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  • 12xu1

    • Shame they're not on the other side so they can strike the heart when they go off accidentally.Nairn
    • what is wrong with these people???hans_glib
    • Personality compensation.Nairn
    • that mask must be strapped on tight as fuck.moldero
    • it's not concealed, easy to see if he's going to draw, and he's wearing a mask. overall winimbecile
    • Lol.PhanLo
    • Seems convenient. I can't see what could go wrong.lemmy_k
    • Takes 'shooting a load into your face' to a whole new level.face_melter
    • his natural habitat for sure is the brain-free zone.neverscared
    • just slap from behind to the left and that gun is gone, and a bullet enters the head.sted
    • Is it pointing to his heart?omahadesigns
    • A lovely powered blue. Brava, Mr. gun-face!FNP14
    • Gun held in a mask, pointing toward neck, what could go wrong....shapesalad
    • That would be super fucking annoying, having the weight of the pistol hanging on your ears.MondoMorphic
    • Nairn, guns don't accidentally go off in real life.MondoMorphic
    • Ballard would love this shit, are they going to start inserting them into their anus soon as well?fadein11
    • I'm actually surprised an intellectual like this is even wearing a mask.stoplying
    • no intellect is showing on these images
      just a nationalist trendwhore
      seriously WTF with the sunglasses indoors?!%
    • i guess he doesn't go to airport?pango
    • Why are these people so scared?scarabin
    • I hope his car has an airbag..slappy
    • @MondoMorphic - that's not what a few YouTubes i've seen over the years tell me. Perhaps they don't in capable hands, but are we seeing that here?Nairn
    • @mondo Yeah um, idiots are more prone to NDs. This guy is taking selfies with a 1911 pointed at his Carotid artery for fucks sake.garbage
    • Also he's not even carrying it hammer down. This kid is a clown, and exactly the type that will end up accidentally shooting himself.garbage
    • Murican's aren't the brightest blokes.utopian

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