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  • dasohr-2

    Sushi is overrated. Change my mind.

    • uni = bombYakuZoku
    • unagi = bombimbecile
    • balabin balabom. your mind is now changed.pango
    • Eating sushi more than six times a week can lead to mercury poisoning. Mercury is a heavy metal that can cause severe neurological problems.utopian
    • Listeria, salmonella, and tapeworms are just a few risks that could make you consider whether sushi is safe to eat.utopian
    • In the United States, there are 2 million illnesses, 23,000 hospitalizations, and 450 deaths every year from eating raw fish.utopian
    • Parasites. *shiver*dasohr
    • because eating sushi 6 times a week is common...imbecile
    • Inedible without soy saucedrgs
    • those salmon parasites are brutal, seen tons while in Alaska, Always flash freeze your fish!YakuZoku
    • I like the sushi-fusion stuff where they roll up like tempura tuna/yams, drowned in mayo and hot saucemonNom
    • what about sushi pizza?pango
    • steamed munk-fish liver is bomb tooYakuZoku
    • Yes outside of Japan. In Japan it's actually completely different from anything you see in even high end 'sushi' places in LDN/NY. Simple due to ingredients.shapesalad
    • And skill/craft. 98% of Sushi in the west is not sushi. Avocado... no NEVER in Japan. You need access to Tsukiji's aquarium to make proper sushi.shapesalad
    • Also you need the fishmonger to correctly kill the fish, by running a wire through its spine to maintain freshness. Western caught fish isn't killed correctly.shapesalad
    • Also regarding mercury poisoning - the Japanese eat a tonne of seaweed in their diets, guess what that contains? Iodine - hence no mercury poisoning.shapesalad
    • We should all up our Iodine intake massively. Super useful.…shapesalad
    • And sushi-fusion is just carbs with corn syrup ladened sauses. Total junk to eat.shapesalad
    • Also sushi isn't raw fish - it's usually cured/aged a little. That's how it originated. It's not a case of get fish out of ocean and start chomping it raw.shapesalad
    • Proper sushi shops in Japan - the chefs dedicate their whole lives to it, it takes 15 years to master the rice before allowed onto the fish.shapesalad
    • You have balance the humidity of the rice with the rice vinegar and have the proper method to mix it without squashing/breaking the rice. Years to craft it.shapesalad
    • Your mind is overrated. Change my sushi.zaq
    • 15 yrs? sounds more like a method to control the output of potential competitions. do you only get raise after you move beyond rice?pango
    • if you cant master rice in 1-3 yrs... try something else. life is too short for 15 yrs.pango
    • Rice can be tricky, I always forget to rinse before cookingdrgs
    • fuck that rice shit. give me sashimi any timehans_glib
    • I agree. It’s good but it doesn’t get beyond a certain point for me.monospaced
    • Apparently japanese sushi will make you slap somebodyscarabin
    • it's a japanese tradition to slap the chef as a compliment that he's food is really good.pango
    • I'll agree to the sashimi part, had some fine horse sashimi once in Tokyo, but not sold on the rice shit. Cheersdasohr
    • horse?monospaced

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