Baby P's Parents/Killers

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    Morally Eighty, of course you are absolutely correct in what you say, except you are assuming the general populace has the same high moral values and standards which it does not. From the outsider's point of view these crimes 'appear' to be on the increase... whether or not they are or are just getting media coverage now more than before is a different discussion... but the point is that the punishment is invisible. We can all be assured that these people will be imprisoned and it wont be pleasant, but we can also expect to learn from sources reputable or otherwise, that Lord so-and-so, the great philanthropist is sympathetic, and lending his support to an inquiry, and a retrial, and in the meantime the poor convict is bravely undergoing gentle rehabilitation, and has quite a comfortable cell away from the kind of inmates who would tear them apart. And part of the rehabilitation involves being taken shopping. And anyway its a great shame really because the accused had such a tough childhood and was never given the opportunity to develop empathy, and though they don't ever shed any tears about what they did, we will be assured that they are capable of feeling some remorse for their crimes.

    Its getting very close to the point where that just isn't enough. The punishment for this kind of crime is not proving to be an effective deterrent across the very broad moral and ethical landscape we occupy. The baying crowd will start to demand more visible punishment.

    • public hangings... and if that's not enough: pubic hangings7point34
    • fuck the baying crowd!janne76

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