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  • Nairn0

    JazX /end

    • Oh wait, what was the name of the money bro? shit.. he.. hen..? not hench.

    • Who was the gzuman guy? What was that?Nairn
    • janne, on occasion.Nairn
    • Our mother fucking NYer friend too, obvs.Nairn
    • Strange that so far I can't think of any women who really went off the rails.
      I wonder why.
    • @nairn https://www.qbn.com/…garbage
    • hedge! thank you.Nairn
    • And I'll throw in that I miss Georges.garbage
    • Shit. Clue's in the name for a money bro, lolNairn
    • There was one lady loon I remember going nuts. Friday night crazy meltdown.Fax_Benson
    • ha. Georges.
      Shit, I hate to say it because, well.
    • I do miss Georges. Smart motherfucker. I hope he's doing well.Nairn
    • i think we had two female meltdowns, but they were short and quickly passed to lore. Not sustained trolling ego ass-to-mouth tricksters such as aboveNairn
    • Yeah, it was one night only.Fax_Benson
    • Guzman had a few names, didn't he? funky graffish or similar. was that him?Fax_Benson
    • "It stays"i_was
    • ^Nairn
    • Something like that, Fax.
      We have literal amounts of neurons wasted to the memory of these morons.
      I can't help but feel that they've won.
    • JazX
      the award is his own painting hahah
    • The only think I remember about JazX was that he was the biggest contributor to FMT, the best thing that ever happened to QBN.CyBrainX
    • Set ?_me_

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