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  • drgs0

    How to achieve this effect, photoshop or lens?

    • Lens in a brown plastic bag shot wide open. Or PS.garbage
    • vaseline on lenseuan
    • or on a clear filter to make cleaning easier and protect the lensuan
    • Yeah don’t put Vaseline directly on a lens, it will never come offnb
    • Try: one sharp photo and a few at varying amounts out of focus (at least one or two VERY out of focus) then drop in PS and adjust layer opacity to tastenb
    • Try blending modes too on those blur layersnb
    • This does look like Vaseline or a very old (broken?) lens. Look at that chromatic aberration. It’s off the chartsnb
    • A shot in the dark but based on the overall aspect it looks to me that this could have been shot through glasses, possibly tinted and broken ones.spl33nidoru
    • vaseline on (plastic wrap stretched over) lenseimbecile

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