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  • imbecile5

    QBN Sticker Exchange attempt #2?

    I tried one a couple years ago, only 9 people signed up so it went nowhere. Any interest? This form is set to capture 25 recipients then cut off.…

    • done!maquito
    • Me tooOBBTKN
    • i have stickers ready to go, might make moreimbecile
    • I’m in.ben_
    • Signed.PhanLo
    • I’m in. Got some sweet new holo stickersscarabin
    • Hmm I have some qbn stickers left..sea_sea
    • Oh, sea! I can haz?Continuity
    • sea_sea, I left you on the list as you had signed up and remain active here.imbecile
    • Definitely done!D4W33D
    • we need 2 more to get to 20 (18 actually, there are 2 dupes), maybe we should just do that?imbecile
    • I still have some original QBN logo stickers, I'd be happy to part with someBaskerviIle
    • We oughta do another run of QBN ones. is cheapscarabin
    • My response has been recordedbezoar
    • thanks imbecile, cool cool, anytime there's stickies i'm in. @Cont did I never send you any? I got u.sea_sea
    • @sea, not that I know of ... I'll check with you on FB messenger and send you my addyContinuity
    • So how’s it work?ben_
    • once full, i will email entrants to verify participation. after i get a response, i'll share addresses.imbecile
    • That part I get. Do I have to make my own qbn stickers and send them out?ben_
    • you can send out whatever you want. i think people just enjoy trading the old qbn stickers. I'll be sending non qbn stuffimbecile
    • Ah okay got it. So many old stickers here.ben_
    • I signed up. I've got a shoebox full of old stickers from 1995-2005 era somewhere. I'll see if I can find it and share some good ones.nocomply
    • sea_sea - I still owe you and Shellie stickers, I think? I just found 'em the other day, alongside a load of The New Cows (which is now on my laptop, hans)Nairn
    • nairn, join.imbecile
    • I don't have enough, unless y'all want 'fragile' stickers.…
    • i'll take itimbecile
    • hands up those who are into skateboarding... (nocomply is assumed) I've got some speeeeshal stuff to send.ben_

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