• bogue

    Workplace Incentives

    I'm trying to setup some work place incentives / rewards for employees who decide to sign on full time with our company. Wonderin…

    Mar 19, 1534 replies
  • bogue

    Photoshop Panel

    I've tried google-ing but not finding any information on this. When you minimize panels in photoshop some resolve to just being i…

    Apr 29, 131 replies
  • bogue

    WTF - Evening Edition

    Hey team... can anybody help me identify this one? It's on the tip of my tongue just can't finger it out.


    Oct 9, 121 replies
  • bogue

    Photoshop Type

    Anybody know if there is a way to get rid of the baseline when you're editing type. I like to adjust kerning letter by letter som…

    Oct 13, 117 replies
  • bogue


    I'm in the midst of building out the playlist for the dance portion of my wedding and it occurred to me that you guys would have s…

    Aug 17, 1139 replies
  • bogue

    C4D help please

    Ok here goes. I'm doing a multi pass render of several different things including an ambient occlusion layer (which is my shadows…

    Jul 14, 115 replies
  • bogue


    Just saw this ad for Geico Insurance:

    Which is pretty flagrant concept heist of H…

    Apr 26, 1110 replies
  • bogue


    I just jumped on the Rdio bandwagon an it's friggin' awesome. Who else is on it? We should follow each other, but only if you ha…

    Mar 21, 1110 replies
  • bogue

    youtube GUI psd

    Anybody have a PSD with the youtube GUI for use in a custom player. Would love not to have to re-create all those graphics.

    Mar 8, 114 replies
  • bogue

    Hey Andrew_D!…

    HOLY CRAP what a game.

    Mar 3, 1110 replies
  • bogue

    Facebook Connect

    Anybody have any good examples of facebook connect being used on an external microsite? Potentially a flash microsite.. thanks in…

    Nov 26, 107 replies
  • bogue


    i've been cowering the internet for a hi-res photo of a little blue viagra pill and can't seem to find anything. Anybody have any…

    Sep 21, 1012 replies
  • bogue

    pop to imap?

    Quick mail question for you. I have a pop3 account that i've been receiving mail at for years. I'd like to make the switch to im…

    May 27, 105 replies
  • bogue

    Font ExplorerX

    So i'm getting a new laptop next week and i'm hoping to transfer my Font Explorer X library from one computer to the other. I hav…

    May 20, 102 replies
  • bogue

    Night Satellite

    Hey all.. I've been scouring the internet for a while. Looking for a satellite photo of a city at night. Something about this di…

    Dec 16, 0912 replies
  • bogue

    Green Screen ?

    hey... I've got all my footage: 4K 2:1 with good consistent lighting on the subject and the green screen. Just wondering if anybo…

    Sep 23, 097 replies
  • bogue

    Time Tracking

    Anybody suggest some great Mac software for tracking time working on projects. I'm not looking for anything that invoices or any…

    Sep 16, 0810 replies
  • bogue

    dos font

    Anybody know what font is used for a dos prompt. I'm trying to re-create a DOS interface.


    Jun 15, 088 replies
  • bogue


    Hey, I can't totally remember if it was posted on QBN... so if it wasn't I appologize.

    I'm looking for the link to an Architec…

    Jun 3, 082 replies
  • bogue

    bitmap to vector

    Does anybody remember the link to the online software that did a really good job of converting bitmap to vector.. much better than…

    Apr 7, 0812 replies