OSX turning more and more into iOS

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  • clearThoughts

    I find the whole way everything is an App now in OS X a bit annoying.

    Furthermore the way they turned Final Cut Pro into a higher-end version of iMovie shows where Apple wants to position itself.

    If it continues like this there will be a huge gap to create a new platform for professionals.
    Or maybe they will be no more Creative Professionals and the entire world would be making films on iMovie, designing on Keynote and photographing on iPhone doing postproduction on Instagram.

  • uan0

    like remember the days you had to be a pro to make a dropshadow in photoshop? it's the way things go...

    • So true. I remember blowing people's minds in ad agencies with shit little techniques that can be done on an iphone nowHorp
    • by downloading a free app.Horp
    • Like make a movieclearThoughts
  • Horp0

    I think the latter is more likely. Apple were the niche minority company who sold precious few machines to the precious few talented creative practitioners.

    Then they thought it through, and made the machines the enablers of creativity for all. Now everyone can do it, its not worth shit, and nobody in their right mind would think about creating a specialised machine 'just for the creatives'. That would like coming up with a special handkerchief just for people who sneeze.

    • true. maybe we were just early adopters.clearThoughts
    • Yea that would just like that, it's true.set
  • clearThoughts0

    Yeah, sorry for the rant.
    But anybody tried the new Final Cut Pro?

  • clearThoughts0

    If it carries on like this though. ALL software would have to go through iTunes unless you jailbreak your Apple device.

    • there's no indication of thatmonospaced
    • sorry, not iTunes but the App StoreclearThoughts
    • app store is a great distribution ecosystem for developers. it's a good thing.uan
    • um, no, the app store is communismspot13
    • App store is a quagmire unless you are a top 25 app in your category.ETM
  • instrmntl0

    update ur apps everyday..awesome!

  • instrmntl0

    iPad is a consumer product, where you can only interact and buy but can't truly create, where as a laptop is a professional tool.

    • At this point in time, who knows in the near futureJosev
    • "Laptop is a professional tool" hahaahahHorp
    • except for all those korg, moog aso music apps.uan
    • It is, well computer.instrmntl
    • Unless ur doing video and sound, 3d etc then you need something more powerful obv.instrmntl
  • monospaced0


    I totally see why you might say this, but there are tons of developers that are not cool with the "sandboxing" in the App store and refuse to distribute through it. Examples of this that we all know are Adobe apps that use APIs that would never allow Creative Suite to get approved. I don't see the App store taking over, it would just piss off too many people, but I do see it as a way to get "safe" software to the masses much easier.

  • futuremongolian0

    et tu monospaced?

  • monospaced0

    Because I don't think the App Store is going to define software deployment—because I am not in favor of sandboxing—you think I'm a fanboy? Get over yourself.

  • Miguex0

    While I agree with clearthoughts, on the fact that Apple is not targeting 'professionals' anymore. Uan makes a good point.

    These days, 'everyone' is a 'professional' like it or not.
    Everyone has photoshop on their computer, if you are in california and you go to a coffee shop with wi-fi you will see that almost no one has a pc computer. it's insane.

    Everything is at reach, we all make movies, we all make flyers, we all make websites, so it makes sense for apple to want to focus on targeting the average facebook user.

    lets give them tools to do a flyer, we don't care if he is good at it or not, as long as they buy our products.

    • "we all" in the sense of web/digital savvy types you hang out withfadein11
    • many people have PCs. They are just so uncool these days that you wouldn't use them in a coffee shop due to embarrassmentAmicus
  • tOki0

    ^ True, but I think we all know that just because you have the software is by no means an indication that you are good at using it let alone does it make you talented. Which is why we as creative professionals have to constantly highlight that very gap that makes us the masters, and they the amateurs. It is a combination of learnt/applied knowledge, technical prowess and pure imagination that is the key.

    The tool is there to make your life easier, and is really just an extension of your brain/creative ability - so as long as you're smarter and more agile in this sense than the "masses" you'll be fine. Technology in it's relentless march forwards has for thousands of years made different skills and jobs redundant, but human ingenuity to solve problems has always been a prized attribute and will continue to be so (until we invent an AI that causes our very own extinction).

    • I for one welcome our new matrix overlords :DtOki
    • I never said that amateur consumers are pros, but how does talent affect apple sales? it doesn'tMiguex
    • a laptop sold is the same to them, it doesn't matter if its for grandma o massimo vignellyMiguex
    • vignelliMiguex
  • DrBombay0

    Lots of video professionals are going PC and Adobe Premiere. If the tools are only available on PC who cares what the hipster jags think. It's just a tool.

