America is Fucked

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  • sted9

    No. you will work together as a nation as hard as you can to save many people as possible and get rid of this problem, and then you can worry sick yourself about who was an idiot and why.

    • You clearly don’t know us.MarleyMarl
    • You clearly don’t know me.sted
    • I'm on sted's team.keewee
    • Just that we reach bottom line quickly, and make space for the valuable material.sted
    • An encouraging voice of reason.SteveJobs
    • I'm with team everyone...we are going to get fucked oneway or another with this crisis. Let's just try to stick together.utopian
    • Right now I'm isolate by myself, my shower just broke, no plumber wants to come out. It's the anniversary of my mom's death, etc, etc, etc, etc.utopian
    • Hmm I wonder if the problem is we try as hard as possible to save lives far surpassing diminishing returns and fuckin everyone overdeathboy
    • And what broke on a shower plumbing is pretty fuckin basic? Why that shit is blue collar work. Unless u look down upon labor types u can't dodeathboy
    • Do you not own a pipe wrench? Hehe. I find it funny but that is capitalism. Services provided to ppl for value. Some prefer to pay instead of learndeathboy
    • There is no american nationdrgs
    • take a little corona vacay and everyone goes nutsethered
    • Fuck-off deathyboy, You have never contributed anything to this website beside your endless diatribes in the comments section.utopian
    • What have u contributed utopian? Set the base of valuedeathboy
    • Thinking Ive provided more than your diatribes. I explain all reasoning. U copy paste irrational shit. Not even written by u. Youre a puppetdeathboy
    • If called out u ghost. Or insult and avoid the question. In terms u are a troll. But I think that might be to nice of a termdeathboy
    • A troll is person who knows there motivation and reason. I'm thinking u don't know it. Unless a different person got the account. Say share with ramdeathboy
    • Or something but u seem very similar. And I don't see financial incentives making me think u are emo triggered tv evangelist believerdeathboy
    • Pushing the prop given to you as a mindless follower. U never really I sent any opinion except emo insultsdeathboy
    • Well this comment didn't age well, Sted. ;)ben_
    • Let us all learn this lesson in American Exceptionalism.CyBrainX
    • yeah, @ben like most of my idealistic thoughts about this and pandemic.
      @CyBrainX ahah true:) still wondering how the would would look like if it stars there
    • I love you allCoronaVirus

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