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  • scarabin20

    Work from home whenever i feel like it
    Never have to deal with people or idiot coworkers
    Food, weed, and whiskey delivered on-demand
    Home theater with high-speed internet

    How the fuck are people complaining about quarantine? I can’t remember life being this easy

    • Have kids and then report back.monospaced
    • Extroverts requiring self worth validation are the only ones really complaining. Those with kids that used to commute are not complaining.shapesalad
    • After drugs, video games and pets, who has time for kids?scarabin
    • One Big reason I would never work in an office that wasn’t mine would be idiot coworkersChimp
    • This is why you are one of my favorite people!capn_ron
    • What mono said!!mort_
    • Oh man my last office was four trump supporters. Nothin’ but ben shapiro podcasts and impotent lib-owning all goddamn dayscarabin
    • You've described my personal work environment for nearly 15 years (minus a few years of the 'on demand' stuff)—what is this quarantine you speak of? :)PonyBoy
    • agree with mono. I have twin 8 month y/old babies and a 3 year old. This house is hectic all day long. I miss going into work.dbloc
    • Fuck offices, Covid 4EVA!moldero
    • @scarabin, exactly. When you have kids, the time for drugs, video games and pets, weed and whiskey is severely limited. :(monospaced
    • And yet, I'm smoking weed and sipping a whiskey right now getting ready for my one hour of adult time before I pass out :)monospaced
    • I lost most of my clients and they aren't coming back, being locked in with my gf of 5 years has destroyed our relationship, my dog is dying, etc.garbage
    • I've seen my best friend once this year. Once. So yeah, quarantine fucking sucks.garbage
    • And listen to your own music without anyone asking you to turn it down or change it!Sellies
    • Smoking weed, drinking whiskey and playing video games was fun when I was 30, but it's a pretty empty existence. Having kids is great, but not for everyone.CuriousGeorge
    • kids for sure, but also, my office is my studio, and the more I have to "work from home" the less I feel like spending free time there. also I get so distractedautoflavour
    • honestly, smoking weed, drinking whisky and playing video games sounds fucking awesome. sadly I tend to feel like I should be doing something else if I haveautoflavour
    • the time to do that.. I lament not enough free time in the studio to make music.. so committing to a game is like a big fuck you to studio time..autoflavour
    • My internet is better at home, but I actually do like my co-workers. Also, my wife and I are going sort of insane being around twin 6 year olds doing online atbulletfactory
    • a French immersion school. The office and in-person school sounds soooo nice. We all love each other, but I know they’re tired of seeing my dumbass mug.bulletfactory
    • ...and noticeably all our fuses are a bit shorter. Regrettably not a good look on anyone. Less booze, more weed.bulletfactory
    • Bunch of whiners.utopian
    • The only thing missing for me is a social life.ApeRobot
    • nah utopian, it's winers.bulletfactory
    • I'm with you! But I don't have kids so I get the frustration on that end.mapleT
    • 4 of us in a 900 sq foot home gets tough. But we do alright. Food, beer, exercise, stepping on legos, and still having a job. Life is ... good.stoplying
    • that's crazy, stop ... we grew out of our 850sqft unit and it was just 3 of usmonospaced
    • My wife doesn't work, so it's a sensible, affordable home in a great little lake neighborhood. Not house-poor, and wife is happy with it - totally worth it!stoplying
    • I'm speaking purely about available space to move around, man :)monospaced

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