    • I care, the operating system is part of the tool, even if photoshop is the same. I do agree is just a tool, but I want to like using itMiguex
    • to like using it. I get frustrated with windows, cause I'm not used to it. My girl has a pc, and I can't even install word on itMiguex
    • Haaaaaa! Avid maybe, but not PC.ArmandoEstrada
    • True enough, but many are moving to PC, even if you don't agree.DrBombay
    • Honestly, the Mac Pro hardware is almost 2 years old. If you are building a production dept. doesn't instill much confidence.DrBombay
    • confidence.DrBombay
    • If you can't install word on a pc, you should be kept away from sharp objects.DrBombay
    • ;)DrBombay
    • You're mom's just a tool.
    • I know...DrBombay
  • clearThoughts0

    A lot of people are going back to Avid.
    Final Cut X is anything but 'Pro'

  • benfal990

    the Cloud... its because of the Cloud. Y'know. The Cloud.

  • i_was0

    xcode is ridiculous, interface looks like i'm playing a tune in Itunes.

  • chossy0

    I have a good apple laptop which I used to use final cut pro on, when they released final cut prox I had my finger over the purchase button but then read some more about it and realised that my assumption I could use it for professional work was quickly dashed.

    I promptly bought the entire production premium suite for £800 and took on a freelance job which I used premier pro to edit. I paid for my adobe software with that job :D I haven't touched final cut pro since. Due to apple ruining the applications I use to make my living, I looked at PC's and so I then went out and specced up a PC which I built, which gave me great satisfaction. I will now no longer buy any apple products for professional use. Apple absolutely trampled all over their professional editing base when they released final cut pro x .

    I met an editor last week to chat about a graphic he wanted me to do we chatted about final cut pro x he said it was great, I asked him if he would ever do a paid job on it? he said no fucking way, a client wouldn't pay for something which can only do 60% of what they might need. Not that great then. He was using Avid to edit by the way. I am doing the graphic in AE which which I got with my production premium bundle :D

    • ah, the true storymonospaced
    • Monospaced you are actually insane? what on earth do you mean by true story?chossy
    • it's a joke, and of course I'm not insane. I was just saying that the truth comes out: you are actually slighted by Apple's decisionsmonospaced
    • decisions. Sorry to hear. But please, don't jump to assumptions and simply fall back on childish insults, it's unbecomingmonospaced
    • Are you not slighted as well monospaced? dear god you are retarded! and insanechossy
    • if you are not slighted. You just highlight your simple brain. Accepting dog shit for applications.chossy
    • I'm not slighted by the video editing stuff, and please stop calling me insane. I've said nothing to even warrant that.monospaced
    • I am not a video editor, it doesn't affect me. And I already sympathize with you, as I stated earlier. Just chill the fuck out, okay?monospaced
    • okay?monospaced
    • oh fucking hell! doing work on final cut pro X is painful... jump the gun and did a project one it...pango
    • i'm not really a editor... just side money kinda thing but still painful...pango
  • jagara0

    I care about creative output, not much else. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Constantly upgrading software is super duper counterproductive and usually a total waste of time getting everything the way you want it (again.......).

    I was on windows XP for 10 years, then moved to windows 7. Bought a Mac with Snow Leopard on it. Don't know if I'll stick with OSX SL for that long, but my point is focusing on getting work done, not on having the latest shit.

    • New features not worth the hassle. Skip a lot of versions before you upgrade.jagara
    • im still on snow leopard in the office.set
  • inteliboy0

    Final Cut is being completely phased out of the editing house we cut at (in favor of Avid). Also I hate the faux-texture UI nonsense Apple are doing in certain OS apps.

    But let's be honest, people have been complaining for decades - no matter what these companies do. Whinge whinge whinge, when really, shit is getting faster and easier to do every year.

    • Thats true. I can now shit faster and easier than ever before. Especially after Mexican food.ian
  • chossy0

    I don't agree inteliboy, Final cut pro 7 was and still is an excellent editing program. Marred only by incredibly poor stability.

    The only complaints I have toward Apple are their lack of respect for the user. Which is borne by their releases of incredibly under performing applications. Which people seem to suck up with a smile.

    • The bit about the winging I don't agree with. :) I thinkor rather I hope people onlychossy
    • whinge about sub par products.chossy
  • monospaced0

    I just hope Apple doesn't go too far with this. I got a little worried when the desktop trackpad came out with multi-touch gestures and an option to buy it instead of a mouse. At first I thought it was pure gimmick, but realize it's handy for navigating around the finder. But, my worry that the Finder was getting too iOS-like is still here. Creative professionals not only need a mouse, they need a precision one to get precision work done. Every step Apple makes in this direction worries me.

    Gone are the days of buying a mid-line tower and making it last forever with upgrades. I've given up my dream of a plain old Mac computer (something between the iMac/Mac mini and a Mac Pro) that strikes a balance between the all-in-one closed thing and the pro features us creatives really need.

    • I use my old G5 PPC for watching movies on my tv.instrmntl
    • Cool, but where are the affordable towers now? There are way easier ways to watch movies (Apple TV).monospaced
    • apple is ditching the creative professionals. :(pango