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    I fly nearly every night now. I’ve been perfecting a technique that uses an invisible force propelled from my hands and alter direction by shifting my hands, iron-man-style. Sometimes i can only glide a few inches above the ground, but often i find myself high overhead, doing tricks n shit.

    Also, i’m visiting the same place over and over again, a kind of resort in a far away place like Egypt. It’s a sprawling place with theme parks, nightlife, shops/restaurants, pools, and music festivals. I’ve never been there but i know where everything is. It’s a constant map though, and just seems to expand each night. I spend my nights wandering from area to area meeting people and making friends, hanging out with girls. There are agencies there as well and sometimes i’m involved in problem solving for them.

    I dunno if my brain is reacting to the unchanging monotony of quarantine by creating persistent spaces and themes or if it’s just gotten lazy and is playing reruns.

    • Do you ever feel like you're on the precipice of failure when you're flying? Like, you stop believing for a second, your gut sinks and you fall out of the sky?Nairn
    • Sometimes I make it out half way across the North Sea ir Atlantic, before I wake up.

      Sometimes I fall into the ocean.
    • Same here. Ive been flying but no one else in my dream can fly with me.StoicLevels
    • It's an awkward kind of flight with some fear and doubt attached.StoicLevels
    • ...but also curiosity and wonder. Quite a thrill and thanks for reminding me with your post. I almost forgot again.StoicLevels
    • it absolutely is linked to how confident in the enterprise i’m feelingscarabin
    • I fly in my dreams, to escape my dreams. I remember past dreams within dreams.
      I also telekinesis in dreams like its second nature. When I wake up...
    • I feel depressed I can't do them in reality.Sellies
    • Telekinesis would be fun to play with! Haven’t had the pleasure yetscarabin
    • +1 Sellies.
      Not goint to lie - when I was about 15 I tried to 'channel the energy i felt in my dreams' to fly. Fell flat on my face.
    • Whoever says they haven’t tried to summon the TV remote like Excalibur is lyingscarabin
    • https://www.youtube.…imbecile
    • don't you have to touch excalibur? mjolnir, maybe?imbecile
    • I was thinking of a scene in Excalibur (1981) where Arthur reaches his hand out, says “Excalibur” and the thing flies into his grasp. Maybe i made it up though?scarabin
    • Old Jedi trickscarabin
    • i don't think i've seen it. i'll have to look it up. thanksimbecile
    • I used to have fantastic dreams: flying, time travel, lucid visits with dead people. Now: duller than life. Bank lines and laundry.nuggler
    • Covid vaccine + dreams of flying. There's only one explanation. https://m.youtube.co…monNom
    • Are you high/microdosing on something?drgs
    • Pre-bedtime Cheese.Nairn
    • Haven’t microdosed in about 6 months but i do enjoy a bit of indica around bedtimescarabin

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