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    I managed to stay away from having kids until I was 40 then met the lady of my dreams, we married and been happy ever since. Sounds sweet, but she had 2 pre-teens already, both with mental issues but I loved her took her on all in, after 5 years we had our own son, recently turned 19 and he's a chip off the old block.

    Life took hold, unpredictible shit, one teen ended up in care another disappeared off the planet (still missing years later) but a couple of years ago the one in care had a baby, of course he can't keep her. Enter social services to grill me & the missus for 12 months to ensure we take care of her, which we now do.

    The poppet has just turned 2 and we love every day with her, yes it's hard work and not as expensive as the scaremongers might say so I guess I'm just saying roll with what life throws at you, if you can handle the fun and joy kids give you it's worth the hassle coz tbh we're here to look after them and there's nothing I would rather do (than another mix and dig through a box of albums lol)

    • :)NonEntity
    • Life is not without bumps on the road, and lovely you are taking it in stride.Nutter
    • That was the best thing I read in a while. Thank you.Longcopylover
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    • I love Gardener. He’s like a fine wine that gets better with every post. Thanks for leading this pack of misfits by example.imbecile
    • Lovely post ♥️PonyBoy
    • Keep up the good work. Both in your personal life and DJ/mix life. You're an inspiration in both.fooler
    • <3OBBTKN
    • Top work! Had a similar thing with my older sister, she had a bunch of kids with deadbeats and ruined them kids lives, my mom and dad had to step in an becomenecromation
    • had become legal guardians in their 60s to my sister's eldest and manage to save her, she's not long graduated from uni and thriving... My sister is dead to menecromation
    • Your sir are a legend. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Wishing you & yours all the best!pseud
    • aww thank you for the kind words guys, I probably spilled too many beans (for my wifes liking) last night, thats 3 glasses of wine for yaGardener
    • total respect xzardoz
    • Thanks for proving my point.palimpsest
    • Very coolcrazyprick
    • Keep Going is the waystoplying
    • Love ya Gardy.garbage

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