused screw holes for a clean lookscarabin
    • right now i'm working on overclocking it and adding a tiny fan into a modified game cartridge :)scarabin
    • NERD!!!!!sureshot
    • just kidding of course dude..this is super tight.sureshot
    • ya. total nerd! :)pango
    • Damn dude, where can I order one? :)Nutter
    • want.ApeRobot
    • how much to build me one please?fadein11
    • The "retro boy" logo at top of the screen is not centre aligned. So I HATE IT :Drobthelad
    • I smell a KICKSTARTER!microkorg
    • well done!!!kona
    • pre-order!GM278
    • I don't fully know exactly what I'm looking at here, but I want one. looks SICKMiguex
    • dopemoldero
    • Dude, whoa! Looks great and functionally impressive.baseline_shift
    • Fucking excellentset

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